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    So, real talk. People say all the time that there are no stupid questions. Truth is, a ton of question are stupid. There are some things you just can't make up whether it is a crazy question or an off the wall statement. What are some things you've had to stay straight faced for?

    I work in a cave, right? I've had people ask me in the gift shop if we get cell phone service in the cave. I have had them ask me what a cave was. On the property we also have a miniature train and a mirror maze. People constantly ask me whether or not the train goes through the cave. The train is currently broken and this one woman asked me how she was supposed to go through the cave if the train wasn't running. I guess I can't blame people for not knowing the train doesn't go through the cave, but it wouldn't be something I'd assume. One question I have the hardest time answering is "What is a mirror maze?". I find this hard to answer because I'm not sure how to answer it without sounding insanely sarcastic. "Well, it is a maze... and it has mirrors."

    And since the gift shop is a rock shop, I get a lot of questions about which crystal is more powerful, do these healing rocks actually work, do I feel the energy from the rocks, and which rocks make the best elixirs. This is a thing some people are into! I understand that, and I respect that. I still find it weird.

    The tour guides tell me a lot of the questions they get. Most of the guides get asked if they can hear the cave talking to them. A woman on one of Sonny's tours told him that the crystals in the cave loved him. That he was their guardian and was glad that he was working there.

    Now that I've written a novel about my experiences... you guys can go :D ​
  2. How about the good ol' "What time is it?" When there's a clock on the wall or they have their phone with them. "I don't know. Time to get yourself a watch?"
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  3. One of my favorites is when people ask "How do you get _______?" And they have their phone in their hand. Look it uuppp.

    Another thing about the cave is people will call and ask us what our address is. How'd you get our number? If it was from the brochure the address was there. If it was off the website.. the address was there. Even in Google if you type in the caverns name the address is right under the number.
  4. I for one don't really see the problem in asking another human being a question instead of taking the time to dig through a bunch of google results, especially if the person you're asking is someone that you have reason to believe would be knowledgeable about the subject. Depending on what the question is, I think asking a fellow human can actually be a lot faster and easier.


    I'm probably just going to play devil's advocate throughout most of this thread. Sorry about that.
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  5. That moment you are in the hospital and someone asks you if you are okay.

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  6. Heh, I was talking to a friend about this the other day, actually. I like asking questions, even stupid ones, but only to certain people. Basically, the ones I know won't judge me. ^_^'. I hate feeling stupid in front of others.

    Why do I ask people questions when I can simply search? I'm not sure, to be honest. Maybe just to have a conversation? Or maybe just because it's nice to have someone explain something to me; it shows me they care enough about me to actually explain simple stuff I don't get. Plus, the human contact? Even if it's online.

    That being said, I do search things up all the time, especially when I feel I'll just annoy people with the question. And I do like people asking me questions about stuff they could have searched but chose to ask instead. Makes me feel smart ;D.And, the internet, while filled with endless bounties of knowledge, can often be misleading as well.
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  7. When my friend broke his arm, it was in a wierd angle. Our mutal buddy went. "Holy shit, are oyu ok." The blankest of stares were had.
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  8. "How do I turn it off and on again?"
  9. When someone comes to your home. "Do you have a bathroom?" No I go down the block to the local bathroom.
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  10. I am an artist so I get this one all the time. "Did you draw that?" Despite the fact they watched me do it without reference. What would happen if I said no? Its not wrong to ask, just silly. XD
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  11. I've asked plenty of my own questions that thinking back on it makes me chuckle. There are replica bear claws at work and I picked one up and asked my coworker "are these real?" Even though it said REPLICA right on the sign.

    Then, there was the time I decided that the "Dorsey" was an original animal I made crossed between a horse and a donkey. I even drew the animal and told everyone about it. Turns out a mule is a thing =P
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  12. I don't think a stupid question exists. A question that is repeated often on the other hand that then spirals into a stupid one yes, they say "It's better to give a stupid question to one thousand people than a thousand stupid questions to one person."

    Questions whether stupid or bright are often times like a snowball, they start from a question and end up with a conversation. Hell some stupid questions ended up in marriage so it's quite acceptable to ask them. It's quite funny to look back at them but on the other hand they help out in initiating conversation or achieving an ulterior goal. :D

    For example I can go "What's the time?" to a stranger whilst I have a watch on my hand and a phone in my pocket and they will answer me which will end up in me taking a look at a nice watch and going "Oh, hey nice watch. Where did you get it from?" voila, conversation that can end up with a cup of coffee. :)

    Just my 5 cents.
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  13. When something is visibly clear it is a fanmade thing and someone asks "is this real?"
  14. Working in retail is a lovely way to collect dumb questions.

    when people make that joke when the barcode doesn't scan - "Is it free then?" HAHAHAHAHAH no you assdick that joke isn't funny
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