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i kinda got myself into a very sticky and very bad situation at the moment. I'm trying to balance multiple things at once at the moment.

  • roleplay searches for another site (trying to color code it and make it look nice)
  • personal website
  • cal state project due a week before christmas
  • several rps on this site as well as the other one
  • organizing BBCodes and profiles and failing at it
  • organizing music
  • school work (due in 3 weeks but the site I'm supposed to get my work from, is out because of a virus from the site)
  • getting new classes
  • school's potluck
  • fanfiction overload
Yea, so as you can see, it's a bit crazy


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Allow me to help:
  1. School stuff.
  2. Roleplays you're already committed to.
  3. Everything else.
^ That should be the order of your priorities. School comes first, after all. I can definitely understand why RP's that you're already a part of would be an important thing, but, if you don't have as much time for them, then you'll have to tell other players that you're simply too busy at the moment and that posts won't come as often. You don't have to drop the RP's completely -- but make it clear that you have other things that you need to focus on. I'm sure people will understand.

As for "organizing profiles" and "organizing music"? I honestly don't see why that's a thing that needs to be done right now. Seems like the sort of thing that you wouldn't have to worry about until things aren't as hectic. :/

Sorry if that sounded a bit harsh (not my intention), but, yeah. Just de-clutter your life a bit by focusing on the things that really matter and you'll feel a lot better for it. Get those school projects done first. Then post on your RP's. Then do whatever else. Nothing bad will happen if you don't organize your music right away -- but bad things will happen if you don't get your homework in on time. Just get the important things out of the way first. In the meantime, no need to stress about things that don't even have much of any deadline or consequence for not getting done.
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