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  1. Alex sat in the parking lot of Terrace Cove apartments and fidgeted with the steering wheel of his car. He had just completed his training as a physical therapy assistant and was moving on with his life as an independent. He took a deep breath and gripped onto the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. It will be fun! This is going good for me, the tried to assure himself. He had found a place near the physical rehabilitation center, and he hoped that things would go well for him. It was a new experience for him, and he had to admit, he was scared.

    He unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped outside of his car to unload the rest of his belongings. His brother Seth had helped him move in his furniture earlier that day, and it was the final load. Once the final box was up the stairs, he took out his key to unlock the apartment.

    This is it. You can do this.

    Kelsey, his roommate was nowhere in sight when he entered the apartment. He let out a sigh of relief as he locked the door, and took his boxes to his room. He had no desire for socializing; it always made him nervous when he had contact with other women that were not related to him.

    He shut his bedroom door behind him as he set the final box on the floor. He looked around at the mess. His brother was not clever at organizing; it was going to take him all night to get his room rearranged. At least, his bed was created. He shrugged and started shuffling boxes around. It was not long before he began rearranging that he heard a knock on his door. His heart went into his throat and he stood there for a couple of seconds before opening it.

    “Hi, ” Alex said timidly as he tucked his hair behind his ear.
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  2. Kelsey was sitting in front of a red light, waiting patiently for the light to turn green. Today, she would be moving into her new apartment. It was a weird day for her today, as she also went to go pick up a certain something that would push her towards the direction she wanted. Those items sat in a bag next to her, the top open just wide enough for her to glance into it. The items in question were three vials of 200mg of Testosterone Enanthate. Kelsey was a bit shifty in her seat as she continued to wait. The vials in question were to help her from going from a she- to a he. It was a long while of crying, depression, and feeling lost, but after she saw a therapist her life had been changed.

    Her first night in the apartment would be the night she would take the first step to becoming male. Legally, she was still female so she had to go by those pronouns. However, when referred to in person she really did prefer male pronouns. The previous night, she had went in and gotten her room organized, so she didn't have to worry about heavy lifting today. Now it was just the small stuff, which would fit in a backpack sitting in the back of her car. Eventually, the light turned green and Kelsey was well on her way towards the apartment complex.

    Before long, she had arrived at the apartment complex, and parked her car not too far away from the apartment she would be sharing with her roommate, Alex. She turned around and grabbed her backpack, pulling it out of the backseat as she then bent over and grabbed her small back, holding the handles firmly in her hands as she made her way up. A short time passed before she arrived in front of the door, putting a fist up to knock on the door. After a moment or so, her roommate came to the door, and she flashed a sweet smile at him. "Hi, I'm Kelsey! I'll be your new roommate."
  3. The girl standing before him was smiling very sweetly. Alex could feel his insides churning. He never quite understood why girls made so him nervous; they just did. "Hi Kelsey." His voice was still very soft as he forced a smile. "Sorry about the mess," he looked behind him and felt his cheeks growing hot with embarrassment.

    [sorry so short! Just want to get it rolling.]
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  4. Kelsey smiled as his roommate greeted him at the door. He did seem a little nervous, but to be fair who wouldn't be in this sort of situation. He shrugged and chuckled, "Well, it happens." He said, dismissing the "mess" behind him. As he looked into the apartment, Kelsey gestured into the apartment, "May I?" He asked, as the bag dangled from his arm.
  5. Alex stood there looking perplexed until he had registered the words that were coming out of Kelsey's mouth. "Oh! Yes, of course!" Alex blushed and stepped aside. What was he thinking? His parents had taught him manners, hadn't they? "Nice bag," complemented Alex shyly, playing with the edges of his sleeves once more. Nice bag? Was that all he could come up with? Alex was never good at this small talk thing.
  6. Kelsey and smiled as Alex let him in. He thanked her generously as he walked into their little apartment. The comment about his bag made him smile a bit more, "Why thank you!" He beamed, turning around and patting Alex on the shoulder. If he was like this, then this was definitely going to be fun experience.
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