Stuff you really, really like - but it's not a passion!

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  1. Your passion is something you go ALL IN at. Nothing stops you. No excuses.

    But then there's things you love almost enough, but just aren't quite at the passion points. You LOVES those things, but just not enough.


    I really love photography! The art of composing the perfect picture and capturing a moment. I loooove it. But I have no desire to throw myself in to the hobby outside of occasionally taking pretty pictures. Too many tutorials, expenses, etc. >> I dun love it THAT much.

    What about yooou?
  2. Fashion/styling(hairetcetc) and dressing nice. I've come to really enjoy people who wear what I consider to be nice clothes with style. The "art" of dressing up and looking nice, if you will.
    The cons that are keeping me from being passionate for it is that dressing "like a toilet" often feels much more comfortable, I believe being comfortable is most often more important than feeling "cool".
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  3. Music is something I enjoy a LOT but I don't have the patience/drive/innate talent to do it quickly. I started playing the piano when I was 11 and I quit when I was 15 when my teacher's husband caught cancer. Ever since then I've just been teaching myself. I also taught myself how to play ukulele and I can only play a handful of songs.

    I also sing like a constipated grandmother, if that counts as well.
  4. Photography for me as well. I love to take pictures, but I don't want it to be a career, and I don't have interest in a bigger, better camera that can take bigger, better pictures.

    Cooking. I like to cook, I'm good at it, but I wouldn't say it's a passion. I'll cook easier, lazier meals just so I can sit down sooner. xD
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  5. Music and Art.

    I got into music when I was in 4th grade, and I was drawing when I was in kindergarten. While I got schooled in music, I knew right away that it wouldn't be a major I pursue. I'm also terrible at composing, I just enjoy playing and listening to music. Art would be something I'd be keen on making a passion, but I feel like I don't have the innate talent to call it a passion.
  6. Roleplaying

    It sounds bad to say, especially here, but while I love Roleplaying and always try to do my best in my Roleplays, a few factors limit it from being a passion.
    • I will never get paid to Roleplay. Therefore Roleplay can never be a job/career and any time I spend on RP is time taken away from improving my future
    • Even if RP skill translated more directly into fiction writing skill, fry cooks at McDicks make a better living than most amateur 'authors'.
    • Too many other things are more important; keeping my house clean, staying healthy and well-rested, time with my IRL friends and family, in the big picture, spending more than an 'it's a hobby' time allotment on Roleplaying would be a bad decision in my opinion
    It's possible I'm too pragmatic
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  7. Well since everyone is talking about things they like to do very much but they can't make a career out of it, I'll say gaming. I absolutely love gaming, but I'm nowhere near good enough to do eSports, testing is horrible (trust me, I did an internship with a certain Belorussian game company once, just testing things for the European community and it was boring as all hell) and I can't program to save my life (learning languages that aren't spoken is beyond me). I could try getting a job as a scenario writer, but that's a hard job to get as more and more indie producers don't even hire them and big companies default to professional writers.

    In short, gaming is great fun but it's not a career path I could ever hope of pursuing.

    I also really like aviation, but my vision is so terribad I could never even hope of becoming a pilot.
  8. Linguistics! Yes I am a nerd! No I am not fluent in any language but English, but that's the point, I'd like to, but I have other things that keep taking priority. Still don't regret buying the Internatial Phonic Alphebet book even if it might be another 7 years before I use it.
  9. Physics and mathematics, I can sit and speculate and theorize ALL DAY LONG, but ask me to spout off my multiplication tables and I might piddle myself. I am Fascinated by Physics and science and space, but basic electronic robots that barely walk and lamps are about as far as my math skills can take me and THAT'S NOT VERY FAR. I have a Love for How things like Planets and solar systems work so with my Love-like understanding for the universe it sheds its perfection here and there for me to be taken with, and enjoy the Simpler things in life like the warm sun and moonlit roads and what is working in order for such things to exist for my mere Perception. Its a Fascination more than a passion for me.​
  10. My passion?

    I don't have just one passion.

    I am a very strong advocate in the GLBTQ because I don't think anybody should ever have to live in fear, and being impassionate as opposed to being passionate about something you want to change is contradictory.

    I get passionate about certain roleplays on here because I love to write. I love explaining things, and I love my partners. Because you never know what is going to happen next.

    Another passion is my study. I want to be a social worker in either domestic violence or with kids who've been abused because I think that there is a need for it. I want to change the world as best as I can, and I get very passionate with my projects.

    Acting; I get really into it. I am currently working on a Joker coseplay, and getting into character.
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