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What should Motoko throw as an event for his re-recruitment?

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  1. A nice large dinner at the headquarters.

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  2. A home made dinner at his apartment.

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  3. Nothing special.

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  4. Be wary about the people who dragged him back.... no time for celebrations of the abused.

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  5. Do something for the slums!

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  6. Stroll about the pretty part of Kan~

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  7. Go to the club, get drunk and dance!

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  8. Spa...

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  9. A nice sauna resort!

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  10. Go to a warm Inn! Fuck you winter.

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  1. If there's one thing Kuunya, Motoko couldn't bear, it was not getting his way.

    Be it with money.
    Be it with options.
    Be it with women.

    But there's one thing Motoko could stand, and it was newbies.

    Kuunya Motoko had a lot of patience with things. Yeah (open)

    And because of that.

    Show Spoiler
    "Are you going to his funeral? I heard only Kuunya had to show."

    Motoko was great.

    Show Spoiler
    I need to smoke.

    .This RP takes place in the city of Kan, a beautiful city with a dark and dangerous slums. The leader of the Vulkains, a notorious gang known for it's merciless leader is crumbling due to the fact their leader has ben assasinated and the Vice, Kuunya Motoko had dropped out that same day. However, being attacked and bribed back, Motoko has stepped up to the power of the Vulkains.

    He is a ruthless man with a softspot for not many, today is January 20th, 2099. The snow is letting up and there's not much on the ground. There is currently a surge of newbies either being forced to join or wanting to try out. So they're currently in try-outs. .


    He watched with careful eyes.

    The smoker was a understandable man. To become the master of one thing, to conquer it, everyone starts at one point. Some had an advantage, and some had none.

    But these kids were awful.

    Motoko leaned against the wall of the roof doors, gazing down upon the new members interacting and sparring one another. He looked over at his vice, his beta and omega and his stray soldiers lined up against the edge or walking around and not paying attention.
    These were the people who he could trust. They probably already grew bored, but the blonde found something in a few of these newbies. He checked, none of them as using any magic, no illusions...

    He blew out a large cloud of smoke from his parted pink lips.

    Alright, thats enough.

    Motoko simply walked off the edge of the dirty roof, landing on his two feet. It was like a feather landing on the ground.

    "Call me nothing but Boss." He said simply.
    His eyes were slithering from newbie to newbie. The colleagues followed suit, compared to some of the bulky, overweening fighters behind the male, they could have been mistaken at the head honcho.
    This guy was just a lean 5'9 blondie with a cigarette in his mouth.

    "Who thinks this training is too hard?" He said aloud. One female raised her hand hesitantly. Before others could raised theirs because she did, Motoko strolled over and poked her in the forehead. She crumbled to the ground, red leaking from her ears. He stared down at her lifeless body with unseen pity as she melted and disappeared into the ground.
    "Any one else?"
    He turned to them.
    Dead fucking silence.

    "I hope you're not lying."

    His voice was very soft and gentle for a man who just murdered a girl.
    But who knows? Maybe he didn't actually kill her.
    Magic can be a bitch.

    "Alright. Onto your next course." He murmured. The alley trembled, bricks turning into white and fading away. The putrid water evaporated, the dumpsters dissengrating into thin air. It was replaced with flowing blades of the greenest grass, trees of pink and white picket fences. Flowers of every color sprouted from the fertile ground.

    The newbies broke into disgusted whispers on what just took place. Birds chirping, sun shining and the city in the distance. However, they were kind of locked in by the picket fence. Motoko jumped the fence, a large bolt of electricity running up both arms. Unaffected, he shoved his hands back in pockets after he landed on the other side and kept walking until he reached his colleagues.

    A number formed in front of the faces of the newbies, '1:30'. It immediately began counting down. Now all there is to do is to wait.

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    Kuunya, Motoko.
    5'9 - medium frame - 171 lbs
    Identifies as male.
    Powers are unknown.
    Boss of Vulkains.
    Health is 100% full.

    --this thing was made on mobile.... --

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  2. Ichigo did many stupid things... (open)

    Ichigo was naive and stupid in his younger days. Who wasn't? But he became worse as he grew older. Human are imperfect, we had flaws, we made mistakes. Some just worse than others. He would thought getting into some shady business was fun. Until he witnessed someone died.

    It was traumatizing.


    Run. Just run. He mumbled to himself. Face couldn't get any paler.

    No, he was terrified to every of his nerves. He froze on his spot like a glass statu. Kawara Ichigo was a coward afraid of death. Then he realized he was the one who signed up for all of this bullshit. And he was fine with that. With people using magic and everything they ever did. He had darkness in his hand. But he won't use it, not in front of the people who just seen somebody died. Ichigo was confused.

    They chatted. Idle chatters. Boring idle chatters. What to be amazed about this new place? It was better than what he could ever done though. Better than creating a blanket of darkness to blind up the whole space. Simply stunned by their boss, he watched everything in silence, what to do anyway?

    He glanced at his boss, carefully not be noticed. That was a fearful man he would not dared to talk face-to-face, something about him was very intoxicating and scary at the same time. Ichigo swallowed, he wanted to be here.

    He was the type who chase in a circle with death. For a little thrill, he wouldn't mind a bit harm. He has been in shadows for a while...Now he should face the light. At least, that was what he thought when the gentle breeze brushed past him. He found himself feeling slightly unsettling, whether it was excitement or fears, may be both, he couldn't careless.


    He murmured to himself. He hated the feeling of being lost with something he was interested in. Not these people, these gangs, but the boss. He admired him...yes he was. Called himself crazy once or twice, but it was a clear fact, he had an obsession with Mokoto. He never spoke with him but Ichigo had already possessed an undying admiration. No that wasn't even the right word.

    He never saw Mokoto before his temporary retirement. This was a good opportunity for him to approach his boss, as he planned before. It would be fun as he thought, but it was terrifying.

    And he loved it.

    Ichigo is problematic... (open)
    Kawara Ichigo
    5'8 - Small Frame - 140lbs
    Transgender Male
    Power consists shadows marionette and absolute darkness
    Newbie at Vulkian
    Freaking whatever
    Gertrude threw 6-faced die for: 4 Total: 9 $dice $dice $dice $dice
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  3. 1:00

    Motoko regrouped with the Vulkains and sat down abruptly in the grass.

    "Kuunya. Don't you think it's a little brash to throw them into this one so early?"

    "This will make it easier for us to work with the people who have more of a chance."


    - OOC -
    If you don't like long posts, that's totally fine! You don't need to post a whooole novel. I do sometimes because I'm the one controlling the plot, the twists, etc. So don't feel embarrassed. However.

    This RP is rather time-sensitive. It's recommended to join before the timer runs out to show off your powers and whatnot, take a role as one of Motoko's colleagues, impress some people [or motoko cuz you miiight need it]. Anyone can of course join right after, but you have the chance to fix your fate regarding on the things you don't or do accomplish. This will affect how things turn out for your character.

    tldr; you only have to post a para and I'd like to have at least two or one more join since this is a group role play.


    The ground started to lightly vibrate under neath everyone's feet. If you want to do something, now's the time to do it.​
  4. As far as Astoria Greye knew, he was the only foreigner among the group of newbies to the Vulkains. He was from one of the northern Colonies, a small town called Yahse, which was a town that the natives of the north and the colonists from the south lived together peacefully. After decades of colonization, there was a seamless blend between tribal and colonial customs, and Astoria had grown up knowing both. His ethnic background, which was made clear from his ghostly pale skin and inky black hair, had been the source of many conflicts between natives to Kan and Astoria. However, with the gang, he found a group that didn't care to whom he was born to or the tribal magic that ran through his veins.

    Astoria couldn't tell if any of the others were foreigners, but the majority of them looked similar to each other, with only a few variations into what shade their hair was or the color of their skin. As everyone sparred or tried showing off for the boss, he watched them, his pale violet eyes scanning over a couple of them. While their looks tended to be similar, Astoria saw many different styles of fighting. From the brutal, heavy style of the streets to the careful, almost flowery style of the richer classes, Astoria saw that there was great variety even in the gang.

    It wasn't long before the boss addressed him, and Astoria moved his gaze to him as he tied his hair in a loose knot behind his head, hoping that the magic crackling in the air wasn't meant for him. When the boss killed the girl, he only blinked, knowing that to speak up could mean the same fate for him. Besides, she was weak if she couldn't handle the training so far. Worse was handled by younger in the Far North.

    As the alley way was transformed into something akin to a meadow, Astoria kept his gaze on the boss, knowing that this new course might require some sort of external knowledge. With any luck, maybe the boss would give something away. Watching the boss jump the fence, Astoria's lips twitched almost imperceptibly as he caught the electricity running up his arms.

    That's the key, he thought, watching as one of the bolder newbies ran straight at the fence. Promptly, he was electrocuted, and thrown from the fence. Watching the counter tick down, he bit his lip in concentration, his eyebrows furrowing as the gears in his head turned. He knew a couple northerner spells that could dispel magical fields, but he was absolutely certain that that would be too easy.

    Feeling the ground beginning to rumble beneath his booted feet, he decided that he had to do something, and soon. Backing away from the majority of the group, he created a space for himself, a circle of magic forming around him. With any luck, Astoria would be done in just a few seconds.

    Astoria is a city in Oregon (open)
    IMG_0037.JPG Sorry for bad quality :/ Drawn in 5 minutes + iphone camera = bad drawings and no arms. But Astoria does have arms. Just not in these pics xD I hope he's okay...I took a few creative liberties with the world xD

    Astoria Greye
    Gay af
    Half northern tribesman, half colonist
    Mostly uses northern ice and fire magyk
    Kind of arrogant
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  5. Layl (open)
    Layl Rakhsha
    98 lbs
    Male (super gay)
    Middle Eastern descent; dark skin, dark eyes, pigment condition that leaves his hair white-blonde
    Fire magic & acrobatic skills

    Layl was getting bored. He'd been here all day and the blondie up there still didn't show any signs that this would be over soon. He glanced at the dead girl and sighed a little, shaking his head.
    Show off.
    He had come to kill some time while he was in town, figuring he'd walk out after a little while. Looks like that plan had fallen through. He sighed. He knew he could easily make it into this gang--he'd been the lapdog of a kingpin back in his home country--but he didn't have any particular interest in this gang.
    The ground started to shake and Layl tilted his head a little, looking down.
    He took a few steps towards the fence, grass smoking and catching fire under his bare feet, and leaned forward a little to examine it. He held his hands out, testing the electric charge. His sleeves crackled and sparked suddenly and he flinched away, grimacing.
    "This is fucking bullshit, what the fuck does he expect us to do? He didn't give us a damn explanation." He grumbled and looked up, glaring at the blonde guy whose name he hadn't even bothered to learn. "Hey hair-dye! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, blondie. What fresh hell is this?" He shouted over the fence, bringing his hands to his mouth to project his voice. At best, he could get him to spill something. At worst, he'd be killed. Worth a shot.
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  6. He saw someone beginning to move, creating magic, panicking, fighting, usually weird reactions. At that, Ichigo couldn't help but let out a lighthearted chuckle. So amusing. Seeing people this frustrated was amusing. No one had any idea what was going. So did he, but he wasn't as panicked. He observed, calculated. And as he prefered, he chose to stay out of all this.
    He double-checked his comrades. One attempted to use magic. Oh cool, he remarked sarcastically inside his head. And, he heard the sound of a young voice shouted at their dearest boss, he planned in his head what he's going to do, stuffing that guy's mouth with all the craps he spilled out and snapping that little shit's neck in his sleep. Just wait...if he remembered. Such an impulsive brat, anyone who came here wished to die didn't worth his time, but insulting Mokoto? That was the new level of stupidity.
    He dug his hands into his pocket and sighed, a pair of black shadows appeared behind his back expanded into something bigger and fully wrapped around him. He yawned as the darkness overtook him and sent him away from the current mess. As he gone into the darkness, he intended to stay here at least until hell froze over or the whole things stopped.
    He eyed on the people, watching as they continued to struggle with the situation in the darkness. Transcended the world and fall into nothingness has never been so interesting. He developed the habits of hiding in his dark world since forever, sometimes it was convenient to examine people without getting noticed. He would not use it for any badder attention aside from watching people, unless...
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  7. Hearing shouting, Astoria's violet eyes flicked open, breaking his concentration. His circle of magic flickered out, and he let out a heavy sigh as he glanced at the guy that was shouting. Scowling, he took in a deep breath and closed his eyes, building his circle of magic again. As he attempted to ignore the shouting asshole, he focused intently on the magic running through his veins, a soft crackle rippling through the air.

    Muttering the spell under his breath, he shivered in a state of mild ecstasy as the magic running through his veins stimulated his entire body. When he completed the spell, he slowly walked towards the fence, the magic in the air around him nearly palpable.

    Holding his hands out, he drew an Astoria-sized hole in the field, feeling tiny shocks running up his arms as he slowly pressed himself through, trying to keep up the small area he was safe in. Holding his breath as his right hand pressed through, he tried to remain focused, knowing that it could be his hand if he faltered.
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  8. 0:20

    A gentle breeze swept through the area, the sounds slowly disappearing and they were only left with the shouting of one of the newbies, and the ominous soft roar of magic being used. Motoko sighed as he watched some people attempted to climb the fence.
    His vice nodded.

    His eyes fell on one of the newbies actually getting through somewhat, slowly, but he wouldn't be able to make it in time. He decided to leave him be, but his gaze didn't falter. He wondered what would happen if he was jolted out of that abruptly. Probably lose a limb.
    Motoko saw one disappear out the corner of his focus, smartest move here honestly, but that won't save him.

    The floor rumbling grew to a violent level, as the timer counted down.

    Then nothing.

    Nothing happened after the counter ended, just the continuing dead silence and the flowers swaying in the wind. One of the flower, the bright brown one, as strange as a color it is, stayed perfectly still. Suddenly. There was debris, the sound of dry earth meeting with minerals and ripping through blades were ear splitting. The ground rumbled, the reoccurring thump of flesh ringing out as a large, dirty thing came from the ground with a cute little flower on it's head. A scream of a girl who was right in front of the worm emerging became muffled and frenzied.
    A giant worm just swallowed a girl whole, the unlucky soul.

    It was slimy and shining in the light, mouth bare and toothless except for the small pearly white teeth rimming it's hole of a mouth. It was ugly as shit, but it wasted no time for his meals.

    People fucking scattered. It was like the boss had throw a bunch of mice into a snake's burrow. Some screams, some already using magic. The little yard they were trapped in lit up with magic, water and weapons flurrying off. The worm moved at incredibly rapid speeds, throwing shrieking people into the air and swallowing them whole in an blink of an eye. His targets were close to other targets, basically, anyone whom he had his sights on you had to avoid.

    A young male was running for his dear life, diving away as the huge train hat is the worm had him in it's sights. Jumping as the worm lunged with it's mouth open, the boy escaped. The worm, suddenly burrowed into the ground, a trail a clear slime following him. People's screams turned into angry yelling ones, probably for the lost of their friends. The worm disappeared into the ground.

    You probably only have a few moments, do your stuff and hope you don't end up as lunch.
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  9. A giant worm...? Layl turned and watched it, not moving from his position, and evaluated the situation. He smirked. Back home in the desert these were pretty damn common. They practically kept them as pets.
    He opened his left hand and a long tendril of flame slid down from it, forming a whip nearly twice as long as Layl was tall. He shifted his weight onto his other foot, observing, and tilted his head lazily, squinting a little. It sank under the ground again, and he smiled, turning to the group standing nearest to him to make use of the few moments of silence they'd have.
    "Hey. I know how to deal with these things. I'll do the work, one of you just have to get something sharp into its mouth. Feel like cooperating?" He smiled at them and flicked his whip, a few sparks rolling off of it into the air. "...but you better think fast. These things move like desert storms." He paused for a second. "...that is, they move, like, really fast."
  10. As sounds of frustration and anger turned to fear and agony, Astoria's focus nearly broke, and he felt his magic field faltering. Knowing he couldn't turn to look, he forced himself to stare forward, beginning to work on getting his other hand through the field. He wasn't sure what was behind him, causing everyone to freak out, but he couldn't grant himself even a moment's loss in concentration to see what it was.

    As adrenaline rushed into his system, a surge of magic flowed through him, and he was able to press through the field a bit more. Going through the field was a bit like walking through a wall of molasses, and it was slow going. Still, he was going, and figured that if he could get through the field, he would be safe.

    While the ground was rumbling beneath his feet, he made an increased effort to get through the field, his brow furrowed in concentration. As he began forcing his upper body through, he nearly fell over the white fence, but was able to catch himself.

    Pulling himself over the fence, foot by foot, he soon was mostly through. Then, he fell the rest of the way and landed with a thump on the grass. Letting out a curse, he glanced back at the fenced in area, his violet eyes flying wide.

    "Gods above," he breathed, taking in the sight of the worm. He had never seen a worm that size, and was terrified by it. In the Far North, the only things bigger than the occasional cormorant or cave dweller was the polar bears, and those were nothing compared to this.

    Turning to the boss, he exclaimed, "Just letting them all die will ruin the Vulkains! You can't just leave them there!"
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  11. The worm suddenly resurfaced through the dirt, spewing saliva hungrily as it roared. Motoko's hair swayed as it shrieked into the alarmingly clear blue sky. No one would suspect that there was dozens of lives lost here in this instant. He made no eye contact with the survivor.

    Noticing something moving out the corner of his eyes, he turned his head to a actual newbie. By the looks of it, it was the same one morphing himself through the fence. So he didn't get eaten yet. The Boss should have been annoyed.... But he was slightly pleased. Although. If he bothered him, he would throw him back in there without a second thought.
    Motoko raised the cigarette to his mouth, the tip burning with red as he inhaled the smoke and let it ghost from his lips. After a long silence over the screams of help and muffled incoherent pleas, he replied calmly.

    "They're newbies."

    He tapped the cigarette, ash toppling from it as he gazed at the worm getting back into it original position. It wiggled, lunged forward and going back into it's pursuit. It was hard sight. Innocent people were crying at the top of their lungs, running like mad, some have even fully given up; trampled and lying in stained red grass or decided to do the taking themselves. Motoko just watched with a blank expression.

    The worm was dragging a caught female around the grass, who was holding onto what seemed to be her brother. Moments later, they were launched into the air and disappeared into the round gape at the face of the worm. Lurching and turning, it landed it sights on others. The field lit up with magic, but for some reason, after it got shot or burned, it would roll about and then continue, unaffected.

    The worm slammed it's face into a corner of a group of people, some rocketed into the fence and were electrocuted to death or were traveling into the belly of the beast to meet with other injured and chewed up newbies. By now, more than half of them were dead in some way or half alive and awaiting darkness. There seemed to be about only ten people left, ah, nine.

    Motoko snapped it's fingers four times, the worm was busy noticing a poor soul who lost his legs in the deadly route of the worm and swallowing him whole, he turned to the boss with the man in his mouth.
    "Hurry it up."
    It nodded, almost happily as it finished it's current meal and sped up. You thought you seen fast, this enemy was in a frenzy and the survivors couldn't keep up. Motoko checked his watch as if this was taking too long. ​
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  12. download.jpg
    Nathalie Willhaim
    115 lbs
    Mostly uses Air Type magic and Camouflage

    This day had escalated rather quickly, first it was her reluctant agreement to participate, then it was practiced combat, and now everyone was scattered, running for their lives, being eaten and burned alive, and dropping like flies. It was not a situation she had ever in her life expected to be a part of.

    Nathalie had her hands pressed to her mouth to muffle the sounds of her heavy breathing. Standing stock still, where the gate walls met to make a corner, she stood as close to the fence as she could get without touching it, making herself as small as possible. She could feel the electricity radiating off of the fence, with it's silent threat of searing her flesh. It took everything in her not to attempt to climb it. She had seen what it did to those who had thought of that very same idea and it did not end well for them. The giant monstrosity had barreled into the corner across from her forcing few of the ones that remained to choose between being eaten alive or death by electrocution.

    Her heart felt as if it were about to burst from her chest, but she did not move, or she would possibly draw attention to herself, even in her state she would not risk it. As far as anyone else knew this was nothing but an empty corner, and right now she hoped to keep it that way. Hoped that it would not take long, that she would not start flickering before it had finished. She wanted to feel bad for those that had been lost, but all she could think about right now was staying alive. Staying alive and unseen.

    She barely registered the shouting that seemed to be coming from a few feet away. The monster was still on it's rampage and she did not want to take her eyes off of it for the fear that it would somehow see her, and turn on her. But the curiosity won out and she allowed her self a quick glance. What she saw made her do a double take. There was a boy, but he had somehow made it to the other side of the fence. How in the freezing heck... She kept glancing from the Worm to the boy, and then to the gate in between them, trying to find a loose kink, a hole...something. Finding nothing she turned back to the worm, having a one sided staring contest. She would remain where she was, wait it out, because right now that was all she could do.
  13. Some people were just so stupid. He would laugh at them if it wasn't for his inability to smile. Seeing more people getting eaten, there was more remorse or guilt in him screaming at him to help them. Watching was rather disturbing, he hated killing and such things alike. However, if that was what fate wanted, then they will be gone. But death, death was such a ridiculous concept that he was so full of himself thinking he could go against it.

    As long as people were cautious and wise, they could live a few days longer. He could open the gate right now and just lures the little shit to jhmp in but why not wait and see how smart were people? If he didn't let them use their brain they would be lazy. He heard the previous brat exclaimed about being able to kill it. Oh so he was a smartass, good, better than no use at all.

    He yawned, getting out of the dark space and strolled casually down the field. Such a peaceful day to take a walk. He eyed on someone, well many of them were there but this person amused him at some extend. Normally he would pay no attention to the weirdos but who the hell have a stare-down competition with a worm. "Hey..." His bored, smoky voice escaped his lips as he approached the girl with a relaxing pace, seemingly not minding the whole worm-eating-people business. "What in the world are you doing?" He glanced back and forth at her and the direction she was staring at. He knew he was capable of avoiding any harm if the worm came so Ichigo wasn't very frightened by the whole situation. However, a worm, giant one as he recalled, sounded very distasteful.

    At the frantic scenario, he yawned, tired from waiting for whatever the boss planned next. May be they could have some rest, he dunno much about that. But then the worm raged toward them, his eye simply flickered with darkness as it jumped up to savor them down. Of course he wasn't blind to not notice that. At first, he only planned to dodge alone but seeing the girl next to him might become lunch at this state. In the split second, he snuck his hand around her waist and brought both of them into an absolute darkness dimension. Only for another half of the second, another portal opened and he jumped back to the normal world with the girl still in his hand.

    He hadn't noticed but she had black hair and seemingly smaller than him. "I suppose this isn't time for self-introduction?" said Ichigo with a slightly amused tone after releasing the girl. His eyes averted back to the people and the worm made an impact onto the ground exactly where they used to stand a second ago.

    His stomach growled at the sight of blood on grass and there was only a few people left. Was they supposed to kill this thing? It went against his moral but whatever the fuck Mokoto want then. Talking about growling stomach, he was hungry and wondering what they are going to have for lunch. And there was a little thought inside his head, hoping the main dish will be the boss. He would savor it even faster than the worm eating people here.

    He should do something? No? Yes? Fucking whatever then. The worm went back into action, this time, it lunged itself toward a younger male. Feeling heroic, he left the girl and charged toward through his portal to snatch the boy. But he made a mistake. A loud groan forced its way out of his throat as he landed on to the ground instead of opening another gate. That fucking smashed at his back when he barely managed to escape its grasp. He was hurt like hell and that wasn't even remotely pleasing. He sunk down into darkness against before it decided to attack him while he was injured. Curses came out of his mouth as he clutched on the part where it hurt. He thought he would snap a spine here, but it seemed like it was only a broken rib or two. Still, he was vulnerable toward these kind of injuries. Worse, it seemed like when he crashed down onto the ground, he had made quite of a landing, leaving bleeding bruises on his face and down to his arms. Even his shoulder was aching at this state.

    A warm red liquid ran down his nose, oh no, not again. He has reached his limit, was it because he tried to force himself or -- it didn't matter. What he should was leaving this darkness. He wiped his nose and jumped back to the massacre, fumbling to keep himself straight from the pain. He couldn't help himself but moaned whenever his body screamed at the blood pouring out. Perfect, he looked like a delicious dessert for the worm. And as harmless as one in this state.
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  14. Time was running out.

    Motoko was suddenly next to Astoria, looking over at him.
    "It's probably too late for you to make an impression." He murmured, cigarette dropping into the healthy green grass. Once you think about it... That grass is actually a bit too healthy. "So might as well see what you can do in a matter of seconds."

    Motoko picked up Astoria from under his arms, facing him towards each other, lifting him up. He's light as hell, even easier.

    The worm growled, trembling and groaning. A grotesque noise came from it's mouth as it tittered. Probably now had a tummy ache. But that wouldn't save his last meal before he burrowed back into the dark, muddy ground. Flipping Ichigo onto it's back, he rolled him about as it waited for it's stomach to settle. It was actually quite rough, the way he tossed about him in the dark grass, not seeing it's camouflaged acquaintance. Biting into his back hard and throwing him into the air, it opened it maw traditionally and ready to swallow him whole.

    Motoko whistled, the worm immediately turning his head back to him and letting Ichigo miss and hit the floor again. Ouch. For a guy who wasn't eaten yet, he was certainly banged up.
    Without another word, he threw Astoria high towards the worm, silently thinking catch. Time seemed to slow down, watching him as he glided through the air and towards the mouth of the beast. The boss's eyes lit up as the timer above his head suddenly hit zero, a diamond of light shining from his forehead as it blinded everyone is yellow light.

    And then everything was dark, cold and loud. Everyone was talking.

    Motoko pulled the visor from Astoria's face, looking down at him. He thought for a moment, a newly lighted cigarette in his mouth. Sitting at the side of the futuristic leather reclining chair, he inspected the look in Astoria's eyes. "That was foolish of me."
    "I shouldn't have given you an injury the last second, that can cause problems. Seek me out if you're in pain."
    And with that he got up and walked deeper into the hall.
    The people whom were just slaughtered had been blabbering about as if nothing happened. No scars, no missing limbs, although the familiar brother and sister had puffy red eyes. Some glared at Motoko as he walked past them. Some were laying down in their recliners, still recovering from such catastrophic emotional and psychological trauma.

    He knelt to the girl who was on her phone, the hologram in front of her disappearing as she looked over at him. Ordinary noise, laughter and the sound of uncontrollable sobbing could be heard. "If you want to do a retake, I'm going to have to give you a new one. You can either solo it, or you can retry with the group who is going to go back to the expos. Unless you want to quit."
    "Ah, I'd like to retry with the group." She frowned somewhat, judging by how gruesome the trial was, she wanted no part in meeting a giant worm for herself. It was rather unpleasant to watch on the jumbo screen in max HD.

    Motoko nodded simply and left. He had checked with others earlier, the ones who died faster and finished their trial. So far, nothing more than hurt feelings and tears. The hall was steel and cold, everything brightly lit. On the farthest wall there was a screen showing the brightly lit field they all 'met their match' at while on the expos. The colleagues from earlier had disappeared to do their own business since they were back at the headquarters.

    The boss sat on the edge of the beaded recliner, looking over at Ichigo. Immediately his left hand was engulfed into a yellow light. "Since you sustained like ten injuries, I'm just going to check before you die randomly." His hand laid on the place were his broken ribs would have been. "Pain? Discomfort? Talk to me." His eyes were already intimidating in it's own little way, but his eyelashes and cat-like point only worsened it. He was not going to be surprised if the person under him wouldn't make eye contact, he's been told he can be... Ruthless, to say the least. Motoko was cruel for putting people through that and not even telling them, an asshole for throwing that guy into a worm's mouth and being a stoic booty hole, but his touch was feathery. Light and gentle, as if he actually cared. He had the healing hands, kind of literally. Holding the ribs, he glided his thumb over it back and forth.
    However, Motoko thought nothing of it, cuz motoko don't do love.​
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  15. He sat on the ground trying to endure the pain lingering inside him. At worst, he admitted that he was quite sensitive to being physically harmed. He was an excellent lurker and used his best ability to avoid getting hurt, that was why he never gotten serious bruises. He hissed when he saw everything finally came back to normal and everyone as all right. So the hell did he fight for? And why did this still hurt? He recalled straining himself whenever the use of his power crossed the line. He didn't use much time, but it still hurt like hell, having open wounds and broken ribs didn't help much either.

    Somewhat wished he would die earlier then it wouldn't be like this. Dying sounded much better than having himself stiffed with pain. He intended to stand up but he felt his limbs awfully numbs. For the love of god with the side effect of a powerful ability. Before he could scolding his helplessness, someone's sight came to the corner of his eyes. The person who he least expected to notice him was sitting right there, so close to his reach. If he could just touch him...

    Ichigo was dumbfounded at the yellow light from Motoko's hand, a gentle but cruel smile plastered on his facial feature. "I don't die that eas—" He yelped at the contact with his broken ribs, feeling a rush of blood on his cheeks. This was close to what he had dreamt before, yet he felt incredibly uncomfortable — not in a bad way, he was more frustrating with the situation than anything. He was too close for his resistance, how — can Ichigo stop himself from pulling this man down and push away the urge to kiss him. Somehow, he made an awfully smart decision and look at Motoko's eyes.

    Worst idea ever. He cursed at himself in his mind, now he couldn't help but melting under the golden eyes. His head couldn't stop with all the dirty thoughts, he had been mentally undressing Motoko. He shuddered at the touch, feeling an electric down his spine, the adrenaline was driving him crazy. The glowing blush on his cheeks darkened as a sweet moan he had forced himself to hold down got out.

    He snarled at Motoko's obliviousness, why couldn't he feel the same thing Ichigo was feeling? Then everything would be just right, his desire and every lusting dream would be fulfilled. He restrained himself as much he could, only he couldn't hold the pleased cries. How he wished Motoko wouldn't tease him and test his limit like this...
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  16. Astoria was sitting there, watching the bloodbath, when rough hands grabbed him underneath his arms and yanked him to his feet. Gasping, he let out a shout, but calmed down some as he was turned to see Motoko. Still, he didn't like what he was saying, and was worried about what he would do to him.

    As he was thrown, he let out a shout, his mind racing as he tried to think of some way to stop. Then, a blinding white light filled his vision and he fell to the ground hard. Crying out in pain, he grasped his right shoulder, which he had landed on. It was dislocated now, and hurt like a bitch.

    When Motoko pulled off his visor, he glared up at him, taking deep, measured breaths to handle the pain. Slowly sitting up, careful not to put any weight on his arm, he watched Motoko go to one of the others who had gotten really banged up. Wincing as he got to his feet, he went to Motoko, waiting for him to finish with the other man.

    "Um, boss," he said. "Shoulder's dislocated, and I don't trust any of the others enough to let them do it..." Granted, he didn't trust Motoko either, not after he threw him at the giant worm, but at least he had half a brain. Most of the other newbies to the Vulkains were muscle-bound half-wits who didn't the difference between a shoulder and their own finger.

    "Just needs to be popped back in," he added, shrugging with his uninjured shoulder.
  17. The corners of Motoko's lips upturned, was he smiling or? Oh. Now it was gone. He didn't usually do that, but the yelp the guy under him made was friggin hilarious. He did the laughing in his mind as he watched his face turned red. "What was that about not dying easily?" He murmured, an almost cocky tone lacing his voice. Ya bastard.

    The guy he was working on right now was pale and had black hair. He worked with shadows and it fit him. His mind wandered, thumb pressing into him as he didn't pay attention. He took a lot of mental notes on each one of them, their personalities, the way they died or didn't even put up a fight, the way they reacted and how they talked. It was all interesting.

    Motoko was brought back to life from a moan. He just assumed it was from pain, but this guy kept moaning. He looked down at him, unaffected as if he didn't mind, but in reality he wondered if he was too rough and that's why. "Just tell me if it still hurts, alright?" He murmured, voice dropping as he drifted his hand from his ribs to over his hip. He pressed his thumb into the bone of his hip. Then he continued.

    By now their eyes were meeting. He thought nothing of it, it's just deep... Hypnotizing... And kind of awkward. There's this duo in the midst of the chatter just having complete eye contact, one guy rubbing on the others hips as he moaned uncontrollably under him. Totally not suggestive or hot and heavy at all.

    Suddenly a voice broke him out their locked gaze, getting called over by the guy from earlier. From the sound of it, he had a messed up shoulder. Motoko nodded, not even looking back at Ichi as he got up and left. Poor him.

    Motoko inspected Astoria's shoulder. He didn't say anything, he was always a man of few words. Suddenly he reached in and just, pop, shoved it back into place. He then walked back to Ichigo. He should have started healing him but eh. He's a tough guy~

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  18. (If it's not too late for me to join? o.e)

    Sage McCarthy.
    5'8 - slim frame - 125 lbs
    Identifies as female
    Powers are dealing with light magic and life magic.
    Health is 67% full.


    "What the hell." She said out loud as she looked around, she hadn't been engulfed by the worm no, she had hidden herself in a ball of white light. Noticeable you'd think but she realized he went after human forms not other shapes. She looked at the others and sat there a little dumbfounded. "So what do we do now?" She asked around really confused as to how everyone was back already. These tests were going to get harder she thought to herself, if there are more. She needed to devise a plan and how to survive all situations. Sitting on the floor she started to brainstorm ideas. This was going to be one hell of a day.​
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  19. To say she was confused was an understatement. Why did he decide to help her out, Nathalie had thought it was every man for themselves in that moment. She was greatful yes and she would tell him that if she got the chance but at the same time she felt incompetent, she still felt the same as when she had first discovered her magic. But she was curious... she did not flicker, how did he see her? She was camouflaged he should not have been able to see her. Unless his magic allowed him to. Her eyebrows furrowed.

    He had dissppeared no sooner than he had appeared right in front of her, did he specialize in some sort of teleportation magic? She decided that right now she would hold off on the questions. Well at least until later anyway. All she wanted to do was sit here by herself and think about everything that had transpired.

    Nathalie sat crossed legged against a wall. After everything she had dazedly found her way inside and found her seat, away from everyone else, not wanting to look at those who moments ago had been victim to the worms mutilation. Even the memory of the bright light still brought a stinging sensation to her mind. She sighed. If everyday was going to be like that here she would not make it if she did not improve on her skills. With the type of magic that she had she could have used the wind to propel herself over the fence, but she could not even force it to hold her more than a foot off of the floor for a few seconds. ugh.

    And the one everyone called boss. Was he merely trying to see what they could do. It was all a test... but it looked so real. Her mind went back to the girl who she had seen with her own eyes fall to the floor, seemingly dead at his touch. If that was the case she needed to step her game up and fast, Nathalie did not know if he even noticed her in all the chaos but even if he somehow did, she doubted that he would be impressed with her performance, and she knew without much thought that that was not a good thing. She got up off the floor, dusted off her hands, and began to walk, she did not know where but that was not important at the moment.
  20. Something like a snarl came between his heavy breaths and thirsty moans when Motoko broke the eye contact. He hated whenever somebody disturbed them, like the 96th time he attempted to get close to the boss and failed. Previous time was mostly because he chickened out or he was too busy thinking of a proper way to greet him without freaking anyone out.

    During the time when Motoko left him by himself, the blush didn't fade away for the slightest bit. Only getting redder as he bit down his lip, reaching to the spot where he previously touched. The contact was unnervingly sensitive for him, something he wouldn't think could affect him that much. He did fantasize, about the boss' light as feather touch, those enigmatic and wild eyes locked to his, a lot actually, but the real thing always feel better.

    He distracted himself by looking around, he curled up to hug his knees. There was a lot of people he sensed that he would dislike, however there was that girl from before. He knew there was something strange about her but he didn't hate that. "Hey..." He waved at her from a far, but not long after he did that, he caught the sight of the boss returning at the corner of his eyes. He glanced over with curious eyes, a gentle smile was briefly on his lips.

    Motoko wasn't finished with him, it warmed him up inside but he didn't really need healing that much. But he didn't mind extra attention either, his head slightly tilted, looking up at Motoko. The view was nice, very nice. It wasn't like everyday he could look at him from the lower part up, which resulted him licking his lips unconsciously and only to realize his actions immediately after that, feeling embarrassed, another shades of deeper crimson attacked him cheeks.
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