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I'm going to have a ton of these as I get familar with this website.

So, I read the Iwaku Guide welcome but I think I missed some important 'how to's' with my fast reading and impatience.

How do I do one of those fancy little 'Spoiler'?

Where do you pick your avatars from? I saw pictures that had generic or something running through it, how do I look at those?

Do I just, like I used to, go out into the wonderful world wide web and grab random photos for characters?

How do you post your character for Iwaku world if you have to have it approved before posting?

I'll have more questions at a later date I'm sure of it.
[ spoiler ] [ / spoiler] Just without the spaces. Place the first bracketed spoiler at the front of the text you want to hide and the slashed one at the end.

You can get your own custom avatar...pretty sure that's what most people here do. Just upload a 100x100 to photobucket or whatever and put it into your profile in the Settings.

Yeah, just find whatever character picture you want for your character.

If you find an RP you want to join, you post your character in the OOC thread for it. Which is the discussion thread for each RP where the players talk about stuff like the plot and how much they hate each other, etc. As for Iwaku World, that would be in the OCC section for that particular...thing. Which is here:
You can also upload a 100x100 avatar directly to the server. :D Or choose an avatar from the iwaku avatars. You'll find that under SETTINGS -> EDIT AVATAR


stuff to hide here

Would be the -other- spoiler tag, if you want to name what's hidden!
"There are no stupid questions, only inquisitive idiots."

Heehee sorry, couldn't resist. All those are things I had trouble with too! With Iwaku world, what they mean is you post a character sheet, but you have to wait for a mod to approve you character before you can post in the in character threads. Its really just like a regular rp where you post a character and wait for the gm to approve it, just a lot more people playing. I look forward to seeing you around iwaku world! I only just joined it myself, but all the people I was gonna tag along with poofed... but its only been a week. Patience and stuff...
My wife always says patience is a virtue. My response is patience is for people who have nothing better to do with their time but wait. I get in trouble with that rebuttal.
That is an awesome rebuttal! But yes, there is a certain danger with talking back to a wify. Dangerous creatures we are... I had something important o add but you made me laugh and I'm afraid the thought crawled out my ear an escaped...
Can I play me in Iwaku world and not my screen name persona? Cause I'm writing myself up anyway for approval.


I'm gonna look like a challenged monkey if that doesn't work.
I've found it really helps to have like a photobucket where you can save your character pictures to upload.

Otherwise your spoiler tag test worked and I'm sure you'll be a welcome addition to the site~
You can play ANY character in Iwaku World, it doesn't even have to be your persona. XD
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