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    Brief Description
    A charismatic and friendly guy, Jay has a shady past and a gambling addiction. He has ties in both Providence and Folly, while also being a prominent member in Breez. He's an efficient Enchanter and Tattooist. While he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, he often employs others to get things done.
    Bar Owner and Council Member for Breez
    Younger brother to the late Eliza Russo

  • Gender
    Brief Description
    A brilliant mind and alchemist, Kathleen is assertive and boastful. While she can come off blunt, she is a generally kind person with a sense of guilt. She's a native of Breez, her parents moved too Providence when she was a child. After several years behind the wall, she returned to Breez to live a life free from the lies of the Church. Now she works as the voice of logic for the council.
    Alchemist and Council Member for Breez

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    Brief Description
    The youngest member on the council, Natasha is naturally curious and a bit eccentric. She works as an engineer and inventor of sorts, doing her best to build defenses for Breez and to keep on top of maintenance. Her father was a member of the council before her, but died during a monster attack on the city.
    Repair-woman and Council Member for Breez

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    Brief Description
    Born and raised in Providence, Emilia is rather timid and fearful of the outside world. Tasked with keeping in contact with a scientific expedition in Stoneview. When the group stopped responding to her messages, she pleaded with the Church of Providence to send a team out to help. When they refused, she found herself in Breez asking the small towns council for help.
    Priestess, In-charge of communications

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  • Logan Russo
    'The Devil of Providence'


    Standing at 6'2, Logan has wide shoulders and is built well for his age. He has black hair with streaks of gray running through it. His beard is similar in fashion, both are wild and unkempt. He has several cuts on his face whenever he does happen to shave his beard down.
    He has a scar over his right eye, several whip scars on his back and a scar on the front and palm of both hands. Several injection spots line his arms.
    While he has no mundane tattoos, he has a worn out enchanted tattoo on his left shoulder blade that is a symbol of an Abjuration dispel. Part of it is burned off, leaving its enchantment useless.
    School and Class of Magic:
    Conjuration~Summoner~ Intermediate level, but rusty with his skills

    Taught by a wandering mage when he was a child, he summoned a small fire-like demon. The mage said it was likely do to the rage that sat bubbling inside him. As he grew older, both his anger and demon grew with him.
    Now Ignis is a towering at 12-foot, capable of scorching a person to a pile of ash and tangling with a young dragon. Ignis isn't too intelligent, reluctant to follow orders and is always angry.When Logan brandishes his summons powers, his hands and forearms are covered in a rocky, fiery gauntlets capable of spewing fire. A rocky crown forms around his head with protruding horns, giving him his nickname 'the Devil of Providence'.
    Both Ignis and Logan are weakened by water, Abjuration magic and ice.


    Logan has been a fighter and killer all his life. He's shot several types of guns, swung bats and swords and used grenades. While his skills are rusty, he's a good enough shot and had his share of pain.
    He's seen a lot in his 48 years of being alive. He isn't likely to crumble under pressure and can keep his cool in most situations.

    When conversations go south and persuasion wont work you can rely on Logan too scare an answer out of people.
    Wary and Not Friendly

    He likes to keep to himself and prefers to not make new friends. He doesn't tell others much about his past and the locals of Breez do their best to avoid him. When with a group, he doesn't work well with others and often strikes it out on his own.
    4His age is getting the best of him. Not as fast or agile as he used to be, but he's still in good shape for his age.
    Drug Addict
    To ward off the symptoms of Mana-Glut, he relies heavily on chemicals to regulate his body. He often takes pain meds for no reason other than to get high.

    (On his person)
    One dirt stained, old pair of clothes

    T-shirt, jeans, boots and worn leather jacket.
    Drug Syringe, bottle of pain meds and empty syringe
    Combat Knife

    Beretta M9 Pistol, One fifteen-round clip

    Mossberg Shotgun with Shells
    Revolver, six silver bullets

    Watch and Silver necklace
    The watch was a gift from Jay. The necklace was a gift from his late wife, a wedding ring hangs from the silver chain.
    Cigarettes and Flip Lighter
    Riot Gear
    Resembles pre-portal riot gear, The Inquisitor mark is on the body armor, though it's worn and faded.
    Riot Shield, Enchanted with various runes
    Among the runes are one to strengthen the shield and give it resistance to high and low temperatures.
    Bag of Providence coins

    An angry, lonesome man. Logan prefers to be left alone with his drugs and thoughts. He doesn't judge others, but rather has a plain dislike for everyone. He hasn't been close to any one for nearly ten years now, and despite having associates within Breez, most simply pity him. Not many know his story and is often haunted at night by his past. When drunk or high on his medication he is rather mellow and slightly more friendly. He doesn't take others seriously and often tries to put optimistic people down.
    Age 1-24
    Born in Grimm's Folly to a whorish mother and drunkard father, Logan grew up with no positive influences in his life. As a teenager he was rowdy and always getting into scruffs with others, one time even stabbing another boy almost killing him. He took a break from the criminal life, and learned how to control summoning magic before being force to find a job. The mage who taught him soon left the city and went back on the road. As a young man with no talents besides fighting, he signed up with Grimms Raiders and got into several conflicts with Providence and the now failed city of Stoneview. His close friends died beside him in battle, both to monsters and other survivors. This pushed him to an early addiction to drugs and alcohol. His stubborn manner helped him climb the ranks as a member of the Raiders, working first for Atticus Grimm, then for Jessica Grimm after she took power of the city. He had a minor role in the overthrowing of Atticus, but a lot of it was hazy due to a mixture of drugs and booze. On a scavenging run him and his team randomly encountered the mage who taught him magic. Angry that the man left all those years ago, Logan promptly killed him.
    Age 24-38
    On a raid near Providence, Logan and his group were ambushed by Inquisitors. During the fight, it drew the attention of a troll. Logan was left wounded and dying before being found by a Priestess of Providence. Logan and Eliza quickly fell in love as he was nursed back to health by the priestess, and quickly they made a cover story for Logan. For the next several years Logan worked as an Inquisitor for Providence, hiding his past and swearing off drugs and booze. He had a tattooist put a dispel tattoo on his back so he would never be able to summon Ignis again. The pair had two children, Aden and Aster. Aster was the older sister of Aden by a few years. The parents soon learned that Aster had access to magic. Not wanting to force the child into the Providence School of magic, they kept it secret.

    Age 38 - Present day
    The secret eventually came out that Aster had magic. One afternoon Mother Jezebel and several Inquisitors came to their home. After Logan and Eliza resisted, Eliza was shot in the head and Logan was put under by a spell. Their children were taken by the Church, and when Logan awoke he was tied to a post, his hands nailed behind him to the wood and was set a flame in the square. He was meant to be an example to not hide things from the Church. Instead they woke the beast inside him, and as his flesh was being burnt off the tattoo on his back was broken. The enchantment over Logan gone, he summoned Ignis. In his rage many people died, both Inquisitors, priests and civilians. Fleeing to Breez, he contacted an old friend that lived there. His wounds were healed, and he lives in the area as a hermit. He does odd jobs for the city, helps keep it safe and feeds his drug addiction. He chooses not to us his magic anymore, and is now ill with Mana-Glut. Not many in the city know him or his past, but rumors have always circulated about him. Some of these are true, most are not.

    Eliza Russo - Wife - Deceased

    Aster Russo - Daughter (19) - Unknown
    Aden Russo - Son (16) - Unknown
    Jay Kennedy - Brother-In-Law - Breez

  • Aster Russo
    She stands at 5'7, with long, toned legs. She doesn't have much definition in her muscles, but has some strength. Like her mother, she has naturally blonde hair but she dyes it dark. Her hair hangs down a little past her shoulders. She has grayish green eyes that fit well with her delicate facial features.
    Near her left eye is a tattoo that resembles a star or sun, which is the symbol of the Providence Inquisitors. While the Church doesn't exactly approve of it, her ears are pierced.

    School and Class of Magic:

    Psychokinesis ~ Novice-Intermediate
    While she primarily was trained in reading, manipulating and torturing minds, she practices lifting things with her mind in her free time.

    She's helped cook meals with the Church growing up, and while it won't help keep her alive it can make the quality of life better
    First Aid (Basic)
    She also had experience help patching people up using non-magic means. She's capable of stitching, creating splints, popping bones back into place and using bandages effectively.

    Unlike most people, she went was taught how to read, do math and obtain a teacher-taught education, making her more educated than the normal survivor.
    She always tries to see the best in others but people often take advantage of this. She's somewhat too trusting and expects too much of people.

    Superiority Complex
    Like most people from Providence, Aster was taught that people from Providence tend to be more civilized than people from other cities. While she doesn't actively goad people with this, it may influence her look towards others.

    Aside from combat exercises, she's never been in an actual fight. Furthermore, she has never been a mile away from Providence, until recently.

    One Outfit
    Green T-shirt, Black Jacket, Black jeans, black boots, cross necklace and a hair tie.
    SIG Sauer Pistol, 7 Round Magazine (Empty)
    Switch Knife

    Bandages, Rubbing Alcohol and Band-aids
    Bag of Providence Coins
    Kind and caring is a common way to describe Aster, especially compared to other Inquisitors. While she is a 'Junior' Inquisitor, she tries to remain professional and hardened around other members of the Church, while being her typical friendly and joyful self when around others.
    She's typically wary and distrusting of those outside of Providence, mostly due to being told lies by the Church, but is often too quick to trust based off of first appearances.


    (Birth - 10)
    Aster was born behind the walls of Providence, and for much of her life was unaware of the horrors of the real world, aside from stories the other kids would tell. Her parents Eliza and Logan were both caring and protective of her, and her childhood was filled with relatively good memories. As she neared teen-hood, it was clear she started to develop magic capabilities. Her parents quickly ordered her to keep it a secret after she expressed she didn't want to go to the Providence School of Light Magic. She kept the secret, aside from telling it to her best friend Emrin.
    (11- Current Day)
    The details of the day her mother died are foggy for Aster. Mother Jezebel explained that it was likely due to her trying to block out the horrific day.
    It was like any other day, until Mother Jezebel came to their family home. Her father, Logan, and Jezebel got into an argument about Aster attending the School of Light Magic. Logan drew a pistol and fired a shot that was meant for Jezebel, though he missed his target and killed Eliza, her mother, with one shot to the head. The bloody image still lingers in Asters mind.
    Since then Eliza was raised by the church, along with other orphans. Her father was meant to be executed, though he managed to pull off a fiery escape. One of the people killed was a member of the inquisition, and Aster was chosen to fill that position. She was raised as one of the torturers for the inquisitors, despite showing discomfort for the role. She was chosen to be apart of a team to guard a group of scientists heading into Stoneview, when the job went south.

    Aden Russo ~ Brother ~ Alive
    Since Aden joined the 'Cleansers', the two haven't talked. Even before then they had a tense and unease relationship.
    Logan Russo ~ Father ~ Unknown
    Eliza Russo ~ Mother ~ Deceased
    Emrin Carth ~ Ex-Friend ~ Unknown

    Aster partly blames Emrin for the death of her mother. In her mind Emrin told her parents about Aster's magic capabilities. The two girls haven't spoken since.

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Name :
Lyra Rosewald
Age :
Gender :
Appearance :
Lyra is around 1.75m tall, with a robust build and upright silhouette. The cap she wears hides a scar on the left side of her forehead. She has fiery orange hair, and blueish-grey eyes. She has palish skin, and freckles spotted around her body. She has two large scars along her chest and stomach.
Magic :
Flora Magic - Novice
Skills :
- Knowledgeable in brewing medical potions
- Able to use a knife in a fight without accidentally cutting herself
- Very capable as a freerunner
- Poor pickpocketing ability
Equipment :
- Filter-Mask & Goggles
- Knife
- Satchel of alchemical ingredients
- Vampiric Suppression potions (x2 at a time)
Personality :
In Breez, she’s mostly known as the know-it-all thief by the people around her neighborhood. She rarely leaves the last word to her adversaries, always getting one incomprehensible phrase or another in until the end of the discussion, usually via her escape from the scene of crime. Otherwise, she’s very quiet, but always stands upright with a confident smile, with no sign of any timidness. When she doesn’t take her medicine for too long, she can get very excitable and easy to anger, but she usually has her composure. She doesn’t seem to have a violent nature, but she’s deceptively easy to provoke into violence, even if her calm demeanor doesn’t change as easily. Despite this, she has a great disdain for simple, pervasive, and almost natural injustices, which is what fuels her rants when she’s caught stealing something.
Backstory :
Dr Maria Rosewald moved into Breez with her daughter nineteen years ago. She quickly became one of the city’s favorite denizens as an effective and pleasant medical professional. To boot, she had arrived just in time to help manage an outbreak of the Crimson Thirst. Dr Rosewald had to move around in the small city a couple of times after several incidents when she was attacked by a vampire. Each time, she was lucky enough to have some of the people around try to protect her and her daughter. Six years after she moved in, she vanished for a month. Her decayed corpse was later found in one of the deep holes underground in Breez when some of the denizens were hiding from a storm. The reason for her being targeted by the vampire remained unknown to most people.

Lyra, Dr Rosewald’s daughter, had not been a stranger to horrific scenes as a child, being the good doctor’s cattle, fattening for the slaughter. Still, Lyra was Maria’s true daughter. Lyra’s father had been dead long since before she was born. Lyra witnessed people come into her home willingly with an odd, soulless smile and never leave, but it had never struck her as odd. She had never been able to think much on it, thanks to the same power that brought them to that house on their own two feet.

Maria Rosewald’s death came years after she first arrived in Breez, where she managed to avoid suspicion for her true nature thanks to her charming facade for all that time. She had even begun to nurture a liking for another young man. She began spending some evenings away with this man, leaving Lyra alone for the evenings with only the cattle for company through the thin wall between her room and the cattle’s room. For a week, she left home every single night. On the eighth evening, the man broke into the house alone, with a pistol and ornate sword at his hips. From her room, Lyra couldn’t tell what was going on until her room’s door flung open. The man had seen the girl in her public appearances as the doctor’s agreeable and quiet daughter, but had been taken aback for a moment. He closed the door again, and walked into the next room over. His gun rang five times in quick succession, silencing the cries of glee from the cattle Dr Rosewald had gathered. The man came back with a friendly smile, and beckoned Lyra to come to him. He led her out of the house and down the streets for some time until they reached her mother.

The specific events of the evening were lost to Lyra’s memory, but she woke in a bed with a pair of large scars along her stomach and chest, and a taste of iron and and copper in her mouth. She met her host soon after, a blind old man. The blind old man she bought books from for her mother. Lyra asked the man what had happened, but the old man pleaded ignorance, saying that she had passed out outside the bookstore, and that a couple of merchants helped carry her inside to check on her the evening before. She went home, but found that it was completely empty save for the corpses of Maria’s cattle.

The old man had offered her to live with him, in exchange for helping him manage the bookstore. She didn’t decline, but ran away on the first night to find her mother. When she failed in her task, she returned. She did this two more times until her mother’s corpse was found with five bullet wounds in her body.

For the next few years, she spent most of her time working to fix the terribly organization of the blind man’s bookstore. Once every couple of months, she’d get a fever, but thankfully the old man had the medicine to fix her up. After she turned ten, she began what could be generously called her “rebellious phase”; she began trying to steal from the fruit stands and travelling merchants in the market, but would more often than not, get caught. Each time, she rambled on about property rights, coercion, injustice, and whatnot, to defend her unsuccessful endeavors. Over the years, she didn’t get much better at the stealing part, but she became much more adept at her philosophical excuses and fleeing skills. Her time at the library gave her the knowledge to mount an argumentative defense, and over time, some more arcane skills.

In her time at the library, she met another girl who came by from time to time, spending a lot of time with the old man. She and Lyra became quick friends, as two rather mischievous, precocious teens. They would often get one another in quite a bit of trouble. Mona would often get them into little scraps, while Lyra made her an accomplice in her crimes simply by association. However, for Lyra, Mona became the one person she could truly trust only after her most shameful moment.

Two years after they had met, they had gotten in another scrap with some of the older kids in a back alley. During the fight, Lyra grew more and more wild, until she finally knocked one of the boys down on his back, and in what felt like a blur, lunged on him and started beating his face in. As the girl leading the charge against the duo seemed to be about to make a move, Mona landed a kick in her gut, making the girl throw up. Mona was quick to pull her friend away from the boy on the floor. The kids quickly scurried to leave after Mona chased them off with a fury. Lyra stared at Mona with a great hunger as her friend came to check on her. Lyra reached forward with her mouth opening again before she broke down in tears. Later that evening, after the old man Adar gave her the medicine, she grasped lucidity with both hands. She told Mona of her “condition” with a shaking voice, afraid of how her friend might react. Her fear turned into confusion and glee as her friend held her tight in a comforting grasp.
Relationships :
- Mona is the person Lyra trusts the most, and her closest friend.
- Old man Adar has been her caretaker for the last 13 years.
Others :
While she has the vampirism virus, she suppresses its effects using alchemical medicines she brews. She’s able to suppress her vampiric strengths and weaknesses, but over the years, her sky blue eyes have decayed into a white-blue gray, and her skin grew pale.

If she drinks blood, her vampiric qualities (weaknesses and strengths) come forth.​
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The Wanderer

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Name: Nomad
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Standing at about 5'10, and weighing at 140 Ibs, Nomad sports a thin lightweight body. Pale skin from the few times anyone has seen his arms and blue eyes from when he takes off his goggles, and is always seen wearing a mask of some sort. The mask he is seen wearing when not using the gas mask, is a balaclava type with goggles covering the eyes. His clothing is a simple hoodie, with coat on-top when it is cold, torn jeans and worn out shoes. All of the clothing he has, have stitching from damage from bandits, nature or the beasts.
School and Class of Magic: N/A

Skills: First and foremost, Nomad is a scavenger, able to root through ruins of the old world and find something of value, although the value varies depending on many things such as exposure, what the item is and where it was found. A few other skills he has picked up in his travels is some skill in first aid. But this is a bit on the side of severely untrained as he doesn't have any experience beyond "Disinfect, bandage, clean, repeat." So, hopefully you don't get injured beyond what can treated with his normal method.

And of coarse, being a lone wanderer has allowed Nomad to become quite the sneaky individual. Able to get past groups or abominations without them even knowing that he was there in the first place. Of coarse, sneaking aptitude does little for magic or anything that can sense him unnaturally. And despite his sneaky attitude, he has had to pick up the skill regarding firearms and melee combat. Sure he is a bit on the defensive, preferring to avoid confrontations if at all possible and rarely killing unless forced to. But he can be a reliable ally in a fight. Just don't expect him to out-do someone more trained in these fields.
Equipment: An old bolt-action hunting rifle that has seen better days and a small revolver, barely enough ammunition for both firearms, an old iron pipe, a small backpack, first aid kit, a few cans of canned food and bottled water. And sewing supplies to repair his clothes. He also tends to carry filters for his gas mask and a small journal that he tends to use to write down important details about locations, animals and whatever catches his fancy.

Personality: Due to being on his own for the later parts of his life, he is naturally anxious and cautious around others, to the point that he will forgo sleep if someone proves to not be as reliable so he can avoid being double crossed in the night or when on his own, avoiding groups of people that even call out that they're friendly. This has been somewhat lessened after his travels with a roaming band of fellow scavengers he soon would call family. But he is still wary around new people. Despite being cautious and wary about people, Nomad is a softie when someone is in danger or anything of the sort. He'll help out by acting as a distraction so that the person in danger can get away, before making his retreat, or offering someone in need of supplies, some of his wares even. Or most recently, agreeing to go out and get supplies for settlements that he passes by on his journey, so that they can last a bit longer in this world.

And as his moniker would entail, he is a nomadic soul. Never staying in one place, always moving around from settlement to settlement, from ruins to ruins. All in hopes that maybe he'll stumble upon something to fix the world. A waste of time for sure, but what else can you do in this world?

Background: No one really knows where Nomad came from, even the roaming band of traders/scavengers that later took Nomad into their fold don't even know where Nomad came from. This has of coarse sparked some rumors that he came from one of the portals that plague this world now, or some other rumor that tends to be less focused on logic and more on just plain superstition. But from what Nomad has written/said about his past is that he can't remember his parents or where he came from. Just that he woke up alone in a ruin when he was a small child.

Despite barely being able to survive in the wasteland, Nomad managed to do so, albeit in a odd way of "Learn from mistakes." Which has gotten him injured, and often in trouble with bandits. And said method didn't help with food and water, which led to Nomad being somewhat underfed. The combinations of the two would've led to Nomad's eventual demise as a teen, had it not been for a certain group of roaming traders and scavengers that happened upon Nomad when he was recuperating from an injury.

Sure they had to fight him to ensure he didn't try to get away or attack them, but they managed to calm him down, and not before long he grew on them. Which in turn caused them to take him into their fold, dubbing him "Nomad." Due to the fact he had no name, and now he was part their roaming group, so they thought it fit him. The band taught Nomad the essentials, how to read, perform basic first aid, cook, where to look for supplies, how to fight, and how to talk to people. Although that last one was difficult as Nomad is mute for unknown reasons. But they taught him what they could, and what they thought would help him survive in this world.

Skipping ahead a few years, to the point where Nomad eventually parted ways with the band of roamers when he was a young man. As part of a quest on his part to find his place in the world, maybe find clues on who his parents were, or something to fix the world, or just whatever. And like that he began his travels, getting into misadventures, encountering creatures that plagued the wasteland and experiencing the wonders of being a scavenger.
Relationships: [Open to Discussion]
Other: Nomad is a mute, although it is unknown if the cause is from an injury, or from years of isolation.​
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Name: Mona Twist
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Roughly 170cms tall and somewhat slim. Her grandma might call her malnourished but she eats well enough for her metabolism. Her clothing is for the most part dependant on what she can scrounge up for chump change though if given the choice leans well towards punk rock style. Her hair, currently brown, tends to change colours as soon as she gets her hands on some dye but given the state of the world that is a rare luxury and one that she plans to indulge in if she gets the chance.​

School and Class of Magic:
Enchanter - Rising Talent (Intermediate)​

  • Graphic design - An important skill for an enchanter, after all the more intricate a design the more complex an enchantment, the more streamlined the pattern the more efficient it gets. Fairly confident in her skills regarding design and has the enchantments to prove it.
  • Close quarters combat - Not really a pugilist nor a combatant, but more than capable of cracking a skull with a baseball bat or a barstool. Novice, street brawler at best.
  • Tech Savvy - Possibly one of the only people to carry around a literal laptop to help her work on designs. Her tech knowledge is not limited to laptops only and instead, she can work on most battery powered electronics and offer rudimentary repairs.
  • Basic Alchemy - A mostly theoretical knowledge without any proper application, something she picked up but hasn't had the chance to use practically. Doesn't even have the basic tools and materials. She mostly serves an assistant to Lyra when she starts her work but she might be able to handle some simple concoctions if she had a recipe on hand.
  • Novice freerunner - Barely enough to keep up with Lyra when she takes them on some wild tours. On her own however she is liable to run into a wall or find herself unable to scale an obstacle without help.

A metal baseball bat, backpack with enough space for her laptop, her laptop, soldering iron and solder wire (about a meter length on a spool), binoculars enchanted to also catch long range sounds, enchanted self-recharging battery for laptop, flashlight torch with enchantment for intensity, spare batteries for the torch, enchantment tools (carving and painting instruments)​

Ever the optimist Mona tends to smile danger and fear in the face rather than cower under it. Faced with the challenge she beams and takes it on with enthusiasm many would be jealous of. When she hits a wall and starts to fail to progress she doubles down and takes on the challenge twice as hard. She is a confident one never questioning her skills or capabilities but always taking caution when promising things. Chances are you will never hear her make a promise unless you become a person of significant importance to her. While friendly she doesn't let people disrespect her without talking back regardless of place or situation. Despite the harsh world she lives in she has a really idealistic idea that people should not be killing each other, that there is always a better way to handle a given situation rather than resort to murder, violence, on the other hand, she is fine with as a means to an end. It had gotten her out of a few predicaments. On top of that all she is also incredibly crass, who needs manners when the world has already died she figures.​

It's not that she was orphaned, it's just that her parents were always busy with this and that making sure there are enough resources for the whole city. The duo were scavengers that would head out to look for anything that the city might need and that didn't stop simply because they had a child together. To them, the city came first and in a way Mona understood that even at a young age but lack of parents meant she didn't quite want to listen to the nanny they left her with, a neighbour and a good friend to the couple. So naturally, Mona misbehaved and practically ran off every time and got into trouble on the streets. They were small things at first, few fights here and there, some worthless items going missing, mostly broken and useless scrap but before long things started to escalate when she bit off a piece of another girl's ear for insulting her and her parents. Even if the weren't there often they still loved her and she loved them back, hearing someone badmouth them pissed her off and after words started flying fists soon followed.​
In an attempt to give her daughter more discipline the couple asked one of the elderly enchanters, a blind old man to take her under his wing and teach her about his arts. It was clear she had gifts but they chose something simple and methodical to give her some order and control in life. Despite the outcry that she wanted to field fire at her fingertips she had no choice but to accept what she was given. Her first encounter with an old man was awkward and she didn't think much of him, at least until she learned he wasn't really blind. Sure his eyes were glazed over and useless but he saw more than she ever could with two perfectly functioning eyes. The man had enchanted objects to help his senses including the one that he was born without. Most folks assumed he was such a good enchanter because he could feel the grooves rather than see them, but he admitted that he absolutely cheats because his visual enchantment allows him to see the flow of Mana through the lines he carves and draws. He won her over rather quickly and despite how slow and arduous the lessons were she sat through each and every one of them. He didn't just choose to mentor her right away either, he wanted to see if she had the spirit and creativity for it and sure enough he saw the spark in her eyes. Most people visit enchanters to have their weaponry done but she was more focused on his 'more mundane' enchantments like a mug that always kept his drinks cold or warm, the 'alarm' step in front of his door to let him know someone is coming as well as many other things.​
In her early teens between studying under her mentor, Mr Adar as he had her call him, she also started sneaking out to scavenge the junkyards and other places where she might find something others would overlook. At first, they were just baubles and useless trinkets until she started to grow interested in electronics. It started with some broken phones and sure enough with Mr Adar's help, she managed to figure out how to fix one of them, though it was mostly useless except for playing tunes it had on its memory. Still, it was a stepping stone to something more. Since then she had gotten ahold of a functioning laptop, lacking the power she needed to get creative and sure enough she did. All by herself, she managed to figure out a way to get the battery to charge itself through mana rather than electrical power making it her first enchantment.​
While studying her new chosen discipline she didn't suddenly stop being a troublesome child. One could even say she had gotten worse and more subtle. Usually she would study in the midday at the library with Mr Adar but afterwards, she would always bump into Lyra a girl that lived with old man Adar and helped him around in the library. It was probably because both of them had trouble making friends with others that made them click right away and start getting each other into more and more trouble. Neither really cared to follow all the rules they were expected to and so together they were like two little demons running around town stealing fruit and beating up anyone who would think to insult them. Mona had mostly gotten used to it but still, she couldn't stand when people insult people she cares for and sure enough with Lyra being her only friend apart from her mentor she would not let it stand.​
When she ran out of electronics to dismantle and fix she needed to find more and within the town, it was too high a value thing to steal with Lyra so she suggested they head out and scavenge for something in the abandoned apartments. She knew there was no way she could have gotten out of town without her friend, she simply had no idea how or where to go, but with Lyra by her side they moved through the alleyways vaulting over obstacles and giving each other hands when the wall got too great for either of them to scale alone. Outside they were mostly alone and while at first, it was serene it quickly became dreadful for Mona to be so isolated. Were it not for Lyra she would have panicked and run back crying. At the time she appreciated what her friend was doing for her and as the two set out to find something they tried to be as sneaky as they could, alas they were not the best at it and before too long ran head first into a monstrous abomination. Before Mona had a chance to panic and scream her vocal cords off, Lyra grabbed her by the wrist with a vice-like grip and ran. They barely dodged the creature and as the dread faded away Mona started laughing maniacally as she hugged her best friend.​
In time, it happened that some of Mona's old problems caught up with her, the girl by the name of Sally got some friends and an oversized metal bat to take her revenge for losing that chunk of an ear. Ironically it healed very nicely and look pretty badass, Mona noted. It was the upper part of her earlobe that was missing in a triangular shape where mona's canine once gored through. Of course, Mona being a bit of a menace and making one of the boys bleed from his nostrils caused him and another to run away right away leaving only Sally and another boy against Mona and Lyra. It was about there that Lyra lost her cool and started a brutal beatdown. Before Sally had time to react Mona kicked her in the gut with enough force to get her to hurl, then rather than join the beatdown Mona pulled Lyra off the boy before she went further, they got the message she figured and now with the bat in her hand she yelled at Sally to take her shitty boyfriend and leave. She came down to check on her friend as soon as the others left and saw something she did not expect to find. Luckily for them, both Mr Adar was aware and Mona had enough wisdom to take her friend back home and let things sort themselves out. By the time Lyra started to confess to things Mona didn't care, she just wanted to keep her friend safe and rather than sit there and listen to long-winded explanations she hugged her and thanked her for her help in the fight.​


Lyra, best friend and partner in crime​
Mr Adar, mentor enchanter and surrogate parent​
Leo and Lisa, absent but loving parents​
Sally, rival and sworn 'arch-nemesis'​
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Name: Emrin Carth



Emrin stands at just barely above 4'11" and weighs 95 lbs. Her eyes are a light grey. She has thick, black hair that reaches her lower back but is usually kept in two neat braids that shorten it to her mid back. She has a tattoo of an owl behind her left ear, but it is not enchanted. She almost always wears her cloak, and simple brown pants and a white shirt underneath. For shoes, she prefers simple short leather boots.

School and Class of Magic:
Conjouring - Summoner - somewhere in between intermediate and beginner

Climbing - Emrin often climbed around the rooftop of her home and church to escape her parents and certain events. She has also hidden in trees a few times to avoid punishment.
Lying - After she began to question her beliefs, she learned to lie to her parents and preachers to avoid punishment and avoid being labeled as a dissenter.
Near perfect memory - Emrin will never forget anything she doesn't want to. Her memory allows her to learn things quickly. However, things can occasionally get jumbled and once they do, it's hard for her to forget the wrong facts and replace them with the correct ones.

Magic Skills:
Summon - Emrin's summon takes the form of an owl. Although she is an intermediate summoner, it still doesn't listen to her very well, but she can summon him for about 45 min at a time
Enhanced hearing - Emrin can use her magic to enhance her hearing. She can't quite make it as good as an owl's but it's usually good enough for eavesdropping.
Silence - Emrin has been working on using her magic to make her movement completely silent, the same way an owl has an almost silent flight. It's a work in progress.

Night owl - using her magic during the day makes her very sleepy, while using her abilities in the evening make it hard for her to sleep
No eye movement - when using her magic she can't move her eyes. She must turn her entire head the same way an owl does
Magic weakness - both her and her summon are weak to geomany, flora and energy magic.

Magic staff (and her Summon - I need name suggestions)

A cloak enchanted to keep the wearer warm in the cold and cool in the heat
A small bag of dried meat for her summon

Many call her a pessimist. Emrin, however, considers herself to be a realist. She is a very logical person and always thinks her choices through. Often sarcastic and not afraid to tell people what she thinks. Slow to trust, but once you earn it, it's hard to lose. She is a fiercely loyal friend will not hesitate to trade her life and lie for those she cares about. Betray that trust though, and you will never earn it back. Emrin is stubborn and doesn't like to back down from an argument, which often gets her in trouble. She can be fairly close-minded, although this has gotten better since learning that many of her beliefs were wrong and leaving Providence. She loves to learn and ask questions. She has a bad habit of rolling her eyes and raising her eyebrow at almost everything, which can make it seem like she's always looking down on everyone and everything.

Emrin was born in Providence. Her father is one of the best enchanters in the city, and because of this, her family is very wealthy. Her parents were also known to be one of the most devout couples and Emrin was raised believing their teachings. Because of her family's wealth, Emrin grew up with the best education, magical training, and enchanted items. Emrin's parents had expected her to take over the family business if she had magic, but she was an only child and didn't get along with the others. So, when she first discovered she had magic, she, of course, turned to summoning. Her parents were furious. Not only did she go against their wishes, but she had also summoned an owl. A creature of the night that was certainly not holy. Luckily though, her mother still believed that her powers should be trained and hired a private tutor for her, though her magic was kept a secret from most of the family friends.

Despite her parents' beliefs, she never cared much for the religion and was considered a troublesome child. Sure she believed the teachings and did her daily prayers, but she often skipped large worships and other related events, climbing onto rooftops and into trees to escape and hide. She preferred to spend time practicing her magic and studying the things that actually interested her, such as history, magical theory, and math. As she grew older she became curious about the other cities and began asking the wrong questions. What did they do to deserve to be attacked by the monsters? Is being a non-believer really such a bad thing as long as you were a good person? How could the Johnson's on the other side of the city be killed in the last attack when they were more devoted than the Smiths who lived right next door to them? Surely it couldn't be possible for everyone outside of Providence to be a heretic deserving of punishment. It didn't take her long to learn to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to avoid beatings or being branded a heretic. The older she got, the more she began to question the Church. Funnily though, to an outsider it would look like she grew out of being a troublesome child and into a proper devout worshipper.

When she was 13 Emrin's mother was killed in an attack. Despite her mother's devotion in life, once she was killed everyone treated her as a heretic. Even Emrin's own father became appalled with his wife. Any pictures of her were burned and her possessions destroyed. 2 months later, her father was already engaged to another woman. Soon after, Emrin stole of some her father's enchanted items and used them to pay a trader to take her to Breez.To Emrin, who had hardly never gone farther from her home than the church, leaving the city was like entering an entirely new world. It was terrifying, full of people who lived in constant fear of each other and monsters. And yet, at the same time, it was amazing. There was so much to learn and see, and Emrin couldn't get enough. Life in Breez was difficult at first. She had grown up wealthy and sheltered, with access to anything she could have ever wanted. She had no idea how the trade system worked or what the artifacts she brought with her were worth, leading to everything except her cloak and staff getting essentially scammed away. About 4 months after arriving in Breez, she was taken in by a shop owner who owned a small shop. He taught her how to help him with his job, which including bookbinding, repairing a variety of items, and a read anything write anything service. When the owner died 3 years later, she took over ownership of the shop.

Logan Russo - She used to play with his daughter before her mother sold his family out to the inquisitors.

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Medieval Fantasy, Romance, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Steampunk
Name: Lauren "Lidiya" Kazanezsky
Age: 29
Gender: Female
School and Class of Magic: Psionics — Class of Illusion – Novice
Occupation: Thief/Car Hijacker/Wanted Criminal, Expert Botanist, Survivalist, and Environmentalist

Lock Picking — Lauren is quite adept at picking a lock. Her skill has helped her find simple supplies, such as water, canned vegetables, and blankets where no one else may think to look. Nine years of experience and counting. Her Uncle endorsed this sadly.
Survival — She can attend to the most basic necessities of human life through nature, which includes building temporary shelter, finding and purifying water, food preservation, among other basic skills needed to survive in the wild. Taught by her Father.
First Aid — CPR Certified for adults and children, as well as having a deep, thorough understanding of what a general first aid kit entails and how to use the instruments and various creams inside has helped Lauren in the long run. She learned this side of medicine from her Uncle.
Scavenging — Lauren is quite adept at rummaging and locating the last of pre-expired medicine and over the counter drugs sometimes needed for headaches, pain relief, etc. She's been doing it for the last five years with tips from her Uncle.
Close Quarter Combat Expert – Eight years of martial arts training has taught Lauren how to bust someone's nose or knock them unconscious if the time ever comes. She also knows how and where to strike an opponent with a knife, if need be, courtesy of her parents.
Farming and Gathering – Homeschooled in botany and environmentalism from her parents, mostly her Mother though, has allowed Lauren to hone and apply expert skills in farming and gathering seeds for various vegetables and fruits.

Water Canteen x1
Box of 20 Matches x3
Thick Rope x1
Pack of Clean Clothes x2
Thick Blanket x1
Granola Bars x10
Plants and Herbs Book x1
Basic First Aid Kit x1
Natural Soaps x5
Half-Empty Tylenol x1
Lock Picks x12
Knives (Clip Point, Caping, and Skinning) x3

Lauren is confident her head is screwed on right; she knows exactly what she does and she knows that it's wrong. It's not rocket science to her; she has to survive though, so that's what she does. Lauren is extremely resourceful and has felt guilt for what she's done, however, it's becoming more of a commodity than a straight act of non-violence. She's blunt and out for herself; she takes pride in what she does and is very much out for herself, or selfish as many like to call the wanted criminal.

Background: Lauren grew up in Providence, a cultist society that kept strict tabs on their citizens and the holy spread of religion. She was forced to practice for survival and her family made a decent show out of it so much that the religion became reality for the quaint family. Lauren's younger years were trifle with rebellion and the intense need to beat up older boys if they messed with her girlfriends. At eleven years old, Lauren got a taste of true danger and Rain, her brother-like friend, got harsh.

Lauren and her family later disappeared from that side of Providence. She was homeschooled in real life applications of botany and environmentalism. Her heart and mind, however, was gradually growing apart from the religion she'd grown up with. She was becoming her own person and needed that sense of freedom to be who she wanted to be, not what someone else dictated. Her parents sent her off to her uncle in Grimm's Folly when she was nineteen to give her a chance at finding a career, or at the very least, surviving on a less "strict" territory.

Although she had her uncle on her side to guide her and give her shelter, Lauren did what she could to get through the day. She had no purpose, no friends. Her days were spent trying to pick locks without much success and unlocking car doors to steal anything of value. Lauren often came home with bruises and cuts, so much so that her uncle got tired of it and taught Lauren how to use the different items in a first aid kit and perform CPR on adults and young children, should the need ever arise.

At twenty five, she moved completely on her own to Breez and to say the least, her reputation isn't the greatest, but she's never been caught either. Most don't know who she is, they just know there's some crazy lady who's a gem at stealing things and picking the locks on cars. Who knows what's next for Lauren? She sure as heck is not interested in being a slave to the cult or behind bars, and the only time she gets involved in something is if she gets a fair share of the coin.

Relationships: Rain — Brother-like friend, very protective of her. The two left on a sour note and Lauren's moved on from the past, hopefully.

Other: None
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Name: Kane

Age: 18

Gender: male


School and Class of Magic: shadow caster - Intermediate

Skills: Shadow movement - a special form of movement that allows for speedy moves while the user remains silent and out of sight.
Assassin - trained in the way of an assassin, knows how to strike down the opponent quickly and quietly.
Basic first aid and survival.

Equipment: hidden blades - he has several stashed all over his body. Assassin apparel - specially made clothes assassins wear that makes no noise and is resistant to tearing. High strength thin wire - used for binding and assassination.

Personality: calm, cool, calculating. Kane is the kind of guy that can make quick and accurate judgments in the field making him the ideal assassin.

Background: an orphan of the times, Kane was raised in Grimms Folly but never knew it. Once he was exposed as having an affinity for magic he was kept isolated where he and a few others were raised as weapons to assassinate those in the way. The organization ran by Baroness of Grimms Folly Jessica Grimm, groomed Kane and the others to blindly follow their rules going so far as to teach them Dark magic to further their dark agenda. The Assassins were sent out on missions assassinating people that disagreed with their masters will.

Kane was one of the best, the perfect assassin matched with the magic of shadow movement. He would be able to kill his targets without ever being seen. Things continued until one day his fellow assassin broke down during a job. She attacked their handlers when she discovered the target was an elderly man who ran the local orphanage. She was quickly taken out but it stuck with Kane, he felt the same way as her, Why should he kill an innocent man? Once the job was carried out and Kane stood there watching over the house he just set ablaze his handler let slip that the reason why he was killed was because he asked for some donations for the orphans.

Hearing this opened Kane's eyes for the first time. He took action and quickly disposed of the other assassins that stood in his way as he made his way to Jessica Grimm's office. He stormed in and fought his hardest but was overwhelmed by The incredible might of Baroness Grimm's great magic power. Kane was flung from the large building and presumed dead. He was found and treated by an elderly couple that nursed him back to health. They told him of their eldest son who tried to find a way to close the portals and stop the monsters. The story inspired Kane as he knew what path to take now. He know travels to Providence looking for those in need and a way to stop the portals.

Relationships: none

Other: Kane is socially unaware he will often do things or not do things that normal people find common sense. like saying "bless you" when one sneezes. etc. This comes from being raised by assassins that chose not to waste their time teaching him common courtesy.


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romance, drama, slice of life, crime, horror, some fantasy
Nissa Harley

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Relationships: n/a
Father: Hale Whitby
Step mother – unknown to her
Siblings: two half-brothers unknown to her
Mother: Isabel Hartley
Grandfather (non biological) – Gus Tanner

School and Class of Magic: Dark arts – Intermediate Soul Rendering
Profession – Gunsmith, crafting takes place utilising older methods and are made utilising metals she sources herself. She is known through her profession as ‘Ghost’ with her real name kept concealed for her own protection.

  • Farming – primarily crops, cattle and horses.
  • Survival skills – learnt through camping while droving with Gus and Isabel and later through life experience living rough. Can obtain water through basic means and can identify some edible roots and other plant life however this is restricted mainly to the Stoneview vegetation. Can provide herself with food, water, fire and shelter. She does not in any way claim to be a survivalist expert.
  • Tanning and clothing fabrication – experienced with cattle hide and some hides from monsters through capture and kill expeditions with Gus. Uses her own handcrafted knives for this process and utilises a basic salt method in the tanning process.
  • Blacksmithing – experienced in crafting of tools and blades of varying degree, utilising older methods of blacksmithing due to the lack of modern resources. Tools are switched out every so often when she makes a new implement.
Equipment most often carried:
  • Set of billows often stored unless travelling long distances for some time.
  • Leather roll containing a series of blades, several produced by her own hand and two which were handed down to her by Gus.
  • A small symbolic pendant given to her by Isabel. The symbol and its meaning were never told to her.
  • 15cm stick of softwood
  • Roll of plastic sheeting
  • Small hatchet
Companion pet - black German shepherd affectionately known as Whistler. Whistler was originally Gus’s last farm dog. Nissa shares a close bondwith the dog that has protected her on numerous occasions. It is rare to see Nissa without Whistler close to her side.

Nissa is not an extroverted person by any means. She does not trust easily and prefers her peace and quiet most of the time. She can be short tempered if faced with something she finds to be nonsensical and will often ruffle someone’s feathers with her honest and rather blunt comments. She is rather practical in her approach to situations and does not like being directed or forced into situations out of her control. She has the patience of a saint when it comes to completing intricate tasks. Independent and used to relying solely upon herself, Nissa doesn’t like waiting for others.

Born in providence Nissa is the daughter of a believer and an outsider. Her father Hale originates from the wealthy Providence Whitby family and met her mother Isabel Hartley at a social event where Isabel was working. The two engaged in simple conversation which despite the warning from Hale’s nosey sister at the time led to much more than any of the Whitby family bargained for.

Her parents had an intense romance and were deeply in love despite the Whitby family being devout followers of the church whilst Isabel was simply an outsider. Whilst it would take some time before Hale would propose to Isabel, it was not at all long before she became pregnant. The couple battled against typical slurs against Isabel and the condemnation of their relationship by a large portion of the Whitby family. Still Isabel did not shy away from the controversy and was often seen with her dazzling smile and head held high beside Hale.

Nissa’s arrival into the world was a precious gift for the two, Hale beaming over his daughter as he realised that family life was what he desired most. He proposed to Isabel and the two announced their engagement at the Whitby family’s Christmas party when Nissa was just three months old.

This was about where the happiness and rainbows ended for the small family of three, Hale’s mother and father announcing their disgust at the idea of their son marrying anyone less than a devout believer. To add to Hale’s woes, Isabel consistently refused for Nissa to have anything to do with the church which caused several arguments between the couple. Hale began to question why Isabel was so against the church and interrogated her on the realisation that perhaps he did not know enough about his beloved wife. The couple’s relationship strained further when Hale’s sister and mother took Hale aside, manipulating Hale as much as possible to end his marriage with Isabel and to come home to rebuild with the Whitby family and find himself a nice providence girl to settle with. Neither paid any respect to Isabel or Hale’s baby daughter and on several occasions across the next year they would belittled the woman openly until at last Isabel drew a line in the sand for Hale.

But a babe at just over a year old, Nissa does not remember the events of that evening when Isabel and Hale argued. Isabel revealed to Hale that her reason for not attending the church was that she held far too many secrets and would not place her family in jeopardy just to appease someone else. Confused by this initial statement, Hale continued to pursue the topic, growing angry when Isabel ignored him and as she went to walk away Hale lashed out, grabbing her arms and pushing her back across the room before slapping her.

Long thought that Isabel was not a magic wielder, Hale’s actions resulted in Isabel picking herself up from the floor with the truth of her next movements obscured by years of rumour mongering and idle gossip. Releasing a pulse of spiritual energy rapidly at Hale, the air filled with an intense feeling of horror as the sounds of screaming souls taunted his ears. It was revealed quickly that Isabel was an expert wielder of Dark magic and whilst Hale did his best to defend himself utilising all of the light magic he had been taught to use at the Providence school , Isabel was simply too strong. She left Hale in a heap on the living room floor, the house windows shattered and furniture strewn about.

Hale was distraught when he came too and in disbelief at the secret his wife had kept from him, Hale retreated to the Whitby home and told his family the truth. The Whitby family moved quickly to publicly condemn Isabel and Nissa as a result, asking for a reward to be publicised for Isabel’s capture who was discovered to have been a powerful and reputable dark mage specialising in necromancy originally from Grimm’s folly. Despite efforts Isabel escaped Providence and vowed never to return, instead taking Nissa to the safety of an old family friend in Stoneview not known to Hale or the Whitby family.

Nissa does not remember her father and only regards family friend ‘Gus’ to be her grandfather. Gus assisted Isabel to raise Nissa on his small farm located on the outskirts of Stoneview at the base of the mountains. As Nissa grew older, Gus taught her to take on duties at the farm, teaching her the routines from planting and turning out crops to breaking in horses and fixing the generators and farm equipment. She learnt how to shoot and when she was old enough Gus gave her lessons in blacksmithing to help shoe the horses and create tools. Nissa spent many evenings bringing Gus hot mugs of tea and watching him work in the shed, annoying him with countless questions until eventually he caved and taught her his rather reputable profession which was gun smithing. The time taken to produce a firearm was perfect for Nissa who appreciated silence and the beauty of the night on the farm. The more she learnt, Gus gave her more space beside him on his workbench until at last until they made a workbench specifically for her.

Isabel took on more of the house duties, grateful for all that Gus had provided them since her own parents had not been around. She watched her daughter grow into a confident and independent young woman, carrying much of the qualities that the Hartley women possessed. At times when Gus was away from the farm on business, Isabel took advantage of the time she had alone with her daughter, teaching her the beginnings of the dark arts as well as warning her of the need to keep the practice and knowledge of dark arts a secret. She also saw to clients in the wee hours of morning when Nissa was asleep, providing services as a dark mage. This was something neither Gus nor Nissa ever discovered. Nissa never quite appreciated the secrecy rule until later on when she was told by Gus about the extent of her mother’s abilities, describing Isabel as an experienced and notorious ‘retired’ practitioner. If Nissa wanted to keep those long nights of peace and quiet, Gus warned that Nissa should not tell people her surname.

When a destructive storm hit Stoneview, old Gus was tragically killed when his workshop collapsed and with the numbers of monsters plaguing Stoneview, the city and its surrounds were destroyed in the chaos. Nissa would later be found half a kilometre from the farm in tattered clothes, sodden wet and shivering violently as she clutched onto the fur of their farm dog ‘whistler’ whilst Isabel was simply missing. Unable to cope with the loss of Gus and the mystery disappearance of her mother, the now sixteen year old hit the road with Whistler, travelling until she ended up in Grimm’s Folly for some time and later moving further north outside of Breez. Whistler remained by her side throughout her journey and utilising all of the skills she had learnt from Gus and Isabel Nissa made a decent life for herself. She grew her own reputation on the road as a gunsmith and a secondary job blacksmithing to create tools for locals who simply needed help with completing daily routines. Her gun smithing job however brought in most of the wealth as she would work with just about any firearm that was brought to her and crafted specialised ammunition. She was hard to find since she travelled frequently however if the right questions were asked to the right people in town she would later appear and a transaction would be made with Whistler ever so dutifully watching her back. She is commonly referred to on the street as Ghost.

For the last couple of years Nissa has kitted out an old railcar in Breez as her base which is full of odd possessions and her working equipment aside from her forge which is located out in the ruins. When she is not travelling or spending her time out in the open air, Nissa can be found in her railcar home of sorts with Whistler, crafting her latest project or hobbies like whittling. She does not openly trade and advertise her business which has allowed her to remain fairly ambiguous amongst the city folk.

*Though character is initially more secretive and hard to get a hold of, she will become more stable and reachable in line with plot purpose and plot purpose.*

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Fayne Santilon



*Straight black hair that reaches her rib cage; pulled up when traveling/fighting
*Scar above and against right eyebrow
*Wears masks while in the city or a black leather eye patch when alone
*127 lbs.
*Scars from burn wounds (alchemy) and small animal attacks
*Forest green eyes with gold flecks

School and Class of Magic:
Nature Magic - Bestial - Novice

+ Self Awareness
+ Stealth
+ Spear and knife combat
+ Alchemy
+ Adaptability

+ Spear and knife
+ Hooded cloak
+ Leather tunic and pants; light in order to move around
+ Leather boots (though often times barefoot); light to cause less noise
+ Silver necklace holding a flat bloodstone
+Sturdy bow with custom-made arrows from the city


Ever since she was a young girl, Fayne was an orphan. She never knew her parents or where she came from. All she knew was that she was always surrounded by trees in a forest, or interacting with animals. There was no bitterness in her unknown past, but at times when she was alone, she sometimes pondered the thought of why she was left in the hands of an older lady. The woman she was left with lived hidden deep in the dark foliage that some never dared to enter. As she was a Flora druid, she knew her way and was skilled. Fayne was left in front of a cottage in the woods near Stoneview. The woman, Helenia, luckily found her and took her in despite her age.

As she grew older, Fayne was taught the was of Alchemy from Helenia, as she was a master in the art. She often made orders for people in the city and gave them to a messenger. That way she would be safe from any thieving or malicious people. Fayne learned all of this upon turning sixteen and soon began to take over small orders for the older lady. Then, once she began making deliveries for Helenia, Fayne had multiple run-ins with the Folly group that ran parts of Stoneview. Upon having these encounters, small events would happen such as her fingers morphing into claws when fighting in defense and her teeth sharpening into canines of a wolf. After each event, she would tell her mentor who knew exactly what she was.

Soon enough, Fayne learned about what Beastial Druids were. It was during that time that she noticed she could hear voices from within the branches of the trees and muffled from inside the ground. She was hearing the voices of animals and could understand them. Her mentor tried to teach her the basics of nature and Beastial magic, though she was a Flora druid. Because of that, Fayne had a difficult time trying to understand the way in which she should train herself before one day, on her eighteenth birthday, and the last day she would see Helenia, she was gifted a book. A book on Beastial magic that was only for the Novice level, but was very much accepted. It was that day that Fayne was the most grateful to her mentor and forever held her close to heart. Ever since that day, up until the present age of twenty two, she had taken over Helenia's job as an alchemist and caretaker of the nature around her. She had also focused on honing her skills by using the small creatures near the small hut.

Helenia - Deceased Mentor (Female)
Beau - Bonded Musk Deer (Male)

When going into the city, Fayne often wears her cloak and a mask so as to protect her identity. The mask often resemble different animals and she won't hesitate to kill anyone who attempts to remove it. On her face she has a scar above and against part of her eyebrow from a time when she foolishly tried to charm a cougar. Fayne also has a musk deer as her first bonded creature. She raised him when he was a fawn and now they are inseparable.
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Every Night You Are In My Room

"The spirit of the universe is as bountiful as it is merciless." - Joso

  • School and Class of Magic
    ▸Nature Magic - Energy (Novice) Beastial (Intermediate)
    Full Name
    ▸Joso "Joey" Silva
    ▸the Monster Hunters Assistant
    Age | Birth-date
    ▸22, Born March 8th

  • Height
    Eye color
    ▸Dark blue
    Hair color
    ▸Jet black

    ▸Joso stands tall at exactly six feet, his height does well to make him out to be more thin than he actually is. Joso's day to day activities happen to involve a lot of legwork and exercise leaving him with an athletic build albeit his gangling legs and physique more so matches the description of a runners body rather than a body-builder, but what he evidently lacks in strength he makes up for with high stamina and agility. The features composing his face and upper body do well to compliment his slender build, each distinguishable from one another. His ears, nose, eyebrows, jaw and cheekbones all appear as sharp and defined as his broad shoulders.

    His black, unkempt wavy hair has grown long enough to reach down the back of his neck which is slightly longer than average. His disheveled hair will often cover a pair of prominent dark blue serious eyes.

  • ▸Joso carries himself diligently and has been conditioned to operate in the new world calm and collected, whether dealing with the wilderness or people alike. Not one to seek or resolve random conflicts, his behavior is always goal-driven and dictated by the current task at hand as he tends to keep himself busy to avoid mettling in other peoples affairs, whether that be studying the arts, practicing magic, hunting, hiking or scavenging and trading. He is familiar with the slums and their degenerates, the survivalists and their settlements, saints and sinners and the like. He prefers, however, the quiet and solitude of the wilderness and its interweaving roads, seeing as that is where he spends most of his time; making the practice and understanding of magic and the arts his priority. Everything else comes second to Joso, who has learned its best to lookout for oneself before anything and this is reflected in his behavior.

    His reclusive tendencies have inevitably left him a shy body who only concerns himself with the clothes on his own back, making him out to be more of a survivor than a leader or hero. Despite being constantly prepared for danger, Joso will always prefer avoiding it unless conflict is absolutely necessary. This cautious demeanor does contradict his constant searching for enlightenment and learning that essentially demands he put himself in harms way. The mastery of magic does take priority over safety and caution, however only for the sake of survival and longevity. His introverted nature should not suggest Joso isn't good-natured and helpful rather than someone who would throw another under the bus for his own sake. He simply makes an effort to avoid trouble altogether unless his involvement will benefit his interests in magic and alchemy.

  • ▸In his youth Joso learned to hunt in the wilderness early on in life. Growing up an only child he was raised in Grimm's Folly by his uncle who made a living as a handler and Beastial Magic user. Despite living among bandits who they worked for, Joso's uncle was mostly concerned with simply getting through every day unscathed and unbothered. He had plans to save up enough to open an alchemy shop elsewhere, Providence being the most likely of places to settle.

    Joso's uncle made sure to provide him with the knowledge and training of a handler and always brought him along their hunting parties as soon as he was old enough. From that point on learning the basics of magic and survival made up Joso's day to day lifestyle, eventually earning him a place with the handlers, however only to the extent of catching animals and creatures. What the bandits used the animals and creatures for was their business, which Joso and his uncle made sure not to be apart of.

    Joso's time working with his uncle as a handler allowed him to hone his abilities in the nature school of magic as an all-around novice. He favored Energy magic so as to compliment his uncle's expert abilities as a Beastial mage. They were some of only a small number of handlers that were known to tame animals and creatures rather than tie up and drug the creatures. Future plans for an alchemy shop lead to the study of the craft as well. Often handlers would transport animals and creatures back to the city via trucks/vans which lead to respectable knowledge of auto mechanics, although very basic and minimal (i.e. changing oil, swapping flat tires, replacing belt and brake pads, salvaging spare parts.)

    After almost a lifetime of saving, Joso and his uncle managed to accumulate enough wealth to venture out to Providence in hopes of making a more honest living. Not expecting the bandits to part ways so easily with some of their most dependable handlers, they planned to sneak out of the city in the middle of the night instead.

    After making their way out of he city in the dead of night, they were ambushed in their sleep by a group of raiders who had been tasked with patrolling the outskirts of the city for scavengers. Even with the element of surprise, the raiders would not easily subdue an expert in Beastial magic. Joso and his uncle managed to at least fend off the raiders - who eventually retreated with most of their wealth and leaving Joso's uncle fatally wounded. Being a novice at the time, Joso could not manage to stabilize his uncles condition. He could only do his best to ease his uncles suffering during his final moments.

    The following morning Joso was forced to bury his uncle in the wilderness. Seeing as any sort of revenge mission would require he dig his own grave, he instead collected whatever the raiders had left behind and wandered aimlessly, with no real destination in sight or mind. Relying soley on his knowledge of hunting and survival to get by, Joso met a group of scavengers after days of living in the wilderness. Without anyone or place to call home he followed them to Breez, a small village that seemed friendly enough.

    Joso stuck around with the local scavengers until he scrounged up enough to build an alchemy laboratory in a small makeshift shack just outside of Breez. It was about the closest he could get to an alchemy shop, but he managed to make the shack a permanent home. He has since resided on the outskirts of Breez, only venturing out to gather herbs and ingredients, sell his concoctions and solutions or practice magic. He's recently taken up helping scavengers traverse the wilderness as a guide, ensuring wild animals and lesser threatening creatures remain docile in exchange for anything that could aid his endeavors in alchemy and hunting. The job itself provides valuable training as a Beastial mage as it requires Joso to interact with animals and creatures.

  • Skills
    ▸Hunting (rifles, bows, small arms)
    ▸Tracking, Trapping, Fishing
    ▸Horseback riding
    ▸Woodcutting, fire-making, cooking
    ▸Crafting (i.e. saddles, tanning leather, fletching, tents)[/FONT]
    ▸Handler (taming wildlife and magic creatures)
    ▸Basic first-aid

    Salvaged crossbow
    ▸Poison-tipped arrows
    ▸Short double-barrel shotgun
    ▸Corrosive shotgun shells
    ▸Six chamber magnum revolver
    ▸.45 rounds
    ▸Hunting knife
    ▸Herbs, various alchemy ingredients
    ▸Fishing pole, bait, traps, cutting-knife, rope
    ▸Woodcutters axe, flint and steel, portable stove
    ▸Dry meals, instant coffee, water canteens, bowl, spoon
    ▸Sleeping bag, camping backpack, saddles, saddlebags, pouches, satchels
    ▸Compass, topographical map, notebooks, pens
    ▸First-aid kit (bandages, splints, disinfectant)
    ▸Durable leather trench-coat

  • Other
    ▸Joso's enchanted thoroughbred horse "Secret" possesses some Shadowcasting abilities.
    ▸Blends into shadows, occasionally turning itself and her rider invisible.
    ▸Capable of teleporting short distances occasionally.

    ▸Joso's pet baby Wyvern, six months old. Estimated size at full growth below, however at six months old the Wyvern is a little more than the size of a parrot.



Deus Lo Vult
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Name: Voyd Nightfallen

Age: 22

Gender: Male


School and Class of Magic: Enchantment - Enchanting - Intermediate Skill Level


Tracking -
Voyd has an extensive experience of tracking not just monsters but also wild animals and game when he ends up staying in the wilderness for long during expeditions.While he rarely does this, he is also knowledgeable in tracking down people.

Survival Skills - Over the years, Voyd has picked up countless survival skills and techniques owed not only from his profession but also from the training he received from his mentor. He has spent several weeks up to few months fending for himself. He is also knowledgeable in crafting basic gear and traps to hunt wild game or be used for any mundane task.

Botanical Knowledge - Voyd is able to identify edible, and useful plants from non-edible and poisonous ones. When used in tandem with his alchemical knowledge, he is able to make different concoction ranging from simple potions to poisons.

Multiple Weapons Handling - Can use practically anything that was designed to be a weapon. He can also use non-conventional weaponry to gain an advantage during a fight.

Alchemy - Voyd learned early on how indispensable of a skill alchemy is with its ability to not only save money on materials but also craft life-saving items like potions and antidotes while out in the field. While he can only produce simple items and concoctions from Alchemy he is determined to further his studies of the craft and be able to produce more effective items.

Smithing - While no expert on Blacksmithing, Voyd can do mundane tasks like maintaining and repairing his equipment and with the help of alchemy, fashion ammunition for his firearm.

Extensive Monster Knowledge - Probably the first and most important thing a Hunter needs in one's repertoire, Voyd has picked up information about an extensive range of monsters and how to deal with them. While not necessarily denoting that he can easily dispatch any monsters, this does mean that he is a little more prepared than the average end of the world Joe when facing these creatures.


Deck of Pre-Enchanted Rune Cards -
These cards are infused with varying effects in order to quickly cast the magic stored inside them. Due to the integrity of the vessel used to contain enchantments, the cards can only hold simple enchantments and once the charges in each card are depleted, the card automatically withers away.

Pouch of Rune Stones - More structurally stable for containing Enchantments, Rune Stones can hold stronger types of magic such as Elemental Attacks and Armor and Weapon Enchantments. In addition, even if the magical charges are depleted, the rune stone's charges can be replenished. Due to the cost effectiveness of this material, Rune Stones are a highly sought after item by Enchanters. Currently, Voyd has 13 Rune Stones in his possession.

Enchanted Whetstone - A whetstone that can instantly sharpen a dull blade, using it depletes the charges stored in it but it still can be used as a regular whetstone with or without any charges stored in it.

Enchanted Short Sword - A finely crafted short sword the can be imbued with enchantments. While normally only able to take on 2 enchantments at any given time, the sword's hilt has 2 slots engraved into it meant to take on 2 more additional enchantments through the use of rune stones. Rune cards can also be used but affects the weapon to a lesser degree.

Enchanted Rucksack - A seemingly ordinary rucksack that can hold more items than what one would initially suspect, even ones that seem to be too large to fit inside.

Portable Alchemy Set - Standard Alchemy Set for the alchemist on the go. Not as efficient or as effective as equipment used by alchemists in their laboratories though.

Set of Throwing Knives - ordinary throwing knives enchanted to give off a faint aura whenever they leave their owner's possession for easy retrieval.

Hatchet - can be used for wood cutting, or combat purposes. Can also be used as a throwing weapon. The hatchet has been enchanted to magically return to Voyd whenever thrown.

L.A.R. Grizzly Win Mag - While Voyd can use most conventional firearms, he prefers using this particular handgun. The gun has been enchanted to reduce recoil and each bullet can be individually enchanted to give off various effects. The gun is also enchanted to return to his holster after being separated from him for more than a minute.

Various Grenades - Grenades that give off various effects, Voyd currently has 2 Smoke Grenades and 2 Fragmentation Grenades.

Franken Mask - An imposing, enchanted magitech mask that filters harmful particles and toxins in the air and also enhances one's vision during nighttime. The vision enhancing component of the mask requires magitech batteries to operate but the filter can be readily replaced by applying an enchantment to it.

Camping Gear and Supplies - Ordinary camping supplies. Not everything he carries with him is magic, you know?

Ever since Vania was taken from him by the Inquisition, Voyd has opted to live by himself and avoid other people when possible. He has trouble trusting others considering the doctor that sold them out to Providence was a good friend of Vania. He also has a hard time trusting people who lived or came from Providence in general. He is serious to a fault, focused on any given task he has set himself towards. With that said, this doesn't mean he has completely closed himself from others. Even after all these years, he still remembers the promise he made Vania during that fateful day, and in order to fulfill that promise, he hopes to find a group of trusted allies that could help him rescue her from Providence and its Inquisition.

His training and past experiences has taught him patience and discipline, and he never dares to underestimate any opponent he faces. Unfortunately, he has also became overly cautious at times and tends to do things more thoroughly than others just to be sure.


Voyd didn't have a particularly normal childhood, or whatever it is normal for a child born in the apocalypse. For starters, he doesn't know who his true parents are. The person who took him in, and one he would call as his mentor, Veron Sterman, claims he found him when he was five years old in some ruins near Stoneview and has raised him ever since. While Veron was against Voyd using his family name, he treated him akin to his own son. Not only did he give him clothing, food, and shelter, he also provided him with the same education he gave his daughter, Vania. Since his daughter had a particularly weak constitution, she was delighted to have someone her age to interact with, and quickly became friends with him.

However, it became apparent that Veron was grooming him to take on the same profession as him: a "Hunter". Veron began training Voyd at an early age the basics of being a Hunter. He learned how to fight, how to survive in the wilderness from a few days to months on end, which things are safe to eat, and what sort of monsters one could encounter plus how to defend against each one. Since Enchanting was the branch of magic that Veron knew how to cast, it was inevitable that Voyd would also follow in the old man's footsteps once it was clear he had the capacity to learn magic.

Soon enough, Veron would take him along for hunts, watching his mentor do things at first, then assisting him, and finally killing monsters by himself. His final test came when he was 12 years old where Veron left Voyd by himself in the wilderness to see if he can truly survive by himself when the time comes. Additionally he was required to bring a part from each monster in the Bestiary Veron gave him. How he obtains these were irrelevant so long as he has acquired parts from all these monsters before he comes back, or not bother coming back at all. It took him over a month but he managed to finish his task with great difficulty. Unknown to him, it was just the beginning of his struggles.

Upon returning from his quest, Voyd found Veron's ranch in ruins. The small patch of land they were using to grow crops was razed beyond use, the house was in shambles and a company of Inquisitors were ganging up on Veron who had already sustained grievous injuries. Vania, on the other hand, was being dragged away by a lone Inquisitor. Taking advantage of the distraction Veron was unwittingly providing, Voyd ambushed the Inquisitor holding Vania captive and freed her from her binds. As much as he wanted to save his mentor, Voyd knew that it was suicide to take on half a dozen Inquisitors by himself at his current strength.

Thus, he tried to convince Vania to leave her father behind, lest they end up making his sacrifice in vain but Vania reluctantly told him about her magic. As it turns out, the Inquisitors had heard she possessed an elusive form of magic, Enhancement. While useless on its own, Enhancement magic basically makes all other magic more powerful when used in tandem with it. Something like that could tip the balance of power between the 3 nations in Providence's favor, possibly enable them to start a conquest against Grimm's Folly and Breez. With this power, Vania pleaded for Voyd to save her father from certain death, and having owed everything to the old man, himself, he had no choice but to comply. Under normal circumstances, he would have no chance whatsover to win against such an overwhelming amount of enemies, but with the help of Vania's magic, he was barely able to scrape by. His very own Enchantments not only felt like they were at least twice more effective, he discovered that the amount of enchantments he could place on his equipment rose significantly. Nonetheless, this power did not make him an unrivaled paragon in combat and he still sustained several injuries, though non of them were life threatening.

After all but one of the Inquisitors were felled by Veron and Voyd's blades, the last enemy promptly retreated. Unfortunately, they didn't have any time to celebrate. Veron had been seriously wounded in the battle and had lost a lot of blood. On top of that, they had only faced a small detachment of Inquisition troops and more were sure to arrive any time soon. With no other choice, Voyd left a few potion vials with Veron and fled with Vania to what he would hope to be the last place Providence would dare to lay their hands on, Grimm's Folly.

The journey was long and arduous but Vania and Voyd managed to arrive safely in the city of crime. They kept to themselves, in an attempt to attract as little attention to themselves as possible. While Vania stayed at home, Voyd would take on odd-jobs just to bring food to the table. One day he's a "cleaner" tasked with making bodies any of factions had dealt with disappear. At other times, he's a hunter tasked with killing monsters that were insignificant enough for the Handlers to deal with, or a sellsword escorting a merchant in their journeys. The days continued like this, hard but otherwise peaceful. They were even able to purchase a small cottage on the outskirts of the city. Indeed, it seemed like the two would finally be able to live in peace... But peace makes people let their guards down and that, in turn, paves way to complacency.

4 years after arriving in Grimm's Folly, Vania unwittingly made a critical mistake when she used her magic to help a doctor treat a critically injured person after a large scale monster attack. Enticed by the promise of a handsome reward and a better life for his family, the doctor gave away the location of their home and on a beautiful Sunday morning, Voyd and Vania woke up to a squadron of Inquisitors surrounding their little cottage. Voyd tried to defeat as many enemies as he could but he was bested by the Head Inquisitor, Philip. Before the leader of the inquistors could strike him down, however, Vania begged for Voyd's life and agreed to go with the Inquisitors back the Providence if they would spare him. Before the Inquisitors took Vania away, Voyd vowed that he would one day save her from the clutches of Providence and its Inquisitors.

After that fateful day, Voyd left Grimm's Folly and has decided to take up residence in Breez, collecting materials for alchemists and hunting monsters. He has also done Jay Kennedy a few favors in exchange for mentoring him further with his Enchantment Magic. Years later, he has also started running an Enchantment shop, bartering charging items with magic for basic necessities, equipment, or interesting information regarding Providence.


Vania Sterman (Stepsister/Childhood Friend | Alive)

Vania was the first friend Voyd ever made as well as his mentor's daughter. He considers her as the only family he has left since he doesn't know the whereabouts of his real parents or Veron's fate. 6 years ago, she was taken away by Providence's Inquisition and he has vowed ever since to save her from their clutches. He tries to get as much information as he can about her condition but has received mostly hearsays and info with questionable credibility.

Veron Sterman (Foster Father | Presumed Deceased)
- Voyd's foster father and mentor, he taught him everything he knows as a hunter and gave him the same education as his daughter, Vania. Despite not allowing Voyd to take on his family name, he treated him as if he were his own son, and gave his life to give his children a chance to escape. It is unknown what became of him after Vania and Voyd fled for Grimm's Folly and he has assumed the worst had happened to him given his injuries.

Jay Kennedy - Voyd first came into contact with Jay when he took refuge in Breez after that fateful day when he lost Vania to the Inquisition. He took pity on the teenager and helped him get back on his feet. He even taught Voyd a few tips and tricks with Enchantment Magic after Voyd "did a couple of favors" for him.

Phineas Becker

Phineas was the person who taught Voyd everything he knew about alchemy after the boy took interest in it since he was complaining of always running out of potions while in the field. In exchange, he would ask the young Hunter to gather materials he needed for running his shop as well as teaching him. After all, the very principle of Alchemy, "Equivalent Exchange", is also the fundamental notion of business as well.

Other: Voyd's surname, "Nightfallen" was given to him by Veron because he found him at the ruins near Stoneview a little after dusk had arrived.
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Name: Jack Vaughan
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Gender: Male

School and Class of Magic: Beastial Magic, Intermediate Level

Skills: horseback riding, survival, scavenging, animal knowledge and handling, hunting, trapping, and fishing, tracking.

Equipment: Backpack, clothes, bedroll, rope, flint & steel, dry rations, whiskey flask, horse tack (bit & bridle and saddle), saddlebags, blanket, candles, mess kit, canteen, 3 boxes of ammo, and 1 box of silver bullets.

Weapons: Hunting knife, Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum, Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 Ga., Remington 223 semi automatic with scope.


Personality: Jack is a very strong-willed and headstrong man. While at times he comes off as hard and insensitive, he is actually a very caring, loyal, and self sacrificing person and willing to help those that need it. Jack is very touchy when it comes to the deaths of his wife and daughter so often steers away from the subject and becomes aggressive if pressed about it. After the werewolf attack

Background: Jack and his family lived the life of nomadic gypsies, preferring to travel in a horse drawn caravan rather than living in any one place in particular. He protected and provided for his wife and daughter the best that he could, making a humble living as a mobile veterinarian and horse gentler. For the most part Jack and his young family lived in relative peace, staying out of things that didn't concern them and offering help and aid to those that needed it.

Their happiness ended the night the beast found their camp. It had been the horses that woke Jack with their endless worried nickers at the scent of a lurking predator. Jack had risen from bed and retrieved his hunting rifle, thinking perhaps a wolf was looking to take down one of their horses. But what had lunged at him out of the darkness was something out of a nightmare. The werewolf barreled Jack before he was able to get a shot off, pain lashing through his flesh as the werewolf's fangs sank into the arm that had tried to defend himself with. Jack was knocked backwards, hitting his against the wagon before falling into blackness.

When Jack came to some time later, their camp was in ruins. One of their three horses lay slaughtered a few feet away, the second run off somewhere, likely to its death, and the stood wild eyed and trembling in some ropes it had gotten tangled in. Somehow the horse hadn't been injured.

Upon inspection of the rest of the camp, Jack found the torn and gutted remains of his wife and daughter. With a heavy heart, Jack gathered them together as best as he could and laid them to rest. After the burial of his family, Jack gathered together what supplies he could find along with the remaining horse and set out on his own, his mind firmly set on finding the beast that had killed his wife and daughter and put it down.

Relationships: Nicole Delancra, wife, 29, deceased
Alma Vaughan, daughter, 4, deceased

Other: Jack is infected with the Lycanthropy illness transmitted through a bite from the werewolf that attacked his camp. The illness is currently in its dormant state.
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