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  1. Pinponpinponpinpon!

    But really though, the Libertine Section, being given its own subcategory, makes Roleplays easier to find. The number of Out-of-Character threads number to 90 when I made this post.

    90 is a small variety. Small enough to choose and look through everything, but too small maybe.

    Alright I'll get to the point.

    I'd like a roleplay which is primarily more... plot. Where Romance serves as a subplot and sex scenes are preferably subsubplots.

    So yeah, I want a Libertine Roleplay that doesn't revolve too much around extreme fucking and romance even though it will definitely have those.

    When it comes to Mature Roleplays I prefer Fantasy or Adventure, preferably Oriental, but European legends intrigue me just as much.

    Perhaps we could plan one together.
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  2. *laughs* And so the virginity has been claimed!

    I'd be interested in something.. depending on what it is
  3. I'd would be interested in a special plot with Japanese wolf people and Kitsunes
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