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  1. Do you have any items that seem to habitually disappear on you? You KNOW they can't have left the house, and yet they don't seem to be anywhere in it!

    I keep losing my fine-line sharpies, and also my Nintendo DS styluses
  2. Oh my gosh, yes. D<

    The mail key, my chapstick, my lighters, my nail clippers, and my little knife sharpener all like to vanish for unknown reasons.

    That's not including the 89357 things I catch my son stealing/hiding/running away with/destroying.
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  3. Having two little monsters... yes, the rate of things that disappear in this house is devastating.

    I always lose my remotes, my game paddles, any shiny jewelry, keys, FOOD. I LOSE FOOD AND THEN HEAR GIGGLING IN THE BEDROOM. What else... Uh... my pencils for sketching, my horns (only to find one of the kids wearing them), and yeah.

    My house is the fudging wardrobe to Narnia. And oh, I lost the cat once because I accidentally locked him in a closet. T_T;
  4. My Phone

    My glasses

    My wallet/drivers license

    My money




    As you can see, I mostly only lose the very expensive and important things in my life :'( I lose at least one of these each week too...
  5. Pencils / Pens

    Nail clippers

    Hair ties

    3DS styluses (omg so many)

    Socks, but only one from each pair
  6. Pens
    Single earrings
    The occasional sock

    I've stopped losing my chap-stick, but only because I discovered the cat was rolling them under the couch.
  7. Myself sometimes I just loose me o.o

    Make up - I own very little so if it's misplaced I'm beat.

    Lip balm, for sure.

    And I swear I've ticked off some faeries cause I can never find my vaporizer it's always somewhere I forgot that I placed it or moved. It's just about a daily routine.
  8. Amen. O.O My cat likes closets, pantries, cabinets, closed rooms, bookshelves, drawers... oh, and she's black.
    I also once lost my mantis when he flew out of his cage while I was cleaning. I was really sad until that night when he decided to hang out at my lamp, the only bright thing in the house. That was a huge relief.

    Other than that, my fucking spare razor heads. I always buy the ones with two extras, but when it comes time to replace the head I have none.
    Whatever book I want to read at the moment tends to be out of alphabetical order or not on the shelf at all.
    I have a bag of pencils, pens, and markers. I can find anything in under five seconds except for my ONLY fine-line black sharpie. I have medium-line blacks and fine-line blues, but the single fine black requires me to dump the entire thing.
    My dogtags like hiding. They think hide and seek is awesome.
    My favorite tank top finds interesting places to wind up.
    On uniform day my cover likes to fall on the floor and beneath the desk. Every other day of the week it sits quietly on top.
    Oh, and the honey jar. I don't usually want honey, but when I do it's nowhere to be found.
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  9. Socks. just socks. I think the sock monster either loves me or hates me.
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  10. Throw away all of your socks and buy all identical pairs; never search for a missing match again! You may end up with an odd number of socks, but unless that odd number is one, you'll never not have a pair :3
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  11. I'm currently missing a sandal. My kid took it and we just can't find it anymore. Fluffy and I have searched all over the apartment and we have no clue where it could be. Just gone.
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  12. He ate it. I'm telling you. Check his poops to find it.
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  13. I usually put my phone, mp3 player, keys, and glasses (when sleeping) on specific spots. They usually have three spots each where I mainly put them when they're not in use (if they aren't in my pocket). But every now and then they seem to be taking an unexpected walk and suddenly I can't find them for hours. And I run around searching the whole house, anxious like hell. Usually I find them in the bathroom, which obviously always have to be the last place I'm searching in. Other times it's in my jeans pockets because I forgot to take them out after I changed pants and didn't notice.

    With the keys though it's usually my mom's fault. I have a specific place for them downstairs, and sometimes she changes that place so that they're hanging with the jackets. And we have such dark jackets so you can't see the damn lace the keys are hanging in, so even when I think about searching there I often don't find them during the first search, and then I panic and run around the house before I go back to the jackets and find my keys there... THANKS A LOT MOM! Then of course it happens that I forget them in the bathroom too, usually after having taken a shower and emptied my pockets before it.

    But then there's those things that disappears and never reapers.
    Pencils... Always pencils! And needles.
  14. The only logical conclusion is that your kid is a wizard.
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  15. Cleaning cloth for my glasses, brush, and even umbrellas. Umbrellas disappear into my car only to be forgotten.
  16. If I write down a note of something to remember is is bound to be gone the next day.....
  17. My homework. Seriously I don't even know what the hell happens to it. I had a homework folder once, (note once) it literally had all of my assignments in it. For every class. I did homework one night in my room and left it on my desk. It was never seen again.

    Seriously stuff just disintegrates on me and its really annoying
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  18. Hats. I have a curse when it comes to hats, I always seem to lose them. It's weird, I must've lost like 10 of them, all in this house. And yet I can never find them, they're here somewhere though.
  19. Glasses- I usually keep it next to my pillow every night. My mom says it's unsafe and I could break my glasses so I put them on my nightstand. Every morning they disappeared and are under my bed. So I keep them next to my pillows now >:D

    stories I wrote- I have tons of stories I had written and I placed them in a binder since organization is important in my family. I swear I lost a 3 inch binder somewhere in my room and the stories come back under my dresser. I believe there is a story gnome in my room but not sure yet.

    artwork I made- Same thing like stories. I keep them in one place and each of them slowly disappear, except they appear in some random spot in my house.

    sweet tarts- Yeah I don't get why out of all the candy I may get this one gets lost and I find it in a box. WHY U DO DIS CANDY FAIRY >A<

    jewelry- Yep had a pair of pearl earrings, don't know where they went. Well until I saw my mom wear them.

    cellphone- An every day occurrence. It's either in my purse, the car or in the kitchen. If not there then I wait until my mom finds it. She always move it.

    Out of all of this it's either because of my mom or some creature that moves things in the night.
  20. My "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" t-shirt, which pisses me off to no end because it is my favorite shirt.
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