Stuck in a mansion.



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There's a place hidden in the woods, hidden by all the oaks and maples of the forest. Humans who have seen this place, say it's in terrible condition and wouldn't dare step a foot inside the place. This place is a mansion, but the stone used to make the structure, is covered in ivy, in all but the doors and a few windows.
What no one knows, is that this mansion is crawling with vampires. The majority of these vampires are female. Most of them know nothing about humans, except about how to get close to their neck. What they do or think they know about humans or werewolves, comes from books and things they have read. Many of these vampires have lived for centuries and haven't said a word to a human besides the usual, "Farewell".
On one rainy day, what will happen when a male human or werewolf, enters the vampire dwelling. Will they be welcomed? Killed? Join to find out the rest.​
Xenia stood in the doorway looking at the others in the room who had just come back from feeding, they had blood all down their clothes.
"Pigs. Don't you know not to toy with your food, one day it'll be a hunter, then where will you be." she smiled wryly and walked into the room her choice of clothing today being a black satin dress with a slit going up the side revealing one of her long legs, and black heels.
She smiled at the youngest vampire, the only one who seemed to keep clean, she was nice to the younger ones, especially those turned at a young age.
Walking away she shook her head as a few glared and stood at the window staring out, she didn't know why it was a rarity anyone crossed their path, and when they did it was just another vampire, or a hunter expecting a small clan.
Xenia smirked.
This clan wasn't small, not by the slightest. Looking around she knew there were over 50.
Walking down a path to town Serke was drenched in the rain yet he felt comfortable in it not cold and wet. He was only half an hour's drive out of town and the road had washed out in several places forcing him to go off road. About 20+ minutes out of town by drive he saw an old Mansion. ( Huh pretty old. Could be abandoned but the porch will at least let me get something out of my pack to eat before I go on to town.) Walking up to the massive porch Serke felt a strange sensation, something he had only felt once before but didn't know what it meant and so against his better judgment sat under the porch on the stairs. ( What a strange Ivy covering this place. It seems familiar though like I've seen this type of Ivy before.)

With out warning he heard foot steps behind the door and felt what seemed like 100 eyes watching him. ( What now?) Serke turned around and hopped off the porch stairs wondering what the hell was going on. When the door opened he kept his hand on his STI Tac. 5.0 Double Stack 1911 .45 ACP and waited. He was dumbstruck to find a young Nice looking Female come out and invite him in. He was reluctant and stayed his ground dismayed that anyone would live in a place like this.
Xenia heard voices and frowned.
Stepping down the stairs she shouted.
"That's not another one is it? Damn rouges, they have to learn to finish their food, or we'll be swamped here!" she turned the corner and saw a new face.
Male. Looked roughly in his 20's.
Xenia raised a single eyebrow, he was drenched, getting led in by another female in the clan.
She scoffed.
"You know, you shouldn't play with your food." she crossed her arms across her chest and closed the front door, locking it this time, and turned to stare at the new comer.
"..I don't mean to be rude but... who are you and why are you in this forest? alone none the less, surely you would have heard the rumors"
Serke looked at the other female with an eyebrow raised. " Well first of all... I'm Serke Carca and I'm heading to town to find some answers about my past witch I can't remember. The Only thing I have is a library card with my name and this town's local libraries name on it, so it beats me about the rumors. All I know is I was finished eating when the door opened behind me and I would've continued on my way except she *points at the female that brought him in* took my pack and said if I didn't stay I wouldn't get my pack back... So yeah." With that he took the towel offered to him by what looked like a 10 year old girl and dried his hair and face off. " Sorry if it seems I snapped I've been asked a lot of the same questions lately." He realized he was aware of the sent of blood all around the house and that put him on egde he wanted out now but knew he wouldn't be able to get out with all those people by the door. Then something else struck him the Ivy outside was Blood Ivy.
Xenia smiled.
"A case of memory loss." she turned her head to the side and her smile widened.
Xenia inhaled deeply and nodded.
"Ah..yes, will someone open the windows? we are being inconsiderate to our...guest. No matter how short his..stay will be.."
Xenia walked around Serke and nodded a few times, looking him up and down, placing a hand on his back she led him into the house more.
"I. Am Xenia, the uh..lovely lady who led you in here would be Analese, the young girl would be Mable"
Mable scoffed when Xenia called her young but otherwise kept quiet, leaving the area.
"Well, they say this forest is full of 'monsters' but..we haven't seen any..and I doubt you have" she turned to face Serke and smiled.
" I wouldn't put your hopes on that." He winked at Xenia. " Some things were not always what they seemed and I've found some humans could be quite the monsters them selves." He didn't like this situation at all but Xenia was seemingly comforting, too much so. " So If I can get my pack back so I can leave? I have some one expecting me in town and they'll probably be worried about me if I don't get there soon." He was Hoping that would disarm her to let him be on his way, if there was one thing he remembered it was not to get too comfortable around strangers and to spend the least amount of time as possible with them.
Xenia let the corners of her mouth drop.
"Aw, now... I'm no fool Serke." She put her hand on his arm.
"No ones waiting, I'm right. Aren't I?" she smiled and sighed walking to the door she paused one hand on the key.
"I'll let you pass me, without fuss..if you can guess my age."Xenia smiled warmly her eyes focused on his and she raised her eyebrows.
" Actually someone is but I do doubt they care... and by your cold hard eyes that for some reason gives me Ideas I don't know why I'm guessing this but I'd say your age is probably beyond my reckoning and you and I both don't know who you're messing with." He let the comment hit home while watching everyone in the room. " But if I had to guess........... I'd say 600 or so just because of the fucked upness of the world." and right when she was a bout to let him out he got hit in the face by some person about to knock on the door knocking him back and busting his head on the floor. " What in Sam Hill?" He looked up to see a young man cold from the rain in the door way with shock on his face. Right then he saw a look in one of the younger females eyes that warned him of terror. ( Aw! Fuck!)
Xenia paused and looked at those in the room.
Looking down at Serke she shrugged.
"Okay then..defend yourself" she smiled this time showing her teeth and sat down near the door, looking at the guy in the door way, who still looked pretty shocked.
"Today seems pretty eventful"
All the sudden Serke felt a blood lust at the smell of his own blood. He stood up. " Huh guess I will defend my self." He threw himself out the door throwing the stranger several feet into a tree and took a ready stance outside drawing his pistol chambering a round. " Okay lets go then!" Serke shouted. ( I don't know what all this is but the smell of fresh blood just gave me a hard on and makes me want to fight.) Licking his lips he winks at the vampires indoors. " Come on out if you want me!"
Xenia rolled her eyes and watched him as he winked, glancing at the other vampires she shrugged.
"No one else then? he just basically, killed our dinner...and no ones gonna fight..well all right then."
Xenia stood up and frowned, looking down at her clothing she paused, ripping the hem so it lay just above her knees she kicked her heels off and walked outside.
"Take your first hit then." she blinked and her warm demeanor from earlier vanished, she was after all, a monster.
Smiling Serke but all 5 clips of 14 rounds each into the things coming out behind her killing them and watching them burn. ( I guess that priest was right I did need these.) " Well I was never one for group on one so lets do this!" Putting his gun back and taking a ready hand to hand combat stance of a very well unknown martial art he was ready for her and he knew for some reason that he was gonna think this fun. Then he noticed the guy at the tree sagging up barley breathing. ( guess she was wrong but he is still vampire food.) He focuses back on Xenia and smiled bearing his fangs.
Xenia laughed bitterly.
"Oh he knows the arts does he?" she laughed taking a few steps forward.
"And I don't think it should be a group on one thing." Turning back to her clan she put her hands up and shook her head.
"I can deal with it..right then" Turning back to face him she raised her eyebrows.
"So if you can use a gun I guess I can use my advantage.."
Xenia ran to him and stopped within a few inches distance.
"Come on then."
He smiled. " You know whats funny I saw every move you did." With that he grabed her by the back of the head and kneed her in the face letting go at the last second and watched her fly back and land on the roof. He looked at him self in shock. ( What the Hell?) He didn't have time to get distracted because it was her move next. He recieved a blow to the sternum fracturing ribs and puncturing his lungs...he spit up black blood and flew several feet when he landed he was healed. ( What the fuck is going on?)
Xenia threw her self back and ran at him again throwing herself at the floor and kicking his legs from under him, as he went down she grabbed him and kneed him in the gut, not as well as she wanted however, he managed to block that move. She let him drop and getting all her energy to run through her fist drove it into his face.
Taking a leap back she crouched to the floor waiting for his next blow.
Okay now lets see what I can do. He charged putting his spear hand fist threw her chest feeling cold blood and launching her back several feet and he continued to engage kicking, kneeing, elbowing, punching, wrist striking and finally did a spinning back kick on her making her go through the first floor window of the mansion. She had gotten some good hits in to and had blocked some of his blows but he wasn't tired or afraid he felt alive and seeing and feeling her blood made him ever more excited. Then he noticed he felt and sensed everything around him, including a couple coming up the road. ( Well it's do or die time.)
Ada surveyed the forest they were moving through it seemed to stretch for miles, and she was beginning to doubt they were headed in the right direction. She hoped they'd get there before nightfall, the tree's provided some shelter from the rain but they were still soaked and she was getting cold.

She kept these thoughts to herself of course, since her brother Jackson was already nervous enough. She glanced sideways at him and smiled reassuringly, "don't worry Jackson we'll find it soon." She smiled as the trees thinned and the old mansion came into site, "see i told you."

Jackson tried to smile back but it wasn't convincing, "sure Ada" he said sarcastically. He was freezing and worried. They'd had information suggesting that the two creatures who destroyed their lives were at this vampire clan. He hadn't wanted Ada to come, he didn't want her to get hurt but she had not let him leave alone.

He smiled a little when the mansion came into sight, glad they'd be out of the rain soon. That is unless the mansion's residents turned them away. He went to say something but stopped when he noticed two vampires fighting each other and a guy slumped against a tree branch.

Ada followed Jackson's gaze to the fighting Vamps and the poor guy slumped against the tree, he looked like he'd taken a beating. He was bleeding and Ada was grateful she'd already fed, she started to walk forward when Jackson grabbed her arm.

"Ada what are you doing?"
She turned to him "relax Jackson that guy over there needs help, i can't just leave him there."
He frowned and shook his head "what if those two attack you?" She shrugged "they seem pretty focused on each other, i don't think they'd even notice me." She didn't care even if they did, she was tough she could handle them.

She gently pulled her arm free, "if i get in trouble come out OK?" Then she quickly ran off before he could object, she stayed well clear of the two fighters but she was easy to see. She leaned over the injured guy, "are you alright?"

Jackson watched her anxiously, maybe they wouldn't notice her. If they did though, he'd be ready to jump in and tear them apart.
Getting side kicked in the face Serke flew into the tree above where the guy was sitting and noticed a young girl trying to help him. ( Ah! great another bystander.) Serke quickly jumped up and over the tree blocking a blow from Xenia and head butting her allowing him time to front kick her away from them. " Young lady you might want to get out of here." After that he was to busy fighting with Xenia to do anything else.
Ada couldn't help but laugh when he called her young, granted she was technically eighteen and 114 was young by a vampires standards. However it looked like he couldn't tell what she really was, she didn't get a chance to reply so she turned her attention back to the injured guy.

He was breathing but not moving, she tried to wake him up. If the fighters turned on her she wouldn't get very far away if she had to carry him. She
looked up as Jackson appeared beside her, "are you OK? I saw that guy come over here." He asked worriedly, she nodded "yeah he didn't hurt me, he said i should leave." She shook the guy again, "i don't think he realizes what i am."

Jackson panicked when one of the vampires was next to Ada, and he was off and running over to her ready to fight. But the guy backed off engaged in his fight once more, Jackson almost wished the unconscious guy wouldn't wake up so they could just leave. He looked at Serke for a moment, "that's a good thing." He helped Ada, trying to wake the guy.