Stress Reliever: Peaceful Melodies

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  1. There have been many interesting topics in our General Chatting.
    They were all very informative and fun to read. But there was one that caught my eye, stress.
    We all get stressed. Yes, it happens sometimes when we least expect it. We search for many solutions to getting rid of stress, but most do not work.
    Well, I have one solution that may come of use to my Iwaku family, I want to share with you, some peaceful music that may put your mind at ease and help you to relax morning/evening/night.
    Perhaps, these songs will be of some help. (5 total)


    I hope that you enjoy these wonderful melodies.

  2. These are cool! 8D

    For sound-bases stress relief, I really love the page Pair that page with any of those awesome songs and it's wonderful rainy-day heaven. O___O
  3. You have no idea how stressed out I am today Tetsu-senpai ;_; Thank you for this!!

  4. ​I love it, Diana. <3

    @Mittens: You are very welcome. ^^
  5. [video=youtube;4tCgxhsz8tM][/video]
    If you want soothing instrumental music, pretty much anything by Aesthesys is a good option.

    I also truly love lullabies and this is one of my favorites.
  6. [video=youtube;F93F8QmPTrs][/video]

  7. @ Kitti: That is a fine choice of music. I will add it to my collection!
    @Juku: Beautiful Melodies! These as well will be add to my collection!

    I love them! I am sure that these will also be great help to others as well.
  8. Enigmatic music always good~



    This is a perfect outside, sitting under a tree, by a stream...


    And oohhhh this.

  9. These are great as well. They will be sure to help out others as well.

    Those are very soothing.
  10. Oh cool, more stuff to listen to while tripping.

    Nah, jk, I don't listen to a lot of music when tripping on acid.
  11. Nice thread, this one always does the trick for me:

  12. Thank you everyone for these amazing pieces of music that will no doubt help me relax if I feel stressed or very angry. I think some of them will also make very good material for writing beautiful and inspiring landscapes for my roleplays and for my own projects.