Stuck With You

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  1. Where the Hell is she...

    Simone pulled out her smartphone, checking the time like she'd been doing at two-minute intervals. Since this was the tenth time, that meant that twenty minutes had gone by without her sister Rebecca showing up or even sending her a text of any kind. Huffing in irritation, the younger sister ran an impatient hand through her hair, which the wind just couldn't seem to leave alone. Everyone else could, though; Simone saw people try to look away from her-mostly obnoxious Freshman who didn't know better. Hell, they probably thought she was Rebecca. Lucky for those squirts I'm not, she mused. It was true, Simone herself could be quite the bully-forcing others to do mundane homework assignments, antagonizing others just because they were there to be antagonized, but Becky was the scary one of the duo. Becky prided herself on her strength, and was not afraid to pull punches if it meant getting what she wanted. And though she was not one for violence, Simone was about ready to kick the crap out her sister if she didn't show up soon.

    Meanwhile, the girl that was causing Simone's chagrin was storming out of her French class. Once again that damned Madamoiselle Monet-Pierce had given her detention for talking in class. "Bitch," Becky muttered, head low in fury. It wasn't her fault that their idiot bimbo of a teacher had stuck her in a seay next to a close friend. Besides, Yesenia was doing most of the talking, and that asshole let her off scot-free! It just made her so angry, and there was probably nothing else that could make her feel any worse today. Of course, if Simone were to give her any grief, well then, that could be taken care of for sure.

    Keeping down Rebecca had not seen the other student, and she crashed into him, falling flat on jer but and spilling her books everywhere. "Damn it!" She yelled, scrambling for them as she turned red with humiliation and rage. Icing on the cake it was, her having to struggle to pick everything up like a dweeb.
  2. Endurance... forget and forgive.

    Just as Tristan was walking casually to his next class. He wasn't looking as he walked, zoning out in thoughts. His figure vanished into the shadow of other people. He listened as people talked and chatted, happily and so easily. Tristan was invisible for majority of the time. People only knew of him as the invisible boy. Sure he was smart, but anti - social. He never bothered people unless he needed to. When ever he tried to make friends, they usually ended up ditching him. His emotions had numbed over the years. He taught himself not to be affected, not to be hurt, not to show weakness on the surface. It was how he survived all of his life. Like a coward.

    Before he knew it, he had crashed into someone. But it wasn't just anyone, it was her. Rebecca. She intimidated him but not as much as her sister. He remembered when they had been friends. When he was teased for hanging around girls. Then they changed and he did too. The smiles and laughter was gone. The childish bliss was gone, swept away like leaves. As if it never existed. However, they were the only two who bothered acknowledging him. They had been cruel but as pathetic as it sounded, at least they were two people who talked to him. Even if it ended up with a slap and verbal insults, he accepted it without a fight.

    He quickly picked up as many books as he could and placed them in her hands. Then he was off, he had no desire in causing a scene or getting punched. Plus he intended to get to class early. As he entered his English class, he found the seat farthest in the corner. Far away in the back. He was silent, listening to the teachers lecture half heatedly. He knew the material and work already, he didn't need to try ... But it never hurt to be a kiss up. Sadly, most of the acquaintances he made were with teachers. Being a kiss up wouldn't hurt, after all, what did Tristan have to lose?
  3. As Rebecca whipped her head around to get a glimpse of the prick who knocked her down, the back of a veru familiar head dashed out of sight. Of course it would be Tristan who would crash into her. That poor little dweeb always had the worst luck, she couldn't help but laugh at that. It just made it so easy to take advantage of that, never failing to humiliate him whenever the chance sprung up. And of course after school she'd take advantage of it again, maybe getting Simone to join in for extra fun. Though she was probably pissed off because Rebecca forgot to mention the detention...oopsies.

    It had honestly always amazed Becky how easily Simone was able to shift away from an old friendship as she grew up. Now it was if she had no qualms about harassing a boy who just became too lame to ever be seen around. But then again, they were practically the same, weren't they? Never shared emotions or feelings with each other, fearless, always willing to fight for what theu wanted. She knew she could count on Simone for just about anything.

    As this all went down, Simone felt herself getting angrier with the passing of time. Becky waa just being an asshole again, wasn't she? One thing she could never count on with Becky was reliability, but she was practically the only one there to count on. It wasn't like she had friends to hang out with-well, she did have friends, but not close friends. Not since...Tristan really. Sometimes she regretted losing his friendship, but he'd become such a loner, maybe it was only time to grow apart. Well, whatever-she couldn't care less. She sighed and headed off to her next class, figuring Becky could go to hell for all she cared. Besides, coming on time would just about surprise everybody.
  4. Tristan was just casually minding his own business at the very back of the room. Then the teacher, that is an old stout women, had decided to call upon him to answer the question. He was a bit caught off guard but he was ready and prepared. Slowly thinking his thoughts through, he pieced together an eloquent answer that got a few students to stare at him with an eye roll while the teacher nodded with a smile. For a moment there, he was proud. Sure he wasn't the most popular or the most talented, but at least he could cover academics within the blink of an eye. For the rest of the period, he listened to her lecture about the greatness in literature. At least that's what he assumed, Tristan was too busy zoning out about his other classes to worry about English.

    By the time the bell rung, he quickly sped out of the door to his next class. Just as he was about to turn the corner and head down into Social studies, the loud speakers had called his name down to guidance. Seemed like no one cared or noticed, it was normal like always. Dodging through the crowd of people, he found his feet speeding down to the familiar hallway. He opened the door and let it shut with a soft 'click.' Looking around at the various doors, he finally found his. The man who was expected to father him at school, who was suppose to set up a bright future for him. He quietly knocked and the man murmured "open." Doing as he said, Tristan found himself face to face with a fat man who was ensconced in his plush chair. He had piles of papers everywhere, his rimmed spectacles polished to the point. He was usually jolly and happy whenever he spoke to Tristan but today, the man had a frown.

    "Hello Mr. Gillian." Tristan say simply as he was beckoned to take a seat.

    "Good morning to you Tristan, I'm sure you're surprised about why you're here but I've got some important matters to discuss with you today." He said with a cough.

    As the man spoke, Tristan listened carefully. Just great ... Mr. Gillian had known he wanted to achieve one of the most credited diplomas but due to his lack of participation in activities, it would prevent him from getting what he wanted. Tristan left the office with horror. He didn't give a damn about extracurricular hobbies but now he had no choice but to choose something. Something to do...