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Do you clean out your Inbox regularly?

  1. Pff, no. I never clean that thing out unless it makes me.

  2. Only when I remember, and that is not often.

  3. I clean it out on a regular basis.

  4. I delete unimportant things immediately and keep it spotless!


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  1. Soooo, I just realized when I approve the rp banners on the new system, it sends out a PC! Which is really cool! .... of course, that also meant I had like, 50 convo messages I didn't realize were in my inbox. XD So while I had to clean all those out, I realized I hadn't cleaned out my inbox in MONTHS. There were bazillions of convos in there, mostly ones for moving topics or fixing someone's accounts.

    I like to keep things neat and tidy so I don't lose important stuff. But I'm not so great at regularly pruning my inboxes. T____T I am like that with my email accounts and stuff too. EVEN MY SNAIL MAIL. D:

    What are your Inbox habits? Do you regularly keep things tidy, or do you still have EVERY MESSAGE EVER?
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  2. So ronery.

    That, or I just use other "channels of communication". :D
  3. Isn't cleaning your inbox how I got hired 15 years ago Diana?
  4. No, I never clean out my "Imbox" because I do not have an "Imbox". /obligatory asshole remark

    I'm the kind of person who hoards all of my messages on the off chance that I'll need them later.
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  5. I am supposed to check my Inbox?
  6. I mostly forget to clean mine out. I'm bad at even responding to messages because I'll be like "I'll get to that later." but later never comes. I have too much else to worry about. xD
  7. Y'know, I should probably figure out how to empty my inbox. O.O Might be useful some day...
  8. I tend to hoard my messages. I'm not sure if this is due to laziness or thinking I might have need for them in the future. I am leaning towards general laziness, though.
  9. Clean out the inbox . . . At some point I need to do that . . .
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  10. I'll clean it out when the conversation has been inactive for a long period of time or if the conversation is no longer currently relevant. Otherwise I keep my messages around and active for as long as I possibly can without exhausting the topic.
  11. I just don't care enough.
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