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  1. Name: Nevaeh
    Age: 20
    Personality: salty, sarcastic, quick tempered, strong willed, stubborn, laid back.

    My character is a stripper as a club in New York City. She had never thought of it as a career until she was offered the position and realized she could make quick money. She got into drugs (mostly weed, but harder drugs on occasion) when she was about sixteen, and now she's in a comfortable routine of numbness. She lives alone in a studio apartment with a German Shepard and a goldfish.

    I want someone to join as either a drug deal and/or a man (or woman, whatever you prefer) who comes into the strip club. Everything can be pretty casual. I like the plots to develop on their own, but there will be a lot of sexual/drug/violent themes so just keep that in mind. I'm also open to any ideas you might have.

    If you're interested just message me and we can work out the details and then get started.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.