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    Hello everyone I am looking for dominant roleplayers for a yaoi themed RP.
    I am new to Iwaku and am looking for multiple partners.

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    Be able to post multiple times a day •

    If you are unable to, please post at least once with a longer reply then you would normally do

    Looking for dominant/seme characters only since I am a sub

    I like a mixture of plot and smut, though I am fine with more smut then plot if thats what you like

    • Any genre is fine, we can plot though messages!

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    As to what I am looking for, I believe my roleplay resume says it all, so feel free to take a glance and if you believe we'd be a good match send me a message~!

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    Please feel free to check my roleplay resume under the spoiler button


    This member is accepting the following type of roleplay invitations.
    One[x]One Roleplays, Libertine Roleplays
    How frequently the member can post.
    Speed of Light, Several Posts a Day
    The writing levels this member prefers. [View the Guide]
    Adept, Advanced, Prestige, Adaptable
    GENDER(S) I PREFER PLAYING:Male, Female, I play both Genders equally.
    SEXUAL ORIENTATION OF MY CHARACTERS:Gay Males, Lesbian Ladies, Pansexual
    FAVORITE GENRE:I am all over the chessboard of RP when it comes to genre! I love trying new things and doing different themes depending on the characters. Most of the time I enjoy a Supernatural fantasy with possible magic or a Modern high school or idol setting. Romance and smut is important to me though I lean more to the genre of Yaoi/Yuri.
    LEAST FAVORITE GENRE:I am generally fine with most things and haven't really found anything I dislike yet. I will keep this updated if I find something.
    A passive player is someone who needs direction and likes their partner to lead the story. An aggressive players likes directing action and controlling the plot. Some players do both.
    I am adaptable and flexible in this field. Depending on who my partner may be or how the plot is going I can be more aggressive to take lead and put some more into the story or I can ease off and let you take that role. I wont ever overpower my partner as a roleplay should include both parties input. I am easy going and can switch as it needs to be.
    These are things the member really loves in their roleplays.
    I love my romance! As long as we have some sort of love interaction I am well set for most of the story. I tend to enjoy a good villan from a thug to a witch, simply depends on the genre. They just give the roleplay a bit more of a goal and direction. However let us not forget about that hot yaoi action we all know and love. It can be done sweet or kinky I don't mind as long as we can have it sometime~
    The kind of characters the member plays most often.
    That seemingly cold or hard to get to know character, the one that has the hard past so its difficult for them to open up so they have to learn how to. People see them as apathetic/rude/fighter however they have a lot of emotion, just unable to let most people see it. They are timid with the relationship at hand because they're nervous with how close they may be getting to the other. They need the encouragement and proof. A possible fighter and bad ass but sometimes takes off more then they can chew and gets hurt in the process.
    The kind of characters the member WILL NOT play.
    I prefer not to be the more dominant one in the pair since my favorite character is the one who may seem seme but truly is too uneasy or unsettled to take that role so turns out as the submissive.
    Extra things the member feels are important about their roleplaying style.
    I am a very active roleplayer so I love constant replies. You can always count on me to give a good reply in a quick amount of time. I am also the person you don't have to worry about as far as plot progression goes. I will be more then willing to add in a few sub/minor characters to add to the activity of the story. I don't want to be roleplaying a one-way story so simply let me know how I can make it enjoyable enough for you that you are always wanting to reply as soon as it comes in!
    Scenes and plots the player really wants to play.

    [Feudal era/reincarnation/fantasy] yokai x human roleplay. If you have seen both Inu Yasha and Natsume Yuujinchou, mix those worlds together and thats sort of what I am aiming for. A human in search of a shrine and they stumble across a sealed away, very powerful and respected yokai. They undo the seal and then gain a wish from the demon. Turns out that they had been lovers but the human had passed away and was reborn. This yokai know it but the human does not.
    WRITING SAMPLE:{{ From an RP with my significant other - A skyrim AU for Levi of SNK }}

    The chilled winds within the Province of Skyrim rushed through his onyx locks as the small Dunmer silently bolted through the snowy plains. He had just received a new order from the speaker, the lesser leader within the mercenary group he belonged to. Apparently the rumors of the Dragonborn returning were not all false stories and in fact were indeed truth. His orders had been simple, to execute the threat of the contractor which was none other then this man. Kenny had no qualms with sending him out on this quest, seeing Levi was the hands single executioner and their most skilled assassin.

    Piercing red eyes scanned the empty road just outside of a small town near Dragon bridge, southwest of Solitude. His sources had told him the man he was hunting would be able to be sought out here, however it seemed desolate, no one to be sensed but himself. The snow had begun to pick up as it added to the blanket of soft ice that covered most of the land, this would only make things more difficult. “Tch..” The raven breathed in irritation before deciding to head a bit more towards the bridge to see if he could seek out the cottage that the dragonborn should be resting in.

    Levi had been the last generation of his kind to have been in Morrowind before the eruption of Red Mountain, where he had been forced the option of facing certain death or to flee. He had only been a child at that time, not even a real fraction into his life when his parents had been killed not moments after they had passed the boarder into the region. The guards used the excuse of them becoming possible storm-cloaks to slay them where they stood. Only because he had been so young had he been spared and left there to die in the cold barren wastelands of Skyrim. However times change. Now he was the go-to-guy if someone needed to be killed within the organization infamously known as the Dark Brotherhood. This life wasn’t a noble or even prosperous one but it suited his cold nature and distant ways best.

    After a mile or two of heading down the snow covered road he finally caught sight of a light, a single candle that dully shown through a partially covered window. He had found the small hut, his target point. His movements were silent, as being a master within the art of stealth he tracked his way up to the home just as the candle flickered out. One hand slipped into a pouch on his side to grab a pair of picks while the other gripped at the door, not a noise could be heard as he unlocked the door without fail or flaw. He waited. Not wanting to enter too soon after his prey had gone to rest he wanted to make sure his guard would be down, so he soundlessly stood, holding the handle of the door and waiting for the perfect moment.

    Once he had sensed that the time was right he slid into the home, the clouds overhead blocking the moonlight and making it so his shadow was not even visible as he slipped the door shut. His red eyes already had grown accustomed to the lack of light. A sly quirk to the corner of his lip appeared as he lifted a gloved hand, a spell ready to be cast as he saw the lump within the sheets on the straw bed. “The night mother summons you and your filthy soul, dragonborn.” His cold whisper elapsed into the dark room before a crack of sparks emanated from his outstretched palm.
    Whether the characters are dominant or submissive sexy partners.
    I love to play the role of the submissive, though I can be a power submissive if it fits the other characters person more. I am flexible to a point as long as I don't end up being a complete dominant top.
    The way the member writes their sex scenes.
    I am one who enjoys the act of smut and will write into it with great detail. I am descriptive and active, I do not shy away from this bit. To me, if we are getting down to such a critical moment within a characters relationship development I want to write it out as much as we can. Most of the time I will use respective terms such as member and shaft though if my partner prefers the dirtier context I am all for that as well.
    How much plot versus how much sexy times the member likes to write.
    Plot balance is something a person feels out through the roleplay, it can change depending on the character and how the plot is actually developing. As long as we have a good character development I am always fine with as much to as little sex as you want.
    The kind of content the member likes to play in sex scenes.
    I am very open in this field and am always wanting to try new things and see how it works out. I don't shy away from most and so the sky seems to be the limit with this sort of thing. It can be sweet comfortable sex all the way to kinky bondage or even toy use.

  2. I'll join in! Seems intersting!
  3. Awesome! Would you care to plot through PMs?
  4. Nope. Most of my rp's are through pm anyways, so that'd be fine.
  5. Okay, cant wait to hear from you~
  6. As for u too~
  7. Would you care to discuss a plot in PMs? :o
  8. Sure!
  9. I don't think I've ever done a Yaoi RP b4, but I'm up for anything, should I PM you?
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