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  1. So. This is an unprofessionally written forum for a story I thought of when I watched this one Japanese music video thing. It was called Monochrome Dream Eater. It's about this mysterious demon type fellow who finds this girl whom he grants wishes for, and finally she wishes for a dream world-Her context meaning that the world becomes perfect in every way, his context, she is sent into eternal slumber and now lives in her dreams. That's the end of the song. So basically the story would be about that dream land, which also holds a nightmare for her. Kinda like Alice in Wonderland for demons and random crazy made-up things. In our version it could be two friends discoverig a strange man-demon who grants wishes and then all the stuff happens, unless you wanna just be someone from the dream world. The demons are kinda the same concept as Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist(which would also inspire a few ideas now that I think of it) except maybe more pale with horns and stuff. Human form, pointy ears, tail, horns, ect. I'm thinkin the place is kinda in the Gothic like fashion/age.