Stress & Drama with the Mama Llama

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  1. (Regarding relationship stuff, also advice is welcomed but like you do you, yo and whateverrrrrr, holla)

    Small venting moment (forgive me, totes missed you guise and this is like my first post in forever and just getting this off my chest before I try to visit more often cuz I love you all like whoa):

    Had a small argument with the mama a few nights ago (this happened like Tuesday night. I do live at home right now, since graduated a year ago and free rent and I work a couple jobs and my dog and yeee) where she told me I can't date my man anymore because of our age difference (he is 48, I am 23). I have been dating him long distance with three times we have spent a few days together each, since December, talking since November. She hasn't met him in person yet, but she does know how he has taken me on dates and surprise sent me flowers for my birthday with a sweet note and she has seen pictures of him and has seen me so happy and gushy over him.

    Sobbed for way too long, way too hard. Felt her kiss my head the morning after the fight and she told me she loved me more than anything fight night and is trying to protect me.

    And I hurt because this is happiness for me; this is a smart, respectful man I laugh nonstop around and go dancing with and walk around for hours and sit without really talking about anything and we feel bliss..

    Really hoping her thoughts will process with time.. I'm not giving up but I feel such a weight inside of me right now..
    Life is hard, my friends. </3 And I'm resisting putting an innuendo in hurr, cuz serious and stuff. But, damn. I'm starting to realize I'm not a kid, and this way of thinking that has been preset in me since growing up with my mom is starting to change as it should. I don't want to be stuck and shriveling up whenever she gets like this. I'm a grown-ass woman, right?

    Like, sheeeeeet.

    Rant over. Thanks for the space, guise. Also, sup.
  2. Sup, Staci! We missed you!

    Sorry about your situation. I've been there. I went through my phase of dating older men. I refused to date guys my own age actually. But in my case it was a phase. It sounds like in your case it really is about the guy.

    The only thing I want to say is it sounds like your mama loves you very much. And that is a beautifulthing. There are worse things than being loved that much. I'm a new mom (4 months post partum) and I worry about her and her future every single day. There is not a single thing in this world I wouldn't do to protect her from any pain she might endure. Though I know you just want to be treated like an adult, I've been there too, your mama just still sees you as her little girl. You'll always be her baby girl, and she will never stop wanting what she thinks is best for you.

    I hope it all works our for the best in your favor. <3
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  3. So I'mma lay it out flat.

    Power imbalances, bbygirl. Cannot escape. Why thefuck ain't this old man with an old woman. You a grown-ass woman yeh, but this is a legit literal physically old-ass man. OLD-ASS. MAYNUH.

    You know I don't speak glibly on shit, and you grown enough you gonna end up doing whatever thefuck it is you gonna do. But my sweet summer bbygirl child: Take the taxi, not the hype train. Make sure your ass isn't bein' groomed. POWER IMBALANCE #FOREVERATHING

    Everyone love you, make good life choices.
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  4. I fucking love you guys. Holy shit.
  5. This.
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  6. Koori is a sagely motherfucker when she wants to be.

    Sorry you got the drama going on just now, Staci. Relationship shit is never fun.
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  7. I really missed you guys and have so much love and respect and gratitude for y'all.
    I wish I could hug everyone so much. Thanks for being awesome, through and through. <3

    Also, pictures of the two of us for topic here. Just cuz he cute, a'ight.
    603678_1680175518898793_4828017191258232757_n.jpg 1506900_1679877622261916_3174276713071417297_n.jpg

    Societal norms will always fascinate me. All I knows is I wanna smile and enjoy life and stuffs, ya know? I'm so tired, man. Tired of sadness and crying and just tired. Way too tired for a 20-something.. or maybe being tired is normal for this age-group nowadays.

    I also watch some acquaintances just get up and move across country and make successful lives out of nothing. Like, how does that even work. How.

    I'm so confused and so flustered all the time if I'm doing this life thing right. Shit.