Stupid Cupid, Stop Picking On Me!

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  1. (Humanoids only.)
    Sneak peek into Cupid's diary! This season, he has three main events lined up for the lonely:

    Secret Santa for Christmas.
    Countdown for New Year's.
    Valentine's for February 14th.

    It's 13 December, Saturday, 2014. You may begin your character's entrance in any location.

    Event Planner:
    While Stupid Cupid has lost his powers to make others magically fall in love, he can still pull a few tricks - like slipping Secret Santa notes under the door! Mingle away in town, and see who's your destined match.

    She trotted down the fire emergency stairs and brushed a finger over her bangs to push them back, red hair tucked safely behind an ear. Elizabeth Jones was in a rush today; she had a job interview later at noon, and would prefer to grab herself a cup of triple shot mocha latte before reaching the place. A drink would soothe her nerves. Maybe.

    The young woman closed her eyes and reopened them after taking a deep breath (feeling the chilly air in her lungs), blue peepers bright and twinkling with optimism. Alright, let's do this!

  2. Just a few away from her, a young man was running about his attention else where when he suddenly tripped over his own feet causing him to shriek in a quite unmanly way as he face planted with the sidewalk.

    He sat up gripping his face groaning in agony "Stupid sidewalk!!" He whines as he begins to grope around for his glasses which fell off his face in his fall.
  3. Courtney snuggled deeper into the sofa, bringing the book and her jacket closer to her face. It was warm in the library and quiet, cozy too, but outside the cold bit at her cheeks. This time of year she often spent her time in the library engulfed in books, it was relaxing. Loud scenes weren't her thing, and with practically nothing to do the most productive thing she could think of was reading a book.
  4. The Cupid rubbed his hands together and snickered to himself, gleeful and excited to get his first projects of this year started. The fact that his mother had taken away his powers (because he abused them too much some time ago, but nevermind that) had already been forgotten.

    Somewhere in the back of his mind, his more rational side fretted over the chances of making a monster match. Nah, what was the odd?

    He started tailing behind the angry four-eyes.

    Elizabeth was done with her interview, and was sure she fried it. They asked about mythologies - how was a girl like her supposed to know who copulated with Gaia to create a bunch of sea gods? She decided to head to the library to find out anyway; knowing the answer to her defeat at least would be interesting.

    The library was annoying to open (was it rusty at the hinges?), but she made it - with a bit of a noise but still.
  5. Courtney was just about drifting off into the book, it was extremely warm, and warm temperatures always seemed to make her tired. Her eyes had just closed when she heard a rather loud screech. It jolted her awake and she reclined into the couch refocusing on the words. Someone else had entered the library. she peeked her head over the waist high book shelf where she sat on the low plush sofa and snuck a glance at who had entered, to make sure that it was not some axe murderer. Looking only long enough to notice that it was a woman she turned her attention back to her book and stretched her legs out into the aisle besides her serious pile of books and graphic novels. It was a library after all people came here all the time. Courtney didnt worry about the traffic stop she was creating. I've been to this library enough times to know that no one ever comes back here. She relaxed and brought the book up higher to her face.
  6. Emmanuel had looked up too when the library's door had screeched open. Once he realized that the hinges were just acting up again he went back to browsing the shelves. Sooner or later he would just have to accept that the book he was looking for probably hadn't been returned yet. He'd hate to pester the librarian again but it was starting to seem more and more like that's what he'd have to do soon. He sighs and puts a subconscious hand through his short dark hair, does a quick scan of the shelf a couple more times with his blue eyes.
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