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  1. This is the Discussion thread. The In-Character thread is found HERE

    Welcome fellow writers, veterans and newbies alike. Before your eyes, I have brought what I like to call a Freeform Role-Play.

    An FRP, in my eyes, is not a story told by a Game Master who has graciously allowed others to chime in on the story, but a series of tales woven together by the players. There is no real ending planned for this role-play as long as the players are willing to submerge themselves into a world of limitless possibilities. A world of pure fantasy. Anyone can step in at any point in order to twist and redirect the story into another misadventure.

    Warning: Due to the unpredictable nature of this RP, some themes may be NSFW for instances of blood and gore. I would prefer keeping romance to a minimum and any sex scenes behind closed doors. Readers and RPers beware.

    The World Scattered Shadows takes place in a massive world. Life can be found in nearly all its layers. The (currently known) inhabited layers are: The Underworld, Subterra, The Surface Realm, The Sky Realm, and The Hallowed Realm.

    Most life exists on The Surface Realm, for the varying environments found in all parts of The Surface are home to all sorts of flora and fauna. Both natural and supernatural habitats are located upon the surface, ranging from the usual forests, oceans, meadows, jungles, deserts, etc., to living crystalline forests and accursed magma swamps with direct access to The Underworld. The technology found on The Surface varies by region. Some regions are similar to today's world, others are still living in tribal times, and many rely on the arcane.

    Subterra is the realm of underground dwellers. During one of many Magic Wars, thousands of humans and other sentient surface-dwelling races who did not wish to be caught in its destruction were forced to live underground. Centuries later, they had resurfaced to find The Surface crawling with new creatures. There are still many who live in Subterra, happy with their sunless habitat.

    The Sky Realm is home to many flying creatures and races. Entire islands are kept afloat by various means, depending on the race inhabiting the island in question. The magically-inclined races disguise their floating isles by creating a false storm to obscure the island. Surface-dwellers who have access to flight mechanisms are able to visit the passing islands of the Sky Realm for trade and tourism.

    The Hallowed Realm and The Underworld are polar opposites. The Hallowed Realm lies well above The Sky Realm, overseeing all that occurs all the way down to the surface. The Underworld is nestled comfortably between the world's core and Subterra. The Hallowed Realm is fabled to be the home of angelic beings, whereas The Underworld houses demons and other such creatures of the darkness. Not much is truly known about either realm.


    This tale shall begin in the mountain city of Runesong. This multi-tiered city is the continent's center of magical research and home to one of many Arcane Academies across the world. Malik Reynard Wyrmtaal is the current ruler of Runesong, descended from a long line of Dark Elves.

    Recently, engineers and architects have been flocking to Runesong in hopes of being able to combine their technology with the harnessed powers of the city's High Wizards. As a result of Malik Wyrmtaal embracing both worlds, there have been numerous Industrial Zones that have branched from the Magic Districts surrounding the palace. Researchers, inventors, and workers from both areas work together, producing wondrous creations that entwine magic and technology.

    Runesong overlooks many smaller settlements that are scattered across the Lowlands. These villages benefit from trading with the massive city, but such trade tends to attract a darker crowd...

    You are more than welcome to create characters who hail from any of these five realms (or other worlds altogether, if you wish). Just let me know who you are planning to use before jumping into the game. Here is a simplified template for your characters as well as a list of participating players/characters. Note, you may use other templates, but I do expect these fields as the bare minimum.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not have the time or energy to teach every new person who pops in how to role-play. Veteran players are preferred.

    Character Roster
    Active Players | Linked Characters
    Shenorai | Shenorai Eterna : Leondra Xanadu
    Squee | Virgil Khadistasya : Seiku Viardal
    Yaoi Master Gavin | St. Jarenyth Seiglinde
    Red Fox | Elae Loren
    Tipsynaruto | Beltorchika Ainsworth
    soulcorruptor | Calden : Vex : Adgnilan "Agi" Antauluis
    Iron Man | Vir'Reggis : Nixie Freyja Orcinus

    After so many people dipping out due to pacing, if you have not made an IC post in one week, a reminder to post will be sent to you. If you have not made an IC post in two weeks, your character(s) are subject to deletion from the roster.​

    Most of our discussion actually takes place on Skype. If you wish to be added to the group, give me a shout. My screen name is 'Shenorai'.​
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  2. Name: Shenorai Eterna
    Age: 24 years
    Date of Birth: January 29th
    Gender: Female

    Race: Xandrian Human (Please read Birthplace section)
    Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary for hire

    - Hair
    : Black and kept back in a ponytail. If let down, her hair would go down well past the shoulder blades. As for her bangs, they are mostly swept to the left side of her face, but stray strands on the right side are left alone. The fringe goes down to her chin, being barely too short to tie back.
    - Eyes: Her irises are normally emerald green. If Leondra is possessing Shen's body, they turn amethyst purple.
    - Height and Weight: 5' 8"/172cm, 145lbs/65.7kg
    - Complexion and Build: Shenorai is normally pale, yet tans easily with extensive travel. Other than her back, her complexion is fairly clean. She is toned, yet does not concentrate much on muscle mass, for she prefers speed, endurance, and flexibility over sheer strength.
    - Noteworthy Features: The scarring on her back is a series of ancient rune letters arranged in a circular pattern. It's a series of old burns and fading cuts, but black lines can easily be seen beneath the layers of skin. Those who can understand the runes would see that some are meant for exorcising evil spirits from the body, but other demonic runes are meant to seal a soul away. The center-most rune is the largest and deepest cut out of all of these runes, yet has an irregular texture to it. This large rune is a demonic rune for 'fusion'.
    - Attire:
    - Torso
    : Black turtleneck, hand-knitted, tiny sleeves, bodice reaches down to her hips; long, crimson, hand-sewn tailcoat with eight brass buttons, tattered coattail reaching down past her calves, and a large hood.
    - Legs: Black hand-sewn pants with buttons on the sides. They have been rolled up past her knees and buttoned in place to act as shorts in warmer weather; Brown leather belt with a flat, brass buckle; Brown leather boots, reaches up to calves, four buttons on the outer sides to keep them on, a trio of metal plates on each boot to cover the toes.
    - Accessories: A silver amulet with a round, polished, Rose Quartz Crystal about the size of a child's fist. Hangs on a silver chain. Hides under the coat. Backside of the amulet is engraved with a trio of interlocking rings made up of demonic runes. The runes are focused around souls, sealing, and breaking down energy to its natural essences.
    - In a Nutshell: Recovered Photograph
    On the Right:

    Birthplace: The village of Xandria.

    Show Spoiler
    Xandria is rather secluded from the outside world, still striving under old traditions. The mountains line the village off to the north, which shares part of the dense forest to the east; the forest stretches out for several miles and bears various lakes, rivers, and streams. One of those lakes provides fresh water to the village and is actually a short walk from the village itself. The southern and western borders of the village have various fields where they raise crops or allow their cattle to graze. The western edge opens up into vast plains, which stretches out as far as the eye can see. Not that there are many who would dare venture too far into the plains, for they soon turn into swampland. Such natural borders keep most outsiders unaware of the village, but there are a few passing traders that still make monthly visits to Xandria.

    The majority of the native inhabitants here bear a sixth sense, which allows them to see and communicate with ghosts and other spirits. According to the history that the Elders are willing to teach the young; the founding fathers and their wives were once nomads. When they reached the area currently known as Xandria, they had not realized that they had come across sacred grounds where the spirits of the dead lingered. Upon their first rest here, the founding fathers and their wives were visited by spirits who manifested themselves and granted each person a sixth sense to be able to see and hear the spirits around them. Because of this gift, the spirits of the land were revered and worshiped, and are still respected to this day. However, other lesser-known stories have other varieties, ranging from an angel bearing sensitive children to the founding fathers to demons kidnapping the wives of the founders and disguising themselves to hide among the families. Which story is true is unknown at this time. However, what is known is that their keen spiritual sense is certainly not a human trait.

    The village itself is based around a massive mansion, where the village elders live and hold council. The 'government' in the village is based around Krytocracy, where any rulings are decided by judges (In this case, the elders). The eldest of the elders have the final word in what is to happen in serious matters. Of course, such decisions may take a long time to consider.

    The houses are built around the mansion, clustered together in small communities. The higher the class of the villager, the larger their home, the closer they live to the mansion. The architecture here could be described as Gothic. To the north lies a sacred shrine at the base of the mountains, which is tended to by the priests. The shrine is where offerings to the spirits still lingering the world are left.

    Generally, the lower-class men live around the outskirts of town and tend to the farms. Their wives stay at home and mind the children, and the children are either taught how to work the land or work in the house. If not farming, they are either mining for precious stones, creating textiles, or out as traveling merchants. The higher-class villagers tend to be tax collectors, landlords, or even jewelers. There are a few tailors who weave their wares with enough skill to be respected.

    Although the town of Xandria has what they need, they have recently begun selling textiles, the jewels they mine, and a few other miscellaneous things to nearby settlements through traveling traders. Most who have wares to sell prepare their goods for that one week out of the month when the traders pay a visit. They are very wary to new traders, but welcome familiar faces. If a newcomer is too suspicious, they are outright shunned, yet still watched in case they cause any mischief.

    For education, it's normal for children of the higher-class villagers attend classes at the mansion - led by the Elders as preachers and teachers - and are taught the old traditions. However, even if the lower-class villagers show signs of spiritual awareness, only the eldest of the family is allowed to study, while the younger siblings are taught the family trade. If the children exceed in spiritual studies, then they become priests or priestesses, whom are highly respected by the community. In order to keep the “spiritual blood” among them, the elders themselves choose who priests are to marry. It is their belief that only the men are able to pass on spiritual traits to the next generation. Priestesses are not allowed to marry, lest they become tainted.

    There are a few different branches to priesthood. The Keepers of the Dead are grave keepers who not only maintain the graveyard and the mausoleums, but also ensure that the spirits still lingering in the village do not turn malevolent, lest they endanger Xandria's living villagers. The Spiritcallers are priests and priestesses who mainly act as mediums, for they are able to listen to spirit voices with high clarity. The Senders are a select few who are able to open a gateway to The Other Side and give spirits a path to finally leave the world.

    The Eterna clan was among one of the founding fathers of Xandria many years ago. Although the Eternas have one of their kin as an Elder Councilperson, no Eterna has held the most honored role of the eldest Elder for any longer than four years. Seems the Davor clan tends to have longer-living elders who rule the council for at least a decade and a half before passing. Due to being one of the founding families, they have remained in the upper-middle class.

    Composite Hunting Crossbow
    : This particular crossbow is made up of an off-white wooden tiller, a lath constructed of horn, wood, and sinew, and more sinew to hold the two pieces together. The bowstring is made of twisted cord, which remains attached to the lath at all times. At the end of the crossbow, where the lath is attached to the tiller, is a stirrup constructed of steel to aid in spanning the crossbow. About one foot into the tiller from this stirrup is where the nut is located. This is where the bolt is loaded. Directly below this nut is where the trigger is located, which can be pressed against the tiller in order to release the bolt. Four inches further away from the nut is a steel pin, which is used to engage the mechanism for spanning the bow.
    The complete length of this bow is 2' 4 1/4" (also 24 1/4" and 71.7 cm). Once spanned, the lath is 1' 4" wide. (i.e.; 16" and 45 cm) A bow of this make weighs 6 1/2 lbs (also 2.98 KG). This weapon can be carried either in Shen's hand or in her quiver. The quiver is strapped to her back and can hold up to 25 crossbow bolts, which are averaged about 14 1/2" (also 37 cm) in length. These bolts have a Bodkin arrowhead, which is an uncomplicated square spike which is narrower than the usual iron tip for a better chance of penetration. Although plate armor is effective in defending against such bolts, such a tip has been known to strike through chain mail.

    Beneath her coat, Shen wears a chainmail shirt to protect herself from slashes to her torso. The shirt itself isn't very long, for it stops above her belt. The sleeves merely reach halfway down her arms, stopping around the elbows. Being made out of steel rings, the shirt conducts electricity and heat. It may also break with piercing attacks.

    On top of her coat, a pair of steel pauldrons are strapped to her shoulders with leather straps. There is some leather padding beneath the guards for both shock and comfort.

    Magic: None. Shenorai has no magic at this time. However, she does bear the ability to manifest spiritual energy into solid form, which can very easily be confused with magic to those who do not know the difference. Those sensitive to mana or spiritual energy can feel the difference.

    Paranormal Abilities, granted by Demonic Bloodline;
    Due to her inherited abilities, Shenorai is able to see, hear, feel, smell, and communicate with the spirits of the dead. With Leondra's help, she is also able to perform the following:

    - Conjure Weapon: By concentrating her energy and Leondra's energy in her hands, Shenorai is able to create a pair of Flyssas in each hand. They are very lightweight, due to being made from energy, yet they are still able to slice and cut like any normal blade. These blades have a faint lavender glow, but isn't bright enough to illuminate the room.

    Since the weapons are linked to Shen in a way, she can easily dismiss the swords at will. Lending a sword to someone else is foolhardy, since Shen would not only have to fend for herself in some other way, but she would have to maintain concentration in order to keep the blade manifested away from her. Should a hit land on her, the weapon would simply disappear.

    Should Shenorai draw energy from her Rose Quartz Amulet, the duration of the Flyssas may be longer than usual. The length of time the Flyssas are active would entirely depend on how much energy is contained within her amulet.

    - Flyssa in Further Detail:
    A Flyssa is a one-handed, single-edged blade that is about 38in/90cm long. The design of the sword is actually meant to break open chain mail. The handle itself is a mere four inches long, one inch thick at the most, bearing a flat pommel and bears no hand guard. The blade, which is a good quarter-inch thick, extends from the tang, swoops down about an inch, and stays a consistent inch and a half, swooping inward towards the sharp tip about a foot from the blade. Although it is difficult to see due to the lavender glow of the blade, there are rather intricate designs that are worked onto the blade fairly close to its spine. Although these blades would normally be a few pounds, Shen's Flyssa is rather lightweight due to it being materialized from spirit energy. Because of this, she can actually hold two of these; one in each hand.

    - Conjure Wings: By concentrating hers and Leondra's energy as a single unit, Shenorai is able to 'borrow' the wings that Leondra had in life. Like the swords, her wings are solid enough to lift her body from the ground. However, unless she is drawing additional energy from the amulet, she is unable to keep up these wings for much longer than half an hour at a time. The golden feathers emit a soft glow, also golden in color. When drawing energy from the amulet, however, the formed wings may become unstable and unreliable, depending upon the contained spirits. It is possible for holes to appear in the wings mid-flight due to spiritual instability.

    - Manipulate Objects: By concentrating her energy into Leondra, the ghost is able to reach out and pick up physical objects, moving them for a short time. To those sensitive to spiritual energy, Leondra's apparition may appear as either a translucent or shadow figure, depending on the level of sensitivity. This is not an ability that Shenorai can perform without Leondra's energy; her amulet has no use for this ability.

    - Possession: Leondra is capable of using Shenorai's entire body. During this time, Shenorai's consciousness has been replaced by Leondra's, thus she may not have any memory of what Leondra does. Leondra is able to manipulate Shen's body for easily an hour. The Rose Quartz Amulet has no effect upon the length of possession.

    - Soul Steal: By using the Rose Quartz Crystal as a conduit, Shenorai is able to rip the soul out of a weakened living being, human or otherwise. If the being is still alive, they remain in a comatose state until they simply starve to death or the soul is returned. However, it is far easier to steal a soul from a recently deceased body. The soul can be stored in the stone and broken down into pure energy. The said energy can be used to strengthen Shen's paranormal abilities. See Rose Quartz Amulet section for further detail.

    - Emulate: Depending on the sort of soul that is taken with the Rose Quartz Amulet, Shenorai may be able to tap into its latent powers. If a soul has an affinity toward arcane abilities, Shen has the ability to draw upon common spells that soul had used in life. Normally, such spells are greatly reduced in power, due to drawing the energy from the Amulet.

    Should Shen take an arcane soul directly into her body, there is a far higher chance that she would lose control of herself. However, the soul would also be able to cast spells nearly equal to the spells in life. Whether or not the soul will be willing to release Shen's body back to her is another matter altogether, making this a high risk for the sake of power.

    The Rose Quartz Amulet:

    This peculiar artifact that hangs around Shenorai's neck looks like typical silver jewelry at first glance. The chain and the plate holding the gemstone are both made of silver. The Rose Quartz sits in the center; a rounded polished stone that seems to change from a dark crimson to a playful light pink. On the back of the plate are strange runes from the old world, foreign to Leondra's knowledge. Considering that Shenorai does not look at all like a high-class aristocrat or much of a collector, one would easily claim that she stole the necklace. Thus, Shen keeps it hidden and hardly polishes the tarnished silver.

    Nonetheless, the amulet has its uses. When she was given this amulet from a mentor, she was instructed that it was to help assist in using her spiritual abilities. The function of the stone was to draw in and forcibly capture a wandering spirit of the dead, turning the polished rock a darker red with each spirit that had been captured.

    The stone allows her to manifest spiritual energy quickly and more efficiently. With enough spiritual energy inside of the stone, the manifestations are almost effortless. Shenorai wouldn't need to completely rely on Leondra's energy or even her own energy as long as the stone is charged. On the very rare chance that she finds such a soul, taking the spirit of a dying enemy can even grant a single ability that the spirit used in life. It can only be used until the spirit itself is depleted, though: Shenorai cannot simply pick and choose which trapped soul to drain from. She is not that skilled as of yet.

    However, not every spirit can be quickly broken down into pure energy. A spirit has more energy not only depending on their objectives and role in life, but also due to the method of death and the amount of suffering the spirit had experienced. If the spirit is too strong, it will attempt to tear out Leondra's soul from Shenorai and possess the host body instead. Unless there is another in the party who has the ability and means to assist, Shenorai would collapse soon after contracting such a spirit, entering a comatose state until one spirit rises as the victor of the internal battle for control. Any wounds that Shenorai takes during such a battle would appear as red markings showing just beneath the skin, likely scaring people into thinking that she is being inflicted with stigmata. None of the spirits can be truly destroyed in such a battle, but they can be weakened and the superior force will take control of the host body. Due to this, attempting to defeat and trap a malevolent spirit who can manifest itself without assistance is truly dangerous.

    Attempting to extract a soul from a still-living being will turn the body into an empty shell in a vegetative state. However, the spirit may not be complete or even produce enough energy to make it worth the effort of extracting.

    The stone itself has yet another backlash: The energy of the amulet can directly effect Shenorai's mental state. As she collects more malevolent spirits, she becomes more unstable and prone to rash and violent outbursts. Unless she regularly depletes her amulet's energy, her actions will not be her own.

    Abilities/Skills: Shenorai is adept at picking pockets and other forms of theft (though uses Leondra to do so at times), lock-picking, swordplay, cooking, sewing, embroidering, and knitting. She does dabble in some alchemy, though merely for the sake of brewing poisons for her bolts. Her healing potions are not very potent.

    The following is a list of people that Shenorai has known throughout her lifetime:

    Slader A. Prestin III (Belongs to Calvin DeHart);

    Kipa (Belongs to T.J. Nigus) [REQUIRES EDITING];
    Shenorai decided to take a small break from her bounty hunting duties for awhile and went for a walk in the middle of the night. During that walk, she came across a hungry wolf named Kipa. After a rough battle in the heavy rain, Shenorai defeated the wolf and was about to strike a final and fatal blow. Leondra, however, kept her from slaying the wolf, saying it wasn't right. Just then, the wolf suddenly spoke and startled her. After losing a little argument with Leondra, Shenorai demanded that she will only keep the wolf alive if he agrees to become her guardian and pet. After the pact was made, Shen took the wounded wolf with her back to Crysta.
    She dressed his wounds and nursed the wolf back to health. It still took awhile before the reluctant wolf actually listened to anyone. Now, assuming that Kipa is keeping his word, Shenorai has the wolf as her companion and ally.

    Leondra Xanadu;
    Leondra is a spirit that lurks within Shen's body. She is the royal daughter of Maxwell and Isabelle Xanadu, rulers of the Wyndian city of Xanadu.

    Many ages ago, Xanadu was among the hidden cities of the skies. The Wyndians - being winged people of arcane prowess - thrived up in the clouds, often trading with each other and battling mystical creatures that roamed the Sky Realm. However, a monster attack forced the city to crash into the ground. With no successful means of getting airborne once again, the inhabitants of Xanadu were forced to settle in the mountains where they had 'landed'.

    From the tales that Leondra had told Shen, her life was taken by one of many surface-dwelling suitors whom she had refused. If he couldn't claim her hand in marriage, he saw to it that no one would. Her soul was ripped from her body with the very amulet that Shenorai currently wears, leaving the body itself to wither and die.

    However, the amulet itself became lost to misfortune. It had traveled from the hands of one bandit to another. Eventually, it was recovered by the very demons who were responsible for creating the amulet in the first place. The same demons who lurked in the mountains above Shenorai's hometown.

    After Shenorai was kidnapped by the demons, she unwittingly released Leondra from the amulet. The ghost jumped into Shen's body soon afterward and attempted to strangle the nearest person; one of the very demons who recovered the amulet. The body she used was too weak to get the job done, however, and she was quickly subdued.

    The rest is history.

    Detecting Leondra, Shenorai's Ghost Companion:
    Those who are sensitive to the paranormal, auras, or mana can easily pick up on Shenorai having a second presence with her. Some report Shen's aura having an odd flickering to it, whereas others claim that her aura seems split. Leondra's presence is strong enough to be seen as a shadow against reflective surfaces or in video feedback. Unusual occurrences, such as moving objects or a drop in temperature, tend to become more frequent when Shen is in the room.

    Whenever Leondra possesses Shen, the eyes change from an emerald green to an amethyst purple, reflecting the color of Leondra's eyes in life. Shen takes on a more proper posture and stride, as though she's well-versed in aristocratic etiquette. Even her manner of speech changes to one who is far more charismatic in nature.

    Detailed History of Shenorai:
    Show Spoiler
    Shenorai comes from a secluded village known as Xandria. It's hidden at the edge of a forest, nestled at the foot of a mountain chain with a large lake nearby. The village itself looks out onto a meadow, where the farms are located.

    When the founding mothers and fathers of the town were first settled, naturally the men went out to hunt for food and scout the lands while the women were taking care of things at home.

    What they didn't know is they were at the foot of a mountain belonging to a group of demons. They watched the humans out of curiosity to see what they were here for. Seeing how they were there to stay, the demons decided to entertain themselves with the humans.

    One by one, the women were snatched up, gobbled down, and one of the demons took her place. They even changed their very shape to perfectly match the woman that was devoured. The men spent so much time out in the wilds that they didn't seem to notice much of a change when they returned home.

    Eventually, all of the women were gone. When it came time for the husbands to... sate their urges, so to speak... each of these demons soon carried a child for each of the men. Three years after all of the children were birthed, the women 'disappeared', fleeing back up to their mountain keep and leaving the men to tend to the children.

    The kids themselves had no visual difference from any normal human. However, these children bore the traits of their demonic mothers. The most prominent among them was the ability to communicate with the paranormal. These children could very clearly see, hear, speak with, feel, and - with practice - manipulate the spirits of the dead.

    Many generations later, Shenorai came into the world, along the same bloodline as these half-breeds. She too inherited these paranormal abilities, but most others in her village could not 'see' as well as her family or other villagers. It wasn't uncommon for a few villagers to have outright lost these abilities altogether.

    There had been rumors of shadow people going around that only emerge during the night to swallow up those who wandered past their curfew. Such tales were spread amongst the children, though this was usually used as an excuse to scare children into obeying their parents, Shen would soon learn how true these rumors were...

    As an eight-year-old child, she and many other children were abducted and taken upon the mountain. There, a clan of demons descended from the very ones that 'started' the village were checking up on each of the children they had taken. If a child showed no paranormal ability, they were quickly turned into stew and fed to both demons and captives alike. Shen was among the few who were able to pass their 'test'.

    One demon by the name of Mitula was assigned to evaluate Shenorai further. She produced a Rose Quartz, a polished stone about the size of a child's fist. Inside was a strange energy that Shen could detect, but not quite understand what it was. Once the necklace was handed over to Shenorai, the entity within the stone immediately jumped into the girl's body. Blinded by swollen rage, Shenorai lashed out at Mitula and the scrawny girl actually tried to smother the demon! Though, it didn't take long to restrain the girl and pull the stone away.

    The stone was empty. The girl was not. Shenorai was immediately caged to prevent further attacks.

    Shenorai was left alone for several hours. The poor child was confused and at a loss, for her body was acting on its own accord. Not only was Shen in utter shock that she had the strength in her fingers to choke a demon, but she was beginning to question if her mind was still her own.

    "LET ME OUT!" a booming voice rang in her ears.
    Shenorai jumped, bashing her head on the iron ceiling of her cage. With a whimper, she clutched her head and frantically looked about the room.
    It was empty.
    "I said, LET ME OUT!" the voice shouted again. It was making her ears hurt.
    "Wh-who's there?!" Shen stammered meekly. Her eyes darted wildly to every shadow.
    "Let me out of this body, girl!" the voice seethed. "You did something to that damn rock, now let me GO!"
    Shen whimpered, her heart pounding in her throat. "...I ...don't know how..."

    The voice snarled, but went silent. Shenorai felt rage welling up in her again, yet didn't know the source. She clutched the bars to her cell, frightened.

    Hours later, Mitula returned to the room. This time, she had one other demon waiting at the door in case another outburst occurred. Mitula stood before the cage with the Rose Quartz necklace dangling from her fingers.

    "Calmed down yet, girl?" she asked.
    Shenorai wanted to say yes, but the rage almost made her throat close up on her.
    Mitula simply shrugged. "I suppose not. Then again, that spirit had been trapped in this stone for, what... three, maybe four centuries?"
    "Four-hundred-fifty-eight years," that voice erupted from Shenorai's throat, "now tell me how the fuck to get out of this damn body!"
    "Language, milady, language," Mitula tutted. However, she gave a coy smile. "You're inside of a living body again. Since you've already figured out how to use her voice, don't you want to know how to use the rest of her body? Second chance at life, milady."
    Another growl rumbled in the girl's throat, yet realization began to take over the fury. Shenorai released the bars that left her knuckles white.
    Mitula smiled sweetly. "Good girl. Now where shall we begin?"

    The soul within her was still very resentful of the demons around her, yet agreed to at least cooperate with the child she was stuck with. When left alone with the girl, the spirit revealed herself to Shen as Leondra Xanadu, the last heir to the throne of the land-dwelling Wyndians - winged folk who were gifted in the ways of magic. She was murdered by one of many surface-dwelling suitors that sought her hand in marriage. Leondra had been trapped in the amulet ever since.

    Shenorai was kept up in the mountain for nearly a year. During that time, she was taught how to channel the Leondra's additional energy in order to communicate with the spirits of those who had refused to pass on to The Other Side.

    Mitula also allowed Shenorai to keep the Rose Quartz necklace that Leondra was trapped in. Seems the stone itself was merely a conduit to allow the demons to seal away souls and use the energy later.

    Leondra was also taught how to manipulate the girl's limbs and venture about whilst hidden within the living shell. Possessing the girl became easier with every passing week of practice.

    Finally, Shenorai was taught how to manifest energy. By concentrating her energy - as well as Leondra's - and focusing it outward, Shen was able to generate the ghost's wings. Leondra swiftly used this opportunity to escape the peak and get away from the demons at last!

    What Leondra didn't realize was that her energy wasn't going to last for very long upon the first manifestation. The short flight landed Shenorai right in the lake beside her village.

    Pity neither the girl nor the wing spirit could swim very well.

    Somewhere in the murky waters, a hand reached in and grabbed Shen by her collar, yanking her up to the surface. She was tossed onto the shore, sputtering until her head stopped swimming.

    "Hey Shen, you all right?"
    Shenorai lifted her heavy head and to her relief, saw the face of an old friend.
    "Slader," she smiled. "Y-yeah, I think so..."
    Slader was one of Shen's neighbors and a dear friend. He was a rugged trouble-maker, easily three years her senior.
    "You'd better be. Do you have any idea how worried we've been? How long we've been looking for you? What about the others? Have you seen where they went?"
    The bombardment of questions didn't really help matters at all. Slader was asking them so rapidly that Shen didn't even know where to begin. Gave her a headache, really.
    "C'mon, let's get you home. How'd you get in the lake, anyway? Can't even hunt some deer around here without something happen- aw man... the deer got away, didn't he?"
    "Gee, thanks for your concern."

    Shenorai's return home was filled with shock and tearful joy. And a lot of questions. Too many questions. Leondra merely stayed inside the girl and made certain she kept her mouth shut.

    The return to normal life certainly wasn't easy. Shen was more distanced from her family and kept wandering off to practice her new skills. Not even a week later, Slader had sneaked up on Shen during her practice.

    The girl expected to be scorned, but her friend merely smirked and said, "Let me show you how it's done."

    With far more ease, Slader had conjured up a sphere of shadows in a similar manner that Shenorai was taught. Slader then asked if Shen, too, had been taken up the mountain. The girl nodded. Slader nodded back, for he was also abducted a few years ago as well. He revealed that among the few who returned, Shen's cousin Volre, himself, and one or two other kids had tried to keep the secret of their kidnapping to themselves. All of them had been shown the spiritual practices.

    Together, Shen and Slader worked on improving their skills in secret, keeping to the far end of the lake and in the forests in order to stay away from prying eyes. Chores would be finished quickly and they would even sneak out at night just to continue their craft. Every once in awhile, Volre would also come in to see how the two of them were progressing, show off his mastered skills, and leave just for the sake of dumbfounding his cousin.

    Four years later, Shen's younger sister, Kaya, was abducted. Yet even though her parents panicked, Shen said nothing. She knew that Kaya had seen Leondra before. That gave her enough confidence that she'd be back home safe and sound.

    At that same year, Slader was nearing his sixteenth birthday. He had grown tired of the boring life inside of Xandria and wanted to see the world. Rather than learning how to use the plow, Slader had been practicing combat with a machete and was eager for a fight. One of the many traveling merchants agreed to take Slader to the city as long as he protects his cart. The day he picked to leave: Shenorai's thirteenth birthday.

    Slader stopped by Shenorai's house to drop off a present and to say goodbye, but Shen wasn't there. She had been called to the Elder's manor to undergo her coming-of-age ceremony. Regretting that he hadn't come soon enough, he left his gift and headed back to the merchant as he was leaving.

    The ceremony normally takes two hours to complete. However, Shen would not return home until two nights later. Her white robes were torn and caked in blood. The girl's exposed back was bleeding profusely and was covered in cuts and burns. She had barely managed to wrench the door open and climb halfway up the stairs to her room before collapsing.

    After being discovered, Shen was immediately nursed back to health. The poor girl was shaken, jumpy, and refused to speak to anyone except Leondra. She remained in her room, even after her wounds had finally sealed up. Scars were left behind, all of them in ancient unsealing runes meant to exorcise evil spirits from the body. The exorcism itself had failed, for Leondra remained tightly attached to Shen.

    Her friend was gone, her sister was gone, and Volre had swiftly packed up and left the village as well. The others who knew about the demons and their work kept very much to themselves or were looking for ways to leave the village. There was no one left that Shenorai could trust.

    As for Slader's present, he had left her his old hunting weapon: A crossbow. Once Shen's strength returned and her nerves were calm enough to hold the weapon steady, she began practicing with shooting old dolls of hers. Then her mother caught her and told her off about shooting off bolts in the house. So practice moved outside by the lake again. Alone and away from prying eyes.

    After two more months of practice, Shenorai packed her few belongings and caught the next merchant's cart out of the village. She could no longer stand living in fear of being taken into the Elders' manor again, nor could she bear her neighbor's sudden scorn for her very existence.

    The cart's destination: A bustling city known as Crysta.

    Shenorai was dropped off in the bustling marketplace of the city. She was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that moved about like bees in a hive.

    "So tell me, Shen," Leondra began as the girl wandered slowly, "what exactly were you planning to do when you got here? We've barely any money and certainly don't know anyone around here."
    Shen muttered, "...I haven't the faintest idea."
    "You really should've thought this through," the ghost sighed.
    "You're not much help either."
    Their bickering was interrupted by the sudden gurgle of hunger. Shen frowned and dove into her pockets for what few savings she had: a mere twelve copper.
    "That's not going to get us so much as a room," Leondra pointed out.

    Shen said nothing. She merely bought a loaf of bread and a few apples to carry around and nibble on as she wandered the city. That merely lasted her a couple days before she was both broke AND starving.

    What she learned about the city in her wanderings was that there were several districts in the city: Market, Guild, Noble, that castle belonging to Duke Crystan, and everyone else who couldn't afford much lived in shacks clustered around the outskirts. She wasn't even allowed near a garden of the Noble district: Shen was quickly chased out of there like a dog with rabies.

    As she's wandering around in the city, exploring the place, Shen could no longer take the hunger pangs. She began trying to steal from the stalls, like she's seen some of the other children do.

    Naturally, she gets caught upon her first couple tries. Amateur an' all.

    However, not wanting to risk the 'new body' to die on her, Leondra suggests that Shen focuses her energy on the ghost. By doing so, Leondra was able to finally touch the physical world by picking up some food and sneaking it back to Shen.

    They continue doing this for a few more days until Shenorai's "abilities" are discovered by the very kids she was trying to copy.

    They offer her shelter and guaranteed food if they go and speak with their boss. It turns out that they are all a part of a gang in the south district of the poorer areas.
    Shen didn't have any other alternatives. After showing how she's able to manipulate objects - without telling them how, naturally - she's allowed into the group.

    For a few years, she was instructed to steal a variety of things from food to jewelry to wallets to weapons. Shen noticed that among the gang, she was actually one of the only girls who participated in theft.

    Yet she couldn't stay young forever. Once she hit fifteen, the gang leader asked to see her alone. He told her that there was much more profit in her using her body to distract men long enough to rob them blind.

    Shenorai didn't understand. Until the leader told her about prostitution.

    She was shocked and disgusted, yet before she could protest, the gang leader was already trying to pin her down and 'demonstrate' what it is the girls are meant to do.

    Shenorai screamed, but blacked out.

    When she snapped back to consciousness, she found herself still dressed, thank god, and panting in anger. But she was coated in blood. A strange sword was in her hand, glowing and pulsing with energy. Laying before her in his own blood was the very man that was laying hands on her.

    "Sorry Shen," Leondra's voice said quickly, "I had to. I couldn't let him do that."
    Upon realizing what Leondra had done, Shen began to panic. She wouldn't be welcome here anymore. She'd have no shelter, no food, no one to turn to...
    "You may as well take his head," Leondra suggested.
    "He's a wanted man, Shen. Has been for years. At the very least, you could cut off his head, bring it to that bounty-hunting guild, and at least make some money off of this."

    Shen's hands shook as she looked around to see if anyone was around.

    The hideout was empty.

    With the flyssa still in hand, she knelt down and began sawing at the man's neck. He had been long gone and most of the blood had already seeped into the floorboards. Yet there was a strange fascination with how the skin and the flesh separated with the bones. How easily the spine was cut if she worked between the disks.

    Once the neck was severed, the flyssa disappeared from her hand. Shen grabbed a sack, stuffed his head inside, and slipped out. The sun was setting, so she used the shadows of the alleys to hide herself as she made her way toward the guild.

    It was quite a scene for the guild master to see. A girl barely in her teens clutching a bloody sack and plopping it right on the receptionist's desk. Shen explained who he was, gave them her name, and even offered to tell them where the rest of the gang hid and worked.

    Of course, due to her affiliation with the gang, Shen also had to serve time. She was kept in solitary for the sake of not being throttled in the cell by everyone who was brought in, one by one. Shen was released a good month later and given a reduced amount of silver from the bounty. Fees for her bond, they called it.

    However, she felt that she hadn't repaid her own crimes. Shen took an interest in how the bounty hunter's guild worked. They were a band of mercenaries who would perform tasks that not even local police could handle. After a long talk with the guild master, Shen was allowed in.

    She was given some rookie jobs at first. Go find a noble's dropped necklace, get a cat out of a tree, run errands for the police force... at least it paid enough to help keep her apartment in the guild complex.

    Even Shen had her share of strange encounters. During a return from one of her tasks in a nearby forest, she had come under attack by a young wolf. After a bloody struggle, the wolf was taken down. Just as she was about to finish it off, the damn thing spoke to her!

    "P-please, spare me," he whined.

    It talked. The wolf talked.

    That in itself was enough to spark an argument between Shen and Leondra. Shen wanted to kill the beast since it tried to eat her. Leondra wanted to help the wolf since there was probably no other one like him.

    In the end, Leondra won. Shenorai told the wolf that she'll let him live only if he swears to become her companion. A partner who would fight tooth and nail for her.

    The wolf could see past the ruse: this would mean enslavement for him. To become her... pet. Yet he wanted to live. What choice did he have?

    To the wolf's dismay, he agreed and was carried back to Shen's apartment and nursed back to health. Shenorai learned that the wolf's name was Kipa. And boy was he one son of a bitch to work with.

    Over the years, Shenorai had taken up a number of jobs, with Kipa reluctantly following her wherever she went. Anywhere from hunting down criminals in Crysta to delving into lost tombs for artifacts to even traveling across the sea to the next region to help with a vampire problem.

    Now, Shen is in her twenties. Kipa has grown strong and fierce. Although the both of them are constantly fighting over 'who holds the leash', they still work together.
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  3. Name: Serei Amina
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Race: Aetherling
    Show Spoiler

    Rumour has it that there is a huge dreamworld that floats in a different plane of existence. In this plane manifests everything imaginable - simply because that thing has been imagined. These creations are in constant turmoil with each other. Colossal snake bears make day-to-day appearances and winged dinosaur owls are the primary method of transport of the beaver people. Each of these things can only exist in the dreamworld and any that leaves will simply disappear. Any sentient being taps into this dream world when asleep and views and alters the world causing peculiar happenings. A key location in this world is the city of Endymion. It, along with one other concept is the only thing that cannot be edited by a dreamer. Endymion is a focal point of subconscious energies. It exists everywhere at the same time, and also in one specific point. However, there is an outlier to the rules of this world. The Aetherling species. Though few in number, Aetherlings are like their own gods. They are unconformities in the fabric of the dream world, and the only being with free will. They have the power to create and destroy entire sections of the dream world with a thought. Aetherlings are also the only creatures capable of leaving the dream world intact. If they do so, they can never return. As Aetherlings do not fit with the reality of any universe, they can manipulate "glitches" in these worlds, and harness a strange kind of arcane power that few can even comprehend.

    - Hair: Long, wavy and ebony black, with occasional golden streaks
    - Eyes: a piercing pale blue that resembles a clear sky.
    - Height/Weight: both taller and lighter than average.
    - Skin: pale in complexity.
    - Build: Slim and relatively fragile, however supported by a matrix of energy so quite durable.
    - Attire: Wears elaborate robes made of a fine, deep purple which is embroidered with runes which supposedly allow her to channel aetherial energy.
    - Noteworthy Features: Her head ornament allows her to view the aetherial links in the universe and is a relic of the ancient dreamworld.
    - Photograph:

    Weapon(s): Given that she comes from a dream world, she has the option of wielding literally anything that's ever been imagined, in any universe. However, her physical strength does state that she can't lift heavier items. She is currently armed with a medium length sword etched with depictions of three obscure gods from ancient times.
    Armor: She wears no armour, and finds that magical wards are far more reliable.

    Aetherial magic is strange in relation to the normal magic wielded by normal people. She can theoretically do absolutely anything, all she has to do is imagine that thing happening, however in practice it requires different amount of willpower and time to do things. Every time she uses Aetherial magic, she risks being scattered onto the dreamstrings that connect every world to one-another, which would be a royal pain in the arse to get back from.

    Abilities/Skills: Serei is practiced in swordfighting, and is fast and agile. She also knows how to enchant items, which is nice.

    Show Spoiler

    Serei, like all aetherlings, was born very suddenly 24 years ago. An aetherling's mind develops naturally, no one knows how, but in order for them to gain a physical body they have to imagine themselves gaining one, and it usually involves stealing one of a mortal. Over the 18 years she spent in Endymion, she met not a single other aetherling, which just shows how damn rare they actually are. She imagined herself being able to read and being able to wield aetherial magic, and as she was in the dream world this was much easier than it should have been. It took her 16 years to develop fully, and morph her stolen body into a form that pleased her, which rather unfortunately coincides with the planar collapse.

    8 years ago, an aetherling named Jex attempted to merge the dream world with a corporeal realm, using three ancient relics of aetherium. The first relic was the Aetherial Visage. This item gave the wearer the ability to see into the real world from the dream world and the dream world from the real world, and also to control events inside the other. He used this to force mages in reality to cast rituals that would bring that world closer to aetheriality. Second, the mirror of dreams. This item allows one to see a reflection of the dream world. Each of the three relics are the only items other than endymion that exist in dream and reality simultaneously. The dream mirror he used to bind the dream world fabric with the fabric of reality. The final relic was the Sword of Fates. Not technically a dream relic, however it could only be wielded by an aetherling. This relic was housed in the very top of Endymion, a location that no-one but the ancients had ever managed to visit. As Jex was making his way to this blade, something stopped him. It was as if the subconscious minds of every dreamer and dream thing had united to change the actions of Jex. Against his will, they forced him to create a massive explosion in the centre of the dreamworld. This sent all three relics flying off through the fabric of reality, and Jex was banished to a void from which he could never return to the realm of dream.

    By coincidence, Serei caught the first of these relics as it flew briefly past her. She put it on, after some confusion as to where it went, and instantly received visions of prophecy and fate, however they were difficult to decipher. Of what she heard, she knew that the two other relics were somewhere outside of the dream world. She decided to leave the dream realm (she was going to do so anyway but here was a proper excuse). Something happened in the dream world though. Any aetherling that leaves seems to have time cease partially for them. On her way out, she saw an old woman who seemed to have had their left arm frozen in time which was most peculiar. She left regardless. For her, apparently the aging process froze.

    After this, she spent 6 years travelling the material worlds of the surface and sky realms, and a small amount of time in subterra. Of these, she spent most time in the storm isles of the sky realm, however now makes her way to rune(something) to continue her search. She couldn't see the full name on the map but apparently she got there regardless. (Is the sky realms based off of skyloft?)
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  4. Well think I will throw in two of my chars here that you know Shen. Will work on another two as well and try and get their bios up for a later purpose.

    Name – Calden

    Title – Obtainer of the divine power. Being one of the few Expel dragons to be able to tap into their most ancient powers, he was given this title. There has been records of others being born that obtained the power as well. As such it is usually foretold that one dragon will be born every 10,000 years with the chance of being able to awaken their power.

    Class – Dragonic warrior

    Alignment – Good

    Race – Expel dragon. A race of dragons that over the millennia decided to taken on a human appearance. They look like the average human except for three different characteristics that separate them from the humans. These are more extended ear tips, giving them a more pointed tip. This gives them much more acute hearing far above then a normal person. Ovular shaped eyes, this lets them see a different amount of color rays then normal humans. Also while in their dragon or hybrid state they have enhanced vision. Last is that of a dragon skull mark somewhere on their body. For those that wish it or better yet decide to, they can tap into their dragon blood line and take on the form of a human-dragon hybrid. Or for those that have truly trained can go one step further after the hybrid transformation can take on a dragon form but only a short time.

    Gender – Male

    Age – 5,092 though in human years has the appearance of someone who is 31.

    Appearance – Calden stands at a height of seventy-four inches(6'2'') and weighs approx 175 lbs. He has a slim muscular build, with no heavy defined tones. Just enough tone to show muscle development. Located on his right mid arm his the mark of his tribe, the dragon skull. Located on the back of his left shoulder is a one inch narrow claw mark, this signifies the mark of his divine dragon powers. Has a circular shaped face with the pointed tip of his ears lining up with his eyes. His eyes are a pale dark blue hue, with his hair light brown in color coming down to the bottom of his neck. Its slightly short cut and sleek in look. Other then his unusual eye color,ears, and two tattoos Calden can pass himself looking like any other human.

    Armor – The only type of armor Calden wears is a flexible silver chain mesh, covered by a silver vest. This allows it to grow to cover his body and torso, when he invokes his transformations. It is also specially enchanted to grow when he goes into a full dragon transformation. However under this circumstance the armor will only cover the front of his chest.

    Personality – A easy going yet serious person. He’s someone who kind of goes with the flow situation, making the best of what is given at the time. Does not like to get involved into unnecessary fights, unless he feels like there is someone who needs to be protected. Take example some someone picking on a homeless man or attacking a person when they are down. Honor is a very serious matter for him, he won’t handle any types of cowardly acts in a fight. When someone insults him he just brush’s it off and laughs with them about it. This tends to make some people made and try to pick some fights with him.

    First Impression – When most people take a glance at him, he gives off an aura of someone you wouldn’t normally want to approach. However if were one to talk to him, they would find that he can be quite friendly. When people ask questions about him, he just usually gives them a name and says he’s a traveler. This is only because he believed people would fear him for being part dragon or try and kill him instead.

    Fighting Style – Calden is a honorable fighter, following a sort of the old code of the knight. Protect the weak. Do not lift your blade in anger. Stand up against oppression. Never turn down a call for help. These are all core beliefs in how he fights. So as one would expect he would never hit his opponent while their back was turned, or on the ground and asking for mercy.

    Weaponry – Besides the claws he has from his dragon transformation, Calden uses only two other types of weapons. One of the weapons he uses is a five foot long katana. The blade itself is black in color from being made of a meteorite that crashed in his village before he was born, it is also only one inch thick. This give it extra sharpness so it is more damaging to an unprotected opponent. His next weapon is actually two, he used a pair of hand mounted blades. They are triangular in shape and made of silver. The blades them selves are six inch’s long from bottom to top and four inch’s wide from side to side.

    Abilities – Dragon transformation- By expending 1/10 of his energy Calden can invoke a dragon-human hybrid form. Following his transformation the upkeep of his transformation is 1/20th of his energy per five minutes. So if his base energy would be one-hundred it would cost ten of that to transform and five for the upkeep.

    Types of transformations-
    Dragon warrior- A simple transformation where Calden grows about six inches and his skin starts to turn a dark green color. His hair grows down to the middle of his back and takes on a black color. His finger tips and toes also turn into claws with his fingers tips becoming five inch’s long and his toes seven. He also goes more muscularly defined. Takes about two minutes to complete transformation.
    Energy dragon- This transformation starts off like the dragon warrior except this time his skin turns into a grayish color, his hair is now more of a light blue. Also now a point of wings appear on his back that are six feet long from the point in back to his wig tip. In this form he has access to chi based blast from his mouth, and the ability to breathe and use magic of fire, ice, and light. This transformation also takes two minutes to complete.

    Divine dragon- Similar to his first two transformations, though this time his skin turns a pure white, and his hair turns a snow white. His eyes disappear only to be replaced by a set of five green eyes that take on a v shaped pattern on his forehead. Also an additional two wings appear below his initial two from the energy dragon. This form he can use spirit based powers and the void element as basis for attacks.

    Advance transformation- By expending the rest of his energy Calden can turn into a full dragon. This transformation does not require and upkeep as Calden enters a berserk like status, this transformation typically last for only three-five minutes.

    Chi and spirit energy blast- The only two other types of attacks he has in his human form. He can use this in a variety of ways though.

    Hands- By gathering his energy to his hands he focuses on creating a ball of either type of energy then by bringing the bottom two portions of his hands together he can launch an attack. Each blast takes away 1/20th of his total energy. This will leave him slightly drained. He also has a unique ability of gathering both energies chi and spirit into a different hand, by launching them together their destructive power is nearly doubled. How by doing this he uses nearly all his energy, just barely enough for him to stay conscious. It also exhaust him completely as for the next twenty minutes he is unable to do anything else.

    Sword- Same principle as with his hands, he focus into his sword instead. The sword then takes a glow, white for chi and blue for spirit. He can then launch waves of the energy at his opponent. Each wave or strike takes 1/10th of his energy away. To invoke this skill he must expend 1/10th of his energy. Also when coated his sword strikes can do slightly more damage.
    Hand mounted blades- Again like his sword he can coat his weapon in chi or spirit energy, while doing this he can inflict more damage on his opponent if they are unable to block and he hits an unprotected spot.

    Focus- By entering a type of mediation he can begin to restore some of his lost energy. In order to keep focus he must not attack as he can only resort to dodging. If he would be hit in this state only 30% of the total energy he recovered would be restored instead. Restores 1/20th of his energy for every five minutes.

    Magic – The only magic Calden can use comes in the form of breath or blast. Also he can only use these in his hybrid or full dragon form.

    Passive Skills – Small regenerative healing. Due to the dragon blood in his body being awakened, which gives him a young human appearance. This also gives him a small ability to heal. This is only seen with small cuts, a half inch deep and bruises. This generally takes five to ten minutes to begin to heal the wound, and another five for it to finish.
    Energy sense- Can feel the presence of other strong magic, chi, etc.. in other beings and objects.
    The following skill’s apply only to when he takes a hybrid dragon form- if he would ascend into a full dragon form these skills would increase in effectiveness only by about 1/3 or so.

    Acute Hearing- Because of his ears he can typically hear in a ten mile radius, within that ten miles however only four miles of this is truly effective. Meaning within those four miles can he depict what most of the sounds are. Such as someone walking or hearing a river, waterfall.
    Heightened smell- Can easily smell and keep apart individual smells for up to two and half miles.

    Extended Vision- Can see for a radius of thirty miles, this would only be if he is flying. Can easily depict people due to seeing in different colors he also sees their body heat. Though when standing his vision is confound to the landscape. So if he were standing in front of a forest of tress, he would only see about three miles ahead, though we would have to change the focus of his eyes to do so.

    History – Calden was born on a special year, yet not even his parents who gave birth to him knew about this special moment. Calden was born in a special generation, in fact 10,000 years when the last person like him was born. Though it would take some time till his power awoken, and even then he himself would not know what it truly meant. The extra birthmark confused everyone of his people, there was no known records of anyone being born into their race with two birthmarks. As time when on so did Calden grow, and with it a increase in his powers. He expressed great control over his powers more so in anyone in his age group which was not much, only about 10 young ones. His power was even greater then some of the elders, this lead them to keep a close eye on Calden as he was growing up as they feared his being may now be a bad omen. It was only when a few of his friends were playing in the forest a ways from town did his real powers emerge. One of the hunters managed to get a shoot of and kill one of his friends, the remaining of them three of his friends and himself were startled and began to run, though not before a bullet was fired at himself. At that instant time seemed to slow down and a primal urge built up inside Calden. Without even realizing it he had blacked out subconsciously assumed a pure white full dragon form, and while there he killed the three hunters. When he came to his friends were gone, and the hunters bodies were scattered about the forest and his mouth was red and caked with dried blood. Confused he went back to his village but was stunned to see the elders standing guard. He was shocked when they informed him of what happened, his friends or observed his brutality ran as he was tearing through the hunters, afraid he would somehow turn on them. The elders then hearing of this were afraid that he could not control his power, so waiting for his return to explain to him what happened, and the other decision to exile him from their village. Shocked and feeling betrayed Calden hung his head in shame and walked back into the forest. He now travels the world going from town to town doing what he can to get by, all while searching for a new place to call home.

    Name: Vex

    Title: Kailal knight
    Race: Kailal
    Gender: Male
    Age: uncertain, but somewhere around the age of 8,396 looks to be 28


    - Hair: Dirty blonde hair, more brown like the blonde. His hair goes down to about mid neck length.

    - Eyes: Grey with a hue of green in the middle.

    - Height: Six feet two inches
    - Weight: 178 lbs
    - Complexion: A near like hint of pale complexion. Not entirely fully colored or completely pale. It’s not in the middle either as it lies to being more colored then pale really.

    - Build: Muscular build all around. Not heavy over muscular that shows off biceps but enough to the point that when he flexes, you begin to see them.

    - Noteworthy Features: His eyes, apart from the weird color, they give off a sense as if they have a deeper meaning and understanding of the world. He also carries a burn mark of sort on his right shoulder.

    - Attire: Wears a black set of leather jeans with silver stripes running down his sides. His shirt his a crimson red with blue and black stripes seeming to spiral around all over in a tornado like pattern.

    Personality: Almost withdrawn to him self. He doesn’t want people to get to know him at all. The only time he opens himself up and gives people a clearer look at his personality is when it comes to serious type of manners. Such things would include life or death matters or something of importance. It then appears that he indeed cares a lot about the people around him and is less cold then what he appears.

    Weapon(s): Invisible, a shape shifting sword that changes its properties depending on what gems are active in it. In order for him to change his sword it requires a great deal of concentration, so if he was disturbed even if his sword was near done changing it would revert to the last form it was in.

    Armor: Wears a set of brown leg coverings to protect his legs, and a set of green ones for his arms. To cover his body he wears a plain suit of silver armor, and he wears nothing as a helmet.

    Magic: Vex’s magic comes from what gems he has in his possession. The magic is also based on the gems abilities they grant their user. Any use of the gems takes a little bit out of Vex. However if left undisturbed and he uses the gem fully, more energy is taken out of him, even more will be if his concentration is broken during a use of a gem.

    Vex can use basic magic manipulation from six of the gems. The only two he cannot use any basic type of magic from is the Holy and shadow gems. The basic magic manipulation, allows Vex to conjure the particular element up and use it as a means of offense or defense. As with using the gems powers using the basic control of the element also takes concentration, though not as much. Ex using the fire gem Vex can create a fireball, or the ice gem can create an icicle and hurl it at his opponent.

    Fire magic- Vex can create a small amount of fire as long as there is a certain amount of heat present. He then usually creates and X shape out of the fire and hurls it at his opponent. This gem only takes a little energy out of him, so the effects is hardly seen.

    Shadow- This is the one type of magic Vex never uses as draws upon dark magic. If it would be used it would corrupt him, and drive him insane. The only thing that could revert him to his normal self would be that of the holy gem. Though its powers are to corrupt one’s mind and make them a servant to who ever uses it. Also grants the user the control of darkness itself. The effects of this gem are unknown since he vows to himself never to use it.

    Holy- The only magic and source that can negate that of the shadow gem. Also creates small burst of Holy energy beneath the opponent. This holy magic is a burst of pure white light emitting below the ground of the person. This gem takes quite a bit out of Vex, as it's one of the higher powered gems. Using this one will leave Vex wide open and exhausted for roughly 20 minutes.

    Water- Through the water gem’s powers Vex creates a mirror clone of himself. This clone is almost a separate entity of himself, as once created has a will of its own. The clone acts independent of the user and can do anything the user can do. The clone will act more on primal instinct, so in short it acts without any morals to hold it back. It could be said that the water gem creates an alternate version of ones self. The clone last as long as the user concentrates on it, and is not severely injured, losses concentration, or cast another spell. The effect of this gem doesn't take as much energy as it affects his mental state. it require a moderate amount of energy which is usually recovered by the time the clone disappears, which is about in 25 minutes. However is mental state is weakened up to the point where is other personality is likely to take over.

    Earth- Grants small regenerative powers to someone as long as that remain in contact with the earth. Regenration powers to give an idea. Small nicks that barly scrath the surface take 15-20 seconds to heal. While larger, deeper cuts take ten minutes. Also when combined with a weapon, for a short amount of time usually in seconds, grants the user a type of gravity manipulation. Takes a medium amount of energy, and leaves Vex very drained. After using this gem's power he is left severely exhausted.

    Lightning- This acts more as a support type magic. When calling upon this gem the user is granted with the power to summon lightning as long as they have a conduct for it. Also allows the user to move as fast as lightning. Gem that requires little energy, just leaves Vex winded a little bit. He can use this power in 20 minute intervals.

    Ice- This gem is acts as a defensive type of power. When activated the user is coated in a diamond type of armor then protects them from almost any type of attack for a limited amount of time. The time span usually last for 3 minutes, the protection holds for any normal or small type of attack. However if hit from a high-powered attack, the armor instantly vanishes regardless of how long it has been. This technique requires a low cost of his energy but also again depends more upon his mental concentration. As with the water gem, after it's use his dark personality is more prone to take over.

    Air- Another supportive type gem, Along with the limited ability to fly the user can coat himself and allies in a barrier of wind deflecting any weapons thrown at them, and any small weapons coming at them. The same could be applies to enemies but it would create a vacuum where the air is sucked out of the area around them. Another high energy cost, Vex is left severely opened to attack and depending on how he uses it, left on the verge of losing conscious or paralyzed. Using it for the defensive purpose would leave him paralyzed, where using it as an attack would make him lose his conscious just about.


    Tidal wave Fury: Thrusting his sword into the air and calling upon the powers that lie within the sword, he creates a small barrier around his enemy. The barrier is then filled with water until it’s filled about half way. The water then recedes into the edges of the barriers while forming triangle like wedges. Once there they rush forward back onto the enemy, and the barrier vanishes. Just before the wedges hit his opponent Vex let’s lose a burst of energy concentrated from his sword, for it to explode once the wedges fully close in on his opponent. This attack fully drains Vex, and he is left unconscious for some time until some of his energy can restore it self.

    Lightning’s ark: Vex calls upon the power of they sky to enchant his blade with the power of lightning. If he would swing his blade, lightning like blades would swing out from it. This is a technique that he can keep up for about 5 minutes in battle. After he is done this attack he is left wide open for attacks as it drains quite a bit out of him.

    Quick History: Sole survivor of a massacre. His entire race was slaughtered by a mysterious being that used the power of his people. Since he was just an infant this person took him along and used a dark power to brain wash him. Vex was then raised to be one of his elite fighters, killing on a whim and without a sign of remorse. Latter in his service he was sent to a cave where one of the relics of his people were said to lie. It was a gem that his people created and gave off a brilliant white glow. As soon as Vex got close and stretched out his hand to take it, it shone even brighter. The intensity brought Vex to his knees as suddenly countless memories flooded him. It showed the person who raised him killing his people and using his magic to brain wash him. Slowly he was able to come to his true self, and the power this person held over him was gone. It was after this that Vex vowed to himself to find the remaining gems, to prevent this being from getting them. For he now knew of the powers they possessed and who knows what would happen if this other being got all of them for himself.

    After being exposed to both the shadow and holy gems, Vex's personality was split in two. Though he was now free of the Dark ones controll it left him still with an evil personality. There is is ture self which has the memories of both his sides and is the self that wishes to atone for his evil deeds. Then there is his evil persona which can come out in times of extreme battle lust, this persona has only all the negative memories he has ever experienced.
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  5. Name: Flick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Race: Dark-Elf
    - Hair: Long and Silver
    - Eyes: Black
    - Height/Weight: 6'0"
    - Skin: Dark purple
    - Build:Medium build
    - Attire: light clothing/light armor
    - Noteworthy Features: scars on his back
    - Photograph:

    Weapon(s): Two Scythe
    Armor: Light Armor, but covers all his body

    Show Spoiler
    Flick was born into slavery to a human. His mother died shortly after his birth, and his master/father treated him like any other slave, although he was privilege to serve in the house, which was rare for a male slave, so he learned proper human edict.

    He never spoke unless given permission, so he remained silent for most of his life. He also made friends with animals more than any other human or humanoids.

    When he was 18 he finally ran away into the woods. There he made friends with a panther and kept him by his side as he stayed in the woods for most of his life. He rarely spoke to anyone that traveled in what he called "his woods," although he kept going farther and farther away from his "fathers" home. He finally found himself near a mountain that lead to the city of Runesong. Where he slowly began to talk to people that would enter or leave the city.
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  6. I'll make a CS tomorrow!
  7. Well, this is already turning into an interesting cast! I'm curious to see how these characters will clash/get along. :D

    Due to how I plan for this RP to operate, I'll keep the roster open as long as possible. This is basically going to be a 'come and go as you please' sort of deal. Or as the story steers us. We'll see what happens.
  8. CS finished.
  9. Awesome.

    Also, to answer your question, I suppose Skyloft is a pretty good example of a Sky Isle. The Wyndians - arcane winged folk with a lust for knowledge and magic mastery - have a magical means of actually steering their Isles across the skies and using false storm clouds to hide their islands. There are other races who live up in the Sky Realm (Elementals, some races of dragons, harpies, rocs, etc. etc.) and have their own means of living up in the Sky.

    Now that we have at least three other players, I'll get the RP thread up and running.

    EDIT: All right, it's up! https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/ic-scattered-shadows-frp.46660/
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  10. Name: Virgil Khadistasya

    Gender: Male

    Age: 2,374

    Race: Human

    - Hair: Thin, black hair sits on his head. His hair is quite bouncy due to his powers often filling it with static electricity (see below)
    - Eyes: A constant look of fright seems to sit within Virgil's bright blue eyes.
    - Height/Weight: 5'8" tall and 165 pounds heavy.
    - Skin: Virgil has extraordinarily pale skin due to his powers. (read below)
    - Build: For the most part Virgil is rather thin, but maintains enough muscle to make it apparent that he's well seasoned.
    - Attire: A long and heavy black coat that looks very old and well-worn out rests on his back overtop his plain, dark grey T-Shirt. He matches the both with his black jeans as well.
    - Noteworthy Features: Despite looking so battle-worn not a single scar blemishes his skin. His physical appearance is also that of a 34-37 year old male.
    - Photograph:

    Weapon(s): Virgil carries with him a small but well sharpened knife with a length of 5 inches. It's blade retracts into it's handle when not held, and the blade can only be taken out by being squeezed, making it very easy to conceal. He also carries with him up to 15 glass containers of lighter fluid that can easily shatter on impact within his jacket.

    Armor: N/A

    - Spell: Damage Swap: With this ability, if he manages skin-to-skin contact he can transfer the injuries someone has sustained to himself, effectively healing the target by damage himself. This can also work backwards.
    -- Drawback: The obvious drawback is that when he absorbs wounds, he becomes just as injured as the person he sucked the injuries from, and to give injuries to someone else, he must first be injured.

    Virgil has 2 passive abilities as well.

    Inhuman Regeneration: In essence, Virgil can recover from any sustained injuries, however the process takes much time, and some injuries are extremely painful to recover. This power comes with an immense vitality, making capable of sustaining wounds more severe than most could survive. This is mostly due to his body being able to spontaneously regenerate blood, but spontaneous regeneration is only done with his blood. His other injuries take much more time to heal, however, if need be, he can regrow limbs entirely. The process of regrowing body parts is a long and painful process, taking up to 13 months to fully recover an arm, 9 months would be required to use the arm, but it would be limited until full recovery. The regrowth process grows bones first, but quickly lines it with tissue. The next part grown is the nerves, causing him to feel every inch of the burning and hellish pain of his own recovery. This goes for just about any wound, as regeneration becomes a double edged sword. The pain would drive any normal man mad, the only reason he hasn't is because of his long sustained life. The power also prevents his skin from tanning, as most cases of tanning is the body darkening the skin to protect against the sun, but with his regeneration abilities, his skin has no need to tan. Lastly, this also prevents him from aging past the appearance of a 40 year old, typically appearing 35.

    His second passive ability is the way his body reacts when injured. Due to his arcane powers building up in him over the many years of sustained life, his spiritual body has contorted so that when sustaining an injury that is not taken via damage swap, his body releases an electrical discharge that has varying power based on his mood and the severity of the injury sustained. There is no way to control this power, so he has very well learned to live with it, but at times he has to be extremely careful. He also sustains 1/5 of the electrical damage. Because of this, he is constantly releasing an electric discharge due to his body trying to "heal" his aging, but it's nothing more than a weak static that would do no harm to anything he touched, nor would anyone feel it, but it becomes visible by looking at the way his hair floats.

    Abilities/Skills: Virgil is a talented writer, even having some famous books under a few aliases. (He uses Aliases to hide his aging, the books are a few hundred years apart.)

    Show Spoiler
    Due to a long lived life, Memories of Virgils childhood are extremely vague. He remembers his family rather well, he was the middle child of three, his older sibling was his brother, and younger was his sister. Sadly, he cannot remember how far apart their ages were, it has long since escaped his memory. Their names have even become difficult to remember with time.

    Virgil remembers when he came to the realization that he was a regenerator very clearly. He was just a child playing as they often do when he gashed his arm open and it healed extraordinarily fast. At first it was just thought to be odd, however, the progressive realization became clear with enough time. Eventually, when he grew up to an adult, he noticed he had stopped aging. By that time he should have appeared to be in his late 40's, but he still looked 35. At this time, an odd occurrence began to happen with him. He began to recall events that he had not only not lived through, but could not have even known. He was remembering things from centuries prior to his own lifetime.

    With his newly flooded images, he began to write them all down. At first he had thought himself mad, but he chose to study the historical significance of the events he had seen and discovered an irking truth. These images were accurate. Was this a power to see the past? If so, why was it as though he were there himself? This was all so confusing, but as years had passed, Virgil met peace with not only his inability to age, but also that he would never know the truth of why he is seeing these images.

    Around the age of 210, unsure exactly how old he was now, he began to document his life. He had noticed that he was forgetting many things simply due to a human memory span. These would be his journals that he would return to if he wanted to recall events, and he would file them as such. He decided to also write other stories at the same time, mostly fiction. Fantasys of mortality that he had so wondered about. Beyond his writings, he had even considered ending his own life, but he still had questions. Once he understood everything about himself, maybe then he could end it all.

    And of course, Virgil was lonely. It was so depressing watching him outlive everyone he was ever friends with. He even had to abandon his own family to hide his immortality. If there truly was a hell, Virgil had found it. However, he did not lose all hope. He began to wonder, if he himself could regenerate and not age, could a child of his own? Virgil moved on to find a wife and eventually the two had a daughter. His original intention was to spend life with his daughter, but it did not take long for his wife to notice the lack of time progression on Virgils body. By now his wife was 45 and his daughter was old enough to understand. As such, he sat them both down to tell them of his ability. They were understanding, and they even offered to help. This, however, was futile. Instead, he not only watched his beloved wife grow old and die, but he even was forced to hold his daughters hand as she passed. It became clear to Virgil that he would be alone for as long as he lived.

    Many years later, Virgil ran to be elected as a politician. His intentions were not to rule anything, instead he'd rule under his people. His true goal was to document history. If the images in his mind were true, then that meant that not all recorded history is completely accurate. To put it simply, the victor writes the book. Virgil would not allow this, he wanted toe truth of history, human and not, to be documented, and he would be the one to do it. He would serve his time at the highest position he could get, and once his time was up, he would change his name to a new alias and move on to a new area. With this, Virgil was able to see the world, become a high political power throughout most of history while he was alive, and learn much about certain areas and species.

    Among his time, he eventually became a military commander. This was due to his time in combat during a time of war. At this point, Virgil must have been 450 or so, as he recalls. This point in his life, he knew the world was nothing but bloodshed. People would always be arming themselves and going to war. And all for what? The conclusion was always the same. Not because the good were powerful, not because the bad were weak, but because the good never stopped until they won. But they never won. Something else always happened. Virgl was at the war to save lives, he would take mens mortal injuries. It was a painful life, but he felt good about doing it.

    Among his time in this specific military, Virgil met a very strange individual. He called himself Iather, and Iather called him "brother". At first, Virgil shrugged this off as some form of slang. Times had changed, and he didn't claim to keep up with the way people spoke. However, this person approached Virgil very strangely. The cloaked man then revealed his body to be that of a sickly old man. "You see, I am you and you are me, by soul and not blood, you are my brother, and I am your father." He had spoke. This was confusing, no matter how much Virgil tried to understand it. That was all he saw of this Iather...For now.

    Eventually, Virgil retired himself from the military, as he always did. It was time people would notice, and he'd rather not answer questions, especially for a military force.

    He continued writing stories, documenting histories, and even publishing books. One author he went by was given an entire library in his name. For now, at the age of 620 or so, Virgil took the life of an author. He was writing books after books, more fiction, more fantasy, but also alternate history books. Since he was able to stand at the top and look down to observe the worlds workings, he had written many, many books about what could have happened and what could have been. Those books became very popular all over the entire world. Little did he know, this would be a recurring genre for him. Most alternate history books written in the last 2000 years can be pointed back to Virgil, though each one under an alias based on the date. Each author simply stated they credited the original, an easy way to prevent people from noticing.

    While visiting his library years later, posing to be the great grandson of the individual the library was dedicated to, he encountered Iather once more. This encounter was quite different. This memory is flawlessly branded into Virgils memory, as it was the day he had finally learned what everything was, and what would become of him. Virgil was in strong disbelief that he was the same person, as the sickly old man was no longer so sickly, and seemed more like a wraith than a man. Iather explained how Virgil was able to recall memories he was not there to experience.

    "I'm Iather, No last name, too old for it. I was a master of all magical arts. Well, almost all. I had even learned immortality. But then I realized there was something much more fun than studying magic. I wanted to study sentient behavior, and I wanted to document it. But I learned that I couldn't do both all on my own. So, I created you. Not in the conventional sense, I did not craft you from energy, I did not summon you forth. Instead, I made you from a part of me. Half of me, actually. I split my soul and kept the parts that make me up, and I sent my other into the womb of a woman, who later gave birth to you. No, it was not a virgin birth, instead your part of our soul had grafted into the unborn child inside her. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, and gave you my regenerative properties. But I suppose it's not all bad, now that I look like this, and I quite like it. Onto business, you've stopped doing what you were meant to do. Document the chaos I bring, as I made you to do!"

    Virgil was instantly struck into denial, but once he learned to accept the truth based on certain evidence and this Iather knowing things that nobody should have known, the idea of ending his life had come into his mind once more. But a crude realization stopped him, as he now knew Iather was not a good individual, and someone had to do something about him. Virgil vowed to stay and document everything until he learned how to stop Iather.

    For almost a full century, Virgil was keeping himself at high political positions, sometimes even religious positions, and writing history while working on occasional side novels and books. He was by far the most successful writer in history, but nobody would know it. Aside from his writing habits, he was also constantly studying up on how to kill wraiths and hoping he would learn the secret to killing Iather. So much so that most of his positions held were very close to Iather, watching the being start entire wars. Virgil felt helpless.

    At the age of eighteen hundred and something years old, Virgil stopped. No more idly watching Iather. He had to do something, yet he could do nothing. For the past many hundreds of years, Virgil has dedicated his life to study, and his income would consist of piles and piles of books. To this day, he now only remembers a few things for sure. One was that he was the one who must rid the world of Iather. The other was that he would most certainly die alone. And lastly, his birth name never escaped him. His name is Virgil Khdistasya, no matter what he tells people.
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  11. Now that, has got to be the most well balanced an interesting character i've ever seen.
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  12. I agree. And with that, Virgil is in the roster, too. Have at it, Squee!
  13. *Ahem* If I may inquire, can a lowly human beg to join and venture with this little posse?
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  14. I don't see why not. I've provided a template for your use in the opening post, should you require one.
  15. Name: St. Jarenyth Seiglinde

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Race: Aasimar

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Appearance: Seiglinde takes more after his unknown celestial parent, being above average height for a normal human. His hair is a pitch black that falls in untamed waves to his shoulders. Though unseen, his eyes are a deep topaz colour. Perhaps most striking is the black silk band that wraps around his eyes, contrasting his pale flesh. Despite a seeming blindness, he is able to handle himself just fine. He has a lean build, reminiscent of many scholars though his robes hide the cord of muscle beneath.

    Weapon: After coming to the defense of a temple of his patron deity, Modreus the God of Retribution, the heirophant gifted St. Seiglinde with a temple relic - the famed Ferule of Reckoning. Few of these were ever created by Modreus for his most devout followers and this is the first to leave a temple in over four centuries. The Ferule of Reckoning is sentient and has an above average intellect though by its own nature rarely speaks. It is aligned to a lawful nature and as such is particularly painful to chaotic beings. For those who worship Modreus, it allows more of its power to be tapped. Three times a day, it is able to heal its wielder for a moderate amount of damage. It can also remember any enemy who attacked its wielder and through its own power helps to guide its wielder's hand to the enemy for more devastating attacks.

    Because of Seiglinde's strength in his belief of retribution and out of sympathy for his condition, the Ferule speaks to him more than it would another wielder, acting as an extra pair of eyes for him.

    Armor: St. Seiglinde's holy raiment is made of black silk woven with adamantine thread in a waterfall pattern. Though it looks innocuous, it is powerfully magical, able to turn away many blades. It also has an emergency function that may only activate once a day to conjure a ringed wall of blades around the wearer. This effect is a last resort as it makes no distinction between ally and enemy.

    Magic: Seiglinde is trained as a healer and therefore is able to tap into the power of healing magic to purge poisons, heal wounds, and cure disease among other restorative powers. His natural skill with it allows him to cast most near instantaneously and with very little concentration or focus.

    As a blessed Saint, Seiglinde is able to bless his allies to greater feats of strength and skill than they could do alone by invoking Modreus' name. His aura is also suffused with holy light that flares on contact with evil beings, this flare being even more painful to the undead. This holy light also flares when Seiglinde is struck by an evil being.

    As an aasimar, Seiginde can summon a burst of bright light from a single object as though from the noonday sun. This is only replicative and beings weakened by sunlight are unaffected but it does shed bright light that dispels shadows.

    Summon Companion - Seiglinde is able to summon his androsphinx companion. A gift from the gods, it is both friend and mount and is a force to be reckoned with in combat.

    Abilities/Skills: Wandcrafting - Seiglinde is well versed in the making of wands despite his blindness. While they lack the smooth polish and finish of his counterparts, they are just as effective.

    As a blessed Saint, Seiglinde's injuries heal faster than normal, he is immune to acid, cold, electricity and petrification and he resists the touch of flame and evil. He is also able to speak and understand any language though he cannot write them. Additionally, he can summon a nimbus of holy light around him that boosts defenses of those within it and is able to ward off lesser magics.

    Seiglinde is also skilled in mounted combat.

    Magic Items: Boots of Quick Escape - these magical leather boots allow the wearer to teleport a very short distance (about two dozen feet) from their origin so long as they can visualize it. They work five times a day.

    Periapt of Retaliatory Healing - when activated, any healing done by the wearer is copied back to the wearer. Usable three time daily.

    Bracers of Maximized Healing - when activated, any healing done by the wearer is twice as effective. Usable three times daily.

    Band of Mystic Healing - when activated, any healing done by the wearing is boosted. Usable three times daily.

    Dissolution Mantle - when activated, this mantle allows for the wearer to become invisible for a short while or until they attack. Usable three times daily.

    Blindfold of Pure Twilight - a cursed item that grants Seiglinde the ability to sense things near him without using his sight and prevents him from being affected by anything that requires eye contact. The black silk cloth can never be removed and is impervious to everything tried thus far.

    Show Spoiler
    The Blindfold of Pure Twilight was originally just that, a magic item of only average power. It's curse however has long followed it. To all it seems like a simple piece of black cloth that could easily be used for anything, its magic no longer able to be detected thanks to its curse. It changes hands easily, most never activating it's true curse. For these it is but a cloth, a binding or a cover, but it's path is fraught with blood for an evil shadow follows the item.

    The shadow is insatiable and those who use the Blindfold in any way find themselves in its path. It eternally seeks the blindfold, only slumbering when it finally reaches it, wakening once more when the Blindfold is found again. Those who find themselves in its path suffer a fate worse than death, torture beyond torture, madness beyond madness; only a gutted, bloody shell left behind.

    Its true curse however is far worse. If ever the Blindfold is used in an act of blood, successful or not, the shadow becomes even more restless than before, wakened not by loss but by hunger. The Blindfold adheres itself to the victim's face, completely covering their eyes and robbing them of sight permanently for the Blindfold can now never be removed. The shadow stalks the wearer relentlessly wanting their blood in particular, killing anyone along the way there who gets in its way; it has been known to slay those who have come into contact with the wearer simply because they were close to the blindfold. However, it can be led astray for a time by the blood of others; this blood does not however have to be spilt by the wearer's hand but merely needs to be nearby. It will never stop its pursuit, no matter how much blood is spilt.

    Show Spoiler
  16. And the Saint comes marching in!

    ...yeah, that was horrible. Either way, St. Jarenyth is now in the roster.
  17. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "brief" history with someone over 2000 years old. Here we are, fully finished! I may or may not wait a few role play days before posting Virgil, probably not, but just sayin.

    Also, I will indeed be making an Iather "sub-bio" as I call it.
  18. I get the feeling I should draw out a map of Runesong, but with so many layers to the city...
  19. I think you should too :D otherwise I might start making stuff up.
  20. Name: Chio Tanaka
    Gender: Female
    Age: Roughly 1500
    Race: Kyubi
    Show Spoiler
    Kyubi are nine-tailed fox Yokai seen in nearly every form of Asian history, and tradition (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, etc.). They are generally seen as trouble makers, and usually are do to their playful, and mischievous natures. They are gods worshiped, and feared in hopes that they will not bring misfortune upon kingdoms, and empires.

    - Hair:
    Her hair is a raven color. Black as night.
    - Eyes: Dull red. Her pupils are slit vertically like a cats might be.
    - Height/Weight: Relatively short as is a trait of her race. She is 5'2 and 115lbs.
    - Skin: Pale ivory skin, the softest, milky white canvas that tempts you to touch it.
    - Build: She is curvy with plump thigh, and wide hips. A well endowed bosom, and a thin waist gives her that lovely hourglass shape. All in all, she is built like the perfect woman, but dont let it fool you.
    - Attire: Generally seen wearing a kimono crafted perfectly from the most beautiful of crimson, and ebony silks.
    - Noteworthy Features: The most noteworthy features are her black fox ears, and the nine black tails.
    - Photograph:

    Weapon(s): She carries no weapons with her, as she is a magic user. She doesnt require them. You'll see why when I get to her abilities.
    Armor: None.

    Magic: She uses magic of all sorts. As she is naturally gifted with a vast amount of magical power, and well in tune with it, she is able to use a variety of magical spells. A Kyubi gains it spell as it grows, when each of it's tails grow as it ages.

    First Tail Disguise self- The Kyubi is able to transform into any creature that is smaller than itself, ad roughly one size larger than itself.
    Second Tail Charm- The Kyubi Charms a single creature through means of a kiss. This will draw that creatures attention to the fox itself for a set amount of time. (Lets say 1-3 RP posts. Whichever seems fair to you. Time limits are up for discussion if you would like to help me determine.)
    Third Tail Misdirection- The Kyubi is able to confuse of person's sense of direction, and their sense of right and wrong for a set amount of time. It is cast from a distance. (Again 1-3 RP posts? Distance is up for discussion)
    Fourth Tail Invisibility- I believe this one speaks for itself. This can only be cast on the Kyubi itself, no allied creature. (As this is cast on the Kyubi itself, it can literally be casts for an infinite amount of time, but the effects of magic will come into place. She will get tired, sick even if it is cast for too long. Also, things such as sound, and heightened senses could give her away.)
    Fifth Tail Animal Aid- A spell cast that allows the Kyubi to request aid from the animals of nature. Given the size of the animal, and the distance from which theyy are, it could work, or not work. (Distance, and time under the spell up for discussion).
    Sixth Tail Displacement- The Kyubi can cause illusions to confuse a creature sense of time, and make them believe they are somewhere they truly are not, or that they are speaking with someone not there.
    Seventh Tail Sleep- It speaks for itself, however this spell is usually used after charm is administered upon a victim as the Kyubi must whisper this spell into the ear of the creature so that they may sleep.
    Eighth Tail Flame- This is a spell used to create fire. Used either in an offensive, or defensive manner.(Just as invisibility, could be used for an infinite amount of time, but physical tolls will be taken. Cannot be used long, or multiple times in a short period of time. It also depends on the extent of which she uses the flame.)
    Ninth Tail Form Of The Kyubi- She can transform into a large Nine-Tailed Fox. In this form she doesnt retain her other skills, but she has boosted strength, speed, durability. This is the skill that will take the most toll on her body. So she may not remain in this form for very long.

    NOTE: Do to her being quite young still, she only has six or seven tails so far. Now, this can be up for discussion as well. It all depends on what you'd like to deal with as of now.

    -- Drawback: Some, if not all of the spells will take a physical toll on her body if used excessively. (Nauseous, light headed, fainting, etc.)

    As a Kyubi, she is extremely fast, and agile.
    Excellent Assassin/Mercenary.
    She is very acrobatic.

    Misc Skills:
    She can sing, and dance beautifully.

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    To Be Written. I havent quite thought up a good background just yet. I may just incorporate it into the roleplay.
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