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  1. Street Heroes

    Firstly, be sure to check out the Interest thread here.

    Character Sheet Template:

    Name: Can be the character's real name, or a callsign.

    Age: Any

    Sex: Any



    Appearance: Go into detail! Eye color, stature, build. You know the drill.

    Bio: Your character's backstory, and how you came to be the vigilante or crime-lord you are today.

    Personality: Quick to anger, or are you a coward at heart? Maybe you're curious and inquisitive...

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Must have at least two weaknesses, which can be physical or mental.

    Other: Any other information you'd like to share!

    If you can, try to find a picture to portray what your character looks like, but if you can't find one, don't worry about it.
  2. Name: Bismark William.

    Age: 28

    Sex: male

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 260

    Appearance: Neck length hair and medium length beard both of a auburn color. He has a mural tattoo of the four horsemen on his back as well as a German Iron cross on each of his shoulders. He also has scarring on the majority of his torso, his eyes are a blue green color with rust colored rings around his pupil due to a form of hetrochromia. His skin is also a light tan shade.

    Bio: Bismark had a promising future in medical science and would of been able to become a surgeon. He abandoned this career to move to Iraq to fight with the Kurdish protection units fighting against the extremists trying to kill the religious minorities of the region, he fought for two years learning how to make IEDs along with other improvised weapons and to fight a war with minimal resources. At the beginning of his third year he was caught in a IED blast giving him his scar on his chest, he was treated for his wounds at an American military base, the people who had brought him had lied to the American's so that Bismark would not be punished for fighting in a foreign war. When he arrived home he saw for the first time the true corruption that was plaguing his city and decided he had to do something about it.

    Personality: Bismark is a very calm, quiet individual who goes out of his way to help people if he can. He is a friendly man most of the time but can anger if he sees something that goes against his own moral ethic.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: He ha random spats of rage from the PTSD he got from his time in the middle east. He also has nerve damage in his leg which has damaged his ability to move at the speed he once could. He is a strong man which compounds his hand to hand skills allowing him to overpower most people , he is also an expert marksman.

    Other: He has a pipe that he smokes aromatic tobacco out of.

    Weapons: A VEPR hunting rifle for when he needs to engage large groups of the filth plaguing the streets. His father's colt 1911. Finally his kukri knife for up close work.
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  3. Accepted!

    Need at least two or three more.
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  4. WIP!! Just putting this out there. :D

    Name: Olivia Clarke

    Age: 21

    Sex: Female

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 145 lbs

    Appearance: Olivia has dark brown skin with a somewhat reddish tint when she's in the sunlight. Her hair is a mixture of black and dark brown and is natural and curly. She usually has it in long braids or out in a pony tail or mini fro. Olivia's overall build is slightly muscular as she does most of the physical work around the house.
    Olivia does her best to look disheveled and as unattractive as possible so as to avoid any negative attention from all the creeps and dogs in the neighborhood. So she maintains her hair just so it doesn't get extremely dirty and matted, but other than she doesn't make it look fancy or anything. She also wears baggy jeans and cargo pants and sneakers as well as large shirts and hoodies. She doesn't wear any jewelry at all, not even earrings.

    - Siblings recruited as gang members. motivation
    - ex boyfriend too
    Olivia lives with her 88 year old grandmother and her younger brothers, Adam, Daniel and Matthew (when they're around). Their parents used to live with them, but they died in a car accident. Their grandmother, Josephine stepped in to take care of them because she didn't want them being put into the system, but since she was so old even then, she wasn't able to watch them all the time. So it was up to Olivia to take care of her brothers and make sure they were safe and on the right track. However when she was a junior in high school she met a boy named Louis and fell hard for him. She loved Louis and she thought he loved her too. They stayed together up until a year after graduation, but then Louis joined the Blades. The Blades was a gang filled with young guys who terrorized the city under the guise that they were protecting it from an older gang called, Veins. When Louis joined the Blades, Olivia broke up with him immediately because she knew how the gangs were and she didn't want to be a gangbanger's girlfriend. Their break up was messy but when it was over, Olivia thought it would be over forever, but not six months later, her three younger brothers were recruited into the gang. Olivia was devastated and she blamed herself because Adam, Daniel and Matthew only joined because Louis was in it and they would have never met him if it weren't for her. She tried her best to get them to quit, but they refused and the leader of the Blades "cautioned" her not to try and interfere again.
    Olivia than made it her personal mission to save her brothers and get the hell out of the city (with their grandmother of course.)

    Personality: Olivia is fiercely protective of the people that she loves, however when she's trying to do the right thing she often acts impulsively and jumps into the thick of things without thinking about it. She's also tenacious and thick skinned and doesn't let most things get her down.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: After the leader of the Blades gave Olivia a "caution" lesson, her grandmother signed her up for boxing lessons and she became quite good at it. Her grandmother wanted to buy her a gun too, but Olivia has a chronic fear of firearms and knives, so she had to settle for a taser instead. Olivia was on the track team when she was in high school and she was one of the fastest runners. Olivia is missing her right ring finger, so she has to use her left hand for most things and she is not ambidextrous.

    Other: She doesn't have money for a false finger, so she just displays her stump openly.
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  5. No problem! Take your time. It'll be a while before the thread starts.
  6. Finished with my CS! Hopes it's okay!
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  7. Imma edit Bismark to add what weapons he uses.
  8. Lookin' good.


    Dakota, is your character going to be in Germany, or America?
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  9. America.
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