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Strike Witches 1991: The Gulf Neuroi War. Aliens, planes, tanks, magical powers, and girls!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SqL Constantia Harvey, Jan 17, 2015.

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    This is an RP based around fan made work of an anime series known as "Strike Witches". Basically its about young girls with magical powers using magical machines call "Strikers" to boost their abilities and face the invading alien foe known as Neuroi in an alternate earth. The show itself, at least the japanese one, seems to start with your normal TV tropes and really plays up the panty shots.... like seriously... what is with people and underwear..? Ehm! That aside, it actually seems to have interestingly flawed characters who grow through the show and a frankly awesomly fun setting to play around in. Well fellow fans and artists started to make their own rough version of Strike Witches, only instead of taking place as essentially a parody to World War II, we will be Rping in a Gulf War version. Jets! Stealth! Excitement! All the fun stuff!

    So if you do know the series, great! Glad to have a fellow fan! If not, don't be afraid! The concept itself could be really fun and maybe you'll watch the show! (I recommend the english dub version. Decent voice actors, waaaaaay less panty shots and more focus on story)

    Anyway, here is our setting!

    An alien foe that comes from seemingly no where with the apparent sole purpose of the destruction of humanity. This mysterious enemy force has appeared frequently and without warning in many areas across the world throughout history. The weapons of the Neuroi mostly take on forms similar to aircraft and tanks, but their most terrifying tactic is the spreading of a corrosive miasma. Not only do normal humans have no defense against this miasma, but the remnants of the land affected by it are processed by the Neuroi into new weapons, crumbling huge sections of former nations into the sea. As the miasma seems to be unable to spread across large bodies of water, humanity has designated such areas as their main lines of defense. Though throughout those fateful beginnings of the war, humanity has yet to conceive weaponry to effectively combat the Neuroi menace. It seemed that their regenerative properties and frightening red beams of destruction could not be turned by conventional weaponry. Though now times of changed and humanity does have its ultimate trump card: The Strike Witch.

    These "Strike Witches" are usually young female girls who posses great magical powers. To bring out their potential for use in battle, each Witch equips a unique machine onto their legs: the Striker Unit. With the Striker Unit equipped, they gain the ability to fly or become more agile on the ground and their tapped magical potential provides the strength to utilize weapons far too heavy and powerful for a normal person. A defensive field is also created that can protect the Witches from the Neuroi's miasma, as well as other physical weaponry, making them humanity's trump card in the war.

    The Strike Witches were first created during the beginnings of the Second Neuroi War, and have continued to be a highly valued asset of the military. However, times have changed since those fateful days of the 1940s. Technology has advanced for the Striker Unit as well as new anti Neuroi technology. They alien menace has laid dormant for quite some time now, but have now back in bulk. The year is 1991, and this new war is starting to look like a long one. It all began on the fateful day of August 2nd, 1990, when a Neuroi hive suddenly appeared over Iraq's capital, Baghdad. Soon the hive spread and Neuroi fortress began to appear all over the Middle East, threatening to spread into Africa and India. The United Nations quickly reformed their coalition and UN forces were dispatched to the Middle East to halt the ruthlessly advancing Neuroi. At first it seem to go well. They were able to establish a foothold in Yemen's city of Aden and it seemed the new Anti Neuroi weaponry was working well without the help of the Strike Witches. Though as the 1st Coalition fleet sailed into the Persian Gulf to launch another invasion of the Middle East, they were ambushed. As it turned out, the Neuroi had been studying the new stealth technologies and armors employed by their human foes, and deployed their versions of it. 76% of the entire fleet was wiped out, including the fleet flagship, the Orussian aircraft carrier known as the "Kiev"

    Since the great loss of 1st Fleet, the new allied 3rd Fleet has taken up the role as being the main support fleet for all offensive operations in the Middle East. Currently stationed off the coast of Oman, this new fleet has learned the lessons of its fallen sister ships and now is ready to take over their burden. As part of this new fleet, a new Joint Strike Witch Unit has been formed, taking witches from all sorts of countries to make up a new versatile fighting force, stationed on the massive Super Carrier, the Karlslandic CV-04 "Von Braun". This carrier's deck is large enough for a C-17 to land on and is armed to the teeth in counter measures. It's both the largest and most advance ship in the United Nation's fleet, but more importantly, your new home. You are now part of 707th Joint Striker Unit, a mixed bunch of witches, some former naval members of their respective nations or tank witches of the army, or even some new witches fresh out of training. Some missions may have you stationed at an F.O.B. while others may have you out flying for days, but the Von Braun is a place you will always know as your home.

    Now what witch will you be? Perhaps you have come to fight for what was taken from you? Or maybe because you simply want to fly through the sky and see the world. This your story, this is our story. with your character truly discovering who she is in such a hostile environment.


    Sound like fun? Good! Well head on down to the OOC and make yourself a Witch! I'm also open to ideas of a Warlock or non witch characters.

    Link to the main Discussion Thread!
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