Street Life

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  1. Hookers posed on the streets as street performers played their instruments hoping to get some money. Days weren't so bad, it was nights you had to worry about. Street fighters constantly have fights to the death for food or territory. Thefts were constant, especially at the city of Guinessdeer.
    Adria sat there with her older brother Thomas, they have been on the streets ever since they were kids. Adria was 15 years old while her brother was 18. They lived in a dilapidated apartment complex, staying away from the fights.
  2. Dutch was slowly pushing his cart out of one of that neighborhood's many dark alleys, silently grumbling as one of it's rusty wheels jammed, making his 'home' pull to the left. It was normal, by now. Like all other times, he applied excess force to make it turn hard to the right, which seemed to knock the jam loose. Across the street, a three-man group of hoods leaned against a corner. Seeing his plight, one of the young thugs burst into laughter, pointing out Dutch to the other hoodlums. Dutch would only turn his unshaven, unkempt head to the group, silently staring as if in contemplation.

    No. It wasn't worth it. This part of town had no room for the self-righteous, or heroic types. With a sigh, Dutch pushed forward, pondering if the nearby 7/11 had any decent trash in it's dumpster. Then again, things always had a way of going in unexpected directions. Who could tell what this evening would bring.
  3. Adria sighed, her brother fought for food for the both of them. Whenever they had extras they would share with anyone who looked as if they needed it. Adria saw a man with a cart. The woman looked at her brother and he nodded. She snuck a cooked piece of steak in his basket and left.
  4. Sophia briskly strode down the street. She was late for work. Her boss wouldn't be sympathetic. All he cared about was business. Sophias nephew was sick and her sister was God knows where injecting God knows what into her body. Out of pity for the boy, Sophia an her mother took the child in, caring for it while her sister stayed out until all hours getting 'messed up' as she often so aptly put it. Sophia walked down a short alley and into the back of a gentleman's club, hoping to sneak in before her boss noticed anything. Inside the back door the immediate room was lined with mirrors and many young women were getting ready to go onstage. One of them noticed Sophia and gave her slightly sympathetic look. "Oh Soph's..good thing your here. We covered for you when the boss was looking. He seemed really pissed tonight." Sophia could only nod her head in gratuity. "Thank you! Mikael's sick and I couldn't leave the house without putting him to sleep."

    Sophia went to her personal mirror and began applying heavy makeup, making her almost unrecognizable. If it's one thing she had learned from this line of work, it's that you don't want any of these creeps knowing who you really are. Sophia put on her signature skimpy sailor's outfit before being called to her pole on the main floor. Her own stage name lit up "Sweetheart". It was generic, but effective. Sophia wasn't looking forward to working tonight.
  5. More fights were being displayed on the streets. Thomas hated every minute of these fights but it was the only way to feed his sister. Today the street gangs were doing a tag in team fight. Thomas's team won and they split the money and food. Thomas's team mate wanted to celebrate at a strip club. The young man had no idea what a strip joint was until his team mate opened the door. Thomas blushed deeply, he was incredibly handsome but never really cared about his looks. To be polite he sat down with his new friend who made a huge scene by hooting and hollering at the woman on the pole. Thomas didn't look at any girl in the eye embarrassed. At least his sister was safe at home.
  6. Oh great... Sophia could only roll her eyes as a bunch of hooligans made their way in. She had, more then once, suggested to make this place a member exclusive club, but every time her boss shut her down, saying it would ruin business. Sophia kept at her routine, doing exactly as she was supposed to..until somebody decided to try and cop a feel. It was some rick creep, who thought he could do whatever he wanted because he had money. Twenty bucks said he had a wife and four kids at home. These kind of people disgusted Sophia. After about the fourth time this guy tried to touch her, Sophia turned to face him and stopped dancing all together before hopping from her stage and getting right in the man's face.

    Venomous words were exchanged between the two before Sophia slapped the man across the face. It soon escalated from there. He pushed her up against the stage just before hitting her himself. An all out brawl happened as more then one patron jumped in to help the girl. He was escorted from the building and Sophia's boss took her by the arm and led her backstage, visibly angry with her.
  7. Thomas's team mate was punched in the face. Thomas looked at the guy who tried to feel the girl up. He was knocked out by his punch. He couldn't let him take advantage of any girl like that. The girl was led away and the young street rat didn't have a good feeling about this. He followed, praying she didn't see him.
  8. Sophia pulled her arm away from her boss as he hissed at her. "What was that all about, Sophia?? I can't have you getting our most wealthy clienteles kicked out like that." The girl looked at her boss in shock, her face already bruising from the blow the man had landed on her. "Are you serious??" There was blatant disbelief in her voice as it began to get louder. "That man tried four time..FOUR TIMES to f*cking touch me!! And you're going to get mad at ME??" She had already headed back to the dressing room, her boss following her. "I have had enough of this sh*t. You don't care about us..all you care about is the money we bring in." Sophia began putting all her stuff into one of the many discarded boxes in the room. "Hell..I'd make more money as a whore and enjoy it twice as much."

    Her boss was having none of that. He gave her a firm slap across the face and pointed a finger at her while she stood in shock, her hand upon her stinging face. "You're lucky he didn't call the police on you, Sophia!! You could be in jail right now." His brow was furrowed and his face was turning red. "And you wouldn't make it as a whore. You'd be dead within a week. No guy would take such an attitude from a girl like you."
  9. Thomas wasn't that bright of a thinker sometimes but he was kind hearted. His mother always taught him it was never okay to hit a woman. Thinking that the man was going to do more the street rat jumped the boss and kept on beating him over and over. He had terrible expirences about this from his father beating his mother. It traumatized him to such a point where he would go on these rages. Blood was everywhere as he kept punching the guy then started shaking. The man wasnt moving and there was no pulse. He stood there shaking. Oh God what has he done? Trying not to throw up he knocked some supplies over trying to make it look like an accident. He couldn't speak to the girl, his throat was ripped at by wild dogs on the streets. All he knew was sign language, he figured she didn't know it though.
  10. [​IMG]

    Dolores. Everyone's sin, Everyone's soul. Do-lo-res. The three syllable name everyone of the dark streets knew about. A modern Snow White, a plagued Snow White--The Hidden and underground queen of the streets. Raven black wavy hair, skin quite fair and seemingly flawless, lips painted red --As red as blood. She was a chameleon, she always gathered information about people and moreover sold them. An information broker and some times, a prostitute out of desperation. She indeed lived a wretched life sometimes, but with enough juicy information, managed to make it through alive and well for a few days to sometimes even weeks by luck. No one ever saw Dolores in person when negotiating, well they did for business but there were no pictures or drawings of her. Just descriptions.

    A seemingly plain girl by day, an active girl by night. Today while the moon brightened the streets and the stars twinkled, she roamed around occasionally looking over her shoulder. She had left a pimp, and managed to get him arrested. But she feared his little 'friends' would find her and jump her at any given time and sighed wearing her now trashy and slightly ripped outfit in a snobby way. But this was the streets, and clothes like this didn't matter. She wore a white crop top that resembled a 'wife beater' and fairly fitted yet tight looking black shorts that revealed her rear lines. Her shirt was much looser now and worn like a tiny crop top revealing her bra but she covered them up along with keeping her arms crossed and looking down. The girl's black hair rested on her left shoulder and her black suede can be heard by each step she took with deep clicks and cracks.

    It was one of those nights again. The horrible nights of desperation and prostitution. She was probably most likely the smarter prostitutes and sighed. Perhaps she should do something else for now... A cheap twenty wasn't enough. Home was boring... But--So was the night life.

    Which left her deeply pondering as she walked home.
    Head down.
    Not enough cash.
    No information to sell.
    At all..

    For her, it was a midlife crisis. Her luck seemed to run out from now on until god knows when."Stupid broke ass..." She sighed muttering to herself as she rubbed her arms. Faint bruises were apparent, few hickies as well, but Dolores was angry more then sad... No, furious. She had to do something with her life.

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  11. Thomas ran out of the strip club with blood all over his arms. He didn't even wait for the girl to say anything, besides it was better if she had thought him some sort of criminal. She would testify against him and she wouldn't seem guilty. He ran past Dolores panicking towards his home, right now more than anything he needed her comfort.
  12. [​IMG]
    The 'snow white' of the streets keenly eyed the male about to pass her. He had blood all over his arms, naturally making Dolores look down on the concrete ground as if she saw nothing wrong and he soon passed her finally. In the process she held her breath before stopping and looking over her shoulders at Thomas in silence.. He seemed young, and panicked. Blood is a sign of something he did most likely.. But should she call out to him? Mentally, her conscious said 'NO!' But subconsciously she called out to him anyways.

    "Hey!" She yelled."HELLLOO!" The girl adds to get his attention before walking towards him. Curiousity... Dolores was curious, and had to feed the curious demon she possessed in her being. Perhaps this can be counted as juicy information to sell. Beloved information in exchange for goods. And within a few seconds, Dolores spun on her heel and walked to catch up to the male, gently grabbing onto his shoulder with her hands to get his attention. Her touch felt warm and calm, chillingly gentle at such a situation and sight and she looked up at Thomas despite his back facing her.

    "Is everything ok? You seem frightened." She said. And he was, like a child running scared from a clown."I'm not with police or anything--Just curious and willing to help." Dolores calmly said, slightly tensed up. She observed him keenly, his hair, his height, body type, etc. It may be useful in the future and waited patiently.

  13. Sophia watched in horror as some man, whom she didn't know, came out of nowhere and began hitting her boss over and over again. There was so much blood. All the women in the room began screaming, some calling the cops, and Sophia could only stare. What the hell? Her mind seemed to leave her body as she knelt down and checked for a pulse. There was none. His face was anything but and Sophia would only shake while in a state of shock. How long had she been kneeling beside his body? She had no idea. One minute she was looking at her blood covered hands, the next emergency respondents had flooded the building, covering girls with blankets, taking statements.

    Someone was trying to talk to the girl. A man in a uniform. His voice was muddled, however, and she had a hard time understanding what he was saying. "Miss? Miss? Can you tell us what happened?" It wasn't long until the man gave up on her and left to talk to some of the other dancers. Sophia turned her head and looked over at the gurney that held her boss's bagged body. That man...literally beat the life out of him. Surely there were plenty of onlooking bystanders.
  14. Thomas looked down only wanting to talk to his sister. He shook his head politely at the girl. He felt like he was going to throw up.
  15. [​IMG]
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    Dolores was shaken off. She thankfully had a glimpse of his face that she'll surely remember with her photogenic mind and sighed walking away. After about ten minutes from the encounter she turned a corner and saw crystal clear sirens going off. The female immediately walked to the location landing Infront of a strip club and saw the scene. A man dead with many bruises until the police had covered the body and proceeded talking. Strippers remained with different polices telling what happened and Dolores keeping her arms crossed over her chest looked around before being encountered by one and mistaken as one of the strippers who worked at the club Infront of her.

    "Ma'am have any comments? By chance do you know what has happened?"
    "No sir.."

    Dolores answered shaking her head before being dismissed and left alone. She remained in the scene looking around and listened and saw a camera crew, A woman telling the news of course to which Dolores focused her attention on that. So that's why the young man was running... He did this? This added together and she listened:

    "It is currently (Time in PM here) where a small crime has taken place at a local strip club called (Name of strip club). Former boss of the club. (Name of boss), has been brutally beaten to death by an unknown man. Reports are currently being made for clarification, and police are still looking for answers. We'll get back to you soon for updates here on (news name)."

    So that was what happened. Dolores looked around for a stripper to talk to for answers and finally began talking to other strippers, posing as being a former worker herself, she got answers then lastly approached Sophia."What happened?!" She asked blinking her round eyes.

  16. "Omygosh!"" Africa gasped "what happened to you?"
    Thomas explained everything. All he wanted to do was stop that man from hurting the girl. She hugged him tightly.
  17. Sophia watched as her former boss was zipped up and wheeled off. Several policemen had tried speaking to her, but Sophia couldn't seem to comprehend what they were saying, let alone have a conversation with them. She stood still, wrapped up in her blanket and zoned as the activity buzzed about her. Her golden brown eyes got that far off look about them and Sophia got lost in herself. She wasn't lost long before a pretty woman pulled her away from her thoughts, asking what had happened.

    "Um..I-I" Sophia managed to stammer out before stopping and taking a deep breath. This was ridiculous. She hadn't even liked her boss. "He was yelling at me...after the fight." Sophia gulped audibly before continuing. "A-and some man..came out of nowhere and started hitting him..over..and over. Until.." Sophia closed her mouth, tears welling up. She may not have liked her boss, but he didn't deserve to die..not like that.
  18. Adria watched helplessly as Thomas gagged and threw up in a bucket. As the police were investigating with no particular leads Thomas was starting to become paranoid. He was a murderer to the people but in the streets what seperated a boy from a man was blood. Throughout the streets he was respected. However, that didn't help him cope with the horrible thing he had just done...not one bit. He finally moved his fingers frantically after 3 hours of just sitting there in the corner. He was using sign language to speak to his sister.
    I didn't mean for this to happen! None of it! I just wanted to help this girl that got slapped by her boss...then memories flashed about our father...
    "I know...I know you would never do something like that, not on purpose!" Adria began but Thomas shook his head and walked out for some fresh air. Adria sighed, she needed to give him some time. Thomas watched the strip club shut down as he walked. He wanted to do the right thing and turn himself in...but he had a sister to take care of. He still felt sick to his stomache as he watched the lights shut off.
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