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  1. This is the Out Of Character thread. The IC thread is HERE.

    "For your unforgivable and inexcusable crimes, you are all hereby banished to Chandra Isle. May each and every one of you find a swift end to your miserable lives."​

    Chandra Isle. The very name sends chills down your spine. This once thriving island had been swallowed by a curse many decades ago, keeping the dead from their eternal rest by granting them a hunger for flesh and blood. Some of the living managed to fool the undead by mimicking their deadly habits and feasting upon other living people. Others holed themselves up in what remained of the towns, fighting off the undead and cannibals alike just to see the dawn of the next day. Regardless, Chandra Isle may as well be its own circle of Hell.

    The admiral gives his first mate a nod, who signals to the crew in turn. A makeshift anchor comprised of a large and heavy boulder with a loop chiseled out of one side is rolled off of the edge of the galleon. Bound to this stone is a heavy rope, which has been tied to the wrists of a long line of convicts. Including your own. No matter how hard you and the other criminals fight the sudden force of the falling anchor, all of you lose your footing upon the slippery deck. Every last one of you are dragged overboard and plunged into the icy waters.

    You are one of few who had managed to free your hands of the rope before drowning. However, there is no time to save the others who remained bound. As you break the rough surface of the salty waves, you see naught but the retreating galleon, star-dotted skies overhead, and what looks like torchlight dotting the shoreline.

    There is no going back now. Get to the shore. And pray that whoever you find won't devour you.

    Map made by me. The sprites are mostly from Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.


    The World

    Exiled takes place in the same world as Scattered Shadows. High fantasy, magic allowed, any race allowed. Exile to Chandra Isle is a form of high punishment only sentenced to the most unforgivable criminals, due to the roaming undead and cannibals devouring most well before they can escape the island.

    Life can be found in nearly all layers of this world. The (currently known) inhabited layers are: The Underworld, Subterra, The Surface Realm, The Sky Realm, and The Hallowed Realm.

    Most life exists on The Surface Realm, for the varying environments found in all parts of The Surface are home to all sorts of flora and fauna. Both natural and supernatural habitats are located upon the surface, ranging from the usual forests, oceans, meadows, jungles, deserts, etc., to living crystalline forests and accursed magma swamps with direct access to The Underworld. The technology found on The Surface varies by region, but the highest tech on Chandra Isle is only the Flintlock Pistol. Some regions are similar to today's world, others are still living in tribal times, and many rely on the arcane.

    Subterra is the realm of underground dwellers. During one of many Magic Wars, thousands of humans and other sentient surface-dwelling races who did not wish to be caught in its destruction were forced to live underground. Centuries later, they had resurfaced to find The Surface crawling with new creatures. There are still many who live in Subterra, happy with their sunless habitat.

    The Sky Realm is home to many flying creatures and races. Entire islands are kept afloat by various means, depending on the race inhabiting the island in question. The magically-inclined races disguise their floating isles by creating a false storm to obscure the island. Surface-dwellers who have access to flight mechanisms are able to visit the passing islands of the Sky Realm for trade and tourism.

    The Hallowed Realm and The Underworld are polar opposites. The Hallowed Realm lies well above The Sky Realm, overseeing all that occurs all the way down to the surface. The Underworld is nestled comfortably between the world's core and Subterra. The Hallowed Realm is fabled to be the home of angelic beings, whereas The Underworld houses demons and other such creatures of the darkness. Not much is truly known about either realm.

    Your character may hail from any of these Realms.

    What to Expect

    The Convicts will start off washed up on Grimshore. (Roughly I-9 on the map.) Though it's dark, braziers have been set up to light the way to Grimshore Camp. Of course, there are already plenty of undead roaming around. Where you run from there is up to you, but generally, torches lead to living people.

    Being a tale of Survival/Horror, there will be heavy gore allowed in this RP. After all, the cannibals and undead alike are hungry for flesh and blood and simply give no shits. The cannibals are just as fast as your standard human (or whatever race they happen to be...). The zombies are almost as quick, but the undead are NOT limited to mere ghouls. Animated skeletons, vampires, ghosts, wraiths, revenants... there is a hex upon the isle that is simply not allowing the dead to rest. Until this curse is dispelled, the undead will simply keep coming.

    Since this is a magic affliction and not a viral affliction, there is a way for you to continue in the RP after your character dies. You won't become an undead until you die, meaning a bite does NOT instantly turn you. What you turn into may be dependent upon what killed you and how you died. However, the brain and heart MUST be intact for you to continue as an Undead with a body. Otherwise, you will become a ghost or a wraith.
    The only exceptions to this are those who are removed from the game altogether. They are outright gone and may not continue in the RP in any form.

    The remaining living locals were also marooned convicts, sent here to die just like you. Some of them have managed to survive for several decades by various means, including taking up residence in several forts and the sturdier watchtowers. The original residents of the island are very few and far between. Or hidden very well, it's hard to tell these days. There are also marauders to worry about, for they do not side with the cannibals or locals. They behave as though the island is their 'inherited' territory and will stoop to violence should their demands for 'tribute' not be met.

    Character Templates

    Below are two templates: One for the Convicts who were just dropped off and one for the Locals who have been here awhile. When creating your character, please state which one s/he falls under.

    Convict's Template:
    Islander's Template:

    Player | Character Roster
    Shenorai | Yanet Anfisa
    Squee | Captain 'Redshirt' James
    Red Fox | Tabitha Loren
    TipsyNaruto | Kyrie Bishaemon
    Mikasa | Irylena Firewrath
    Yaoi Master Gavin | Vexzix Airenal

    The Player roster is now full. However, that does not limit the number of characters one can have. How long will YOU survive?
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  2. Not sure if I am one of the reserved or not, but if I'm not

  3. Just so you know, this forum is for roleplays with a lascivious or sexual themes otherwise known as "X" rated roleplays as it says so in the description. Rated R roleplays are hosted in the main forums with the appropriate warnings if so desired. I mean, I once hosted a Jump In with explicit cannibalism and violent pyromaniacs and got featured in the Iwaku News Letter back when such a thing was hosted, and then there's Ilium, the mass Roleplay. This is most likely not the crowd you're looking for and I would suggest speaking to a mod to move the thread to the appropriate forum.
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  4. I firmly believe that a "Mature" rating covers far more than sexual themes. "Mature" simply means 18+ in most other areas. I don't see why I would have to go through the trouble of weeding out the kids from the adults when there's already a forum here preset to do exactly that.

    I do not want to deal with younger teens in this RP. Hence why it's here, where only adults can see it. I have no intention of moving this outside of the Mature section if it requires me to perform my own screening process to suit my needs for the story.
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  5. Name: Captain James (Redshirt James)
    Age: 57
    Gender: Male

    Race: Human (Skeleton)
    Build/Skin: James body is built without muscle on his torso and lower body. His arms hold a little bit more muscle, leftovers from his death. Any small patches of skin still intact has turned a lifeless grey. only his right eye remains.
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dead color of white hair, unkept and rather long.
    Other noteworthy features: His body bares various scars from being slashed by swashbuckling foes. One of these scars sits on his left ear where it was clearly split by a blade.
    Attire: Mostly James wears a tattered blue shirt to show off his fleshless body and frighten foes before him while also warding off cannibals, but also tries to fit in with the undead. To improve grip, he wears leather gauntlets. Matching his blue tattered shirt is a pair of pants that seems to be in good condition considering his state. Leather boots cover his boney feet to match his gauntlets.
    In a nutshell:

    Role: Undead Pirate
    Residence: Grimshore Camp
    Length of Residence: 21 years
    Crime(s): Piracy, Theft, Armed Robbery, Murder, Document forgery, Financial Fraud, Sabotage, Kidnapping, Extortion, Illicit Boarding, Trespassing, and adultery.

    Preferred weapon: Any sword, but particularly the cutlass.
    Preferred Armor: Thick clothing suited for high temperatures and high moisture, anything fit for travel by sea.


    James wields water magic and has managed to master it to use ice magic as well. Below is a list of spells and abilities that are inherited with this magic.

    Water purification: Be it poisons, salts, dirt, or gasses, James can separate water from substances and distil it with his hands or with high enough concentration. The materials taken out are turned into matter of their corresponding type, salts into solids, gasses into gasses, stones into stones, and liquids into liquids. This ability is very useful at sea or when dealing with tainted water inland. It takes one minute to purify 6 gallons of water.

    Condensation: As it implies, he can condense water vapor into water very easily. This can be used to create rain, but only with enough water in the air or clouds in the sky, and it would take roughly 30 minutes before the first drop hit the surface.

    Aquakinesis: He is able to move water with his mind, moving his hands in tandem with his thoughts makes this much more efficient and easier, however there is no impact on speed or pressure. He can also move ice with this ability. It is much easier to control fresh water, as well, resulting in him being able to summon maelstroms in fresh water and also able to remove them at one tenth the speed of creating them (roughly 2 minutes to remove, 20 minutes to create). He can manipulate blood with this, however he is only able to after it has left the body. With enough focus he is fully able of pulling water out of the ground and the plants around him. He can also use this ability to move ice in the same manner, but it is much more taxing on his energy.

    Freezing: If he so pleases, James can freeze fresh water very efficiently, limited to entire lakes at a time in a matter of minutes. This is much more taxing on his energy, usually unable to fight after freezing a large enough area.


    Swashbuckling - Very good at sword play, even in the rocking waves of the ocean. His footwork has been labeled as unmatched among his crew.

    Silver tongue - Being a pirate, he was very stingy with his money, so when he needed to spend it, he used the power of language to keep as much as he could. This skill carried over to general vocal manipulation to anyone daft enough to fall for his words.

    Show Spoiler
    the hometown where James parents lived was assaulted by a crew of pirates while his mother was pregnant with him. His father was killed, but when the crew came across the pregnant mother they took her prisoner until she gave birth. The captain of the crew raised James as his own, but never gave him a proper name. Being raised in this environment, James was desensitized to acts of normal piracy which included but were not limited to murder, rape, and theft. It was only natural that he learn how to fight with a cutlass as well. Navigation came to him as well, since moving at sea was very difficult.

    When his adoptive father died, James took the lead as the pirate captain at age 23. By this time James was fairly good with his magic, just learning how to use ice magic as well. There were a few crew members that opposed this idea, but they were quickly made into examples as he killed anyone that spoke against him. He quickly became an infamous and notorious pirate in the oceans, and his trademark red captains shirt earned him the name "Red Shirt James". Captain James was known for frightening trade ships with his ruthless behavior. One of his trademark techniques was to approach a ship with trade ship distress flags showing, and once they spent enough time close enough for James to have turned the surrounding ocean water into fresh water. Once the target ship saw Red Shirt James come out of the captains cabin, then targets knew what would happen as he impaled the ship with ice and froze it in place, taking the entire crew prisoner. If they targets cooperated he would often let them free, but he was noted for a few random slayings as well, leaving enough survivors for the ship to be manned and go to port to spread the word of the fearsome Captain James.

    James and his crew met their demise when they approached a military ship specifically trained against his famous tactics and managed to fool the pirate crew. Most of his crew was slain as James was tied up and subdued. Any surviving crew members were taken to the gallows, but James and his First Mate were exiled to a land cursed with the undead, Chandra Isle. At this time he was 36 years old, condemned to a fate of dying at this forsaken island.

    James and his first mate were surviving very well in this isle as they were both very good at combat, the undead were simple and the cannibals feared their own deaths as well, Red Shirt James was still well known even in the land of his exile, presumably from previous exiles. After 12 years in this land, an unexpected betrayal happened as James first mate murdered him. The last words spoken to James from his first mate was an exclamation of James being to blame for the exile.

    Then next events since the betrayal of James first mate that he can remember was his resurrection without flesh. It hadn't been very long since he died so he had assumed the cannibals were to blame for the tearing out of his flesh. All he felt when he came back to life was hatred for his first mates betrayal, and so he tracked down his first mate and slayed him wearing his infamous Red Shirt. After that event, he changed his clothing, no longer wearing his trademark shirt and instead chose to wear the clothing his now dead first mate wore after stripping down the body and throwing it to the cannibals. Now James is ignored by most undead and by all the cannibals and instead chooses to search for the cause of the curse. His motivation is to rebuild his crew from undead soldiers for easier land raiding, although if anyone asks, he claims he wants to free himself and pass on to the next life, a lie to find the help of others that seek its destruction.
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  6. Captain James is now in the roster. :D


    : Yanet Anfisa
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female

    - Race: Vulpinkith
    Show Spoiler
    Vulpinkith are better known as Fox People or the Fox Folk. They share many vulpine traits, including a long tail coated in soft, long fur, a pair of elongated ears covered in velvet-soft fur capable of swiveling, digitigrade feet also coated in velvet-soft fur and equipped with leathery pads, and dark discoloration from their feet to their knees, their fingers to their elbows, and on the tips of their noses and ears. It's not uncommon to find black, sharp nails at the ends of their fingers and toes. Fur color is dependent upon their environment. Their sense of hearing, sight, and smell is heightened, which comes at a cost of increased sensitivity of all three senses. Another trait inherited from their vulpine nature is their speed in both reflexes and in running. The rest of their features are humanoid in nature, including their torsos and faces.

    These Fox Folk may be confused for a Kitsune or a Kyubi at first glance. However, they are not Kami and lack the shape-shifting abilities and long lifespan of such creatures. Their lifespan is similar to humans, living up to an average of their late seventies. They share an affinity for Nature-related magics, often sharing plant magic or geomancy among their kin. Due to their magical preferences, Vulpinkith are usually found in forest villages. However, it's not unusual for a Fox Person to travel outside of their hometowns to sate their curiosities of the world or offer their magical services to other civilizations.

    - Height/Weight: 5'3"/80lbs | 160cm/36kg
    - Build/Skin: Yanet is built for running long distances, but is scrawny thanks to her imprisonment. Her skin is mildly tanned, though has her race's dark brown discoloration along her forearms, shins, and the tips of her nose and ears. There is some scarring along her forearms and backside.
    - Eyes: Amber Yellow. Reflects light, much like a fox's eyes.
    - Hair: Pale brown, much like the fur on her tail. The tail also has many hairs that turn dark near the end. Her bangs hang down the sides of her face and reach down to her chin. The rest of her hair reaches down to mid-back. Normally, it's tied around the middle for the sake of keeping the mass under control.
    - Other Noteworthy Features: As is normal with her race, she has elongated ears, a long tail reaching down to the floor, digitigrade feet, and hard, black nails extending from her digits.
    - Attire: Burlap Prisoner's Raiment.
    - In a Nutshell: Later.

    Crime: Treason, Assassination
    Previous Occupation: Traveling Medicine Woman

    Preferred Weapon: Small blades for both cutting and throwing. However, she usually uses a knife for utility reasons, thus is untrained for combat. Yanet is not beyond using her hardened claws for slashing.

    Preferred Armor: Yanet doesn't like armor. It slows her down when she needs to run. If she had to choose, she would pick something lightweight like hide, leather, or chain mail.

    Magic: Plant Mage. Yanet has an affinity for plant magic. As long as she has a seed or a sample of a plant - be it a root, stem, fruit/veg, or blossom - she is able to use her abilities to re/grow the entire plant. However, a plant still requires a source of water and nutrients in order to yield quality food. Yanet may substitute her own blood if desperate, but any food grown will have a slight metallic taste to it.
    - Spell: Growth.
    This is the standard spell for growing plants. Yanet is able to grow entire trees until they bear fruit, if the tree is able.
    - Drawback: Lethargy and dehydration are common drawbacks to accelerating plant growth. However, plants with long lifespans - such as trees - will sap more energy and water while forcing its growth. Collapse and dehydration are unavoidable when overusing this spell.
    - Spell: Manipulation.
    With enough of her own blood infused into certain plants, Yanet is able to manipulate how a plant moves and behaves. In combination with Growth, she is able to turn plants such as the Venus Fly Trap into a massive writhing mess able to ensnare its prey in vines before snapping its jaws around it.
    - Drawback: Along with the lethargy and dehydration that comes from her usual Growth spells, the self-inflicted wounds required to provide enough blood is a risk on its own. The larger the plant, the more blood is required to obtain full control. Obviously, should she fail to treat her own wound, she risks bleeding out as well as infection and other health risks. Failure to infuse enough blood may cause the plant to have rabid behavior and simply not care who or what it attacks, even if it means striking down Yanet herself.

    Skills: Yanet is proficient as an Alchemist, Herbalist, and Cook. She is able to recognize most common ailments and create herbal medicine to treat such ailments. Although her wound-dressing is decent as is her suturing, she lacks the skill to mend bones.

    Show Spoiler
    Yanet was born and raised in the woodland village of Stonywoods. Like other Vulpinkith, she grew up learning how to master her plant magic with aid from her parents and grandparents. All in all, her childhood was peacefully uneventful.

    At the age of eleven, Yanet witnessed one of the traveling merchants dragged himself to Stonywoods on foot. He was limping badly and bleeding profusely from the side. Seething, he revealed that a bear in the woods had mauled him and the mule who hauled his cargo. More concerned for his health than his goods, Yanet quickly ran to her neighbors for help. They escorted the injured trader to the town hall, where he received prompt treatment from local healers. Yanet followed, but was shut outside, lest she gets in the way. She helplessly watched from the window, remaining there until the merchant was escorted to another room to rest. Even after the initial treatment was finished and the healers had left the building, Yanet still had the desire to aid the injured trader. She quickly caught up with one of the healers, Chibuzo, and voiced this desire. Initially, the healer laughed, but Yanet didn't even flinch. Finally, Chibuzo instructed Yanet to let the patient rest for the night, but to meet at his hut at dawn with aloe leaves.

    Sure enough, before the sun cracked over the horizon, a light knock was heard on the healer's door. Yanet proudly presented her bundle of large aloe leaves, longer than her forearms. She was brought inside and shown how to prepare a healing salve by using aloe and other ingredients. The resulting concoction was enough to speed the merchant's recovery, but Yanet had discovered a thirst for the medicinal arts. With such an expressed interest, Chibuzo simply couldn't decline Yanet when she begged to become his apprentice. Over the next decade, Yanet soaked in as much information as she could, even finding ways to utilize her natural magic to produce the necessary ingredients for her craft.

    Yet as Yanet reached twenty-one years of age, Chibuzo revealed that he had nothing more to teach her. Her thirst for knowledge simply couldn't be quenched, but she knew one thing was for certain: there were other settlements outside of her village that may be in need of her abilities. Other settlements that may have more to teach her.

    For years, she traveled the land, stopping briefly at towns and cities to offer her services before moving on. Yanet was surprised at just how much more she learned through practice, but still found no instructor. She did, however, find temporary employment in interesting places. One of those places being in the city of Hammermark, ruled by Duke Lionel Valrut.

    This time, her patient was Duke Valrut himself. During his travel to foreign lands, he had contracted a mild pox. As usual, Yanet diagnosed the duke, assessed his condition, and got to work with whipping up a concoction to get rid of the affliction. However, after ingesting her medicine, the duke's throat swelled up and he broke out into hives, completely unable to breathe. Yanet was promptly removed before she could rush in and try to aid him. The Duke expired quickly, suffocating to death.

    Despite her pleas and attempting to reason that she had no way of knowing that the Duke was highly allergic to her medicine, Yanet was thrown into the dungeons to await her trial. Two agonizing weeks later, she is charged with treason and assassinating the Duke of Hammermark. However, those overseeing the trial concluded that simply beheading her was too good of a punishment. Yanet was shackled and shipped off to Chandra Isle.

    All because of an allergy.​
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  7. Of note, Captain James theme song!

  8. Note, this bio is vague on purpose, Shenface has already approved this over alternative medium and the fact that she'll approve the character here should be well enough.
    Several reasons, main one is that I feel I need more detail and somewhat better explanation to the character, I plan on developing her via this RP. Shen has the leash and can whine at me over skype for any reason she deems fit!
    Second reason is that I feel that this makes more sense, you don't know every single spell I can use nor do you know all my abilities, though this is why I added a First Impression idea tab to the list.
    Once the character is deemed complete I will make it available. ^^

    Crime: Killed a captor via an energy blast, side effect of heat and sparks was that the building, and later half the city, caught on fire. Several fatalities.
    *Destruction of private and public property.
    *Secondary mass-murder.

  9. And now we have a fairy in the roster!
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  11. I hope she enjoys it!
  12. Name: Charles Atreids
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human-
    Height/Weight: 6'0/220lbs-
    Build/Skin: Charles is built for lifting and holding very heavy objects, he can also run very fast for a short distance, he has very white skin, coming from the very far north.-
    Eyes: round brown eyes-
    Hair: he has almost no hair on his head, for he shaves it every time it starts to grow as is tradition for the men in his village-
    Other Noteworthy Features: He has scars on his arm, self inflicted, for every person he killed in battle.-
    Attire: Being from the far north, he wears very heavy fur's and long shirts that he makes himself from hunting, with very thick pants, other wise he will find or his village would make armor for battles against other tribes or countries.
    Crime: Disobeyed orders from his chief
    Previous Occupation: Soldier/hunte
    rPreferred Weapon: Spears and bows are his most preferred weapons,
    Preferred Armor: Animal furs, or very long
    Magic: No magic

    : He knows how to cook animal meat, and knows what types of plants/fruits are edible and which ones are poisonous.

    Show Spoiler

    Charles was born into a small tribe in the frozen north continent. Like all men born in the tribe, they were taught at a very young age how to fight and hunt. He became a hunter at the age of 13, just like all men in his tribe.

    At the age of 15 he was brought into the tribes warriors and fought his first battle against an elf tribe, where he saw kids younger than him getting killed. After that first battle he slowly began to question if this was any way to live, but he continued this way for a very long time.

    When he became 25 he was in charge of most of the warriors while they were at war, giving commands and strategy on how to defeat any tribes that attacked them, or the chief felt were a threat.

    At the age of 30, his chief demanded that they kidnap any kids that survived any battles from other clans and raise them as their own. This is when Charles finally had enough and disobeyed the chiefs orders and let the kids free. After that the chief demanded Charles be handcuffed and was sent to the south onto a ship, where that ship would bring all exiles to an island filled with other convicted criminals.
  13. Charles is now in the roster. :D

    Now that we have a few other participants, I shall write up an intro in the next couple days. Be prepaaaaared!
  14. Name:
    Kyrie Bishaemon

    45 (young for her race)


    - Race: Luftenwaffen
    Show Spoiler
    Luftenwaffens are a race of Hallowed Realm dwellers. They are quite similar to humans besides a few traits. Luftenwaffens are capable of living well past 200 providing they survive that long and in regards to traits, the most notably of these is the possession of wings and halo, their ears, forehead sigil and superior physical and magical capabilities. Their wings can range from a large range of types, from insectoids to birds and runs a wide range of colours. Luftenwaffen ears can be animalisitc in addition to the normal human cartilage type. The sigil on their forehead is almost organic, changing and growing in accordance their social stature and post, accomplishments and the like. The scripts are incredibly arcane and it would only really hold meaning to Luftenwaffens, who can descipher it. The halo's is linked to the very being of a Luftenwaffen and their powers, both physical and magical. The more ornate the circle, the higher the power. The halos are energy in solid manifest and cannot be harmed by most human means. However, there are still ways. Just extremely hard to perform. Once performed, however, the Luftenwaffen would lose most of her magical capabilities and a good amount of her physical prowess. They would still remain, naturally, more capable than humans, but it is not at a level where a experienced and well trained humans are unable to match.

    Despite being situated in the Hallowed Realms, Luftenwaffe is situated quite high up in altitude and in quite a hostile environment at that. It is also one of the reason for the rather martial and strict culture of the race. As a result, Luftenwaffens are quite resilient against hostile environments and their body is able to process all but the most potent poison. Lastly, their regenerative powers are extremely effective. Lost limbs and organs can be regrown providing they do not die from the shock. However, like their physical capabilities and magic, the loss of their halo would extremely hinder this regenetive power. Again limbs can still be regrown, providing they do not die from shock or blood loss, but the time taken for the process skyrockets.

    - Height/Weight:
    182 cm/ 69 kg
    - Build/Skin:

    Kyrie is naturally pale, regardless of how long she spends in sunlight. She was part of a ranger unit in Luftenwaffe armed forces. As a result, in terms of build, she is built in a bit more of a rounded fashion. She isnt the strongest of her people, nor the fastest, but she excells in both category, being of medium muscle build, but remaining lithe and nimble.
    - Eyes:

    Dark Purple
    - Hair:

    Ivory Blonde. Her hair is long and flowing, down to the middle of her back. However, her current situation ahs forced it to be tied up in crude plait bun.
    - Other Noteworthy Features:

    • Kyrie is at the worst situation possible for a Luftenwaffen. Her halo has been shattered and her wings crudely removed. As a result, her sigil has changed and there are two white nubs protruding on her back where her magestic, white wings used to be.
    • Her forehead sigil has remained mostly unchanged. The circular, blue sigil sits on Kyrie's forehead, but now has a lightning bolt line running down the middle, signifying the shattering of her halo.
    • Kyrie's wings were originally of the predator bird type, being wide, large and strong. It is designed for powerful flight with maneuverability. Hovering, however, is not its strong suit. It is white in colour and quite strong as a limb, capable of battering someone when she still had it.
    • Kyrie's ear type is a wing type, an eagle specifically. The basis of the ears are the same as normal ears with an earhole at the side of her head. Kyrie's ears has brown feathers up top and a white underside with joints like normal wings, allowing for a wide range of motions. Her ears have a surprisingly large wide span, just barely clearing her shoulders when stretched horizontally. They can be folded against her head with the tips pointing out backwards through her hair. The bonus THIS type of ear provides is that when it can pick up sound much more easily and if positioned in a curved style, Kyrie can use her ears as ear horns and pick up sounds at an even greater distance.
    - Attire:
    Burlap Prisoner's Raiment.
    - In a Nutshell:



    On the books, it would be treason, conspiracy, attempted murder. In actual fact, she has been framed by a Surface Realm country that has been conspiring against her realm and used this as a way to get rid of her as a Surface Realm dweller.

    Previous Occupation:
    101st Recon Corp for the Luftenwaffe Armed Forces.

    Preferred Weapon:

    Kyrie's can use most weapons, but her preferred weapons are polearms and spears.

    Preferred Armor:

    As a Ranger, Kyrie prefers specific light plate armour pieces in strategically important places for a balance of protection and maneuverability

    Magic: - Spell: Rapid regenerative power:

    Kyrie's rapid regenerative powers has been weakened substantially, but is still potent. Her wings are slowly regrowing (will not regrow in the rp), and if her wounds are stabilised, she can recover at a more rapid rate.
    - Drawback:

    As a passive trait, there isnt much downside besides the fact that that her endurance is reduced. With the loss of her halo, the energy used isnt subsidised by what the halo used to gather.
    - Spell: Aerokinesis

    Kyrie is capable of magic in the discipline of Aerokinesis. However, the loss of her halo has severely hampered what she is capable of currently using. Elemental manipulation is the bread and butter for Kyrie. Through various methods of manipulation of the wind, Kyrie can perform a plethora of actions such as move objects or boost herself for a short period.
    - Drawback:

    The major drawback is that without her halo, Kyrie has lost a large majority of her spells. Even the basic manipulation skills would require concentration and effort, whereas they would normally be used almost subconsciously. Kyrie would exhasut her energy relative to the size and magnitude of the manipulation, tiring her out faster if she does many large scale manipulation.

    • Kyrie is a rather accomplished tracker, thanks to her Recon training. She has an extensive understanding of landscapes and pick up subtle hints, clues and trails and her keen senses allow her to pick up details others would miss.
    • Kyrie is also an incredibly skilled user of long weapons such as spears, polearms and staves

    Show Spoiler
    Luftenwaffe is situated in a high flying continent in the Hallowed Realm. The continent has some rather hostile environment and Luftenwaffe is situated on a raised plateau on a solid bed of granite smack bang around a ring of said hostile environment. As a result, Luftenwaffens are required to be capable martially in order to combat against the dangerous beings that live in these areas. Kyrie was no different. Her upbringing was typical of most Luftenwaffen except that Kyrie was trained specifically for the elite Recon Corp. The Recon were the ones that frequently went on expeditions out into the surrounding environments to keep the clearing around Luftenwaffe cleared and penetrate deeper into the surrounding areas. It is where Kyrie learnt most of her tracking skills.

    Despite her relative youth, she and her fellow cadets had proved to be more than competent enough to be considered fully fledged members. Therefore, Kyrie was expected to go with more experienced members on longe ranging expeditions, including into the wilds as well as descend into other realms as emissaries for Luftenwaffe. Historically, they have been mistaken as holy beings to Surface Realm dwellers, but the last century has seen more extensive and lengthy of interaction between Luftenwaffe and several of the more advanced civilisation, which has resulted in aslowing of this belief. It also meant that the more ambitious of the Surface Dwellers become more bold in their plans.

    On her fated expedition down to visit a chain of Surface Realm city states, her party fell into a trap set up by one of the states. They were well prepared, lacing the food with the most potent of paralysis poison and even had the back up plan of immense number of fighters at the ready, to the conspirators luck. The poison did indeed fail to incapacitate the Luftenwaffens, but did hinder them long enough for the group to be captured before the poison was purged from their system. It was only then did they realise the plans of the ruling house of the city. They had been researching the Luftenwaffen's biology and powers had enough knowledge to know that the halo was linked with their superior capabilities. Worse off, although extremely barbaric and brutish in method, the city had an inkling in how to shatter. Kyrie's five companion all died in an cataclysmic fashion when they attempted to shatter their halo, their very being turning into pure energy and taking out most of the people in the room. Kyrie was more than prepared to go the same fate as her companion and die along with those in the room, but fate played a cruel hand. While the going through the same treatment as her colleagues, her body reacted in a much larger way, with the explosion yielding three times more power. However, Kyrie did not die and her halo was shattered, the magical circle compacting itself into a single lightning shaped glyph and etching itself on Kyrie's forehead. Despite being disastrous, they had made progress. They were on the first step in their plan to conquer and enslave the mighty race.

    As for Kyrie, she had no real use to them anymore. The mages considered just outright killing her, but instead, the king suggested they send her to Chandra Isle, to see how one of these so called "angels" would fare, once their powers were stripped from them and their wings torn from their back. So, in the most brutish fashion possible, they hacked off both her wings, leaving two nubs on her back. A Kangaroo court was established to quickly sentence her, under a false identity as a crazy woman, for treason against the state and attempted murder. To the Luftenwaffen government, they claimed that the party had left the city state early due to quick settlement of negotiations and had not seen them since. Their facade in being a very cooperative city state meant that the Luftenwaffens has yet to become suspicious of their claim and are still investigating the route the party ahd supposedly disappeared on. With her government having the wool pulled over their eyes, Kyrie was trapped like a rat on a boat, heading for the notorious Isle of Chandra. Even the distant civilisations from the Hallowed Realms has heard of the chilling rumours coming from that island and Kyrie gritted her teeth as the landmass grew larger and larger. Heads will roll for this treachery.

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  15. Very impressive. Let's see how she fares on Chandra Isle.
  16. Well, I'll be damned. I hoped to finish making this quick, but it's really late, and I have to get up early for work... :( Perhaps you may want to look it over to see if it's fine. I'll finish the History portion and make any changes when I get back tomorrow.

    Irylena Firewrath, Red

    Gender: Female

    - Race: Human
    - Height/Weight: 170cm/55kg
    - Build/Skin: Athletic, pale
    - Eyes: Opal
    - Hair: Short, Flaxen
    - Attire: Burlap Prisoner's Raiment
    - Notable Features: Face tattoo (a Firewrath sigil)

    Crime: Multiple counts of arson / Mass murder / Attempted Assassination / High Treason / Blackmail
    Previous Occupation: High Battlemage

    Preferred Weapon: Bare-handed. Throwing fireballs by hand is more fun by Iry's estimation

    Preferred Armor: Light robes, light armor

    Magic: Fiery Invocation

    This is an innate ability that comes with being of House Firewrath. Iry in particular has prodigious affinity with fire such that she is capable of going beyond the mere manipulation of existing flames to causing spontaneous combustion. Examples of this ability as follows:
    Fiery Deterrence
    The most commonly used spell in Iry's book (pictured). A small, fireball with explosive properties. Explodes with a 0.5m blast radius. The bright flash from the explosion can dazzle surrounding enemies.
    Drawback: Energy consumption. The spell consumes 5% of Iry's maximal magical capacity.
    Fiery Jetstream
    Iry projects a stream of fire from her hand, or can summon a pillar of flames at additional cost. These pillar of flames can be used to propel Iry.
    Drawback: Energy consumption. The spell consumes 3.5% (5% for the pillar) each second she sustains it.
    Fiery Encirclement
    Flames gather around Iry, forming a protective circle around her that seeks out anything that moves within 1m radius. This spell lasts for 2 minutes. Existing flames within the circle will join the circle, leaving whatever it had been burning free of flames.
    Drawback: Energy consumption. The spell consumes 7.5% each second she sustains it.​
    Blazing Spirit
    House Firewrath advocates aligning mind and body with the spirit of fire, indulging in its destructive tendencies and its unpredictable nature. Doing so allows Iry to regain magical energies, allowing her to use more of her Pyrokinetic abilities. She regains 15% each second she focuses her mind, but she has to be immobile while doing so.

    Unrefined Pyrokinesis
    The key difference between Iry and her peers; while Pyrokinesis manipulates existing flames or causes spontaneous combustion, Unrefined Pyrokinesis is the true Firewrath way in that it is highly destructive and highly unpredictable. Flames typically turn blue, demonstrating the marked increase in temperature. Flames are also less likely to bend to the user's will, sometimes hurting the user in the process.

    It is typically used by members of House Firewrath in instances of heightened emotional duress. However, Iry is capable of using Unrefined Pyrokinesis at will. This, however, comes at the expense of massive energy consumptions (50%), and can only be sustained for 1 minute. Flames may also inflict minor burns on Iry over a period of usage.

    Focused Pyrokinesis
    The main reason for Iry's prodigal status. Focused Pyrokinesis combines the control in normal Pyrokinesis with the power in Unrefined Pyrokinesis, to create a sort of Pyrokinesis that is powerful yet not chaotic. Iry is capable of invoking this state at the cost of nearly all her energy (95%), but she literally becomes a spirit of fire, being completely immune to fire, and being capable of using enhanced versions of all her abilities without rest. However, this state lasts only 15 seconds.


    Swordplay: A High Battlemage who only uses magic would have to be capable of wielding more than one element - which Iry is, unfortunately, incapable of. Therefore, she has picked up swordplay using the fiery blade of her own invocation to secure her position.

    Coercion: Years of being High Battlemage in a dog-eat-dog society has taught Iry the value of being aggressive, and not just the ordinary 'aggressive', but 'extremely aggressive'. People are just frightened into conforming to her whims and fancies.

    History (open)
    In the Lands of Fire, Ignis, wielders of fire reign supreme. Such is the way of the land, the 'Scorching Paradigm', which was how Houses rose to power. Unfortunately for the aristocracy of the land, fire-wielding, or Pyrokinesis as it is known, was not heritable. As such, Houses rose to power as quickly as they fell. All, save for a single House - House Firewrath.

    Irylena Firewrath, Scion of House Firewrath and Prodigal Flame, was born the third daughter of Drake and Leona Firewrath. Her birth was accompanied by several positive omens that drew the attention of the Elders of House Firewrath (flames burned brighter at the time of birth, so bright they had to be put out due to the uncomfortable heat; several oases in within Ignis' desert-filled regions dried up; dragons were sighted). Due in large part to these signs, Irylena (or "Iry" as she is affectionately called) was showered with markedly more care and attention then her siblings.

    Growing up, Iry demonstrated exceptional abilities that re-affirmed the Elders' belief that the omens were indicative of a bright future for House Firewrath with her at the head. Due to this, she was also forced to undergo harsh training to mold her into the leader she was expected to be. However, while Iry had the affinity with fire, she did not have the same affinity with the acquisition of knowledge. While she attended classes religiously, she did not learn much from it.

    Regardless, she progressed very quickly in her Pyrokinesis lessons, such that she was allowed to take the Firewrath Ritual at the age of 15, the youngest in the House's history. She passed it easily and attained the Firewrath Sigil which she wears proudly on her face. Eventually, she came of age and became eligible for marriage. However, it was clear to the Elders that Iry had no intent of being a trophy wife and neither did they want to waste a talent such as she. Hence, she was instead promoted to High Battlemage.

    As High Battlemage, she proved herself to be an oppressive superior, often coercing her subordinates into performing cruelly difficult tasks. Her subordinates eventually staged a failed revolt against her. Iry considers this to be the most humiliating instance in her life as she recalls having to explain the situation to the King in person. It also instilled resentment against the King who appeared to have taken pleasure in deriding her for her poor leadership.

    Resentment grew into hatred, and with the Elders' belief that she was meant for something greater, she gathered all her forces to rebel. As it turned out, only House Firewrath rose up in arms. While Iry put up a remarkable display against overwhelming odds, she inadvertently had to surrender as the King's Guard captured the Elders and her immediate family. As punishment, the remnants of House Firewrath was exiled from Ignis for at least ten generations.

    Iry was, however, not exiled with her family and instead banished far away to Chandra Isle to die.

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  17. So we have Plant life, water, air, and now fire magic...Elemental wars!
  18. For the record, Tabitha coves a little from a lot of schools, but her main is "Energy", or Arcane to some.
    Utility like portals, teleportation, energy blasts, and shit like this. Though "meh" at teleporting and portals, it was just to give players a rough estimate. ^^
  19. Everything else seems fine. Once the History is up, I'll look that over, too.

    I'll get to work on that opening post. Then we can have ourselves a bit o' fun. :D
  20. And there, it is done. >.> Can't wait to see how things will be like when it starts!
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