Stumbling In The Dark

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    The Kingdom of Osardvor was a wonderful little place. The people were seemingly blessed by the gods themselves. They always had an abundant harvest, everyone was wealthy in their own right and there was no crime in the kingdom at all. There was no war, no sickness, nothing that could ever put anyone in danger...

    It was sickening...

    It was all sunny and bright and happy, filled with peace for the last one thousand years. Not a single being of darkness could survive there, not since the last battles of evil had been won by the forces of light. It was tragic really, all of the creatures of the night were slaughtered or forced into hiding amongst the humans of the realm. If only there was a Dark Lord or Lady once again, or how the darkness would rain upon the innocent and corrupted them! Ah, but that is but a dream for the wicked...or is it?

    Rumors have been hovering around the dark community for weeks now, it seems that someone of great dark power has been found, someone who could bring the forces of darkness back to life and give energy to the once dying ways of evil! However...

    It seems that this powerful evil going to need a few lessons first...

  2. Welcome one and all to "Stumble in the Dark". A Fantasy RP based around the evil side of the magical realms we love to explore. This RP is a mix of serious evil and clumsy humor, so that anyone of any playing type can join in! Now, time for a few important details.

    A simple bystander in our world of modern day earth is pulled out of their usual routine and pushed into the dangerous and vast realm of Magic were the kingdom of Osardvor reigns supreme and evil is nothing but a fairy tail. However, instead of being summoned to save the world from some unknown evil, they are to become it and bring back power to the League of Calamitous Woe, which has been assumed dead and destroyed for the past one thousand years. However, they are not alone for with them other once strong evils doers return from hiding to their places in the League...

    For this RP, it would be appreciated if posts were made to be at least a paragraph (5-8 sentences) long. Also, a minimum posting time of twice a week as well. Of course, if given early warning, exceptions can and will be made for people upon request. This RP will be on the mature side but not put into the mature section. It is mature in violence and language level but sexual things will not be the main focus of the RP. In fact, It would be preferred that a "fade-to-black" scenarios is done when anything of sexual relation is done in the RP. If you wish to actually write out that scene, please start a new RP in the Mature section.

    Now, if there are any questions that you have, please contact me as soon as you can. I will do my best to reply quickly!

  3. I'm definitely interested!
  4. Major Character Roles:
    These Roles are the ones that are open for you all to choose from. Anything that isn't taken will either be played by me or given to another player, depending upon the level of importance of the character.

    *The Bystander/ New Evil Leader*
    *The Helpful Evil Guide*
    *Other Evil Members Of the League*
    *Evil Minions*

    Just so you know, you don't have to only control just your character, feel free to use whatever is in the world around you, including people. For example, these people are free game in the RP for control.
    *Innocent Villagers*
    *Servants of the League*
    *Other evil creatures*
    *Miscellaneous Guards*

    Other NPCs with be played by me, unless someone takes interest in playing the other character along with their original one.

    Character Profile:
    Please fill this out to the best of your ability!

    Character Name:
    Evil Title:
    General Appearance:
    General Personality:
    General History:

    Players List/Character List:
    Temptress - Avery Lazaar
    Kitti - Elise Hywater
    Nostalgia -
    Corbett Keegan
    MILF with cookies - Syn

    LadyHarpy -
    Delonachrani Nalanarona
    Iliana -
    Loryken Worp
    Octobre Leche - Menevol Macallain
    Darkness Dies -
    Joan Kysane
    Izuriel -
    Izuriel Rhenoplos

  5. As a final note, Be creative! This is a world where you can be an evil and magical as you like! However, if there is anything you aren't certain about or something that might clash with the theme of the RP, just ask me. I'll give you a straight answer as to if that can work or not. Also, don't be afraid to share ideas. I love it when players have ideas for the RP, it makes it all the more involved for all of us!
  6. ~Other Evil Member Of the League~
  7. Character Name: Elise Hywater
    Evil Title: Bystander to become an Evil Leader
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Birthplace/World: American Midwest

    General Appearance:
    Standing at an unimpressive five feet and two inches in height, she's below the average height for a woman and thus tends to resort to standing on tiptoes when she's angry to make herself appear just a little more intimidating. She has an average face, rounded with moderately pretty almond eyes whose shade is a clear and bright green. She has a button nose with a short, narrow bridge over her plain pink mouth. Her hair is slightly curly and golden blond, hanging down past her shoulders a bit.

    Powers: The ability to summon little shadow minions, who are approximately the size of lawn gnomes, with about as much strength as that entails. She's decided to name them "Wibbles" from their less than graceful gait. She tends to summon them to play with, but they're entirely obedient to her.

    Elise is stronger than she should be, hitting like a well-muscled man. She doesn't know her own strength, though, so she can be a bit more dangerous for it.

    Weaknesses: Cute things: Elise loves all that is adorable. She's also susceptible to scams that promise to make her attractive to men. She's cute, but not gorgeous, and her unnatural strength coupled with no real idea of how strong she is, tends to ward men off.

    General Personality: Upbeat and a little bit spacey, Elise is generally friendly and kind, but a bit of an outcast since people are alarmed by how strong she is. They used to be alarmed by her talking about her Wibbles, too, which made her even more unpopular. As a result, she's also rather lonely. She's earnest and eager to please and be accepted.

    General History:
    Growing up, Elise had a normal mother and father. She even had a brother two years older than her, to protect her and also to trip her into the mud, which he did often. From the time that Elise was a child, though, she was always much stronger than she should have been. As a little girl, roles switched pretty quickly to her beating up bullies for her brother. This humiliated Steven to no end, but in stead of being bitter he decided to better himself. There's always been a strong rivalry between the two of them and Steven has become an incredibly muscular man in order to best his sister.

    Growing up, Steven was Elise's only real friend, since the other children thought that she wasn't right in the head when she talked about her Wibbles and her strength intimidated them. She's sought approval from her instructors and became a wonderful student so that at least they would like her. All that did was make her a bit of a bookworm, however, and even less popular with the other students.

    Now, Elise instructs children in school subjects and visits Steven often. Steven became a rancher, to put his strength to good use, and has a fiancee. Sometimes, Elise is jealous that her brother became attractive because of his strength and she was only considered a freak.
  8. Character Name: Corbett Keegan

    Evil Title: "Helpful" Evil Guide

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: Originally born as a raven, but can transform into a human.

    Age: His actual age is unknown, though his human body has the appearance of someone in their early to mid 20's.

    Birthplace/World: The Saturnine Forest

    General Appearance: A rather beautiful creature, Corbett was blessed with more than just darkness. He has pure white skin; so pale that it looks as if he's been kissed by death. He has medium-length wisps of black hair in all directions that fly about in the wind like feathers. His eyes are a bright gold that glimmer in the moonlight, yet are fierce enough to intimidate any that stare straight into them. His nose is sharp, yet delicately structured and lies atop his pasty-pink, pillowy lips. He is of slightly taller than average height, and has a small frame but muscular build. His nails are sharp, but not long, and his most outstanding trait are the big black wings on his back, whose size he can control, but never fully go away. Even in his original form he never hesitates to show off his shimmering plumes. He is quite a sight to behold...As long as he keeps his mouth shut.

    Powers: Corbett has the ability to conjure pure energy into his hand and launch it to anyone within his radius. He is also quite capable in hand to hand combat. But his most powerful weapon is his mind. He has quite a knack for evil, which is what originally got him discovered by the League.

    Weaknesses: His wings. Like any bird he takes pride in his pure ebony feathers and hates getting them ruffled, giving birth to one of his most popular quotes: "Touch the wings and die." He also doesn't like human girls. His looks have made him very popular with them, but he just finds them "whiny and annoying".

    General Personality: A bit frivolous. He will rarely do anything unless he gets some form of enjoyment out of it. He has no patience whatsoever and will rage at anyone who can't do something to his liking. He doesn't work well with others and tends to do things on his own. He has a dark and sarcastic sense of humor, making any that took initial interest in him have a second thought. He is very rude, laid back and keeps to himself, and would rather die than be brought down by someone.

    General History: Born in a forest far off to the west where everything is inevitably touched by darkness, young Corbett was ready to learn how to fly. However, instead of spreading his wings and taking flight, he instead morphed into a human and tumbled to the ground. The darkness had finally reached him, and this was the gift it left. For years he grew up mastering his abilities so that one day he could leave his nest and wreak havoc wherever he could. After an incident involving popcorn and landmines, Corbett was discovered by the League of Calamitous Woe. It wasn't long before he became a high ranking officer within it.

    Which is why he was entrusted with the task of training the new "leader to be". It took days of convincing, bribery and black mailing, but he eventually gave in. Although he knows plenty about being evil, teaching it is a whole new ball game entirely.

  9. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Zaida.

    Evil Title: Enigmatic Butterfly.
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Chimera.
    Age: 24
    Birthplace/World: Bersia
    General Appearance: (See picture)
    Powers: Psychic wave: Using her mind She is capable of ushering a wave of psychic energy capable of knocking opponents off their feet and flying them across the scene.

    Psychic charge: Using her mind She is capable of charging uncanny across moderate distances; reverting the kinetic energy so that it only harms her targets. Known for shattering bones.

    Psychic orb: Fires a blue orb which enters the targets body scrambling their inside. If the orb fails to enter the body it will still damage their outer shell.

    Psychic shout: Her voice becomes a weapon capable of shattering glass and disorienting her foes.

    Psychic blade: Coats her blade in energy capable of altering it's shape; form and length. As well as increasing it's penetration power.

    Snake limbs: She is able to alter the shape and length of her limbs allowing her to attack from a distance.

    Telepathic: she can send messages to those with either a weak will or willing to receive her thoughts.

    Weaknesses: Being organic her body can bruise and be broken like any other being. She suffers from various psychological disorders making her at times unable to control her rage.

    General Personality: Calculative, cold, angry, flirtatious yet a loner.

  10. Character Name: Azrix Fal'Gaeran
    Evil Title: The Harlequin, Member of the League of Calamitous Woe
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Birthplace/World: Osardvor
    General Appearance

    View attachment 9507
    Powers: Acrobat, Contortionist, Weapon Master for his weapon of choice (dual knives, shuriken shaped into cards, and a metal and silk war fan), Able to use a large arsenal of illusion spells
    Weaknesses: Respects Good Opponents, Disrupts allies almost as much as enemies, has a soft spot for outcasts
    General Personality: Insane, Psychotic, Joking, Cunning, Arrogant, Optimistic, Changes Tempers Easily ((I'll let him develop as I write))
    General History: Born and raised into a noble family, he was always a introvert and shy, but at a very young age he showed signs of his insanity; killing any pet that he was given even attempting to kill his nursemaid ones or twice. He was always an outcast and shunned, his parents finally decided to "get rid of the problem" by drowning the 8 year old boy in the river, but the League had heard about the child so they saved him or at least some of them did to use him in the future. As he grew and was trained his insanity became more obvious until everyone in the league started to step easily around him.

    ((Have more character ideas if not enough people join, sorry for the pretty vague and crappy profile I think I will just develop him as I write.))
  11. Character Name:
    Delonachrani Nalanarona
    Evil Title:
    The Black Witch/ Member of the League/ Head Maid
    Human, Though not mortal
    Physically: 27 Actually: 97
    The Mountains of Torlt
    General Appearance:
    Delona (open)

    Standing at an intimidating 5'11", she is not your average petite little woman. She is large and her figure shows she's not just using magic to fight her enemies. Her eyes are a dark chocolate when they are now glowing with powers and she had a different outfits, each serving a purpose in her work. She'll be wearing something different, depending on her task.

    Delona has a large black leather tome, filled with all of her spells and potions that she can do. She can make healing potions to poisons and everything in between. Her spells are darkly based so for example, if she were to use a fire spell, the fire would either be black, purple, or even green, depending on the intended purpose.She is also blessed with great strength from her work as a maid and cook for the league, it takes a lot to feed and army of evil doers. Finally, Delona can summon a large dragon like demon of sorts, however, unlike its elemental based cousins, the demons uses dark energy as its deadly breath.
    Though Delona has no limit to what she can do, she does have a limit of how far her powers can go. As an example, she may be able to heal with her magic but she cannot raise the dead back to their mortal standing, only into mindless drones to fight for her. Also, she has no control over the demon. They seem to fight constantly over who is in charge and the demon will only be summoned when it wants to be. As a small note, Delona does have on small weakness that most find strange, she hates to see things messy. Put her into a messy room filled with poisonous gas and she'll be cleaning it until she dies. This also applies to how people look, if they are not clean or up to evil standards, she will definitely play dress up.
    General Personality:
    For someone with evil intentions towards the innocent world, she is rather motherly. She looks out for all of the league, though not in the gentle ways that a mother would. She prefers to use her spoons to get people moving and when that doesn't work, a nice little fire spell on their bottoms usually does the trick. She has no fear of other members, mostly because she is the oldest of them all. She has a great deal of patience though and is hard to anger, however, it is recommended never to actually try to upset her...those who have never live to see sunlight the next morning. She feels no guilt for her actions and more often than not will threaten those who try to put blame on her. Finally, she is actually someone who will listen to all problems, a good shoulder to cry on even though she may shove you to the ground once you are done.
    General History:
    No one is ever born completely evil, save for a select few beings in the world. Delona was definitely not one of them. She was raised in the mountains by loving parents and had many siblings to play with. Her life was completely peaceful until her father was given and old family treasure that changed the families life for good. It was a black tome, said to carry a demon inside of it, which her father's family was sworn to keep locked away. Originally, her mother wished for it to be burned but her father claimed that would only release the creature.

    The book, spent many years lock in a chest as Delona grew older and into her adulthood, in which she moved to a small village in the valley below. There, she learned that live was not so sweet as she thought as she was constantly harassed by drunken men at the inn that she worked for. Her brothers were no different, and often did the same to other women as men did to her while her sisters quickly married any man that would take them and started having children with a man who was as faithful as a horny mutt. Though she was bitter, her true anger was not unleashed until the death of her parents at the hands of a drunken hunter who attended the inn. He shot them as the walked through the woods, thinking the rustling to be possible deer. Though the shooting was an accident, Delona still held a grudge as her siblings fought over what little money their parents had left.

    Disgusted by the greed and horrible behavior, Delona found comfort in the last things anyone expected, the dark book. Though originally meant to kept locked away, Delona had been seduced by a dark voice of the demon inside, the seal having weakened after her fathers death. With a promise of eternal youth, power and strength like no other just in exchange for her soul and allowing the demon to live inside of her. Seeing nothing else to live for and tired of the horrible actions of the man and the greed of the women, she accepted and in a flash of light was changed into her current form.

    Before leaving her village for good, she set the town ablaze with dark fire, leaving only the elderly and children to carry on the memory of the day she destroyed her home.
  12. Character Name: Loryken Worp

    Evil Title: Talon of Tyranny

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: Human

    Age: 46

    Birthplace/World: Kerevcah, a broken land in the sky now made into a dark set of ruins near caves.

    General Appearance: loryken.jpg 6'9 with the skin color of creme, though not as sweet. He has long black and light blue hair, tinted with strands of white due to stress, not age. His attire ranges from anything that used to be filled with life to something metallic...and used to be filled with life. The most noticeable thing is the grotesque arm attachment on his right arm. He does have a human arm underneath it, but a certain slow creeping power locks it into place. Though he does not mind. With power comes style.

    Powers: Conduction: Taking electric waves or any source of light and feed them through his right arm, known as Derus (Dur-Roos). Derus is not the only way the electricity can flow in and out of his body. Other insulators in his bodice allows for the powers to flow through, though it usually comes out in blasts or swipes of his talons.

    Weaknesses: Submission: When in battle or even in debate, he does not care too much for the mercy rule or for someone to beg for their life. It makes him feel as though he has to make a choice on whether to be kind and merciful or menacing and horrid. He would much rather be known as a malicious butcher, not debate on it. When in that situation, Loryken will make sure they are silenced, whether it be by death or some other form of injury. Does not make very well for an ally, it seems. Bright Side: Given anytime, he may actually walk away from the begging and tears, just to save him from the headache.

    General Personality: He comes across as a very civilized murder. Strange that he does his own dirty work, but it keeps him happy. Malicious as malice comes, Loryken 'plays with his food' before eating it. He will ease one's mind and fear with a pearly toothed smile, eyes softening as much as they can through the long locks of hair.

    He does not want to come across as a bad guy, no. His attire is a red blinking light, but that does not mean one may not commend him on his attitude and articulate pattern of words, even if they were going to die soon after the conversation. Loryken believes, Why kill something without getting every once of information out of them before they gargle? With great wisdom comes great death.

    He hides that look behind the calm facade which usually never wavers unless he is being begged or has to see tears.

    General History: He was once called the Prince of Talons in Kerevcah, until the land fell of course. The fate of his people was not a grim one, for with the natural ability and accustom ways of flight in their veins, falling was not as hard as rebuilding was. The land was a castle of some sorts, forever rotating on a power, magical axis on its own. It was never bothered and also never visited. Stories from Kerevcah were dark and spun into a livid pattern: Murderous Interrogators.

    Loryken called himself something of a High Scholar. The information he knew was immaculate and also bowed upon to the fellow people around him. He researched so much, he taught himself to to toy and tug his abilities and powers. His body has always interested him: Could it be made stronger? Do his outfits affect him in a good or bad way? If electricity flows through his veins, does that make him invulnerable to being harmed? Questions need answers and answers always need to be flexed.

    Kerevcah's fall only made Kerevcah more of a tourist spot. People come from all over to see the legendary floating land now be brought down to a level ground...Loryken did not approve. He snapped at all who came to gawk at the land, voicing that he and his people are far more superior in mind and brawn to be looked down upon just due to being ground-set. Infuriated at too many eyes on his 'office' and questions about the truth of the fall of Kerevcah, Loryken spawns an idea of his own: Why not travel to the land and find someone to do his dirty work for him? Why stain his scholarly robes trying to protect his knowledge on all lands (eventually planning to tirade), when he can get someone to do it for him? That is the closest thing peace he is going to get, but far from the entertainment.
  13. Character Name: Menevol Macallain

    Evil Title: Known as simply "Mayhem" Minion to the league, a henchman of sorts, doing any and all tasks asked of him without question.


    Human, Blood Warrior (Ancient and near extinct race wiped out by the forces of light, only a handful remain.)

    Age: 25, although it is said that the Blood Warriors live for centuries, feeding off their hatred for the light.

    Osardvor. The blood warriors live in the desolate Krang mountains that border the Kingdom.

    General Appearance:

    View attachment 9534

    Powers: Blood lust, the ability of increased strength at the sight of blood. Feared warriors on the battle field, but for this reason, are known to turn on their own allies in a vicious rage. Often killing brutally, as well as indiscriminately. This ability can be controlled, but only to a certain extent.

    Weaknesses: Blood lust is also his weakness, as he looses the ability to control himself in battle.

    General Personality:
    Bad to the bone, Cutthroat, evil, malicious, psychopathic, rude, mean spirited. It's hard to pinpoint where his loyalties lie and can often come off as a loose cannon, just as much a threat to enemies as those around him.

    General History: One of the handful left after the fall out of the wars against the dark ones. There was no question that the Blood warriors would take the side of evil against light, even though it was a losing battle, Menevol fought along side his brethren until the bitter end. Only after being left for dead in a pile of bodies did he retreat to live as an outcast in the Krang mountains that he had called his home.

    Born and raised in the Krang mountains surrounded the desolate lands in Osardvor. It was customary for the tribes' males to get schooled in the arts of war from an early age, killing is what he was bred to do and he did it well. At 18 he became a full fledged Blood warrior and from that day until the fall of his tribe, he was a ruthless addiction to the army that terrorized the good folks of Osardvor.

    Now that Menevol is more or less a reclusive outcast, he makes his way in the world as a nomad, robbing and killing any unlucky enough to cross his path on a dark night. His one hope of survival is that a new dark will arose in the world, and as of late, he has had the feeling that time will soon come.
  14. Character Name: Joan Kysane
    Evil Title:
    Dark Incubus (Member)
    Looks 19, but is really 23
    General Appearance:
    Joan Incubus.png Joan Kysane.png Joan.jpg
    (From Left --> Right) First Joan in his full incubus form, then his half-incubus form (-Coughcuteformcough-), then Joan in his human form, But his hair is dark blue, not black.
    Powers: Seduce - He can seduce the target to the point where they can't control themselves, all they do/feel is lust for him.
    Transform - Simply shape shift from his incubus form to his human form, and from his human to a half incubus.
    Immunity - He is amune to seduction, mind control, and shapeshifting. (As he can tell who you are).
    Burning Sex - Don't let the name fool you, his tattoos on his arm/chest/back all glow bright cyan and can cause serious burns by being touched.

    He seduces people without knowing, he also doesn't know how to convey his feelings, except lust, to anyone very well.
    General Personality:
    Despite being an incubus, he's a very nice person. He absolutely loves cute or small things, but relates most topics to some form of sex. He gets horny easily, but is a master at hiding it. Around his friends/companions, he isn't very serious, or jokes around a lot. He acts as the weaker force, and used to be reffered to as "Nerd" because of it. When he's been told to do something, he does it right away or ASAP. He gets along with women just fine, but can't stand having a relationship with them. Due to certain things in his past, he decided long ago he was gay.
    General History:

    Since he was little, he never knew about his powers or un-human nature. His father secretly raped him since he was 7, raising him to believe that having sex with the same gender/family member was normal. His mother found out after Joan turned 16, and ran away out of anger. His mom died not long after from drinking too much, and his father hung himself out of misery.
    Joan was left with his older twin sister, who stretched herself to work and pay for both of them. Even with their nonstop sibling fighting, she couldn't let herself kick Joan out of the house. Joan always refers to her as 'sis'.
    Joan began figuring out his powers not long after their parents died. At first he scared some of the other teens away, and was called a man whore for a short period of time. After practicing his skills, the same people who called him a whore were the same people begging to sleep with him. He denied every female who asked, but gladly accepted any male wanting to.
    Now Joan puts his powers to use against females, teasing them to undress, then taking anything worth stealing and leaving them without a penny or pleasure.
  15. Reserve a slot for me please. This will give me a chance to work on my "evil" characters.
  16. Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen. Time for a talk!

    For all those with incomplete profiles or no profiles at all, I request that they be done by the weekend, at latest they can be completed is by Sunday. Extra time will be given upon request so don't worry to much.

    This is so that all characters are official and those who will be playing are completely ready. I would like to have the IC up some time this week so the sooner those profiles are made the sooner we can start playing. If you are not playing or have to pull out, please inform me a head of time of the IC creation! Don't want to put you in the game if you won't be playing it. Anyway, if there are any other questions or concerns, just let me know and I'll help you all the best I can!

  17. Character Name: Izuriel Rhenoplos
    Evil Title: Personal Adviser and Guard of the Unseelie King
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Unseelie Fae
    Age: 413
    Birthplace/World: Fairy Realm
    General Appearance:
    His hair is made of pedals of flowers pink and orange fading from front to back. The disheveled spikes on the back of his head are hard and made of thick green leaves with small spikes at the tips and jagged edges that can catch on fabrics. The Unseelie Court is the fairy Court of the dark, the yin, and everything under the moon. His pastel-green tinted skin seems to be shined on brightly under the moon and glows slightly in any darkness. At dusk, he and clothes look strangely transparent. The time when the sun and moon are both weakest. As a Fairy, he is shorter than most human men and appears quite fragile. His slender arms, legs, neck, and body move with the grace of a woman but with the forcefulness of a man. Bizarre green and blue eyes under his pedals offer a warm inviting embrace, but his actions often say otherwise. Like most Unseelie or Seelie Fairy, Izuriel has a large set of wings on his back that are hidden most of the time when he travels. As of now, his wings are hidden in complex tattoos on his back. Being so close to the Unseelie King, Izuriel chooses his leisurely clothes as he pleases, but his traveling clothes are mostly the same. He wears flexible boots with thin soles and spurs filled with poison that sends a lightening-strike sensation through the body. His orange tunic is long and hangs high on his thighs over tight silvery tights made of strange scales foreign to most. A thick leather belt is wrapped around his waist and from it hang strange bug-wings that cover his sides down almost past his knees. The long wings are ombré from pink to purple. On the thick belt he has several sheathes, one holding a long, needle-like sword. He wears an undershirt made of the same pale scales covered with a leather vest with a collar and a leather-laced front over the orange tunic.
    (I'll describe this as we go along too)

    Powers: He has the ability to manipulate plant life with ease and absorb as well as give them energy. Either of his own or from another plant. He can bring life out of any piece of dirt, mold, or root. Though it takes much doing, the effects can be quite devastating, especially if used on a plant that is thriving. He can also absorb a natural source into his body and use it as a weapon. For instance, once stranded on a distant planet he was forced into a bar fight and used a porcelain bowl as a giant stinger to mutilate a man's eyes, ears, and mouth. But he does not use his that skill often.

    Large fires or extreme cold make it difficult for him to fly. The undersides of his wings (which I'll describe in-post) are also very sensitive to any attack. He is strong for a Fairy but that isn't much against a well-built human or a soldier. He is also not fond of very bright places, though it's not a particular weakness. If he is in the dark, he can sometimes be easy to blind with the flash of a light.

    General Personality: He is flirtatious, cunning, and will not be denied what he wants. He will break anyone, mentally or physically, until he is satisfied. In his younger years he spent much time with humans and learned what they hold closest and how to get any human to bend his way.

    General History: After he was born, he lived with his parents for a few short years. At adolescence, (fae go through it much faster) he was on his own and living in the human world. Learning to show himself only to those who wanted to see him. Grow, shrink, and other Fairy magic he found useful. After he learned what he felt necessary, he returned to the Fairy Realm to work for the Unseelie Court. After many years, he met the king who grew to be quite fond of Izuriel. Izuriel, of course, used this to his advantage. Ever since, he's been the Unseelie King's skeleton in the closet.
  18. Character Name: Avery Lazaar

    Evil Title: Unknown (yet)

    Gender: Female

    Species/Race: Encantado (but thinks she's human at first)

    Age: 19

    Birthplace/World: America

    General Appearance: stands at 5 foot 10 inches with long legs and a thin body from being active all of her life. She has shocking blue eyes that stand out against her luminous red hair and pale skin. She is a very attractive girl but doesn't realize and in fact, thinks she has below average looks.


    Powers: Many of her powers aren't developed but when they all develop, these will be them:
    Musical ability, seduction, shape shifting, storm controlling, enchant humans, mind control(can also cause illness, insanity and death)

    Weaknesses: She has been raised as a human all her life and so has been taught the ways of the good. Her doubts about the evil world cause her to second guess all of her instincts. Hot guys; nuff said. She is still practically a teenage girl still.

    General Personality: She is a caring and compassionate girl that has trouble trusting even herself at times. She will always befriend people who are nice to her but don't even think about getting on her bad side unless you want to face the consequences. She has a nasty streak that only shows itself when she feels threatened or is pissed off. Normally though, she is very nice and doesn't seem to realize the effect she has on the opposite sex.

    General History: At the age of 5, was found in the middle of a field, sleeping, with no recollection of anything other than her name and age. Growing up in foster homes all her childhood, she didn't really have anyone she could call family unless you counted her cat that she brought to every new house she went to. Eventually, she got sick of being mistreated in the multiple foster homes, she set off on her own at the age of 16. She got a job and bought her own apartment. Soon after, tired of being the weakling, she started to train with a personal defense trainer. Eventually, she started to teach herself how to fight with knives and guns, her favorite being her 9mm that she won in a street fight. Soon after she ran away, she befriended a boy named Stephen who she developed a romantic relationship with. However, only 2 years after they met, Stephen was killed in a fight that ended in him being thrown off a bridge. Although it wasn't her fault, still blames herself for not being able to stop the fight even though she had gotten to the scene too late. Eventually, she found other friends and started to get over Stephen's death. Soon though, her powers started to develop and she started wondering what was happening to her. She worries she is going crazy.
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