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How do you deal with it?

We all get stressed from time to time, some of us more than others. My question is, how do you deal with stress? Do you punch walls? Do you lay in bed all day? I had a roommate that used to scream in the shower where he thought no one could hear glad I don't live there anymore.

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I usually deal with it head on. That way, I don't have to worry about what's making me stress. It's worked lately for me. After you've dealt with whatever is causing you the stress, you end up feeling so much better in the end. It's like the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders. So honestly, dealing with things head on, and taking charge in the situation makes things a little easier for you to accomplish, instead of running away from the problem.

I used to blog. Daily. Just venting out every thought, frustration and anger thing I had. ...I just recently managed to access those logs again. >>;; It's kinda painful to read all that emotion and remembering those feelings. .__.;

ROLEPLAY is my number one stress reliever. XD I'll roleplay out issues, and often just getting to PLAY makes me feel oodles better.

And if I can't roleplay, I watch happy-fluff feel good movies. :3
I don't have a way to deal with stress, unfortunately. It just eats away at me to the point of exhaustion and sickness. x__x Those sickness phases are when I actually get quality relaxation because I have no choice but to rest. It sucks balls.

If it's a stress caused by anger, I just burst into tears and destroy something. That usually helps.
Yep, mostly I deal with stress via roleplay. I have no one to fangirl over Knight Hunters with? I start a KH role-play. I have no energy to go outside and do anything do to a stupid chronic illness that refuses to kill me or go the hell away? I join Xindie's out of doors Hunters rp. I'm feeling ignored and unappreciated by my husband? See my Exhaustion and Madness character: She's me- only blonde and no one shot my dog they just took him away. (Chosen was simply for enjoyment.)

And when I'm alone in the house I like to blast Mindless Self Indulgence and rant to my sister. I know, talking to the dead is a somewhat dangerous habit but it's not like I'm trying to get an answer, just a listener, and she's good for that.

If I have none of that available I just shut down. I don't hear, I don't talk, I just very carefully shut all five senses down one by one and think about something I like until I fall asleep- and usually i feel better when I wake up.
RP is the ultimate stress reliever for me as well.. Nothing like escaping reality for a while to clear your mind.

Exercise and proper rest can help too.
I have one of these mounted on the Terminator Armor.

Combined with the greatest drink on earth
For me, it depends on the situation that is causing me to stress.
On some levels I just write. Poetry more often then not or I'll get into one of my stories and absorb into it.
If that doesn't help, I deal with it head on like Astonished.

If it's something dealing with amounts of anger and violence involved, I'll most likely head to my room, pick up something heavy, and throw it at the wall with as much force as I can and then I'll plop on my bed and write.
Again, it really depends on what is causing me to stress.
I meditate a lot and I exercise regularly, both with free weights and melee weapons. I'm also a "pot head", so that probably helps, too.
The Ocean. The ocean is my number one stress reliever. It's the process of biking to the coast to catch at least a halfway decent swell. I need to get back into surfing. I miss the raw energy and sheer power of those crushing waves. Swimming through a good swell is like having nature give you a massage. Unfortunately, It's been over a year since the last time I was in the water.
If I bottle, it builds.

Work doe not need red walls.

Slow release, growl here, eyes locked on the focus of my ire.

RP post there, a great way to let off steam.

Merciless games of DoW2.

Fast ride down a quiet road. Tore the valve of my rear tube yesterday....

Metal.. the heavier the better

The stress never stops but I can keep it at manageable levels.