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  1. "Guys!" Taylor yelled into the nice sized house he shared with four of his friends, "I got my arm stuck in the stairs, again." Taylor was very small and thin, and the rails of the stairs were very close together. Most people couldn't get their arms between them in the first place. Taylor had once again realized that he left his phone on the stairs and instead of going around to go up and get it, he just reached through the rails.
    So now, his arm was stuck and he couldn't get it out.
    Taylor was adopted from China when he was six months old by a fairly wealthy family. He struggled with ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia through school but he never let it get him down. Taylor is constantly smiling--well, almost constantly. When he's mad or sad, he's very open with his emotions.
    "Guys!" He called, his voice a whine. His arm was starting to hurt and he was getting annoyed. Maybe they just needed to take out all of the stair railings or something because this wasn't fun.
    [ Cursing is fine.
    No incest if that becomes a possibility.
    Romance is fine but fade to black when chiz gets explicit.
    Feel free to double.
    Any literacy.
    Charrie ages 18+
    Try to put your character in a position where they are paid attention to and not just out of the way, then causing you get mad that we aren't paying attention to them.
    If you join, I will love you for forever.]
  2. Ricko called from the kitchen where he was prepping himself a fat ham sandwhich made with mustard, mayo, onions, lettuce and pickles.

    "Ha! Straw-boy got caught again!"

    The man walked out with his sandwhich, pulling out a piece of cut onion that poked from inside and slurped it up with mustard sauce flicking everywhere. He was average; blonde short hair combed upwards in the front, light scruff around his oval face. His favorite outfits were sweaters and jeans, occassionally tees or jackets. Whatever worked.

    He munched on his sandwhich, staring at his friend with a glint of mischief at his predicament.
  3. "I will bite you when I get out of here!" Taylor threatened, "This hurts. Come on, Ricko--please? I won't bite you if you help me out. Unless you want me to, I guess. . . It's kind of kinky but you're sort of hot so I wouldn't mind. But I get to pick where I bite you at. Wait--that's not the point, is it? No. . . it's not. The point is please get me out of here and stop eating that sandwich until you do and make sure that there isn't any mustard or mayo on your hands because that stuff is nasty."
  4. A yawn came from upstairs, a voice that could pass for either a boy or a girl's voice. What confirmed the person going down the stairs was a young boy, just out of his teens and high school, but he was confusing anyway. He had on loose black pajama pants, but the strange part was his top. It was an overly large light blue bunny hoodie. His hair was dark brown and down to his neck, even with how curly it was, and his eyes were a brilliant hazel. This boy, Jen, walked down the stares. Even his name could be considered confusing He looked to Taylor and then the phone and then to Ricko. "You're both idiots..." He knelt down and grabbed the cellphone, putting it in Taylor's hand and then prying the bars apart just barely with his weak strength so Taylor could get free. He then walked towards the kitchen, stretching and getting a glass of pink lemonade. Jen confused many people about his gender, but he didn't care.
  5. "Thanks, Jen!" Taylor called after him, cradling his arm to his chest and shooting a glare at Ricko. He headed down the stairs the rest of the way, trying to remember what he had wanted his phone for in the first place but failing to do so. He honestly just couldn't remember, he had gotten too distracted with getting his arm stuck, "Hey--wait. . . I'm not an idiot! That's mean. It was an accident. I didn't think that I would get stuck last time. Plus I just lost four pounds so that's another reason I didn't think I would get stuck. That's logical reasoning, I'm a genious."
  6. Jen walked back out of kitchen, looking to Taylor while drinking out of his heart-covered cup. The one that if anyone else touched it, Jen would kill them. He shook his head. "We need to get rid of those bars... I'll get an axe tomorrow..." He walked back into the kitchen, gulping down the last of his milk and putting the cup in the sink. He then grabbed a slice of bread, heading back up the stairs. He stopped at the top of the stairs, turning and looking down at Ricko and Taylor. "I have work this afternoon. Just so you idiots know." He then went to his room. He'd never told any of them what his job was, and he would always change the subject whenever it was brought up. He kept his job an absolute secret.
  7. Ulric waltzed into the living room, smiling and carrying a box of cake.

    "Guys, I have caaaaaake~" he hollered, unable to contain his excitement. His teachers gave to the class, and he swiped it before anyone could get hold of it.

    Ulric was 19 years young, and has long silky black hair and mysterious eyes in the most stunning shade of purple. He was tall and slender, and a little bit feminine-looking. He usually is a happy-go-lucky person, and usually worries about nothing in particular.

    He sat on the couch, leaving the cake on the coffee table.
  8. A lighthearted chuckle came from Ricko as he stared at "Straw-boy" get free and the other roommate, crabby as usual, go on his daily business. Oh well, more t.v. time for him!

    What was left of the sandwhich had since been devoured, the sauce licked off of various fingers. His expression only became more entertained as he eyed the cake resting on the table. He DID favor cake. The man questioned to the kleptomanic Ulric as to what kind it was, sticking a finger out swipe a lick of frosting.

    "You know, guys, we need to do something about Straw-boy getting stuck. I cant always be around to rescue him when I am in the middle of making food."

    A cheeky smile quirked on Rickos face as he obviously set a trap for Taylor to fall into. Watching him react was fun.
  9. Taylor huffed, walking past Ricko and whacking him upside the head.

    "Don't call me Straw-boy," He grumbled, sitting down, "That's not my name and I'm not made of straw. I know this because horses do not try to eat me ever and that is good because being eaten alive by horses would be a really shitty way to die and now I feel bad for straw so thank you very much for that and I'm going to hide all of the food in the house and not let you ever eat any of it. So there."
  10. "It's not frosting," he replied to Ricko, putting on a serious face. "It's the dandruff of the teachers scalps." Immediately he laughed. "I'm just jokiiiing~"

    Ulric turned to Taylor, his purple eyes glinting with amusement at his comment on Ricko's nickname for him. Then he remembered he swiped something from the pharmacy on his way back home. "Guess what Tay-Tay," he singed, holding something in his pocket. "I got a present for your unbirthday!!" He smiled widely.
  11. John was out early that day as he normally was during in the week, it was natural for him as he worked nights and slept during the day "Whats going on in here? You get stuck in the railings again or something Taylor?" He grinned and hung his leather jacket up before sitting down next to them and putting his feet up on the coffee table
  12. He looked at his phone and then at the house and sighed, He climbed out of his mustang and set foot on the floor. He looked at the house again and stood up, His red cap backward holding his crimson hair out of the way of his matching crimson eye's. His attire always consisted of a khaki colored pants that didn't fit to tight and a sleeveless shirt of different colors and words, He normally wore a hat and in the colder temperature he would wear a black hoodie or red. His shoes were always Skate shoes since he likes to go skating often. He was the typical looking douche bag but he wasn't a douche bag he was a good person and alot of people respected him because that. Xao Mitsugen was his name and yes he was Japanese with a name like that people didn't believe him but his parents were definatly not thinking when they named him. He walked up to the door and knocked on it a few times in a rhythmical pattern stating that it was him, He new the boys for a while and often chilled with them like family.
  13. Ulric set aside Taylor's present on the living room and turned to John.

    "Uh uh uh Johnny! Don't put your feet up on the table! The cake's gonna be sad!" He said while bringing John's feet to the floor and wiping the coffe table with baby wipes he took casually from the nearby store. In addition being a kleptomaniac, he was slightly a clean freak.
  14. John laughs "That one of your 'amazing' cakes again?" Putting the emphasis on the amazing, he stretches his legs out infront of him, resting his elbow on the chair and resting his chin on his hand "So what has everyone been up to?"