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  1. Recently, you've started to play a popular game called Minecraft. You were doubtful, at first, wondering how a world made of blocks could be in whatever way considered fun. However, when you truly began playing the game where your main goal is to discover everything, you found that it was hard not to think about it later on. What would you do next; who would build stuff with you in your next game? Soon, it was hard to ever remember a time when you didn't like Minecraft!

    You heard a rumor, though, from the different people who play Minecraft with you. Something about a haunted server, and how no one should ever play on it. There were many knock-offs of that "Haunted" server, but you eventually convinced a friend to send you a link of the real thing. Also telling them that you're going to enter, your friend agrees to go with you.

    Together, you and your friend enter the world of Minecraft, in the mysterious Haunted Server.

    It's too late when the both of you realize that you're in Minecraft... and there's no way out.


    Name: Asagi Hiticha

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Personality: He acts differently online than he does IRL (In real life), so since this is a merge of Reality and Imagination, those two attitudes will join as well. You'll just have to see! ^.^


    Minecraft Name: ExterminatorV2.0, but most people just call him Terminator.

    Minecraft Skin:


    Name: Cho Hata.

    Age: 15.

    Gender: Female.

    Personality: Honestly she's nice both Online and IRL. She's more confident online though, so she speaks her mind all the time.


    Minecraft Name: Mystic_Melodies - Everyone just calls her Myst.

    Minecraft Skin:


    [ First appearance ]

    The rumor had come so sudden.. So.. Random. When she heard about it, she was excited. Of course, there was also a small hint of fear in her voice whenever she spoke of it. Her friend, although also very scared, was somewhat.. Eager to figure out if the game was actually haunted. In which, he had made her send him the link. She finally had sent him the link, but feared if that the game was actually haunted. He'd be alone. So sadly, she had agreed to go with him, being the somewhat kind person she was.

    That was an awful mistake.

    [ Once inside the video game ]

    Cho's eyes slowly fluttered open, completely unaware of where she was. She thought she was in her room until she noticed that the bed was very... Hard. And, once her eyes finally were able to see, she had noticed the walls weren't the blue/Purple normal walls of her bedroom. How had she gotten here? Where was she anyways?.
    "Hello?...." Her voice trailed off, not sure if it was even appropriate to speak at a time like this. She sighed before looking down at her body. Hell, Cho wasn't even wearing the same clothes as before!. Actually.. She was wearing her clothes from her Avatar... Strange.

    Cho, after a few moments of shock, had finally decided to get off the bed.
    She noticed a ladder so she quickly climbed down it, only to find strange men walking around. They almost looked like the villagers from Minecraft Villages. Except, she could actually understand these people. "Who're are you guys? And why am I here?" She asked, taking a step forward.
    "Ah, dear. You're finally awake. I, myself, am named Charles. Whilst the others here don't have names, at least not yet. They need to choose soon enough though, or they'll be nameless forever. And as to why you are here, I have no idea. You just showed up on my bed early this morning, so I allowed you to sleep." One male finally decided to speak. Cho looked at him skeptically before finally nodding, deciding not to ask anything else.

    Honestly, throughout all of this. Not once had she thought of her friend, nor did she think she'd ever think about him again. Unless he too, was in the game along with her.
    If this was the actual game, or real life. She doubted she'd find out until she found the person who everyone wanted to meet. 'Notch.', at least, that's what Charles was now speaking of. She knew the name of Notch. He was the creator of Minecraft.

    Maybe she was actually in the game..


    Asagi signed into the game, sitting back in his chair as he watched the loading screen. But as it progressed, he had a very hard time focusing on the edges of his vision; the bluriness encompassing his vision became blackness and he passed out, only partially having the feeling of falling through the sky. As he woke up, he groaned, and his eyes flew open as he heard his voice -- it sounded like his character was being attacked -- and gasped as he saw his surroundings. He was currently laying on the ground, looking up at the leaves of the trees surrounding him and the... blocky clouds above in the sky. Getting up, he looked at his hands and blinked several times as he stared at them. Moving them around, he saw that they were blocks themselves, with no fingers!

    Looking around himself, he saw that he was in a Forest Biome, but saw a village ahead. Faintly hearing the primitive grunts of the villagers, he tried walking towards it, and found it was easier than expected. Letting out a short laugh, he started sprinting around, marveling at this world and its' reality. Ever present in the bottom of his sight, however, were his inventory slots, along with the Health and Food bars. Blinking in surprise, he wondered at how he was even going to be able to access his full inventory, or even the Furnace or Crafting Table? Looking towards the village, he started running towards it -- maybe his friend, Myst, was there -- and slowed as he heard speech. Thinking about it more, however, he could understand if now he would be able to understand the villagers! Continuing to run, he thought about the first thing he'd say, and whether they'd understand him even.

    Asagi finally reached the village, and looked around. This was so much cooler than playing on the computer! A villager approached, speaking to another person... He gasped, and yelled out, Myst! You're here too! He ran to her, impolitely interrupting the conversation, and tried hugging her -- well, the best he could, considering his arms were blocks -- then let her go, backing up a step to admire her "in person". Looking sharp, m'lady! Laughing out loud, he held up his hand for her to High-Five.


    Cho had continued talking to the exact same villager until she heard someone call her. Before she could even register what was going on, someone was giving, or at least.. Trying to give her a hug. Once the person pulled away, she recognized him as her long time friend whom she alway played with. "Terminator!." She chuckled, not even minding his comment. She gave him a High-Five easily before finally deciding to introduce the male to Charles. "Terminator, this is Charles. Charles, this is Terminator." She stated casually. Cho had already noticed that her hands, body, hell even her head! Was a block. Although it frightened her, she didn't show it.
    "You have a very strange name, boy. Anyways, it's nice to meet you." Charles said calmly before smiling. He then said Good-bye and left to go find his wife. Cho somehow grabbed Terminator's hand and pulled him into the small hut that she, just a few moments ago, had awakened from. "What are we supposed to do!." She practically whispered, but still it sounded like she was yelling.

    Honestly she wanted to go home. "Do you think we're going to die here?" She asks before sitting down on a bed, holding her head on her 'Hands'. Maybe she was being a bit dramatic, but this was some crazy shit. Cho was sure that this had never happened to anyone else before.

    Although Terminator had decided to 'Admire her', Cho hadn't even glanced at the other male. All she could think of when she was him was that they needed to go home. "God this bed is uncomfortable" She murmured under her breath, moving around a bit, trying to get comfortable. Her butt hurt, and she felt like crying. Was she becoming a baby? Throughout all of her life, had she ever complained that she was hurting or wanted to cry. Cho needed to man up.

    The sun was going down outside, which meant the mobs were coming from out of their caves and caverns. They'd have to start either defending themselves, or hide behind closed doors and try to survive the night.


    Asagi smiled to Charles, nodding in greeting, then waved and said his own good-byes as he left. Turning to look at Myst, he was surprised that she was able to grab his hand and pull him into a villager's house and up a ladder that led to a room which had two beds -- perhaps this is where she had spawned -- and sat on the one she hadn't taken up. Facing her, he listened as she let out her fears to him and started to wonder himself, how would they be able to get out of this game? What would happen to them if they actually DIED?

    Standing up and moving over to her bed, he sat down next to her and didn't give a second thought to putting his arm on her shoulder. Looking at her, in this prone form, he wanted nothing more than to have her see that this wasn't something to be afraid of. Talking to her in a calm voice, he tried convincing her, Myst, of course we're going to die here. But it's just a game -- we'll keep respawning, over and over, until we find a way to get home. Silent for a moment, he only just barely noticed that this might be awkward, and hastily stood up, shaking his head and hands flusteredly as he stammered, S-Sorry! I didn't even mean... Erm, I was only... ugh. He fell on his own bed, wincing as it felt like he was hitting rock, and studied his feet quite intently.


    "But what if that isn't the case! I mean.." Cho stated worriedly, not even noticing that he had put his arm on her shoulders. Only had she finally noticed, he was gone. She rubbed the back of her neck and gave him a small smile "Hey, no need to say sorry. You were just trying to comfort me while I was venting out." She laughed softly before standing up, hearing the familiar groans of Zombies and the cracking of bones outside. Cho blinked, looking out the window, only to realize that the Mobs were now coming towards the village. Man, she must have been asleep for quite some time for it to already be dark.

    She let out a soft sigh, noticing the Villagers either running inside, or grabbing weapons to fight for their land. All of the women were inside, which wasn't very strange to her because in Medieval times, most woman would stay inside and wait for their lovers to come back from war. "We should go to sleep so we can wake up early tomorrow and set out. I don't think they have enough room for the two of us." She stated calmly before going back over to the bed and laying down, closing her eyes and almost instantly falling asleep although she slept all day.

    [ Morning ]

    Cho woke early, as she had wished. She got off of the bed and walked outside, noticing a ton of blood and rotting corpses on the ground and walls. She gagged, looking away. God that was absolutely disgusting. Some of the women were crying, and Cho knew exactly what that meant, which made her a bit sad. She tried not to think of it as she walked to the forest that surrounded the village.

    Asagi awoke after Cho closed the door, groggily sitting up and getting his feet onto the side of the bed. On instinct, he got out of bed and looked into his backpack... but instead, he found himself getting into his inventory! He smiled at this revelation, but that smile vanished once he saw that he had nothing in there except for a map, which was conveniently given when a person started a map. Going down the ladder, he exited the house and was struck by the same sight that had made Cho leave. The smell hit him like a wave, and he nearly threw up, but the only thing that happened was that he threw the map away from himself.

    Picking up the map, he headed to the forest to chop down some trees. The first thing to do in a situation like this was find something to protect yourself with. Soon, he had gotten some wood and crafted sticks, then created a wooden sword, pick-ax, and another sword for good measure. Meeting up with Cho, he barfed up the second sword for her to use. There ya go, Myst! Wanna go hunt together?
  2. Cho hadn't realized that Asagi was right next to her until she heard someone speak and drop a sword next to her.
    She let out a soft yelp and turned to look at Asagi, a small glare in her eyes. "Oh. It's just you. Sorry, you scared the living jesus out of me." She sighed and grabbed the sword "Anyways, no thank you. I actually planned on collecting the supplies I need and go mining. You can hunt though. I'll also collect a bunch of wood so we could build a house or something." She smiled and kissed his cheek "Bye!" Cho waved and walked away, breaking wood and making an Ax, A Pick, and a Ho for latter.

    After maybe ten minutes in the game, which felt like ten hours, it had become dark. Cho sighed but didn't go anywhere near the village, actually, as a matter of fact, she didn't know where she was. It freaked her out a bit, but there was a cave nearby, so she could always just mine until morning. The only thing that truly bothered her was that she was alone, and she had always had that fear.
  3. Asagi nodded, understanding that she wanted to mine, then smiled widely as she kissed his cheek! Watching her disappear behind trees, he turned and went to go hunt.

    Overall, he found multiple cows and pigs, as well as chicken and sheep, and he easily made beds for the both of them as well as cooking the meat with a furnace he had taken from the village. The place he had chosen for them to stay was in a wide-open field flanked by forest on one side and desert on the other. Taking up the chat option, he put forth his thoughts into the atmosphere, and wondered if Myst would hear it.
    I'm speaking through chat -- If you can hear me, look at your map and come here. I'll head towards you if you need.
    He took up his map and looked at Myst's location, worried about the encroaching darkness. Placing torches around the area, he would be able to easily see monsters and fight them off with his sword.
  4. (( Herobrine shall be here since the world is cursed and I just absolutely love him ))

    Cho was able to hear Terminator, which made her feel a bit better.
    "I can't right now. I'm mining, well I'm trying to mine. Tons of mobs." Her thoughts had to be short because a few zombies were coming towards her.
    "Do you really think we'll come back to life if we die?" She asks before beginning to stab and slice the Zombies, knowing that the duration of her sword was going down quickly. Cho let out a loud sigh once they were all finally dead, only to realize that there was a very small, very distant noise. She knew that noise, but it wasn't coming to her. Finally after a few moments of thinking, it finally came to her.

    Was it possible for Herobrine to exist here? It was in fact haunted, so it could always be a possibility. How she was able to hear him, and know that it was him, was beyond her. But she was a bit freaked out, not having any torches it was pitch black all around her so she couldn't see where he was or if he was actually there with her. The only thing she could possibly see were the spawning mobs a few feet away from her.
  5. (( If you want him to be here ^~^; I just fear for our characters! xD ))

    Asagi was stricken with a small amount of fear when she said, "Tons of mobs," then stayed silent a minute as she voiced her fear of dying. Tentatively, he spoke as he sprinted and jumped to her location wielding a stone sword, "You know... the difficulty I've had fighting monsters in this setting could possibly mean that this is a Hardcore game... meaning that if we die... we're... dead." He went quiet for a moment as he came ever closer to her location, then blurted out in a determined whisper, "But I'm coming for you, and together neither of us will die." He stopped at the entrance of the cave, seeing the torches she had made, and prepared himself to go in.
  6. (( ;3 Things'll get a wee bit crazy but they won't die with Herobrine. ))

    Cho let out a soft sigh "Well that's- Wait just stay up there, don't come down. Everything is okay now. Go home." She reassured just as a few mobs spawned, charging at her. She looked around quickly before noticing a small place where she could hide so Cho quickly grabbed some Cobblestone before running into the small corner, quickly placing the Cobblestone down making a wall. "There's a few Endermen down here and you know how hard those things are. I have some wood with me so I can create a some more Pick's and swords so I won't die as quick.." She paused for a moment before beginning to talk once again "Do you think that it's possible for Herobrine to be in the game with us?" Cho asks, her voice a bit distant as she began to look over the wall, having left a hole so she could look later on to see if it was safe or not. Cho wasn't scared, but she didn't know if she could make enough swords and Pick's to kill and survive in the cave. Maybe she could climb her way up but that would take a little bit.
  7. (( Good, I like crazy! =3 ))

    Shocked, Asagi just stayed in spot, not responding for a moment, before saying with a smile in his voice, "Wait -- you think I'm just gonna leave you there with a bunch of monsters? Hahaha, thin-- Aargh!" He was interrupted by a zombie attacking him. Blocking with his sword, he backed up a little, ironically into the cave. Confidently striking out at the monster, he was surprised to find that he could smell the rot on the zombie, and could feel the sword sticking into the bone as it sliced through skin, which was falling off anyway. Blinking and pulling away, his eyes widened as a spurt of blood shot out of the wound, and yet the zombie kept coming at him.

    Suddenly, a shot of adrenaline rushed through him and he screamed as he started hacking into the zombie, a desperate note heard in it as he abandoned thoughts to strike down the monster. It fought back, scratching his arms and face whilst bringing his health points down, but not by much as he regenerated it quickly. Asagi was finally able to hit it straight in the head, killing it instantly, and breathed hard as he looked around himself as if he was cornered. Slowly, he relaxed, but found himself lost within the cave and searching for any torches Myst might have put down before he came in. He took a shaky breath, looking around him always, paranoid now that he realized fighting monsters is a lot different than if it were just a game.
  8. (( Hehe. ))

    Cho's eyebrow raised as she cockily spoke "Are you sure that you can even handle yourself? Because it seemed like you were having trouble with just one monster." That comment was quickly followed by a short, cut off laugh as she began to break her Cobblestone wall, knowing that it was quite stupid to hide when she could fight. There were three zombies, four Skeletons, two Creepers, and one Endermen from what she could see. Cho ran around the zombies, getting hit once but not a deathly hit. She made sure not to look at the Endermen as she passed him and quickly made it back to the light of her torches. God it felt like her insanity level had risen, being in a dark place for who knew how long. It felt like forever, but she was sure it was only a few minutes. "Well, I'm going to try and check out the noises - That sounded like HIM before I do anything else. So just make sure to not run into any more creatures because it seems like you're having trouble."

    She slowly walked into another narrow passage way that the sound had led to, and slowly followed it. Not only had the sound gotten louder, but the cave brightened as she got close to the source. She held her sword tightly once she noticed a door, made not too long ago it seemed, at the end of the cave. Obviously it was either another player whom had gotten stuck in the game, or this was the real deal. Next to the door was a Red stone torch, which only made her suspicions rise. Cho slowly looked through the small hole of the door, only to see a room filled with mod heads, Red stone torches, books, swords, and just anything she could ever imagine being in the game.

    Her gaze traveled around the room for merely a second before finally set on the one thing that confirmed her suspicions, a male whom looked like Steve but had bright white, almost transparent eyes, standing in the corner. He was hovering over something, which made her want to just walk in and see but of course that would be quite stupid. Cho's hand slipped accidentally and opened the door, making 'Herobrine' instantly turn around and stare at her. His lips were set in a grim, straight line as he looked at Cho, obviously not happy that there was another player in the game. "You shouldn't be here." Herobrine's voice was very scratchy and hard to hear. But she was surprised that he spoke normally, not backwards like how he does when you spawn the actual mod.

    Herobrine didn't waste anymore time before grabbing a diamond sword and charging at her, which she luckily dodged. Cho knew that things wouldn't get any easier for her while down in the caves.

    (( It shall be more detailed in the next one xD FIGHTING SCENE! XD I think. Lol. ))
  9. Despite himself, Asagi laughed aloud when Myst made her first derogatory comment, responding with, "Oh yeah, I forgot that you've gotten used to hitting and killing things without a second thought!" Wincing at his own negative tone, he took a shallow breather, and apologized, "Sorry... it's just the game getting to me." He saw ambient light, suddenly, and ran towards it, seeing a group of torches made by Myst. Looking around, he saw her going ahead into the darkness, telling him through chat that she was checking things out. He followed her, walking behind her and looking out for monsters from behind.

    When she was looking into the room, he tried to peek around her shoulder, but was surprised when she accidentally opened the door. Taking a step back, he squinted a little in an effort to understand what HE was saying. Blinking, he saw Myst step to the side and, being unprepared, was then suddenly bowled over by another shape. He felt the other being get off him immediately, but they left behind a tingling sensation that felt as though his molecules were separating. Clambering upward, he was surprised to be facing Herobrine, bright white eyes and all! Trembling as he lifted up his sword in defense, he based all of his current hopes on Myst taking the advantage and striking the menace from behind.
  10. "I've gotten used to killing them? Wow, thanks hun. Makes me feel more human." Cho thought sarcastically just as Terminator was trampled on by Herobrine, which she stared at the two in shock. Didn't she tell him to leave? Maybe since he didn't listen, she could leave and make him fight for himself. But since she couldn't do that, she grabbed the closest thing and swung at Herobrine, hitting the male almost instantly. His gaze moved toward her, and he screamed. His scream wasn't normal, it sounded like many things combined and the sound had been increased which made her cover her ears. Herobrine quickly teleported in front of her and threw her across the room, Cho's health going down a bit as a sickening few cracks could be heard.

    God this bastard needed to die.

    She picked up an Axe and threw it at Herobrine, luckily hitting him. Sadly enough, the Axe bounced off of the male and his bright white eyes stared at her as mobs began to spawn, surrounding Cho and Asagi. A creeper blew up, killing most of the mobs. Bones flew everywhere, as did rotten skin. They splattered all over her as she got up, making her gag quietly before realizing just how low her health had become. Cho glanced around the room for a mere second before shoving the axe into an incoming Zombie's head, making the thing fall onto the ground. The Skeletons began to reconstruct themselves, but she didn't waste any time in grabbing Asagi's arm and pulling him out of the room, knowing that if they stayed, they would have both died. She ran out of the cave as quickly as she could, following her torches that she had luckily set down. Once they reached the outside, the sun began to rise, setting the remaining mobs outside on fire.

    Cho looked at Terminator, obviously not happy. "Why didn't you listen? I mean, I'm happy that you came to 'Rescue me', but I could have handled everything myself. You would have died from those mobs, or even from Herobrine himself! I mean jesus christ, do you plan on leaving me in this world all alone!?." She yelled before stomping off into the forest, not wanting to get into a huge fight with the guy. He had only tried to help her out, but it wouldn't work out like that.
  11. Asagi smiled a bit at Myst, mentally thanking her, but that smile fell immediately when Herobrine started making that horrible sound from his mouth, and he covered his ears, tears gathering in his eyes. He saw Herobrine catapult Myst into the wall, and he cried out when her health went down severely. Running to her, he marveled at her strength to keep fighting even when she was knocked down. He covered his head with his arms as the creeper blew up, and made a disgusted groan as he felt the remains of multiple monsters batter himself and Myst. He felt Myst grab his arm and ran with her, falling to his knees once they made it outside to the rising sun. He couldn't help but look back into the cave, and let out a sigh as he didn't see any mobs come following, in fear of the sunlight.

    As he listened to her, he was reminded of how helpless he was when it came to games. Tears spilling over his cheeks, his face was contorted into a mask of pain as he called after her,
    "You could have handled it yourself? I'm sorry, but I don't think you would've survived without my diversion!"
    Shaking his head, he took a big breath, and even though he knew he was talking to the air now, he just had to let out his emotions.

    "If you're so much better than me, MAYBE I SHOULD JUST GO AHEAD AND DIE!? I bet life would be so much better without ME, THE BIG FLUKE around, huh?!
    Turning on his heel, he faced the sun as he went his own way, back to the small cottage in which he had set up a small table with a rose on it, near a double-wide bed.

    Growling, he kicked the bed so hard that they both went into inventory-mode, but all he could feel was self-pity and still had the adrenaline from the cave rushing through his system. Negatively, he thought, bet you can handle food on your own, huh Ms. Perfect? Shoving aside the plates and silverware, hearing the clay pot containing the flower shatter against the wooden floor, he spread the map out on the table and saw Myst's arrow, and wondered if she could see him when she brought out her map. Snarling, he made sure that they wouldn't be able to see anybody else except for themselves on the maps.

    Shaking with pent-up energy, he resorted to going outside and punching the trees far more violently than necessary; at least he was doing something useful, and soon he ran out of anger to punch the sh!t out of trees with. Shuddering, he put his back up against the tree he was going to demolish, letting his back slide against it until he touched the ground, breathing heavily and staring at the ground. Looking at his knuckles, he saw they wore coats of blood that trickled down his hand to his wrist, were they dripped off into the grass. Closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the tree, he stared at the leaves moving in the wind for a long time, letting his angry thoughts wander to the meaning of Myst's words.
  12. Cho had heard him throughout his rant, and she hadn't meant what she said in a mean way, either. If he'd had died, she would have been left alone, and that was a big fear of hers. Of course, she probably would have died if he hadn't come, but either way, the outcome would have been bad. Maybe she should have thought about what she said before saying it out loud. It had come out of anger, and now she felt guilty. She was only trying to protect him, but in the wrong way. She wasn't better than him in any way.

    Her fears had taken over the rational state of her mind.

    She walked further and further away from Terminator, not daring to look at her map. Once Cho stopped walking, it had become sundown and she needed to quickly set up camp. Her health was still low, but as of right now it didn't matter. Surviving the night was the only thing on her mind as she walked into a dead-end cave that only had one Zombie so she was able to kill him easily. Cho set down a torch and sat down in the back of the cave, her sword close by just in case. Of course, her mind wandered back to Terminator. The guilt still remained, but she wouldn't go back. No, not yet. She needed to think of a way to say sorry and tell him that he wasn't a 'Fluke' and that he had saved her life.

    After a bit, her hunger had finally gone down to the point to where she actually had to go out of her cave and look for food. Of course, having no luck on her side, she couldn't find anything. Not even a single rabbit. "This is just great.. Maybe I can go kill some zombies and eat what I can from... Oh lord, that's just gross thinking about it." She mumbled to herself before hearing a cow moo, which made her hopes rise. Cho quickly ran towards the noise, and thank notch, there was a few cows. She began to sadly kill them for their meat and skin, but she hadn't realized that there stood Herobrine, just a few Kilometers away from her.

    Cho looked up, and swore she saw something in the corner of her eyesight. But, it quickly vanished before she could get a good look at whatever it was. Maybe it wasn't even there in the first place, and she was just paranoid. Finally after collecting all of the meet and skin, she carried them back to her small cave and set them down on top of the only torch she had. They were hanging on a stick so they wouldn't fall and blow out the only light source, and so that they could cook.
  13. As night came along, Asagi headed back into his little cabin and retrieved his sword, equipping the leather armor he had made after hunting a lot of cows. He had an extra set for Myst, but he put that out of his mind as he went outside and looked for monsters. Spotting a zombie, he sprinted towards it and hit it with all his might, knocking it onto his back. Not wasting a second, he stabbed it in it's head, killing it. He gained some experience, as well as some rotted flesh, and took it reluctantly. He started sprinting everywhere, getting used to killing monsters. Something was leaking into his mind though, as he sought out monsters, and he began smiling as he killed. Unwittingly, he was getting closer to Myst, but in the dark he couldn't see the entrance of her shallow residence for the night. Hearing a scuttle, he spun around, expecting a mob, but he was surprised to see a flash of what seemed to be two rectangular lights, spaced just far enough to be eyes, but it vanished. Lifting his sword up in defense, he looked at it and realized it was very low. Placing a Crafting Table down, he put his full attention to it as he crafted a stone sword from a stick and two cobblestone.
  14. Cho sighed once they finished cooking, and she quickly ate it. She stood up and walked out of the cave, not even noticing Terminator's presence near her. For some reason she walked into the Jungle, planning on finding some Watermelon and possibly a jungle temple. "Alright so I need... Food.." She thought to herself as she walked deeper into the jungle. Mobs had been following her, but from a far away distance so they couldn't hurt her as of right now. Cho didn't bring a sword, or any type of weapon, so if she got into trouble, she's either going to die, or fight bare-handed. Either way, she hoped she wouldn't die so she could go apologize to Terminator.

    After a minute, her health had diminished quickly, so she was now hurrying to find something she could use for food. Not that she didn't know how to find food, it just seemed like luck wasn't on her side today. Along her journey, she was able to find some seeds that had been left behind by trees and at least one apple that she had eaten pretty quick.

    Sadly, the mobs finally caught up with her, and began to try and kill her. Cho screamed out of surprise as one of the zombies hit her along with an arrow to her leg. She winced but turned around and began to hit them as fast as she could so they could die quickly, and so that she could pull the damn arrow out from her leg. Wow, life in minecraft alone wasn't as fun as it used to be, now she really needed Terminator or else she'd either die, go mad, or just plain give up. Her mistake can cause terrible things, but hopefully she'd make it out alive to fix those mistakes.