STYLE ERROR REPORTS: For color issues, visibility, mobile issues, ect.

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  1. If you are having a problem with the STYLE AND LAYOUT of Iwaku, let us know the error here.

    - Alert popup is white on the dark styles.
    - :Login text invisible on dark styles (Still??)
    - Go to top/bottom buttons hard to see on dark styles
    - Some prefixes don't have color
    - Following/Followers colors wrong on dark styles
    - "Click for specific categories" messed up on dark styles
    - default font in posts looks wonky
    - Forums not aligning properly on mobile views
    - online indicator needs to be realigned

    Unreadable Groups Pages
    Unreadable Blogs Index
    Forum made in fluid layout
    new threads no longer itallics
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  2. The style doesn't stretch to fit my wide screen monitor. Just curious if this was intentional?
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  3. In groups the post bubble things are white as well.
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  4. I dunno if it's supposed to be this way....but the site itself doesn't spread all the way across my screen I mean it's nice and all. I just don't know if it's supposed to be centered with like two inches on the left and right. I'm on Google Chrome on a Laptop. Also Alerts come up as all white with no text

    screenshot (open)
  5. As said before, the 'online' dot is a bit off~

    Also, when I got a 'new conversation' banner at the bottom of the screen, it was just a white box without visible text.
  6. Suggestion, merely, that new styles have different colors for the headers and stuff on the roleplay section pages. Like, "Fantasy" "Dice" "Horror" are all in white, I suggest they be in color to make finding each section easier.

    Also sure if style or error, the generator project falls into the second column. Kinda weird.
  7. My color theme is 'Dark', and in a user's profile, the number of 'following' and 'followers' isn't visible. You have to highlight them with the mouse in order to see them :)
  8. In the Medium and Dark color themes, the section of the forum that houses the categories (prefixes) that says "Click for specific categories" has poor contrast.

    In the Light theme this is not a problem.
  9. The font is all messed up, making all the formatted posts I worked so hard to make pretty now something terrible. I don't mind going through and fixing them since it'll bother me to no end, but that's a lot of pages of writing to edit...
  10. After the major site change I noticed that there may be a problem with some coding in the groups as some panels are completely white and I am in Obsidian view.
  11. The login form that slides down from the top is black text on black test.
  12. The generator project and FAQ text-links are completely vertical for mobile.
  13. This one is a lame report, but the Glowing green 'online' indicators on our pictures are off center to the holes in our Avatars. If they have a dark Avatar picture it's harder to spot, but with a lighter Avatar like mine it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  14. Looks nice, and I like the new organization, but I've got a minor issue. There are all of those little symbols around the place that I assume are supposed to be emoji icons, but this is what I see.

    Kinda large image (open)

    So do other people see this when using Firefox, or is it just my problem? Either way, is there some way I can fix it?

    EDIT: And another similar thing, probably due to the same issue. I don't see whatever the icon is supposed to be for showing that there are unread posts in a thread, I just see a little square.
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  15. I am also missing the little 'go to the top' button that used to be in the bottom right :(
  16. The small bar that appears in the lower left corner to let you know when you have a new alert or conversation shows up, but it doesn't have anything in it. Just an empty box. :) Clicking it doesn't do anything.
  17. Issues I have found, minor compared to the sheer chicness of Iwaku.
    I have even provided images to help with solving them!

    Blog Previews:
    Blog Preview on Dark (open)

    Buggy Alerts
    Invisi-lerts (open)
  18. Group threads are white text on white solid with a dark background.

    *screenshot attempt*

  19. In group threads, the authorship portion of the thread is in glaring white. As @Peregrine mentioned, the alert for getting a new alert on the bottom left is a white box.
  20. On the mobile side in I think Dark version. All the words are gone on the login screen but you can still see the boxes to put your username and password. Obviously since I am logged in. XD
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