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Stuck in a Haunted School

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MaladaptiveDaydreamer, Dec 10, 2014.

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  1. Just in case, I am trigger warning this for anyone sickened by death or anything horror...

    Basically, this is just an idea that popped up a few days ago and is not at all fleshed out so I am just going to share the basics of what I have so far.

    The whole rp would have a horror setting and would revolve around a group of people staying in an allegedly haunted school due to a bet that involves a good amount of money. In order to win it, they have to live in the building for a month. However, even just on the first night shit hits the fan and the logical choice would be to, of course, get the hell out of there. And yet, the group finds themselves unable to leave and are forced to roam the construction in hopes to find a way out while, at the same time, coming to the conclusion that the whole structure is quite larger than they though, possessing secret rooms, passages and underground tunnels as well as a secret to why it is currently haunted by malicious beings.

    There will be monsters, entities (harmless, helpful or homicidal), corpses and dying. So... yeah...
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  2. I'd be interested!
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  3. Ill Join :3 . If There's Romance Though >w<
  4. Sure, there can be romance.
  5. I'm interested! Will see if I can make some space for one more rp here...
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  6. I'm interested!
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  7. *shyly raises hand, hoping to indicate interest*
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  8. Cool, cool. I am really glad that there are people that are interested~ I am going to put up an OOC and Sign-ups thread as soon as I can!
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  9. Yay!!!
  10. looks like fun
  11. Aweh heck, I've never done a horror rp, sounds fun!
  12. This plot sounds really cool, totally interested :)
  13. Oooooohhhhh that sounds coooool
  14. The OOC is already up; go post characters. :3
  15. can you post a link for me, please? :)
  17. Oh right XD Sorry XD
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