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  1. What would you do if you were human and the person you fell for was not only your student (this can be changed to teacher) but something mythical? This student (or teacher) could easily outlive you by a few thousand years but that won't stop you from trying to be with them. This student has also seen thing you haven't. They have seen various historical wars and probably has even participated in them. They may look young in appearance but mentally, they're very old.

    Since I have next to no male characters, I will only be looking for male characters. I want only long term RP buddies only. I don't want to drop the RP after so many posts.
    My set of rules:
    • No one liners. I refuse to RP with you if you're just going to do one liners. A paragraph or two will be fine.
    • Help contribute to the RP. Meaning, please don't be afraid to bring an idea up.
    • Post at least a few times a day please.
    • Give me a heads up if you won't be on at a certain time or day.
    • Don't be rude. I can come back at you with a terrible attitude and I won't hold my words back.
    • Don't force an action on a character.
    • And please do not rape a character
  2. And still looking.
  3. Annnnnnnnnd still looking
  4. I really liked your idea, but there is this problem I am just used to FxF romance. I could try to play the male but I don't if it would be really good.
  5. All you can do is try lol I'm not the greatest at playing male characters either but I try.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.