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  1. Hey guys, I've been thinking about the Studio Ghibli movies I've seen, and was wondering if one of them would make a good rp? Preferably, I'd like to do one based on one of my favorite movies: The Cat Returns, Spirited Away, or Howl's Moving Castle. But I'm sure if someone wanted to do another movie, I'm fine with it. I have two ideas of how the rps would be. One, based on the movie, but possibly with different events or different endings, etc. Or two, Act as original characters and act out how they would act or what they would do when put in the setting and plot of a movie. Sound good to anyone? >w <
  2. OH MY GOD....YES. YES. YES. Freaking out....
  3. Please share your ideas...
  4. I'd love to! Do you have a movie in mind though?
  5. Oh my god I have 3 favs

    Cat's Return Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away I really cant decide lol...
  6. If I had to choose the ones we could do the most with is maybe Cat's Return and Spirited Away.
  7. I agree completely, though its hard to decide,I love both movies. What about the ways to do it. Should we use our own characters in the movie's plot, or just make a different story with the characters?
  8. Maybe have the worlds exactly the same as they were in the movies and have our characters stumble into them or actually get kidnapped

    The Kidnapped idea was for Cats Return like maybe there is another Cat Kingdom and they steal humans to make them into slaves and idk some of the rpers could be Cat royalty or slaves already in the Kingdom and other rpers could be stolen in the night and stuff like that.

    Whats your idea?
  9. Well, if we did go with the kidnapped idea, we could make our characters get taken to the first kingdom by certain things they've done to the aid of cats, and they would be asked to be soldiers to free the enslaved cats/humans. But I'm not sure if everything in that rp would run smoothly... I kinda want this to be more story based than combat based, and if there is a war between kingdoms, too much combat would be involved...

    I just shot down my own idea didn't I? -sigh-
  10. No you didn't honey haha your just a little confused on your idea and to be honest it did seem a little bumpy and confusing.

    If you want Combat based Maybe The Cat Kingdom is going to war with a sort of uncivilized feral clan or kingdom of rival cats who wish to take their territory and the feral cats are kidnapping people and cats from their kingdom and the cats could recruit the help of the humans our rp characters and some of the rpers could be kidnapped and have to fight their way out from the inside?
  11. Nonono, I want it to be story based, not combat based. I don't think having the kidnapping idea is gonna work, the two kingdoms I mean.

    Maybe... we could either have the rpers notice some strange things about the cats around them, and accidentally find out what they really are or like in Haru's case do something nice for a cat. And, as a result, are taken to the kingdom. Then, depended on the rper 's actions, would be before and after the kidnapping, would have things happen...

    The bad thing is we have to take in the other rpers into consideration. I'm so used to one on ones that I'm not sure how to keep something with a lot of people stable. I usually stick to one on ones because the last time I tried to have a group rp, it crashed and burned. Horribly. >. <'

    But I think one reason why I can't think straight is my need for sleep. XD I'll be able to come up with better ideas tomorrow.
  12. I've never been a good GM either...boy ive had some great rps just fall to mush because of my poor leadership skills but hey that was my problem lol.

    I'm not tired so i'll write some more down in my little pad and keep scrolling over the site maybe get some inspiration because late night inspiration is my specialty haha. Night.
  13. Sadly, I am not gifted in such inspiration skills. XD I needs meh beauty sleepz. Hopefully we can make this something great and worth while. G'night.
  14. Hey, I'm up now, but I have some stuff to do today, so I might not be able to reply as soon as I want too. Sorry. :(
  15. Studio Ghibli would make an amazing rp! Unfortunately I have yet to watch the Cat's Return, but it's on my list, I'm still going through all the Ghibli as I was a late comer who hadn't seen any until Spirited Away came out in the early 2000s. I've been going forward since, so I have yet to go backward. But I definitely think Spirited Away and, especially, Howl's Moving Castle would make great rp worlds! I'm partial to Howl only because I've read the books so I know a lot more about it. XD
  16. There were books?!? I feel so noob....
  17. Yeah, almost all anime are based on Mangas. Basically Japanese comic books.
  18. Well, I want the rp to be story based, and possibly involving original charters in the situation of the movie. I'm still not sure to how we shoushould carry it out. :/
  19. Ok so we need to decide on one thing first,

    What world are we basing it on?
  20. Who votes for the cat returns? You should watch it online Imagineer.
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