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    romance | family | drama | comedy | modern
    Hi there! This is a fairly simple, if not slightly cliché roleplay that leaves tons of room for character construction and development, plot manipulation, setting pliability, and all that good stuff. I figured I'd make my first roleplay here a little lighter and relaxed, just to test the waters and get into the swing of things. Also, school's been a pain in the butt as of late, and sappy romance onexone's never fail to make my happy. If you fit the following criteria and trope-y grossness is your cup of tea, carry on!

    [BCOLOR=#ffff00]ADVANCED AND UP.[/BCOLOR] I'd like to roleplay with somebody who's confident in their writing and experienced with character dynamics, complex themes, and plot contribution. I don't have an age requirement, seeing as I'm a relatively young rp'er myself and don't believe in age dictating the maturity or quality of a writer's work.
    [BCOLOR=#ffff00]FRIENDLY RELATIONS.[/BCOLOR] It's always a little awkward to rp with somebody you don't get along or can't a carry conversation with. I'd prefer to maintain a friendly relationship with my partner.
    [BCOLOR=#ffff00]NOTHING EXPLICIT.[/BCOLOR] Sorry! I'm only fourteen. Unless we're close friends, I would rather steer clear of explicit sexual content. Hinting and censored references are fine, however.
    [BCOLOR=#ffff00]BE ACTIVE.[/BCOLOR] Not gonna lie, I can get pretty inactive. However, I generally post a few times a week, and try to keep a regular posting schedule. It'd be great if you could, too.
    [BCOLOR=#ffff00]HAVE FUN![/BCOLOR] At the end of the day, this is a hobby, and something that shouldn't create additional stress. It's okay to goof around, mess up, or have a few grammatical errors in posts. We're not writing for publication!

    Born into wealth, the son of a respectable businessman, and at the prime of his youth, there's nothing he wants more than to enjoy the favorable life he's been given: glamorous parties, expensive alcohol, joyrides along the ocean, and reveling in the feeling of the young and invincible. However, much to his dismay, his parents seem to have an entirely different plan laid out for him—for years now, they've practically hounded him about settling down with a potential wife, pushing suitor after suitor at him. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, where the concrete's a little less smooth and it's hard to differentiate between trash and people, the shambles of a life she's spent so hard trying to piece back together has all but collapsed at her feet. A seemingly normal and ordinary girl in all aspects, she purposely keeps a low profile and attempts to dig up her questionable past an impossible feat. When her long-term boyfriend leaves her for another woman, she's at a loss of what to do—her plans for the future have been tossed down the drain, every vision and dream painted over with the assumption that they ould be turned to reality with him, together.

    Nobody knows how they met, or who spoke first, or what sparked the idea, only that he showed up at a house party one evening with her on his arm, the first proper girlfriend he'd made in years. See, it was simple; a matter of politics, a carefully orchestrated exchange of give and take, and it all came down to business. The entire relationship was that of a professional one: she would pretend to be his girlfriend in order to keep his parents off his back and put an end to the suitors and blind dates and constant pestering, and in exchange, he would pretend to be her boyfriend to have her ex want her back.

    No feelings, no complications, no emotional baggage. Just strictly business.



    Feel free to try out for either role. While I'm leaning more towards playing The Nobody, I'd gladly take The Bachelor if you have an impressive character.

    If you're interested in this roleplay, please fill out the following character sheet and post it below!

    Age: (21-25)

    Personality: (Preferably 3 positive and 3 negative traits)
    Biography: (Try to keep it short)
    Strengths: (List at least 3)
    Weaknesses: (List at least 3)

    Appearance: (Preferably anime, but I don't mind realistic)
    Likes: (List at least 5)
    Dislikes: (List at least 5)
    Trivia: (Anything else?)
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  2. Name: Alissa Cree
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Personality: +intelligent + compassionate +creative -easily heartbroken -a bit eccentric -stubborn
    Biography: Alissa had always been quiet, and so when she got a job as a librarian straight out of college, nobody was suprised. They were suprised, however, when she suddenly got engaged. Everything was in a flurry, until he dumped her and left for her elder cousin. Heartbroken and angry, she quickly hatched a way to return his eyes to her.
    Strengths: cooking, crocheting, languages
    Weaknesses: reading people, running, and flirting
    Appearance: image.jpg
    ((Idk if you wanted real or anime. Let me know if I need to change it))
    Likes: dancing, apples, reading, learning, cooking
    Dislikes: cats, lilies, running, other people, science
    Trivia: nothing ^^'

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  3. Private File: Sarah Tachibana
    Name: Sara J (Jun). Tachibana
    Age: 23 Years Old, Born on December 5th
    Gender: Female ♀

    • Curious (+)
    • Intelligent (+)
    • Diligent (+)
    • Skeptical (-)
    • Sardonic (-)
    • Worrisome (-)
    Biography: Born to a Japanese man named, Taro, and an American woman named, Nora. Sarah was born on a cold December 5th at home. She lived in a compact condominium with her mother while her father worked oversea's as a researcher. Her mother worked as a baker in a home bakery. Sarah lived an insignificant life and continues to enjoy her insignificant life. She went to all her prerequisite schools and is now currently a University student alongside an employer as June Bakery (Her mothers bakery). During her University life Sarah partakes in the Astronomy club with her growing fond of the world outside Earth. Her love of astronomy occurred during her childhood, her father has just returned home for a month. He took her and her mother out to a campsite where they can watch the stars without the pesky city lights. It was her first time witnessing shooting stars, still planets, and galaxies beyond her reach. She found herself obsessed with star watching and would go out and gaze upon the stars -- its become a habit.

    Beside her love of astronomy is her beloved boyfriend Henry. They met in astronomy club, both are insignificant and hold no surplus of money nor do they made significant impacts in other people's lives, but their own. The two started off on terrible terms -- Sarah has the compulsive need to scrutinize Henry's flaws and Henry would constantly bag on her uptightness; they were the last two people to ever find themselves together. However one night they were stuck star gazing due to sudden cancelations. At first the two were reluctant to stay a night together but there was a horde of shooting stars. That night the two eventually set aside their differences and took the time to get to know each other.

    Currently she is heartbroken and constantly grumpy after her break-up.
    • Baking
    • Cycling
    • Puzzles
    • Sports
    • Singing/Dancing
    • Making Lemonade

    Appearance: Sarah is a slender 5'6" Ft female who weighs approximately 129 lbs. Her skin tone is ivory and is easily burned terribly, causing her skin to peel. She has pale navy blue yes that are almond shaped and is framed by long thin lashes. Her hair drops to mid-back and is naturally black -- there are some white hairs but they are rare to find in the jumble of hair. Sarah is usually found wearing light makeup and casual clothing; her clothes usually consists of skirts that end past her knee, a mid-arm cardigan, and loose sleeveless t-shirts.
    • Star Gazing
    • Correcting People
    • Baking Bread (Cakes are difficult)
    • Breaking Glass (Its exhilarating)
    • Reading Drama Novels
    • Decorating Cakes
    • Bold Makeup
    • Piano
    • Sports (Excluding Cycling)
    • Loud and Obnoxious People
    Trivia: None at the moment.

    I was also unsure whether you wanted anime physique or realistic physique. (^ ^ ;)
  4. @April @Rambunctious

    Thank you for the interest! And I apologize for the confusion over appearance. I'd prefer anime, but face claims are also fine.

    I'm going to leave sign-ups open for maybe today and tomorrow to see if anybody else is interested, before going ahead and selecting a character.