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  1. Hey there! Are you looking for someone to rp with?

    If so, would you be interested in crafting something different from the usual with me? I'm looking for something new, that it may be a new spin on an old idea or a fresh start in uncharted territory. I tried nearly every sort of pairing, and though FxF is not my cup of tea, I would love to try a MxF or a MxM! So far my plots are non existent, but I prefer crafting them with my partners anyways, so do give me a shot if you feel like it!

    My limits are yours as far as gore and sexual contents go, and as long as we are both into the plot and work together, I'll be yours and active in our threads. I write from three paragraphs to ten usually, but can do more if the inspiration and excitement get to me. As for the contents usually with this type of request? All but Rape, Slave, Tentacles, Critters and Jail Baits would be a possibility, so I preferred forgoing it for now. Mind, the Jail Bail and Rape can be mentioned or hinted, but I really have no interest in playing it out.

    As for how much I can take as far as partners go, let's start with... four! Seems doable enough, right? Right! Contact me either below or in a Convo if you're interested, and then we'll talk shop!

    Oh right, I also do some Fandoms, but you may have to ask and maybe convince me for those!
  2. Hello. I'd love to do an rp with you if your interested
  3. Oh! I'm sorry, my card is filled at the moment, but I appreciate the interest!
  4. Oh OK. Well thanks anyways
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.