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  1. Recently, you've started to play a popular game called Minecraft. You were doubtful, at first, wondering how a world made of blocks could be in whatever way considered fun. However, when you truly began playing the game where your main goal is to discover everything, you found that it was hard not to think about it later on. What would you do next; who would build stuff with you in your next game? Soon, it was hard to ever remember a time when you didn't like Minecraft!

    You heard a rumor, though, from the different people who play Minecraft with you. Something about a haunted server, and how no one should ever play on it. There were many knock-offs of that "Haunted" server, but you eventually convinced a friend to send you a link of the real thing. Also telling them that you're going to enter, your friend agrees to go with you.

    Together, you and your friend enter the world of Minecraft, in the mysterious Haunted Server.

    It's too late when the both of you realize that you're in Minecraft... and there's no way out.
  2. Name: Asagi Hiticha

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Personality: He acts differently online than he does IRL (In real life), so since this is a merge of Reality and Imagination, those two attitudes will join as well. You'll just have to see! ^.^


    Minecraft Name: ExterminatorV2.0, but most people just call him Terminator.

    Minecraft Skin:

  3. Name: Cho Hata.

    Age: 15.

    Gender: Female.

    Personality: Honestly she's nice both Online and IRL. She's more confident online though, so she speaks her mind all the time.


    Minecraft Name: Mystic_Melodies - Everyone just calls her Myst.

    Minecraft Skin:


    [ First appearance ]

    The rumor had come so sudden.. So.. Random. When she heard about it, she was excited. Of course, there was also a small hint of fear in her voice whenever she spoke of it. Her friend, although also very scared, was somewhat.. Eager to figure out if the game was actually haunted. In which, he had made her send him the link. She finally had sent him the link, but feared if that the game was actually haunted. He'd be alone. So sadly, she had agreed to go with him, being the somewhat kind person she was.

    That was an awful mistake.

    [ Once inside the video game ]

    Cho's eyes slowly fluttered open, completely unaware of where she was. She thought she was in her room until she noticed that the bed was very... Hard. And, once her eyes finally were able to see, she had noticed the walls weren't the blue/Purple normal walls of her bedroom. How had she gotten here? Where was she anyways?.
    "Hello?...." Her voice trailed off, not sure if it was even appropriate to speak at a time like this. She sighed before looking down at her body. Hell, Cho wasn't even wearing the same clothes as before!. Actually.. She was wearing her clothes from her Avatar... Strange.

    Cho, after a few moments of shock, had finally decided to get off the bed.
    She noticed a ladder so she quickly climbed down it, only to find strange men walking around. They almost looked like the villagers from Minecraft Villages. Except, she could actually understand these people. "Who're are you guys? And why am I here?" She asked, taking a step forward.
    "Ah, dear. You're finally awake. I, myself, am named Charles. Whilst the others here don't have names, at least not yet. They need to choose soon enough though, or they'll be nameless forever. And as to why you are here, I have no idea. You just showed up on my bed early this morning, so I allowed you to sleep." One male finally decided to speak. Cho looked at him skeptically before finally nodding, deciding not to ask anything else.

    Honestly, throughout all of this. Not once had she thought of her friend, nor did she think she'd ever think about him again. Unless he too, was in the game along with her.
    If this was the actual game, or real life. She doubted she'd find out until she found the person who everyone wanted to meet. 'Notch.', at least, that's what Charles was now speaking of. She knew the name of Notch. He was the creator of Minecraft.

    Maybe she was actually in the game..

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  4. (( That's really good! I wasn't expecting that much, honestly, but it's great =^.^= ))

    Asagi signed into the game, sitting back in his chair as he watched the loading screen. But as it progressed, he had a very hard time focusing on the edges of his vision; the bluriness encompassing his vision became blackness and he passed out, only partially having the feeling of falling through the sky. As he woke up, he groaned, and his eyes flew open as he heard his voice -- it sounded like his character was being attacked -- and gasped as he saw his surroundings. He was currently laying on the ground, looking up at the leaves of the trees surrounding him and the... blocky clouds above in the sky. Getting up, he looked at his hands and blinked several times as he stared at them. Moving them around, he saw that they were blocks themselves, with no fingers!

    Looking around himself, he saw that he was in a Forest Biome, but saw a village ahead. Faintly hearing the primitive grunts of the villagers, he tried walking towards it, and found it was easier than expected. Letting out a short laugh, he started sprinting around, marveling at this world and its' reality. Ever present in the bottom of his sight, however, were his inventory slots, along with the Health and Food bars. Blinking in surprise, he wondered at how he was even going to be able to access his full inventory, or even the Furnace or Crafting Table? Looking towards the village, he started running towards it -- maybe his friend, Myst, was there -- and slowed as he heard speech. Thinking about it more, however, he could understand if now he would be able to understand the villagers! Continuing to run, he thought about the first thing he'd say, and whether they'd understand him even.

    Asagi finally reached the village, and looked around. This was so much cooler than playing on the computer! A villager approached, speaking to another person... He gasped, and yelled out, Myst! You're here too! He ran to her, impolitely interrupting the conversation, and tried hugging her -- well, the best he could, considering his arms were blocks -- then let her go, backing up a step to admire her "in person". Looking sharp, m'lady! Laughing out loud, he held up his hand for her to High-Five.
  5. Cho had continued talking to the exact same villager until she heard someone call her. Before she could even register what was going on, someone was giving, or at least.. Trying to give her a hug. Once the person pulled away, she recognized him as her long time friend whom she alway played with. "Terminator!." She chuckled, not even minding his comment. She gave him a High-Five easily before finally deciding to introduce the male to Charles. "Terminator, this is Charles. Charles, this is Terminator." She stated casually. Cho had already noticed that her hands, body, hell even her head! Was a block. Although it frightened her, she didn't show it.
    "You have a very strange name, boy. Anyways, it's nice to meet you." Charles said calmly before smiling. He then said Good-bye and left to go find his wife. Cho somehow grabbed Terminator's hand and pulled him into the small hut that she, just a few moments ago, had awakened from. "What are we supposed to do!." She practically whispered, but still it sounded like she was yelling.

    Honestly she wanted to go home. "Do you think we're going to die here?" She asks before sitting down on a bed, holding her head on her 'Hands'. Maybe she was being a bit dramatic, but this was some crazy shit. Cho was sure that this had never happened to anyone else before.

    Although Terminator had decided to 'Admire her', Cho hadn't even glanced at the other male. All she could think of when she was him was that they needed to go home. "God this bed is uncomfortable" She murmured under her breath, moving around a bit, trying to get comfortable. Her butt hurt, and she felt like crying. Was she becoming a baby? Throughout all of her life, had she ever complained that she was hurting or wanted to cry. Cho needed to man up.

    The sun was going down outside, which meant the mobs were coming from out of their caves and caverns. They'd have to start either defending themselves, or hide behind closed doors and try to survive the night.
  6. Asagi smiled to Charles, nodding in greeting, then waved and said his own good-byes as he left. Turning to look at Myst, he was surprised that she was able to grab his hand and pull him into a villager's house and up a ladder that led to a room which had two beds -- perhaps this is where she had spawned -- and sat on the one she hadn't taken up. Facing her, he listened as she let out her fears to him and started to wonder himself, how would they be able to get out of this game? What would happen to them if they actually DIED?

    Standing up and moving over to her bed, he sat down next to her and didn't give a second thought to putting his arm on her shoulder. Looking at her, in this prone form, he wanted nothing more than to have her see that this wasn't something to be afraid of. Talking to her in a calm voice, he tried convincing her, Myst, of course we're going to die here. But it's just a game -- we'll keep respawning, over and over, until we find a way to get home. Silent for a moment, he only just barely noticed that this might be awkward, and hastily stood up, shaking his head and hands flusteredly as he stammered, S-Sorry! I didn't even mean... Erm, I was only... ugh. He fell on his own bed, wincing as it felt like he was hitting rock, and studied his feet quite intently.