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  1. Plot

    Fiery gem dusted magic in the night over the two who had a non-shattering bond, pledging to never part them. Their friendship fortress them against the eternal feud lived among their families for decades; the disagreements that blinded their ancestors. Until a day earth untangled their tied hearts.

    Nanahara and Inoue, both families held grudges against each other. For generations now they fought, but not once did they attempt to make a settlement. There lived one small family member, odd from the others, that sided with the Inoue in believe they weren't as bad as their own flesh and blood, were righteous. Their son attended the same school as one of the Inoue and eventually became friends. The two were inseparable. Their story started and ended in the same place: under the stars.

    [Insert name] held something more than friendship toward his friend. Despite being close, he couldn't dare to tell him, feared his rejection. And so he sustained the pain, chose to be nothing more than his best friend. Kaname was a fragile kid, like a crystal glass, always faced difficulties interacting with others—that‘s where He came to aid. He protected him from the cruelty life threw at others, taking care of the pure hearted boy.

    But one day Kaname’s parents died of an accident—so he was told—leaving him in the hands of the wicked. They refused to take him in, at first, then stated an condition for their support: he must cut off his connections with his friend, the Inoue as a whole, erase them entirely from his memory and never speak of them again. With no other choice he accepted and followed their orders. They had him study abroad for four years and finally returned to become an author.

    His first piece of art had been a bestseller in no time. A young genius they called him. What was his name?—it was hidden from the public. They changed his name and concealed his identity for safety purposes, along to give him the comfort of living normally. He lived alone in the richest neighbourhood, only getting visits from either his editor or publisher.

    [Insert name], on the other side, lost all the hopes and dreams he ever held to, ran away to live on his own and changed his name. Life became dreary, the sweetness of its fruit turned bitter. He moved from a place to another; from one job to a complete different one, always short on cash and in loss for stability. He saw a post in the newspaper recruiting an assistant for an author, offering five thousand yen as a salary. Looking at his state he couldn't over look it. His recruiters interviewed him through the phone and gave him the address to his new “boss”

    Neither of them recognised the other and they became strangers…

    *So I'll be playing Kaname.
    *This is a MxM role play. Be careful.
    *Things might go hardcore, make sure you're comfortable going that far.
    *It'd be great if you're active.
  2. I'm very interested. I was wondering if you have any preferences as to what the Inoue son should be like? I'm having this idea that he went down a bad road after being separated from Kaname, and ended up in a situation where he drank a lot. I was thinking that he would have pursued music, but his talent hasn't been recognized or something of the like.
    Other than that, I was thinking that he changed to a rock-like style, black hair with colorful stripes and stuff of the like. Only in his free time, though, considering that he's going to be an assistant, haha.
  3. Well I'm glad you're interested. I didn't specify any descriptions to his character to leave the chose to you, and to be creative. I don't have any preference, really, anything is fine as long as he'll get on well with Kaname.
  4. Well, I was thinking that he transformed from a nice guy to a mean guy hiding a nice guy on the inside. He thought that he had to harden himself.
  5. Hmm....Alright! Now that I thought about it, it would be adorable to get him to slowly take off his disguise.
  6. Ya.Tong.600.1422871.jpg

    Well, I was thinking of using this picture for him (the eyepatch is merely an accessory) and I was thinking of calling him Hiroshi Inoue. I don't really need much of a description.

    How old are they? Mid-twenties?
  7. [​IMG]

    This is Kaname. I was thinking for him to be Twenty-three, so depending on you if you want Hiroshi to be older or the same age.
  8. I was setting him at 24, so that fits with them being childhood friends. Would you like to start the thread?
  9. sure, why not.
  10. Alright. I'll await it, then.
  11. I made the thread if you want to start.
  12. Alright. Can you send me the link?
  13. As far as the name for Kaname goes, you also add "Sensei" to artists, lawyers, prosecutors and doctors, I believe...
  14. As far as my knowledge goes, yes, they add it to high professions, ones that are authoritative or at least higher than you.
  15. Yes, and obviously authors count in here, too. I'm not sure about movie producers, though.
  16. I never really thought about it. Whether movie producers have sensei added to their names or not. But I think it applies to them as well, maybe.
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