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  1. The crowd cheered on as the man punched the girl across the face. The girl fell down with a bruised cheek and bloody nose. She slowly got up and spat out some blood. The streets were a tough place to live in, regular fights were formed for food and supplies. In this girls case, she needed food.
    "Stupid girl!" the man laughed, "your going to pay!"
    Suddenly, the woman punched him hard in the nose. The man fell down, dead. "Bridget!" one girl cried out "you hit him too hard!"
    Bridget grabbed his food cards and ran.
  2. Riley screamed. Her brother. Dead. Whoever that girl was, had just killed her brother. And for what, a measly food card? She kneel by her brother's side, but only for a moment. What she wanted to do most of all, was find that girl Bridget, and get her revenge.

    Finding her would be the hard part.
  3. Skylar stared at the corpse that had just collapsed onto the ground. Who was that Bridget girl? And how cold she kill someone with a punch? Looking at her own fist, Skylar decided that she was going to learn how to be as strong as her. She had to as she was the weakest on the street and needed to get stronger if she wanted to survive. So, the 14 year old teenager rushed after Bridget, being careful not to be noticed by anyone.
  4. Eren stand there when that woman punched those guy to death. Whats wrong with that woman? then he approached that corpse. for a long time he looked at that guy. "Instant death eh? you are lucky" then he said it with smile in his face. then he look at his watch. "there is no time left" leaving the corpse alone he lit his cigar and begin to walk away
  5. Because she couldn't find Bridget, the brunette gave up and returned to where she left to see a guy walking away with a cigar in his mouth. "Who is he? I've never seen him before..." Skylar wondered to herself before deciding to run up to him. And that is what she did. "Umm, hello. I don't think I'v seen you here before. Who are you?"
  6. another girl showed up. still young he thinks. "are you talking to me?" he asked. then he turned to her.
    "listen girl... never talk to someone you don't know, its dangerous this day. see that man?" then he pointed at the dead guy. "last thing i want is another corpse lying in this street" then he smiled at that girl. "go home... and don't forget to lock the door"
  7. "Umm, okay." Skylar replied before walking to get some food with the food cards she found. She didn't own many food cards, but it was enough to feed her for tonight. Once she received a loaf of bread, the teen sat down in the street before taking a bite. Skylar hated living in the streets but she didn't have any money or family and defiantly no friends so she had no choice but to remain living in the streets.
  8. still this city is sick. murder everywhere, plundering, thief, bandit. i wonder how those little girl earlier can survive in this city. "good afternoon" i said to a gentlemen in front of me. "ah mister Eren, you are little late today" he said with wicked smile in his face. "some murder happened" i said then step inside the building. "ah battle for food eh? that is often happen in this street" with glass of pure wine in his hand he look outside. "i assume you understand. you need to decrease the tax if you want they to live" with a grim look in his face he answered "i can't do that. no one can, surely you understand it yourself mister Eren"

    i put my strength to my hand "i...understand. And Sir, your task is completed" with smile he answered "good job mister Eren... Good Job"
  9. After finishing her food, Skylar saw another fight break out. Scared that she might get dragged into the fight, she quickly got up and rushed away. When she decided she was safe, the teen then looked up at the sky. It was getting late. So, Skylar choose a spot and laid down hoping to fall asleep. After minutes of laying there, darkness came upon her and she fell asleep.
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