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  1. There's a war outside. Four complete strangers(two female, two male) have found refuge in an empty house. The windows and doors are barricaded but no one knows how long they will hold. They're stuck together with a potential apocalypse outside. How will these strangers survive?
    There is a crash of thunder outside and the room lights uppity the following lightning. One of the strangers stands up and addresses the others...
  2. "We need to find a way out of here." Marina spoke up, standing in front of the other. She knew no good could come from the being huddled with each other, scared shit-less. This just gave them a greater chance of being found and, quite possibly, killed. "This barricade isn't going to hold for much longer." She pointed out, wrapping her arms around herself. "We need to find some place bigger, with some supplies. Any suggestions?" She asked, staring down at the others.
  3. A lanky boy with dark hair that grew over most of his face scoffed at Marina's little speech. "Yeah right, we all need to get some supplies and escape. So that we can get killed in whatever's going on outside. That's sure to go well" everyone in the tight room turned to him. He was around 18 years old but definitely the most experienced ing the room. "Listen, it's a big house, I say we find beds and stay here for the night. Even if we do escape it's better if we do in daylight." He didn't know any of the people he was trapped with but, he was trapped with them and he wasn't going to let them kill themselves.
    The youngest in the room, was a girl who looked about 14. He glanced at her as she cowered in the corner jumping every time the thunder rumbled
    "Can we all just promise not to leave tonight?" He looked around the room for support and received nothing but blank faces. "My names Greg by the way." His eyes rested on Marina. "And if you want to live you'll stay the night."
  4. Orion took the kitchen table and stacked it long side up in front of the boarded up window. He knew that it would offer little to no protection at all but it was a barrier none the less and better than nothing at all. He surveyed the rest of the room looking for anything, anything that could possibly serve to be of use to them. One moment he was sitting outside contemplating why people felt it was absolutely necessary to try to race a car across the street on a green light than the next he was running for his life from... what? He didn't know what the hell was going on but he had been able to make it to this house. whoever had lived here had clearly taken off in the chaos. And he wasn't even alone about three others had taken refuge here too.

    "We need to find a way out of here. This barricade isn't going to hold for much longer. We need to find some place bigger, with some supplies. Any suggestions?" He turned around to see a girl. One of the three others. He had to admire how she was not just sitting in a corner crying and losing her mind, he could work with her for now at least. "We can't go out the front that'll just get us killed. We should search this house for anything that might be able to help us like lighters, knives, any type of food. We don't know how long this'll go on. I think we should find a flashlight, turn off all the lights and then think of a way out once we've collected anything we might need so that we don't attract any attention that could get us killed."