RECURRING Studio Wolf: Cherry Blossom Concert - Thursday March 24th @ 2pm to 5pm Central

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Studio Wolf is a struggling production company hoping to debut the next generation of pop and rockstars! Up until now they've never had success (to be honest most of their talent is kind of terrible), but finally one of their bands has caught on with a hot single! Solitude Winter is sure to be the best rock band yet.

During it's debut celebration party, some drugged up manager mistook three girls as the famously mediocre pop band CHRONICLE - one of which ended up being Youtube sensation Serendipity Starlight, the other actually being the super famous WING. (Of course the third is a total nobody that is now a mochi meme all over the internet. The Studio was purchased that night to cover up WING's true identity, especially after the mishandled arrests in the suspicion of Chronicle's murder?! And since then every time Studio Wolf hosts a party at the building, something TERRIBLE has happened!

Many believe the Studio Wolf building must be cursed, but that hasn't stopped them from trying to promote the BEST musical talent in all of Japan. (It just means they need to host their events elsewhere!) Come by the Cherry Blossom Festival (SPONSORED BY STUDIO WOLF) to see some of your favorite stars and enjoy in the spring festivities!


WHO: Everyone is invited! Character Bios/Pics are not required, but totally encouraged! Post 'em if you got 'em.

WHAT: Set in the Macho Cafe universe this is an "anime" style roleplay. You can play some of the talent Studio Wolf, an employee, an employee's family member, or a guest to the studio there for a "tour of the remolded biz"! Do not play a supernatural character!

WHERE: Join us in the STUDIO WOLF chat room. You'll find the link to our chats in the CHAT tab when it's time to play.

HOW: This is a SOCIAL SETTING WITH IMPROVISATIONAL GAME MASTERING. That means the object of this roleplay is to interact with other characters, and from those interactions I will create a plot and story around you. There may be action moments, where strange events will happen and your characters will have to work together to resolve it. With this ChaRP "lol random" behaviors are discouraged -- what your character says and does will have in game consequences, so choose wisely!

My roleplays are always NEWBIE FRIENDLY so even if you are terrible at roleplay or have never participated in a ChaRP before, this will be easy for you to get involved in. :D Ask questions, let me know when you need help. I often give tips and direction out of character in the main chat room when people need a little direction.


Try to show up a good 10 to 15 minutes before the ChaRP is to begin. That way you can read up on any important info, and it makes it easier for your GM to know how to start off the ChaRP when there's a head count.

Don't worry if another player is doing something similar to your idea. DO IT ANYWAY! Similarities and things in common happen in real life too. Everyone also plays differently, so two characters who are both "sweet and shy" will still end up being totally unique people. Two assassins could create a fun and interesting conflict!

Talking to other players about their character before the roleplay is a GREAT way to create connections and background for your own!

Post SHORT AND FAST. Charps are very quick pace and contain a LOT of players. Players can't wait 20 minutes for you to write a wall of text, and if there's too much text they won't be able to read it fast enough and will MISS details. If it takes you longer than two minutes to type your post, you are taking too long and might get lost in the action. This is an exercise in quick and concise writing!

Make sure your character name is mentioned in every post, close to the start of it if possible. This is especially helpful when there's many players, so we know who is playing what character.

Like in Real Life, a character may not be able to acknowledge or notice your character immediately because they are engaged in doing something else. (For example a new character walking in to the room, but the other characters arguing about muffins and do not see them.) Don't get discouraged if you go can't get someone to interact with you right away. Just keep posting and doing actions with your character, or even approach others who also seem to be idle and it WILL happen.

Do not take events in the roleplay personally or assume that bad reactions are because they think you/your character sucks. Everyone is playing a character and reacting to things as their character would!
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