Submissive Female looking for Dominant Male

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  1. I'm going to give my partner search a new try in this section! (I'm really nervous u.u)

    I've gotten bored recently with romance anime and fiction... I don't like weak male characters or badass females. It's just the way I am. So maybe I can find a partner (or more) that will help make a great story! I'm open to lots of plotlines, so any suggestions are very appreciated.

    I'm looking for
    • Male characters, but the sex of the actual partner doesn't matter
    • Active partners. I don't like moving the story along all by myself
    • PMs would be my preferred method
    • I'm on the fence about FTB... it depends on how comfortable I am with my partner
    • One-liners are okay with me. Just keep the story moving!
    • More than just smut. In fact, that should only be a small part of the story.
    • Few grammar and spelling errors, please! It's very distracting.
    I like
    • Forbidden romance
    • Angry/Cold/Sadistic Males
    • Slice of life
    • Fantasy
    • Anime colors (many of my characters have these)
    • Drama

    I dislike
    • High school/teenage chars
    • Mechs
    • Sports
    • Western
    • Fandom-specific
    • Anthro

    Some Ideas
    • Servant/maid: It's been done, but I still like it! Maybe with some high ranking military officer.
    • Arranged marriage: He needs a wife and she marries him for economic reasons.
    • Bounty hunter: She could have a bounty on her head (or be connected with one), and be held hostage
    • VampireM/HumanF: Self explanatory
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  2. What do you expect from the males, along the lines of reply expectations? Things like the Amount of paragraphs or if you are Alright with One-Liners. I was Servant/Maid and VampireM/HumanF.
  3. Ah, I should have included that! I'm alright with one-liners as long as they have some significance, you know? I don't require long posts all the time, and mine will probably be pretty modest in length. I prefer a proper back-and-forth.
  4. I would like to try the arranged marriage idea.
  5. Oh yay. Any ideas you had in mind for it?
  6. Something like set in fantasy times, or done like a mail-order bride.
  7. Fantasy sounds interesting! I'll PM you
  8. Any other takers?
  9. I'd like to rp with you if you still got slots left. Pm me if you are interested, we can discuss ideas there.
  10. I'd love to give the bounty hunter thing a try! Would be nice if you could drop a PM if you are still looking for that setting. ;3
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