Stumbling through forests of words

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  1. Walking across plains of interned nets, using my map of google, I find myself in a word forest, The forest of Iwaku, hoping by chance, that as I plant my own seed here, it may grow as high as the others, with roots of posts connected, and leaves of letters, more beautiful than any has seen before.

    Hm? Poem? I'm not poetic. No, I'm absoulutly sure I didn't write that. I think. No. Stop that.

    Just wanted to stop by say hello, have a few drinks. Looking forward to joining the community.

    Wait, I don't drink...
  2. Greetings and welcome!

    She has grown unusually cheerful for the past few days.

    We hope to find you wandering in these woods.

    Be careful, they bend to the will of the storyteller.

    Until then, take care!

    And don't look back. You're already here, and all that you passed is gone.

    Turn and you will...

  3. Welcome to Iwkau, iForget things all the time > <

    I'm October nice to meet you.