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  1. Welcome to Study Hall!

    This thread is an area for use of our Academy's Study Buddies program!

    So what the heck does that mean, you ask?

    Glad you asked! You can use this space for any of the following purposes.

    1. Looking for an RP partner. If you want to hook up with someone to RP with, this is the place for you! Feel free to specify what "subject" you're interested in.

    2. Comparing notes and sharing tips. No official Mentoring is needed; if you have something to share or just a quick question, post here!

    3. Ask for constructive criticism. Do you have a character or RP or even a specific post that you're looking for feedback on? Share it here for your classmates' opinions!

    4. Find people to help test run a character. Have a character but uncertain about how well you can play them? Ask here for members to help you give them an unofficial trial run.

    5. Discuss the Workshops and Writing Exercises. Have any ideas, questions, or comments? Want to see what other people have thought of for a particular exercise? Chat away to your heart's content!

    Currently Seeking a Study Buddy!

    Multiple Roleplayer
  2. okay, so i would deffinetly like a partner... not much to choose from though... looks around stumped and alone*
  3. :D I'm looking for a partner! Anyone wanna RP with me?

    It's so hard to find a new partner sometimes :U
  4. If Rainpan and Pork Buns are still looking for study buddies, one of them should PM the other!
  5. I'd like a partner too ^^; sort of been thinking of making a paranormal/supernatural sort of rp, but I've never done one before, so I want to test it out.
  6. I'd love an rp partner! My interests often chance when it comes to rping, but I'm currently into demons right now. Real beastly demons, not those cutesy anime demons or those scrawny bishi demons.
  7. I'm looking for someone who would like to do Male/Male rps.
  8. i would like to find a partner
  9. Hey im looking for a partner i just wanna learn how to role-play better i don't care about plot or scenario just a partner who could teach me and give honest criticism :)

    Thanks Death
  10. Would like a partner in fantasy. I love dragons, large cats, fairies and the like. Will do group threads as well as one on one.
  11. I'm looking for a partner too. Possibly something modern...
  12. Can I be your partner Lynzy?
  13. I'm looking for a partner who is willing to do a short story (approximately 500 words or more) once a week with a theme. Then we can trade the story and provide constructive feedback to one another.
  14. Hi, I'm a total noob to pretty much everything. Ive been told by a friend that I should find a partner here. Also that friend said that I suck at mature so I should find someone to teach me :-/. Anybody want to help me out and tell me if I'm any good?
  15. Sure I will partner with you if you still like TheAvatarPrince, what do you have in mind?
  16. So, I guess I'm still a noob at rp. So I just want a partner to rp with me and give some criticism. I don't have a plot in mind but I do like secret world kind of stuff, such as gov't conspiracies and secret demons and magic and stuff that's held in modern times. Although I prefer that I wouldn't mind doing anything else as long as it's not horror. If you would like to be my partner just send me a PM
  17. i need an role playing buddy too.
  18. I am looking for RP partners to share ideas with to create an awesome RP. I am new to this site but not new to the aspect of roleplaying, and I would like to start out with a roleplay preferably pertaining to Haunting Ground. I am flexible though, and can really get into a really good fantasy RP if 'Gaming Roleplays' or "Fandom Roleplays' aren't really your thing. If you wish to help break in someone new to this forum, please let me know so that we can start collaborating some ideas together!I am usually very dedicated in my roleplays and can post very often. Posts vary from a few paragraphs to as long as one would wish to read in one sitting per posting. I will accept just about anything, and am very comfortable with God moding. If you wish to jump on board with an RP based on Haunting Ground, please have decent knowledge of the game.No furries and the like, please. I am relatively shy and sometimes it takes me a while to become comfortable enough in the skin of my character(s) to get an RP going.Thank you for your consideration and I hope to make a beautiful RP with you.
  19. I'm looking for someone to test my beautiful rainbow of characters... So perhaps I'm looking for several buddies unless someone wants to test them all.
  20. I would very much like an RP partner. However, be warned that almost all my characters are guys. If that does not suit your interest, I apologize. If it does, you should PM me.
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