Student and mentor

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  1. // Ongoing roleplay. One on One. Message me if you would like to participate. No foot fetishes. Must be okay with short replies.

    *15 year old Jill looked very nervous as her 18 year old student mentor pulled her closer to her. she looked up into her eyes, her voice soft and shaky* "A...are you sure about this..? I don't want to get you in trouble..." *though Jill was unexprienced, the truth was she wanted this very much. ever since they had met at the biginning of the school year, there had been a strong attraction between them. Jill had been nervous of it as she had never been attracted to another girl before but over time she came to relize that it was very real. still though she was a minor and the other was 18. she could end up getting her into serious trouble. could she really take that risk?*

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