*Stumbles in* .... Hi?

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  1. This place is too large and now I'm lost here >3> well considering I'm only one person I might as well not start trouble.
    My Alias is Ginrikuzuma Morino, people call me Gin for short.

    Anyways before I start wondering where I am I might as well give some information about myself.
    I'm a guy, 19 years old. I haven't RP-ed in a few years so I'm hella rusty I used to RP on a website that tended to have alot of AR codes. I RP-ed when I was basically 13 up till like 15 or 16 which is weird because it feels like its been at least twice as many years since I RP-ed. I am however new to this site and I had a weird urge to RP again not to mention I am also thinking of RP-ing a Touhou page on Facebook so even if I do or do not do that I might as well see if I can get rid of some of this rust that is keeping me locked in place.

    Now as far as to what kind of RPs I do. Right now I'm kinda tempted to just try out a few different types considering its been a few years since I RPed. I used to RP Pokemon and other video games like DMC or Megaman (the website was mainly pokemon though so other kinds of RPs were rare). When it wasn't video game related I tended to do fantasy or futuristic type of RPs. I like anime though so I'm tempted to try an anime-style RP.

    Now that I have introduced myself to you all, hopefully I will not be taken captive? I simply stumbled in here without any malcontent.
  2. Hajimemashite Gin-san. Hope you find some interesting rps
  3. douzo yoroshiku aiva-san and thanks
  4. Guten tag! *wonders if this might be Albrook*
  5. Goede avond voor u
    sorry my Dutch is waaaaaay rusty XD about as rusty as much RP-ing.
  6. Thats what we have google for, the basics of responding lol
  7. Oh that was German for "good day" pretty much! Now we be cute and squeak at each other!
  8. *squeak* lol
  9. Fair enough XD its a shame I used to be a bit more fluent though in a few other languages :<
  10. I don't know any languages myself.. just a lot of random words from many of them.. mostly from listening to music from everywhere.. Mostly Russia, Finland and Germany though..
  11. I used to be good with Dutch but its been ages since I spoken with my Belgian friend. At least I'm learning (well kanji is one hell of an obstacle...) Japanese in college but still XD sucks my mind can only store 3 languages qq

    anyways how are you two doing? :o or is there anything you want to know about me XD I'm kinda bad at starting new topics I'm better at continuing them :p
  12. Good~ I'm reading manga what are you two doing?
  13. Programming in ONScripter and reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure finally got to Part 4 lol
  14. What in the world is this?
  15. Aiva should make one too! Join us! Iwaku region will grow larger!
  16. I have not the slightest clue as to what that is so not even gonna try to lie in the slightest in that XD
  17. Sure....but can you explain what it is first? lol
  18. You can still help us recondition Saru! He keeps being mean..