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Corvus Corax

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What gets you so annoyed/stressed/frazzled you could strangle someone? AND how do you then deal with it!

Do you ignore it? Deal with it through food? Work out? Have someone you rant to? Drown out your own thoughts with music?

Being far away from Octy..... I play guitar, draw, sing, listen to music, and punch walls.
School work, I'm one of those semi-nerdy students who feels pressured to "take that extra class" and to pass it with flying colors. When I feel like I've failed/am failing, it feels like the end of the world, I can't sleep, I'm unhappy, etc.
The only real remedy to this is generally curling up with Sparks, and telling him all about it so that he can put it into perspective for me and make it seem less like the end of the world.
I rant. The power of a good rant is always great. :D

If I can't rant, I usually de-stress by watching a cool movie or some TV. It gives me a chance to chill out and NOT THINK, cause thinking too much is what causes most of my stress. D:

And then of course, roleplay. >:D The power of acting out what is stressing through a pretend situation. It's good therapy.

....or watching videos of cute kittens. >>