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There's a place hidden in the woods, hidden by all the oaks and maples of the forest. Humans who have seen this place, say it's in terrible condition and wouldn't dare step a foot inside the place. This place is a mansion, but the stone used to make the structure, is covered in ivy, in all but the doors and a few windows.
What no one knows, is that this mansion is crawling with vampires. The majority of these vampires are female. Most of them know nothing about humans, except about how to get close to their neck. What they do or think they know about humans or werewolves, comes from books and things they have read. Many of these vampires have lived for centuries and haven't said a word to a human besides the usual, "Farewell".
On one rainy day, what will happen when a male human or werewolf, enters the vampire dwelling. Will they be welcomed? Killed? Join to find out the rest.

. If you're Beta you know the usual. I shouldn't have to tell you.
. Romance is permitted. Nothing too graphic.
. Please don't quit without warning.
. Don't go crazy with the number of characters. Two at most. Any more than tell me the no. you'd like and I'll see if it's acceptable.​
Ooh! Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans... me likey,,, I'll have a char sheet up in a bit
Yes, I do ^-^
I'll just get the template.

Real Age:
Age Appears:
Name: Serke Carca
Race: unknown
Real Age: unknown
Age Appears: 20's
Appearance: imagine with black hair.

Personality: Serious, and curious.
Background: Found two years ago by a hunter and his son he found he didn't remember anything of his past. All he had was his name found on a library card in his wallet, it was the only thing in his wallet besides $600 in cash. Now he is searching to find out who and what he is.
Name: Xenia Thistle.

Race: Vampyr.

Age: 600

Age appears: 18

With a cascade of long, silky, blonde hair, bright steel blue eyes, and a set of pink full lips gives Xenia has an advantage when it comes to looks. A fairly beautiful woman, she has a small frame, and is quite slim, with her high, round cheek bones, perfectly rounded nose, and flawless skin. Xenia appears to have large eyes, this is because Xenia's pupils are quite large, and her eyes are framed with thick black lashes. Xenia has the youthful look that seems much too deceiving for her mature soul.


Because of her age Xienia is a true lady she is graceful, honest, caring, and above all else deadly. She is also the kind of person who is quick to charm their way into your confidence without allowing you into theirs. This is because of Xenia's charm and charisma, she can get others to trust her without them truly understanding the reason, and never trusting in them herself due to her beauty and caring personality, most find it extremely difficult to be wary at all around her, and find it difficult to hold their tongue or it could be due to the combination of a youthful, harmless face and mysterious aura, making her seem calm, and free of violence. Although despite her obedient vibe Xenia is a willful person, stubborn to her core.She has mastered convincing someone that they've gotten their way but Xenia is actually a truly sweet person with a stone clad heart and a wide open mind.

Xenia has spent too much time confined in the mansion, and has seen it all in her five and a half hundred years of staying there. She knows most of the people there well, and likes to try and make the most of her life, as well as help others to be happy with what they have, too. It always saddens Xenia to see young vampyrs enter the mansion, as it serves as a reminder of how unfair life is and how far some vampyrs will go for a good meal. She has never been too curious towards humans. They were a part of her past life, and now she's a vampyr, the best thing she can do is move on and get over what she could have been and done.Xenia was raised in the mid eighteenth century. She was born into a landed, upper class family. Her father was of a higher class than her mother, as he received his social status due to old money, while her mother's family worked for their money. Since she was young,Xenia had spent most of her time being dolled up by her older sisters, Freya and Tabitha.Xenia was eighteen when she was bitten, and was at a dinner party her father's good friend was hosting, exploring the different flowers in his garden while her sister's helped clear up the table. The last thing she remembers is cold hands grabbing her by the waist and a set of fangs sinking into her neck. She wasn't anything special, just another meal went wrong by a vampyr too careless to do his job right and finish her off. Xenia had to accept what she had become and leave her life behind. She doesn't like to look back at what happened, or think about what she could have done to prevent it.She is very picky with her food and thinks deeply about the consequences before choosing her meal. She rules out the young completely and tries to find someone who is more disposable.
Accepted :D I like the fact he doesn't know his race, makes for more interesting story ^^
I know right! ^>_<^
Oh... And how many players do you want in order to get started on this rp?
I don't understand the first line of the rules, but - I like the idea. Consider this a reserve for a character.
I think she means experienced role players.
Yeah, I mean experienced, like Alpha would be Pro x3
Sorry, I forget my terms aren't always completely clear.
And ideally 3-4 people, and as many characters they can handle, I don't really mind as people can join whenever as long as their bio is alright.
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No it doesn't and I really wanted to do this one.
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