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What is your stress technique?

  1. Breathe in and out

  2. Role Play!

  3. Talking

  4. Sleep!

  5. Eat food!

  6. stretch... go somewhere good

  7. Other...

  8. Going outside.

  9. Vent everything on my keyboard and wait!


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  1. What do you do when you're overstimulated with worries?
    I want to know, because...

    Sometimes, we have worries, and we babble stuff that doesn't make sense! Ha ha ha! Yeah!

    I can do this!
    But I...
    Sometimes can babble useless crap. I might admit that everything will come to form, but I am stressed out!

    What do YOU do when you're going to blow?
  2. And here is my advice: Tryr rearing a book or imagine that you're talking to one of your favorite characters! If you imagine you're somewhere else...
    The worries go away!

    And sure, you can get stressed out about things that might be stupid to someone else. Don't worry about their opinions. Don't worry about stuff like "I might get an F" or "I'll get kicked out". If you worry about stuff like that, you might be running around scared!

    • Never procrastinate on important things! RP posts don't matter as much as homework assignments! Remember that!
    • Time is everything!
    • Think everything over and think about your actions!
    • Smile!
  3. I have basic staples that - if I have the discipline to stick with them - never fail

    • Breathe normally and stop for a minute; stressing out and exerting the body will never help the mind.
    • Assess the situation and attempt to find solutions. Think about everything logically and don't rule things out just because they are difficult or time consuming
    • If there is nothing, absolutely nothing, I can do about the stress, I try to cope with it as best I can and concentrate on other things
    • If it's not time-pressing, do something else awhile to refresh the mind and get some perspective
    • Do a physical activity like cleaning or exercising; if I'm physically tired it's easier to force myself to sit down and think, or better yet, to sleep for a bit.
    • Shower. Being clean helps me feel more organized. So does cleaning the house
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  4. I...tend to freak out when I am put under too much stress. I have panic attacks that are debilitating, so when I stress out, I don't just stress out but I really freak out. It's why I am a shut in and why I never venture further out of my apartment.

    I do roleplay however when I get a little stressed out. Or I sleep a lot.
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  5. Personally if there is nothing I can do about the stress my routine as starts:

    First I clean and organize my space. Helps organize my thoughts.
    Then I take a nice long shower as it relaxes and feeling clean is wonderful.
    Next a hot drink I normally opt for tea or cocoa with cinnamon.
    Lastly I snuggle down on my couch covered in my comforter with a good book or to watch a favorite movie.

    Just things to try and help get your mind off of it all.
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  6. I do not deal with stress well. Actually, how I deal is probably the worst thing you can do with regards to stressful situations. I do NOT recommend you follow my example.

    I retreat from the stress, both physically and mentally. I will hide out in my room, a barricade of mess and music to keep whatever is stressful out. But if it's not something I can physically run away from, I shut down. My mind goes into a state where I'm not hearing what's around me, not thinking about what's so troublesome that I'm hiding. Talking to me at this point is futile, as I don't hear what's being said. It just filters in one ear and out the other.

    This just makes matters worse when the stress is a conflict between me and another person.
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  7. Watch movies/read books about peoples who's lives are way harder than mine.

    Work out also does wonders. Doing pushups until your eyes bleed makes it hard to think about anything else.
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  8. Thank you guys.
    Also, last month was pretty stressful, huh?
  9. Take a walk. I LOOOVE Walking and breathing fresh air. Usually when I stress I wind up sleeping a few extra hours but its moderate. sleeping all day could be a problem with many things. taking a long walk can help you sleep much better if stress is keeping you from any sleep.

    Take a look at your diet.
    believe it or not what we eat really affects how well we deal with situations
    and can be the main contributor to Stress related issues. I used to eat way too much salt and barely any water, but once I started drinking spring water and cut half the salt out of my weekly diet I found myself feeling more able to handle life in general.

    So definitely look into that and absolutely seek some professional opinions from your Doctors or even a nutritionist website, for everyone is metabolically different.

    I wish you luck Yuuka, Sorry you had a stressful time last month. Hope everything works out.
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  10. As a frequent smoker of marijuana (and I'm not recommending or condoning it) I obviously have a low stress level. That being said, I'm not constantly doing it and it doesn't get rid of problems it just lowers stress.

    Even without that I tend to have a high tolerance for stress. I find it easy to shrug off criticism or insults. I rebound fast from any fall because I know that set backs are only temporary. And I can let go of negative or harsh emotions with a little effort.

    Does that mean I am immune to stress or anger? Of course not. It may take a little more than some but I still crack like anyone else. In those instances I try to distance myself and let the anger burn off or the stress ease out. I meditate if I can or, unfortunately, I just swallow it up and deal with it later at a more appropriate time. It's rare that I ever stay angry for too long. If I am then it must be something fairly impressive.
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  11. Hell, stress is the absolute worst for me.

    I usually am one to internalize a good amount of my emotions, which is never a good thing to get into the groove of doing. It's always been very difficult for me to express myself emotionally, and I'm just a mess when you look underneath my usual more quiet composure. So dumping stress into the fucked-up mix of everything else is just a whole shitstorm waiting to barge in. Usually, when I stress, I ball it up and just fall into this blank state - I can't focus, I can't think straight, I feel sick to my stomach sometimes if it's really bad. I dive into music and drawing to vent or release whatever's stirring around, I become inarticulate and more easily irritated.
    And eventually, that little ball just builds up until it's gotta burst, and it does on the most random days. No pattern. Usually, something that happens during the day, really small and insignificant usually, is what triggers it to release.

    And then, once it's all out, it starts over.
    Vicious cycle, man.

    But yeah, I don't deal well with stress under any circumstances. Do not follow after what I just described. Just thought it'd get something off my chest to share.
  12. Find something that needs beating...
    Like my Keyboard.
  13. I have a high tolerance but when I do snap, I at least have enough sense to go at my kicking bag to work out my temper or I give myself space to cool off. I get angry when I do finally get stressed. O.o
  14. I tend to smoke my stress away seems to be very affective but don't start sooneenough you get addicted. I also talk it out by myself before I go insane stand in front of a mirror and express what's going on maybe that seems odd but trust me it works your mirror won't judge you and you can pour your soul without worry as it can not make the situation worse it melts away my stress.
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