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  1. Hey everyone, having a bit of an internal crisis here. I'm in college right now and on scholarship. Also been around here for a long while. This is what makes my problem pretty big atleast in my world. See my time here is starting to interfere with my schooling. Hell i'm logging in at school and during math class, at times replying when i should be working. Also i need to do a rewrite for a paper in Comp. I. This little issue has me behind in math and as said need to take care of rewrite, though the need was just pure fuck up. I have thought about quitting for a bit(and I mean delete account levels) but A) my trouble avoidance part of brain gives me the "It'll be a real pain trying to find and reconnect with everyone and B) Temptation for canceling would be pretty damn high. Not even my usual thing of writeing in my agenda is helping me. I'm coming here since I'm absolutely positive that my parents would yell at me, which tends to cause emotional meltdown and I try and avoid that as much as possible. Ironic that instead of RL i'm going to the net, infamous for it slashing at a person. Still I'm diggressing, any ideas on how to get my shite straight?
  2. Well I wouldn't delete the account outright.

    Because you might find more free time later and having the current one will make it easier to reconnect with people.
    However, I would definitely be giving up Iwaku for now if it's truly causing you that much of an issue.
    That or if you like Iwaku that much, look at other ways you spend free time and give one of those up instead.

    Sadly though I can't really give any advice in regards to tricks of giving up hobbies in times of academic need, because quite honestly school was never hard enough for me to require such.
    Though I imagine this situation does pop up fairly often, so I would ask the school services/consulars to tips and advice that you could use to help with this. They've likely seen this a lot.
  3. Alas my only other big one is youtube, which often i'm doing at the same time as this. As for the consulars, I dunno who to turn too! I know the academic advisers but that's it.
  4. Real life trumps Internet in every conceivable way. Focus on it. If you need to delete your account for a lack of discipline, do it. But you need to make school your priority. If you can keep your grades up and not regret anything, then you can fuck around and play. But really: focus. If anyone gives you shit or tells you anything contrary, tell 'em to fuck off.
  5. Nah most people would agree, Hell even I do! Problem is a lot my require PC and net connection and again my Temptation. But maybe your right and I should pull the plug. Still I wanna avoid it if at all possible.
  6. Avoid it, sure. Ween yourself off it to start. But if you find yourself unable to avoid the temptation, then temptation has to be removed, ya ken?
  7. yeah I get'cha, just the biggest thing is to check around and see what needs responding, and I it.
  8. Prioritize. Tell yourself you can't respond to Iwaku posts until you get homework done, finished studying, etc.. Once those are done, hit your RPs or whatever else you feel the obligation to post to. Just keep in mind, your first obligation is to yourself.
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  9. Academic Advisors would be the best start.

    But like Seiji is saying, focus on just prioritizing your school work first.
    Iwaku might not need to be given up, just be placed lower on priority.
    But that depends on how well you can keep yourself focused.
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  10. It might also help to make yourself a schedule
    Tell yourself you can't get on Iwaku or Youtube until after a set time at night and also set specific times that are only for homework
    Also ask a roommate or friend in your real life to hold you accountable. Give them permission to scold you if necessary.

    Another good way might be to join a study group. That way you're working on your school stuff with people who are also working on school stuff and you might be better motivated that way.
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  11. This.

    Though communicating it to groups and partners is obviously still a thing you should do.

    Also try to not have the ste log you in automatically. If you have to manually log in before replying that is an extra barrier. If you don't want to do something drastic, see if that works first.
  12. That is actually a good idea. Think I'll try this first.
  13. I had a friend once who would block herself from roleplaying sites and other distractions save for like an hour a day or something. I don't know how she did it -- there's probably a browser extension you can download for that or something -- but, sounds like a good idea to me, if willpower alone isn't enough to keep you offline.

    I would agree with others that deleting your account would be a bit drastic, but, you need some way of discouraging you from coming here if you have other things to focus on...
  14. I am the same way with video games. It's so easy to lose yourself to this amazing realm of roleplaying. However as with everything it takes willpower to do the things that are less fun.

    Set yourself a system of rewards. If you do a certain amount of X you get Y where X is schooling and Y is Iwaku. That always helped me at least.
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