Stupidest thing you seriously got in trouble for.


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I mean in SERIOUS trouble.

Such as: If it happened in school, you got severe punishment, such as more than two weeks of detention and maybe in-or-out school suspension for at least a week.

I'll start.

The write up for the title of my crime in seventh grade was "Vandalizing Dust".


I fucked with a collection of dust above some lockers with some friends, wrote shit in it about some uppity bitch who treated everyone like shit.

I had two weeks of in school suspension, two months of physical conditioning (Since I was in a sport), isolation during lunch, and I had to talk with the school counselor.
No shit.

breaking up a fight at west aurora high school is a 3 day out of school suspension. the security guards even watched us pull the guys apart and keep them separated. but what happens? we get the slam and they get told to stop holding up flow in the hallway

THAT'S fucked up.
If you know me well like Vay or TK, you will already know this.

Anyways....In high school a extremely unstable (I wasn't all that stable myself to be honest) girl took my ADHD meds from me and downed the whole lot of them, right in front of me.

Wanna' hear what makes it better?

She had broken into her parents medicine cabinet at home and taken things from it that same morning. NOT EXCLUDING A HEART MEDICATION.

She almost dies before/when they get her to the hospital.

I get thrown out of high school for distribution of a controlled substance, having to go through PTI( pre trial intervention).

PTI consisted of having to do a prison tour, stand before a judge, and drug tests (of course I passed)...and lets not forget the psychiatric evaluation. (Nothing new seeing as I have ADHD and my parents had the OH NOES...MY CHILD IS BROKEN LETS FIX HER I had talked with a few psych docs over the years)

Yes it sucked balls.

Yes I should have raised hell when that insane bitch got ahold of my meds.

Yes it ruined my like.

But NO it isn't on my record....least not unless your high up and know where to look.
Dumbest thing I got in trouble for....well actually it wasn't me that got in trouble.

I went to Middle school in Downtown Riverside CA, for those of you who don't know, This place is the definition of the Ghetto. There was at least one shooting per week in my neighborhood and the cops were called in for other things two to three time a week.

Now because at the time I saw school, especially with how my school counselor set up the classes, as a complete fucking waste of time, considering at least half the people i was in class with already had a criminal record (at age 13 I might add) and several had long periods of absence in which they had been in Juvenile Detention, to add on to this I had at least two teachers who simply put up a power-point on auto play and didn't even bother teaching the fucking class.

so what do I do? I stopped going.

Sure It was stupid, but I wasn't going to be doing any better in school then out of it. Several Months passed and the Truant officer came to my house, my mother was scared at first because she could have gone to jail for my actions, but I had explained to him why I didn't want to go to that school, and I received no punishment from the school district, or my mother.

Come the next school year (I naturally had to repeat the 8th grade) I found that half of the teachers and staff had been outright Fired. not relieved or laid off, Fucking Fired, for incompetence, and I was no longer in classes with people who weren't worth the toilet paper you wiped your ass with.
^^^I know of Riverside's ghettoness, That would be a terrible place to grow up.^^^

When I was younger (12-14) a group of friends and I used to do the dumbest things you could ever imagine, just for the thrill.

By far the stupidest thing we ever did was break into a bank after hours, not to rob it. We were 13 what the hell did we know about robbing a bank, it was just for the rush.

There was this bank in town that was located on a main street, with its front entrance on one street and its back entrance on another street. The front door had thin glass panes. So we decided to break in, run through, and escape out the back side. Of course we were all scared, but after daring each other enough times and claiming that we would do it only if we all did it,....we did it. I wrapped a sweatshirt around my arm and busted the window and unlocked the door, we ran in the bank and out the back side. We knew there was a silent alarm, as most banks have, as well as cameras...but it was such a rush we really didn't care. After we did it, we ran down the block and attempted to hide, it was only minutes before the police picked us up. I was SO scared, I thought that we were gonna go to prison, i was too young to realize that no one would actually take us as bank robbers. In the end we got off with a minor fine and community service, It was stupid...BUT Damn what a rush!!!
Poor Corvy, and and wow to GMK and Oct.
None of those things are actually "stupid"! Well... maybe October's was BEING stupid... XD

You wanna hear stupid? >:[ I got beat and then grounded for a month for drinking Mom's chocolate milk. DRINKING CHOCOLATE MILK.

Fuck, man...
Hmmm. I don't think I've got anything that really meets criteria for this thread (I don't get caught). But I'll share the one time I almost got totally fucked.

It was my first tour in South Korea, and I was 20 on the verge of 21. Something like 4 or 5 months away from my birthday, which despite seeming inconsequential in the long run is still a huge "no no" in the Army. My roommate, a friend and myself were bar hopping in a place outside our camp that we called "The Ville." It's basically a half-mile long neon-ridden alleyway next to the public train system that was completely comprised of shops and bars/clubs.

We had already gone to several bars, but none were really holding our attention. Then we went into a club that was seriously crowded. It was almost difficult to move around inside. The only issue was that it was one of the more "stricter" clubs in that they actually enforced drinking age for military, which I later found out was because, they hated them.

There's plenty of Military Police roaming around and looking menacing in the club as well, which didn't really phase us much. We had a foolproof system, after all. My roommate walked up and ordered me a drink, and tried passing it to me on the sly. Sadly one of the younger bartenders saw it and started shrieking, "Hey! Hey! Let me see your ID!"

I'm trashed to the point that I don't see my roommate and friend automatically turn to walk out of the club. So naturally I try reasoning with her.

"I don't have my ID, I gave it to my friend."
"How can you not have your ID?! Let me see your ID!"
"I don't have it, let me go get it."

Then she grabbed my arm, which I yanked away while telling her not to touch me and turned to walk out still saying that I needed to go find my friend to get my ID. The MPs were just starting to look over at the commotion by this point, but I was already out the door. The second I stepped outside both my roommate and my friend grabbed my by the arms and dragged me into a club that was diagonally opposite to the one we were in. Sure enough, seconds later the MPs were in there looking around... but they didn't recognize me. A lucky night!
I feel like soooooo non-bad

um I guess I'd have to say staying over at my BFs house for 2 days while his parents were out for the week and my mother banging on the door at like 9 AM His parents never did find out tee hee
Alright, here goes.

Psychiatric Evaluation.
Took solo classes all year.
Lunch alone all year.

Attempted suicide.
2nd Grade, I fell of the really high monkey bars and almost broke my arm.
Kid said I jumped off, school took it like I tried to DIE.

Yup yup... Suicidal 2nd graders, gotta watch 'em!
Nah, Kai, Phil, you got it wrong. STUPIDEST THING you got IN TROUBLE FOR.

And Kai you were there when we vandalized dust.
I got suspended 'til end of semester (a month) and recommended for a psych eval for calling a kid a bastard. (I later got suspended/"asked not to come back" for blowing up at a teacher who blew me off. I believe the phrase that might have been the last straw there may have been "BULL! FUCKING! SHIT! If you wanted to finish the conversation, you wouldn't have fucking blown me off!" By that point I trusted two staff members (total) at that school - the parish priest (who was the one who eventually got me calmed down) and the Science teacher.)
All back in high school...

I got in trouble for holding hands with my boyfriend at the time. We weren't doing anything, just holding hands. We both had to serve detention for PDA

I got in trouble for yelping "oh shit!" when I made the science lab practically explode. The teacher wasn't even mad that the event occurred, he was more angry at the fact that I cursed out loud.

I got in trouble for having a short skirt, when compared to the other girls in school, their skirts were wayyyy shorter than mine. I had to serve detention. Came back the next day with the same skirt on. They kinda just forgot about it.

Being the meek coward that I am, I never rose to the other kid's challenges, but I did get caught in a few escapades of my own devising.

Got counselling for like, two weeks after I maimed a bird with an apple. It was an accident, too! ;_;

Then I was caught in the girls bathroom. I had gotten no sleep the night before, damnit, it happens to all of us! D:<

Not really stupid, but the punishments were. Weekly detention and a lot of bullshit T.A-ing. :/
i reckon getting in trouble for painting my VCE (last two years of high school)

i skipped the house cross country so that i could work more on my actual school work, and got in trouble for it.

i loled and raged at the same time.
In my old boring little hometown of Verona cops get bored. And when they get bored they like to pull over young folks.

Say for instance me, when I was going 1 mile over the speed limit! Not only that but the speed limit was changing as I was speeding up. So not only am I getting pulled over for going 1 mile over, but it's in an area where everyone else needs to SPEED UP! ><

Luckily I just got a written warning and went on my way.