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  1. Greetings. I'm currently using the Light style of the style chooser because I found both Medium and Dark styles taxing on my eyes. There is one minor problem with this at the moment; white texts.

    My question is this: is there a way to have a style that is somewhere between Light and Medium style, something like a beige background? Or better yet, a custom colour background style?

    I do apologize if this has been answered somewhere; the FAQs section only directed me to the Light-Medium-Dark style options and searching the forums provided me with similar threads which did not exactly addressed my query.
  2. Iwaku went through a major update 1-2 months ago, it kept going for longer than expected so the admins decided to finish it up and take care of the rest once they were done with all the new bugs the update would curse us with. (If I remember correctly.) Because of this we do not have any other styles than those three at the moment. We did have them before the update, and we will get new ones eventually, but at the moment we'll have to do with what we have.

    I actually asked Diana about the styles on skype yesterday, and she said that they might be able to add the new styles soon as they've become stable enough. So hopefully we'll have new ones sometime in January.
  3. From what I've heard, custom color style is still underway. As of now, those three styles- light, medium, and dark- are the only options. However, the administrators are working on creating custom color styles, that way people do have a variety of color styles. I think the bugs still need to be fixed before they dive any deeper though.
  4. Thank you for the quick replies!

    If that's the case, I'll continue highlighting every sentence I come across out of paranoia until the new update happens.
  5. We are unable to do custom color backgrounds for members, but I really wish we could. O_O That would be really cool.

    I can -definitely- put up a style between Light and Medium though. If you can give me some colors in grey shades as an example of what would work for you (or other people too, if they're needing something in between) I can work out something that might work.

    Unfortunately that white text problem you have will always be a problem, because of the way people do their bbcodes with the text editor. They don't strip the bbcode from their post when they're resetting colors and just color the text white/black (depending on the style they use) and forget that other people might be using the opposite style. O_O But a style in between light & medium might help the was the Medium does for black text.
  6. No rainbow colors? Just the dark, light, and medium?? Aww...
  7. Additional style colors are coming later. XD there's still a few kinks to work out with these defaults.
  8. Yes this is quite true but another point to consider is that people would be more inclined to use white or grey text over, say, beige or ochre. While it won't solve 100% of the text colour problems, my aim is to have a style which avoid such 'common' colours while not being taxing to my eyes, if that makes sense.

    Having outlines on text would actually be a helpful idea [and from what I know, is a common solution to background problems like this in posters] but those kind of styling isn't supported in all forms of browsers I believe.

    As for examples of styles between Light and Medium, it's hard to say since grey background tend to look bad with almost all colours of fonts. What I'm generally after is a darker font and a lighter background, but the background shouldn't be #FFF or equivalent; that is, white. From a quick look at the colour wheel, I want to say #CCC looks somewhat okay on a black font so that might work... but I would like the mods to have a look and decide if it's readable or not I suppose.

    Like I said earlier though, if it's too much trouble I can continue with highlighting every sentence I read or something.
  9. I wholeheartedly support the quick development either fully implemented color choosing options or more themes - the white/neon colors, white-on-teal buttons and random white buttons (as well as the text highlighting to blue-on-white when the background is white) on dark background make using the site without disabling all sites' colors from the browser practically impossible for me. (And has been practically the sole reason why I've not gotten to looking around on the site too much.) The Medium theme is *slightly* better in terms of contrast, but not by much. Both Light and Dark are completely unusable.

    It is *not* a matter of preference for me - the site with it's native color scheme is literally physically painful to look at and will induce head- and eye-ache upon any even slightly longer exposure. Please, do think of the demographic with more contrast-sensitive vision. Just changing everything white to medium-light gray in the Dark theme (and somewhat lighter gray in Medium theme) and making the neon and teal areas a few tones darker would be a massive improvement. Also: do NOT use white text on teal background as many buttons currently do. Do not use *anything* properly white on dark background. (The buttons under the reply box are an example of what not to do.)

    I could give you palettes, or even personally write a theme out for you if need be. (I am a programmer by main profession - writing stylesheets doesn't even require notable skill in that area, however.) - If there is any way to speed up the process, let me know.

    I would very much like to start actively participating and help bring over a long-running RP from another site, but as is, the color scheme (and the related need to switch sites' own colors off every time I visit, and later switching those back on since disabling colors also tends to break outlay) has been rather disruptive of that, to say the least.
  10. @Uuko and @Shienvien I added a "Medium Light" style for testing! There's still some tweaks in certain areas that have to be made, but if you could take a look and let me know what works for your eyes and what doesn't, that would be appreciated!
  11. Thank you for the Medium-Light style!

    -I can now denote where 'white' texts are.
    -Doesn't hurt eyes for me.
    -Fulfills all the aspects which I found 'bad' with the other three styles.

    -This was expected, but on threads with multiple colours it's worse than any of the other three styles. Here is a typical example; just scroll down a bit to the 'Available Magical Girl Types' to see what I mean.

    Overall, I an definitely going to use the Medium-Light style now <3
  12. This one is impossible to fix unless we forced all members to use one single style so everyone designs their bbcodes for the same background color. :( It is the price we pay for different style choices.
  13. First of all, I'd like to commend you for your quick actions! It has barely been two days since the thread was created, and already there has been change. Especially after witnessing the rather lackluster administrative activity on some other sites that shall not be named here, it is a very refreshing change.

    The new theme is certainly a massive improvement as far as contrast does; from my brief browsing of the forums and a few other regions, there doesn't seem to be much that is particularly eye-catching in the negative sense, other than the occasional player using a font color that clashes with the postarea background (but that is something that is inevitable unless we stop users from being able to use color tags, as already said). - If I were to nitpick a bit, then the red/green/orange thread tags remain rather aggressively bright, and the gray on the "POST REPLY" and "SAVE CHANGES" button and the "TITLE"/"START DATE" bar on individual appear to be a rather similar tone to the teal background, only deprived of color - might want to adjust that so that it matches the other teal areas (such as the "CALENDAR"/"NEW POSTS" bar and the "CONTACT US" bar).

    Indeed, as long as I stick to the new theme, the site is not harmful to look at anymore in its native state, and that I'm grateful for. In the future, I would also love to see a "faded dark" theme (grays instead of white (especially with the texts and buttons), darker teal areas, darker and more neutral alternatives for the neon green and orange used in the tags complete with black rather than white text, maroon "Report" links instead of bright red, et cetera), given my general preference for darker not-too-high-contrast themes, but should you have more pressing matters to attend to, it can wait for a time.
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