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    Welcome to the Wasteland!

    The bombs fell. The world burned. Humanity… survived. 227 years after the Great War, mankind, splintered by radiation, thrives in remote settlements across the post-nuclear landscape.

    Welcome to the Wasteland— where everything and its mother wants you dead.

    Be sure to click on all the links in the sidebar as you read through the Wasteland Survival Guide!

  • Navigating the Realm

    Roleplay realms are big— seemingly massive —but they can all be broken down into three sections. One main forum and two subforums.

    The Main Forum in Fallout: Requiem consists of:

    • All OOC information pertaining to the realm, roleplays, characters, sign ups and more, including the all-important sticky threads:

      The Wasteland Survival Guide
      An introduction and general overview of the Fallout: Requiem forum.

      Pocket Pip 7000
      Lore pertinent to character creation and general understanding of #canon lore.

      Character Creation
      The DM-approved character sheet, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. overview, and character sheet templates.

      The Wasteland Press
      A quarterly mock-journal publish wherein realm announcements, highlights, and roleplay sparkles will be on display.

      The Wasteland Workshop: Create a Settlement!
      A place to store player-created lore that is welcome to all. Eventually all submissions (with permission) will be integrated into PP7k the Pocket Pip 7000 and expanded upon.

      Lemmy's Vacation Destination Field Guide
      Extraneous but enriching lore, focusing on flora, fauna, beasts, and technology.

    The two subforums in Fallout: Requiem consist of:

    • All of the in-character roleplaying threads, be they gm-dependent, 1x1s, independently ran nation-builders, or anything in between.

      The #canon subforum focuses on rp's connected and built off (expanded) franchise lore

      The #fanon subforum has no IC continuity - any rp classified as apocalyptic is welcome

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    Fallout: Miami
    I Dreamed A Dream

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    It's 2304 and the world is little more than a crisp husk of its former self. A beckoning, veritable wasteland waiting to be rediscovered and explored. Treasures hide beneath the rubble as often as disturbing revelations do, but welcome to the Wasteland- where everything and its mother wants you dead. Here, in the aftermath of total atomic annihilation, every choice has a consequence and every consequence a revelation.

    Fallout: Requiem is an open-world post-nuclear landscape where players and GMs weave together compelling character-driven narratives where plot beats, side quests, and unexpected encounters force the characters to make a choice and then live by those choices.

    While it's debut roleplay A Requiem for Spring will be GM'd by yours truly, the wasteland is open for cohabitation, be they 1x1 stories of love and loss or the heroic tales of a mix-matched gang, Fallout: Requiem is open for everyone who enjoys the apocalypse and stories of the end of times.

  • Realm Guidelines and Expectations

    There's only a few things to keep in mind while enjoyin' your time here in the wasteland:

    • Treat others how you would like to be treated.
      Don't be a dick, help out where you can, and share the love.

    • Keep all OOC threads in the Main Forum.
      The two subforums (#canon and #fanon) are dedicated to in-character roleplaying only.

    • Fallout: Requiem is an autonomous sandbox roleplay.
      Fallout: Requiem is primarily a setting that roleplayers share and create stories within. It is ever growing and evolving, allowing players and gamemasters to create their own pace and their own stories however they wish. It's cultivated for slowpokes, truth be told, as it's DM (@rissa) has a molasses pace but an insatiable taste for the written word.

    • A GM's word is law. Peep Iwaku's thoughts on the matter here and here.
      A GMs word is law and should you not agree with their rulings, finding another roleplay with a GM better fit for your needs may be the answer.

    • Roleplays in #canon are focused on (expanded) franchise lore. Roleplays in #fanon are not.
      #canon lore is continuously growing as new and old players weave their stories across the wasteland and leave marks that future explorers may encounter. Fallout: Requiem tries to be as faithful to the franchise lore as possible, including all the wacky and weird potentialities we've seen in the games, so read the lore and experiment!

      Even if it doesn't end up fitting into #canon lore, the #fanon subforum provides the space for the whackiest and weirdest of creations - including roleplays that sit outside of Fallout's franchise and aesthetic. As long as it's an "end of the world" or "apocalyptic" idea, the roleplay has a home in the #fanon subforum.

    • While the setting is dark and depressive, you don't have to be!
      The setting is innately dark, violent, and oppressive. The themes herein are often those of the most extreme. Apathy. Survival. Violence. This is absolutely encouraged, but keep in mind that Fallout: Requiem does not have a Redstar or Bluestar Bedroom, meaning none of the threads within this realm should be focused on sexual content.

      As mentioned here, the rare sex scene (in spoilers) between people in the same age group is fine, so keep your spicy content to a minimum even in private 1x1s! If the need arises, contact @rissa or another mod for a thread re-homing ceremony.

      With that said, for anyone concerned about writing out violent and disturbing scenes, peep the banned roleplay content here. Iwaku, as well as the realm's DM, values the freedom of expression and that includes allowing heavy topics to be explored. The rule of thumb I'd like everyone to keep in mind is that 'explicit' scenes should be wrapped in spoilers. This chiefly refers to smut, but it could also apply to a particularly vivid and graphic scene. Use your best judgement and be open to altering content if necessary.

  • The Wasteland is a wild place...

    So let's organize it! Here's what those pretty little rectangles mean:

    - This thread is open for sign ups and new players

    - This thread is closed to new players and sign ups

    - This thread contains extraneous information, lore, or character details

    - This thread contains lore, be it realm provided, gm-dependent or player-created

    - This thread contains need-to-know information; GMs should use sparingly

    - This thread contains out-of-character chit chat

    - This is a roleplay thread with minimal sign up requirements - GM DEPENDENT

    - This thread contains 'data' like character sheets and bonus content

    - This thread contains roleplay connections, be it 1x1 or group plots

    - This thread contains information regarding an event taking place in the realm

    - This is a roleplay thread between two people

    - This is a roleplay thread with three or more people

    - This is a "jump-in and write!" roleplay thread - GM DEPENDENT

    - This thread contains additional content relating to an rp, IC or OOC

    - This thread contains a newsletter highlighting tidbits from across the realm


    Realms can be big and confusing at first, but the more you poke around the more familiar you'll become. It's important to remember that Fallout: Requiem caters to current and future GM's, as well as roleplayers who delight in the wasteland - so be sure to read through every thread, as players and GM's may use prefixes in ways outside of what's depicted here.

    Prefixes are colorful tags displayed before a thread's title.

    They can be chosen when creating a thread and afterwards, by selecting "edit thread" from the 'more options' menu above the very first post. More than one prefix can be applied as well! These prefixes show what a thread is for and you can easily filter through them by selecting a prefix within the main forum.

    The prefixes within Fallout: Requiem were chosen and curated to be multipurpose, due to the Realm limitation. Some are recognizable and some are completely new to the site! Some of the prefixes are quite interchangeable (Quest Marker, Expedition, and DLC) and some are meant to signify at-a-glance communication (Open, Closed, OOC, 1x1), so don't worry about choosing the "wrong" one! Choose what makes the most sense and have fun!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is there a word count/limit here?
      While this is GM-dependent at the end of the day, as long as you're giving something to reply to, I don't care how long or short your posts are! Quality over quantity everyday.

    • How do I figure out which threads are active and actively soliciting new players?
      Prefixes are the quickest way to figure out a threads status, as would asking around the Discord!

    • Can I roleplay in multiple #canon threads?
      Yep, just keep in mind the established continuity within #canon threads; the same character can't be in two roleplays that take place in the same season on opposite sides of the country or even north / south Florida.

    • If I have a lore submission (quest hub, faction, etc.) where do I put it when I'm done?
      To "submit" lore to the realm you can make a thread, prefix it appropriately, and link it in the Workshop. You can also post right in the workshop if that's more to your taste as well!

  • Irradiating Admiration

    At the core of this realm is the Fallout franchise, the nuclear post-apocalyptic wasteland that we've all come to kow

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Fallout: Miami

- lore redux / additions / code edits + image repairs in requiem
- finish mojave opener + the graphics that go with it
- move bliss along a bit to reset momentum
- decide if i can join shovelhead


Age: 29
Height: 6'3"in / 191cm
Five Words: Loyal. Vengeful. Angry. Paranoid. Lucky.
Prior to Kidnapping:


Strength: ■■
Dexterity: ■■■
Stamina: ■■■
Charisma: ■
Manipulation: ■■
Composure: ■■
Intelligence: ■■
Wits: ■■■
Resolve: ■■■■

Health: [ ■■■■■■ ] - ( [X] indicates Aggravated Damage, [/] indicates Superficial Damage)
Willpower: [ ■■■■■■ ] ( [X] indicates Aggravated Damage, [/] indicates Superficial Damage)
Humanity: ■
Hunger: ■


[Athletics] [Specialisation]: ■■■
[Brawl][Specialisation]: ■■
[Craft] [Specialisation]: ■■
[Drive] [Specialisation]: ■
[Larceny] [Specialisation]: ■
[Melee] [Specialisation]: ■■
[Survival] [Specialisation]: ■■■
[Animal Ken]:
[Insight] [Specialisation]: ■■
[Intimidation] [Specialisation]: ■
[Streetwise] [Specialisation]: ■
[Academics] [Specialisation]: ■
[Awareness] [Specialisation]: ■■■
[Investigation] [Specialisation]: ■■
[Medicine] [Specialisation]: ■
[Science] [Specialisation]: ■

[Discipline]: ■
[Discipline Description]
[Merit]: ■
[Flaw]: ■
[Merit]: Lifelike ■ Has a heartbeat, can eat food, and enjoy sexual activities. Most medical checks reveal nothing, as long as it's during the night.
[Flaw]: Twilight Presence ■ Mortals don't want to be around them and even other Kindred find them more unpleasant than other thin-bloods. Lose one die from Social pools involving others except for other thin-bloods who can adjust to their strange demeanor.

  • [Sample]
Chronicle Goal:
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Launch Pack (DLC)

Everyone makes their own way in the wastes... Which is yours?

While executing launch pack codes, choose which option suits your needs the best.

⬤ ⭘
@username @username
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⬤ ⭘
@username @username

⭘ ⬤
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There's only one thing you want and it's that gyatt dang lore.

@username @username
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@username @username
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    Drifts Among Stars


    Ship Specs

    Starship Name: UNSC Succor Drifts Among Stars

    Ship Classification: (Former) UNSC Tug

    Crew Count: ( 8 / 5 )

    List of Notable Crew:

    - Collins Cordova (Pilot)
    - Drifts Like A Wave (Engineer)
    - Mina Espejo (Mate)
    - Leshe 'Kuntakai (Mate)
    - Song Singh (Deckhand)
    - (Open for 2-3 more)

    Weapon Armament: N/A


    - 2 Pelicans (1 functional, 1 still in repair)
    - 2 Bumblebee-class Escape pods (1 remaining)
    - 1 S-2 TC Transporter (forklift)
    - 2 Mongooses

    Cargo Bay: Consists mostly of food, water, and salvaged goods (presumably) worth trading. Rations should hold out for another three months if no further supply runs are made. Only a small armory exists: an amalgamation of personal and/or issued items and armaments scavenged from desolate vessels and battlefields.


    Era: During Human-Covenant War

    - Engine Suite: 9
    - Sensor Suite: 9
    - Power Generation Compartment: 9
    - Electronic Systems: 9
    - Faster-Than-Light: 9

    Secondary/Exotic Systems: N/A

    A defect or rather a mistake gave rise to the UNSC Succor— a fleet tugboat solely focused on relief. "Accidentally" built with no armament casings and an even larger Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine than the UNSC Dunedin, it's dominating (and sole) skill is rushing in and rushing away with crippled allies. It took years and the right captain and pilot to prove it, but by the end of the Human-Covenant War the little gimmick of a spaceship had saved the lives of thousands. Civilian, soldier, and alien alike. The Succor became something of a fable amongst new recruits and those drug to safety by the zealous tiny tug continue to tell tales of the brazen orange-and-green vessel. And yet there were thousands still that waited, helplessly; crippled ships in the thrall of chaos that would never find relief. Doomed to wait out their final moments with a hope that would never come.

    The Succor would find a similar fate.

    In its final hour, the UNSC Succor waited, foolishly, for aid that would never come.

    Eventually, it would be reborn as Drifts Among Stars, a faded green-and-orange tugboat willing to do just about anything to keep itself afloat. The squirrely ship and her crew are known now to steal as often as they aid, regardless of factions and alliances and species, and regardless of what they can get in return, as well as taking on scavenging jobs of almost every kind. Longstanding trade partners and business prospects are perhaps one of the rare few who see beyond the veil of chaos and take note of the cracked spirits within, just trying to survive in this new era of the galaxy.

    - Bridge
    - Engine Room
    - Cargo Bay
    - Dry Storage
    - Galley
    - Captain's Room
    - Chief Eng. Room
    - Crew Rooms, 3 bed per (2)


    Crew Notes

    Fortune Favors Fools.

    Species: Human (3), Huragok, Sangheili

    Subspecies: Spartan III Gamma Company > Operations​

    Currency: Collectively, ~ 12,300 cR // ~ 5,600 in tradable goods

    "The monsters in our valley were destroyed that day. Only a very few survived. But that was all right, because we didn't need monsters anymore. We had become them." — K.A. Applegate

    Bio —


    It wasn't a blind jump.

    It wasn't a blind jump, but neither of the pilots aboard the newly reinstated UNSC Succor accounted for the possibility of passing through another slipstream that was calculated blindly. Halfway (or somewhere nearabout) through the jump ships in separate slipstreams collided, causing a bedlam of confusing destruction in its wake. The Succor arrived near its intended zone (though a million or so kilometers away) along with most in its small fleet tasked with salvaging what could be salvaged from the outer colonies while Covenant space burned and Insurrectionists rebelled further from the UEG.

    None of that mattered though, for when they exited the slipstream their engines were in complete disrepair, crew gone— completely, not a trace to be found or half-dead; gouged or crushed or splayed thin by the anomalous interaction in higher dimensions. There were only a few survivors between the five ships, just enough to cram the tiny tugboat full. It was the least damaged and could probably hobble it's way to Concord, their supposed base of operations. Except no answer came when they called for assistance and the engines, while in the best shape of the five, still took awhile to fully repair.

    Before they could reach anyone Covenant bloodhounds were on their wreckage and they could do nothing but fight their way through. More died, dwindling the core crew to what it is now, but the few that remained stayed in disbelief; in loyalty and comfort of that experience and the fight that followed immediately after. They serve themselves and each other, sometimes the rare stranger that looks extra pitiful or the orphan boy too dexterous with a lockpick tool. They exist in a tiny metal shell drifting amongst the stars, barely aware of the outside world that neglected them in their time of need.

    In the four years since the Incident, the ship affiliated with the UEG and UNSC disappeared, reborn as Drifts Among Stars in honor of the Engineer that kept her drifting when all was lost. A return to norm was considered two years ago when Drifts Among Stars fell into old habits and made a name for itself in the outer colonies by tugging ships around Created-controlled space. A revival would have been in order, perhaps, if not for the Infinity's resounding demise. Now, with everyone and their mother vying for control over the galaxy, those aboard Drifts Among Stars just want to survive— thrive, be apart of the galaxy that's sweet with jobs and trade stuff and perhaps the random dogfight.

    Character Roster

    Collins Cordova
    The failure in a long line of prodigy's, Collins Cordova is the third of five children, all of whom went on to join the UNSC. He failed the ODST training his mother and brothers breezed through and didn't have the constitution to follow after his sisters in the medical and scientific fields. Still, the urge to serve propelled him forward and he became a pilot in the air force, serving under the late Jessamine Succor. It was she who taught him all he knows and he wonders in the dead of night how far he has fallen to drift among the stars betwixt metal walls they once shared meals and memories.

    Skills: High spatial awareness. Decisive. Impulsive. Afraid of heights. Memorization.

    Equipment: A now-shabby set of standard issued teal-toned camouflage air force fatigues and equipment.

    Personal Items: A picture of his family and a well-hidden stash of spirits and cigars.

    Drifts Like A Wave
    Stationed aboard the vessel upon its creation in 2535, the Huragok known as Drifts Like A Wave (or "Drifts" for short) has spent the time since happily maintaining the tugboat. When the Incident happened in 2556 Drifts was (admittedly, inadvertently) instrumental in the escape from Covenant forces as he saved Cordova's life, stabilized life-support, and eventually repaired both engines and the translight drive.

    Skills: Best damn engineer on this side of the galaxy. I won't humor the haters. Those prone to motion sickness will think him insufferable.

    Equipment: None.

    Personal Items: None, though he's particularly fond of the corner in the engine room where the late Chief of Engineers created a synthesizing station for the sugary nutrient paste they came to understand the Huragok like.

    Mina Espejo
    A washed out Gamma Spartan the UNSC is more than likely glad to see the last of — like a blazing comet, Mina Espejo rode the high of her life, adapted to the inevitable and thrived in the high stakes environment of Spartan life. She lived for teammates. She lived for the thrill. It took her too long to realize the damage to her frontal lobe, to her overreliance on Smoothers. By the time she was integrated into the new Spartan Operations branch her overly aggressive nature began to overshine her performance in the field. What she thought was redemption in the form of an off-the-books mission turned out to be an albatross.

    Skills: Competitive. Incredibly durable and strong. Prone to aggression and violent outbursts when not medicated. Deduction.

    Equipment: Mark II SPI armor, MA5K carbine, various standard-issued Spartan equipment.

    Personal Items: An old coin and a journal filled with a hasty hand.

    Leshe 'Kuntakai
    It was poor timing and a bad deal of fate that brought 'Kuntakai aboard the UNSC Succor, though she doesn't truly regret the decision. Stemming from a clan that believed humans had earned their right into the Covenant, it was with little hesitancy that she and her family joined the alliance of keeps upheld by Arbiter Thel 'Vadam. While she can defend herself against the likes of an unarmored Mina, her skillset wholly revolves around curiosity, charismatic dominance, and a silver tongue strong enough to get whatever she wants.

    Skills: Diplomatic. Politically savvy. Arrogant. Insensitive. Intelligent. Observant.

    Equipment: Rumors. Secrets. The (not exact) whereabouts of buried Forerunner tech.

    Personal Items: A copy of her clan's bloodline, though admittedly now useless. Her father's energy sword, which she is too afraid to use and keeps hidden in her trunk, in additional to an excessive amount of tunics.

    Song Singh
    Song met the core crew when they both decided to loot the same ransacked building. He'd seen them come in and he nearly fled, but a curiosity struck him and he stuck to the shadows... until a gun was nudging him in the back and out into the open. The outer colony world they were on was new to him as well, a refugee of more places than years he'd seen alive and by this point, completely alone. It didn't take long to see the upside in a new arrangement, albeit one more dangerous. It's been roughly seven months since he joined the ragtag crew aboard Drifts Among Stars and he's finally starting to break out of his shell.

    Skills: Lockpicking. Whistling. Paranoid. Fidgety. Creative.

    Equipment: Lockpicking tools. A small knife he mostly uses to cut wires.

    Personal Items: A medium-sized canvas bag he's overly protective of. It holds all of his essentials and is the only thing he has left of his mom outside of a small, carved stone he wears on a chain around his neck.


    Miscellaneous Logs

    beepboop.... /// retrieving logs
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